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walking dead on

walking dead on

hey youtubers, it's charlie. this is going to be my walking dead mid seasonfinale video so much craziness. so much stuff to set up for the back halfof the season so try to cover everything. just careful for spoilers if you haven't seenit yet. there is a new round of the walking dead giveawaygoing on now. all you have to do to enter is be a subscriberand leave a comment on this video be sure to click that bell to enable alerts so youdon't miss anything during the break. let's do it the episode either daryl who wentfull negan depending on which way you go on it or spencer who just totally went forthat brass ring for little bit short did not

quite stick the landing but it's okay i'msure rosita found somebody else to have dinner with that night, but that was kind of funnylike she holds him in such contempt that she still relented and was like yeah okay i'llhave dinner with you whatever, but the whole thing about this episode is that they're finallycoming to the conclusion that they need to come together at the evening tease that inthe promo we need to work together to do something about negan so that is all marched towardthat's like the next volume in the comics so that's what they're going to work throughto the back half of the season and then we'll start teasing all out war and i know everybody'sasking who do those boots belong to there's a new person that they cast all talk aboutthat is.

i work through top 10 wtf, but here we gonumber 10 maggie versus gregory. maggie for president of hilltop. you can see exactly what they're setting uphere. the thing about maggie is that bino becauseof what this episode was implying how the gonna start fighting back. they want to be hopeful. maggie is affectively invincible or i shouldsay untouchable is a better word inside the writers room, so if you're making a shortlist of characters that will probably never die, at least anytime soon.

maggie is close if not at the top of thatlist, along with like rick michonne. daryl baby judith, so give the pregnant ladythe apple they really want to make gregory seem like a super asshole, but he's a comic bookcharacter he is a very specific comic book arcs so you could totally read ahead and findout where that goes. because it's going to be right out of thecomics so if you actually do want to read ahead in the comics during the break. march to war starts out with walking dead. volume 109 goes through 114 and then rightafter that is all out war part one number nine, comic book neegan shaves himself justlike rick in rick's house very different scene

from when rick shaved his beard back at thebeginning of season six. remember how big his beard had grown. he was more beard than man. at that point, but now the beard is totallycoming back. so was so hilarious that negan is losingthe beer beard equals power in the walking dead so rick's beard is like slowly growingback out, just as negan shaves his, so it's a bit of a hat tip to the shift in poweron the show now now that rick's like come to this realization. oh yeah we can fight negan and negan justgetting too comfortable in the suburbs, but

the whole thing with negan beard has beentalked about. it has something to do with jeffrey dean morganbeing on the good wife and having to have appeared on that tv show when he came on thewalking dead so we had to keep the beard for a little while but comic book negan has neverhad a beard. so now he just closer to comic book neganthe really funny part about this isn't so much knee can though is is the look on judith'sface just when you consider that were on. like maybe our 10th or 12th baby judith. i don't know how many different kids thatthey recast as judith, just because the timeline of the walking dead move so slowly but kidsage.

so fast were running into the same problemwith carl to so i'll talk about chandler riggs at the end of this there's a lot of talk abouthim re-signing his contract. that's a completely separate thing, so numbereight. daryl finally busts out with the help of thatnote in that key. so the handwriting still looks like sherry'shandwriting in the room that he busts into looks like the whites that he suddenly realizeshe's looking around like you see the tv set that dwight was watching tv on. you see the peanut butter the funny thingabout the peanut butter like daryl just goes to town because he so hungry he's been sounderfed on all that dog food they been giving

him is that norman redus is like i can't standpeanut butter but they probably had to shoot a couple versions of the season so when theywere filming he probably had to eat a whole bunch of peanut butter, but i love the wayhe acted when he was getting ready to leave that room like you sitting in the chair iskind of waiting for his opportunity waiting for the conversation to die down nearby andthen see the little model with the fortress and the soldiers and just upends the tablejust like screw this guy whoever's room. this is so he may not have actually knownthat it was dwight's, but i feel like he felt that was so you know whoever it was, he justwant to trash it just a little bit just like screw you saviors you guys suck, so numberseven negan versus rick's kitchen make some

