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walking dead characters

walking dead characters

hey youtubers it’s charlie and they justannounced the main characters for the spin off show which turns out, is something ofa prequel. not in the way you expect, but i’ll explain that too. only 6 people were announced so it’s likelythey’ll continue to add people to the pilot before they shoot. the fact that they’re this far into theprocess means there’s a chance that if they can finish it by the time the regular showcomes back for break. the network can make a decision and put the show into productionfor a fall 2015 debut if they want. that doesn’t mean it will go down that way,it just means if everything stays on track

and they shoot it in time, we might get towatch it as early as comic con 2015. i’ll talk more about that after i explain the characters. and my weekly walking dead giveaway startsnow, all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave a comment. so there are 6 people total and all thesecharacter descriptions are from robert kirkman’s mouth. number 1 is sean cabrera. he’s a latinomale in his early 40s. he’s a good man trying to do right by everyonein his life. i’m choosing to think of him as the rickof the group for now. or maybe a cross between

rick and shane, if shane hadn’t of gonecompletely nuts. number 2 is cody cabrera. sean’s whip-smartand rebellious teenage son. known as the angriest kid in town. i’m going to think of him as a younger versionof daryl who’s got glenn’s brain. he has “mischief managed” written allover him. number 3 is nancy tompkins. she’s a thirtysomethingsingle mom with two kids. nancy looks like the girl next door, but there’san edge to her. i’m thinking of her as a cross between andreaif she had a child just because she was mid-30s and a season 1 season 2 carol.

carol is about 10 years older than what nancy’sgoing to be, but she’s like the template walking dead tiger mom. nancy sounds like she’s going to be likethat, soft and caring like andrea but capricious enough that she’ll swing to carol levelsof badassery when pushed. number 4 is nick tompkins. he’s nancy’sscrewed up teenage son. he’s too old to stay at home but too scaredto flee. i’ll explain the flee part when i explainthe time period this all takes place. he kind of sounds like an early version ofbob, screwed up teenager who’s too chicken to leave home has “future alcoholic” writtenall over him.

number 5 is ashley tompkins. she’s nancy’smostly-level headed teenage daughter. her ambition is in direct proportion to herolder brother’s failures. she loves her mom, but it’s time to getout of dodge. from the character description she soundsexactly like what beth is going to become in season 5. or what she started to becomeat the end of season 4. much more ambitious about her own life. beth got really pissed at daryl for just acceptingtheir fate. she was a big call to action for him. and it sounds like this new ashley personwill be that for this new group of people. the last one, number 6 is andrea chapman.i know there was already an andrea on the

main show. but kirkman explained that theyhave no relation to each other and using the same name isn’t meant to be an easter eggor anything. she’s described as a somewhat wilted flowerchild, who has retreated to the outskirts of the city to recover from a horrible marriage. actually reading her story she really doeskind of sound like andrea if she had carol’s life, pre-apocalypse. there’s a lot we can say about this group.first, they’re two single parent families one with a dad, one with a mom. you can make all the brady bunch jokes youwant. but it does seem like they’re making

the spin off a family based group. at leastat the beginning. this is a big change from the main show thatthrew a bunch of strangers together with a few scattered families. these people willbe much more of a family unit. i think the hope is that by starting thesecharacters out in a much more intimate situation. we the audience will connect with them faster. i do tend to feel closer to a bonded groupof characters. on the other end of that spectrum. rick justacknowledged daryl as his brother. it took them four years to really become a family. the spin off is just speeding that up.

there’s also the fact that you have a teenagegirl and a teenage boy in the group, and two single women with one single adult man. soyou can start the ‘shipping right here. i’ll be interested to see if they go straightfor a love triangle with the adults and romeo juliet the teenagers. young love in the age of apocalypse. i guessthat kind of makes it sound like the x-men sequel. which is just another badass movie i can’twait to see. supposedly part of the reason they chose togo with older teenagers was because of all the trouble they had shooting with chandlerriggs when he was younger.

child labor laws make it so that you onlyget to shoot with kids for like half a normal day. if they’re really young. like carlin season 1, you can only shoot with them for a few hours per day. normal shoots can sometimes take up to 18hours. none of the characters are from the comicsand there’s no word on where this would be set. which city they’d be in. now next big question: i know you’re askingwhen does this take place. it’s a prequel right? it’s supposedly going to take place in theearly days of the outbreak. it will chronicle

the attempts to contain the virus. of course there will be massive groups ofwalkers, but the popluation won’t be nearly as decimated. society won’t have been destroyed but walkerswill start popping up everywhere. so we’ll be seeing the world react to them for thefirst time. robert kirkman is doing most of the writingwith the help of his partner at skybound, dave erickson. erickson will be the official showrunner.robert kirkman is way too busy to run a show. and he still has to help write the main showtoo.

the whole thing will borrow a lot of the behind the scenes talent of the main show,but the difference is, from a production standpoint. robert kirkman’s skybound company is incharge. so he stands to make a lot more money from this show than from the main show ifit’s successful. frank darabont developed the main show originallywith kirkman’s help. at the time, kirkman didn’t have the ability to produce the showhimself, so amc did a lot of the heavy lifting. next big question, when can we watch it? as i said earlier, they’re casting if they can finish the pilot by the spring next year. unless there’s some huge catastrophe,amc can order it to series and they can shoot episodes for a fall 2015 release.

that’s if they decide to air the series alongside the mainshow. they could always choose to air it during another part of the year. and there’s been no word on how many episodesper season they’re envisioning. it’s just a pilot right now, so we probablywon’t know more till they air that pilot. if you can make it