spaghetti even sets a place for lucille becausewho knows where rick is well and not wait anymore past the roles i love how passivenegan was in this episode. usually he's up everyone's faces, but in thisepisode he was just trying to enjoy all the air-conditioning the nice kitchen. the food, just chill out put his feet up sothe really took the entire episode for him to get pissed and that was really only whenrosita took a shot at them but the whole idea with seems like this is that he's meant tofeel like the unwelcome houseguests that won't get out like dude, this is our house. you need to get out of here.

so they just really wanted to beat you inthe face with that. now is the time to kick the saviors out ofour house talking about the save zone people maybe we can agree on this, but did you guysfeel like with the extra emphasis on olivia on the episode like that extra long scenewith tara that almost seem kind of pointless like she was getting ready to throw herselfon a spear for negan the save judith or just keep everything in rick's house fromspiraling out of control because she felt like it was her duty to protect carl and judiththat she was gonna die at the end of the episode, no matter what happened like anytime theyfocus this much on a c-list character like olivia you know they're getting ready somebig twist to gonna pull the rug out from under

you in some way. and just because this is the midseason finaleand they haven't killed someone in a while you will most sense that she's going to beone of the people to die spencer could've gone either way. he was the more fun kill like i was reallyhappy they got rid of him, so number six. rick and aaron make their way to the houseboatto look for supplies. so the just all kinds of weapons are bulletholesand everything there bunch of walker traps. so the whole point of this scene isn't somuch that they're getting supplies. it just an opportunity for aaron to doubledown on rick's cause like he's like, dude.

i'm totally in on what were doing helpingpeople even if it means that we have to bargain with the saviors. i understand what you're doing. i'm with you. so the last couple of episodes there's beenthis thing with people questioning rick's leadership people wondering what was goingon like even carl went to kill negan because he wasn't satisfied with how far rick wasgoing so this aaron scene was really like the answer to that look there are people thatbelieve in what you're doing that understand what's going on the situation were in so theydid have like a fun bait and switch where

aaron goes under your like oh my god, theyjust kill aaron that he pops back up i'm fine i'm fine. i was kind of a metaphor for the episode likeeverybody starts drowning. but then by the end they're all like okaywe're fine, we're gonna fight negan now. so number five they make it onto the boatand they find that middle finger on that piece of paper that was so hilarious, you win, butyou lose i feel like the reason they included that was just so that they could have thatmoment later with the saviors picking it up and going, what the hell does this mean youwin, but you lose that was meant to be more of a metaphor for the saviors and then youknow number four who the hell of those boots

like somebody's been peeping on them, andthere's gonna be a lot of debate about this during the break because there are a couplebig characters that need to be introduced in one of those is the whisperers. those arebig characters. so there's a female character that leads themcalled alpha. there's also another female character thatleads another small group that's near alexandria called magna. so i think that this character is probablymagna, just because she debuts before alpha in the whisperers do in the comics so thething about this is that the really just teasing that somebody's watching them you don't knowif they're good you don't know if they're

bad, but there's a character that there castingcalled briand and they haven't announced which actor's this playing her yet. so that's probably who this character is andhere's the thing about that the name is not somebody from the comics but she supposedto be a tough female character who is the leader of another group. so they're basically casting either magnaor somebody from the whisperers or somebody from a totally new group that i do think thatit's from one of the comic book groups and the names are using that briand name is justfake to misdirect people. so even though whisperers whisperers war issomething that happens away after all out

war which is something that were not evenclose to yet on the tv show you guys can let me know who do you think these boots belongto magna or somebody from the whisperers, we can talk about that during the break, butnumber three zero goes full negan on fat jerry i love the way he performed the sceneto norman redus he was almost like an animal in this moment just completely lashing outbut then jesus comes in and he slowly comes back to consciousness he starts acting likea human again okay let's get out of here and he grabs rick's revolver so very importantfor later. but can we just appreciate norman redus hisperformance in this moment here. he's so great at underperforming daryl.

daryl is in somebody that emotes a lot likehe speaks in grunts like that later moment where he almost breaks down crying and hugsrick it's very underperformed compared to somebody like jeffrey dean morgan doing hisnegan who just pontificates just goes on and on and just talks his head off. so daryl performances are like the exact oppositeof that. so it's really funny to see him and sceneswith characters that won't shut up, but number two; shit goes crazy at the save zone. negan finally got spencer now we know why they kept him on the show that long. he was one of the most unlikable charactersever.

i hated spencer so i'm so glad that he's gonethe way he was killed was exactly like the comics like negan guts him with his knifeso they've actually been pretty good about doing like the big deaths exactly the waythey happen in the comics there couple characters that they don't have from the comics likedaryl is in a comic book character in they didn't kill abraham in the comics. that way he got killed in a different way. so there are a few minor changes over thebiggest deaths they been happening just like they did in the comics and i love eugene'sperformance here to, just completely breaks down negan is taking him because he wantsmore bullets and eugene can make bullets so

even though it sound like he's gonna go killhim like i'm taking your bullet maker from you is just because he wants eugene to massproduce ammo for the survivors which is actually very dangerous considering the everyone wantsto take them on. now, so a lot of people were blaming rositafor the deaths in this episode because she took a shot at negan, but spencer was killedbefore she ever took a shot, so that had nothing to do with rosita, you could blame oliviaon rosita, but the thing about that is that she was a relatively minor character i don'tfeel like they really needed her on the show. so what they're doing here is there givingyou like the gore like all my got a couple people died that have been with us for a whilebut there holding off on really big a list

character deaths for season finale. so if you want to speculate on like a reallyhuge deaths the just save that for whatever the season finale is going to be in episode16, but it was really great seeing the way they played it in the episode itself wasn'tthat crazy like there was just a lot of storylines that they had to wrap up that they could getto this moment at the end where they all decide hey were going to fight negan, but numberone was rick getting the revolver back everybody meeting at hilltop better watch out. now, the sheriff's back in town, so the onlything that would've made the scene better is if rick had taken his hat off of carl'shead and put it back on but that might've

been too on the nose, you guys can let meknow like what you think about that moment when rick took his revolver back check thebullets and just holstered it like damn time to get the business. the ending was the ending that they had neededto get to for a while. i feel like one of the big complaints forthe last couple of episodes is that things had just gotten so depressing, but you cansee why they wanted to do that they wanted to have this big payoff moment where theyall decide you know based on michonne speech with rick hey were still standing here wecan fight back in rick's like i realize that now, they just wanted to take their time gettingto that moment dragging the characters through

the mud making negan feel like the unwelcomehouseguest. so now i feel like the show can be a littlebit more fun because it can be all about them making their plans marshaling forces to fightnegan. so now we actually have some momentum headinginto the season finale when the show comes back you guys can let me know like what youthink of this first half of the season and the walking dead there were a couple reallycrazy moments, but it was really just all about the reign of knee can dragging everybodythrough the mud. the breaking of rick grimes. so whatever your complaints were about thefirst half of the season.

i feel like it's going to be completely differentin the back half. they tend to do that with the walking deadevery eight episodes they try to change with the show is so when it comes back should feellike a totally different experience which i think is a really good thing can happennext is i'll do westworld season two predictions that i'll do a walking dead trailer videofor the rest of the season so i'll try get those videos up as fast as possible whileyou guys wait for that to post you can click here for my walking dead playlist and youcan click here to rewatch the fast they trailer thank you so much watching everybody highfive i'll see you guys tonight!

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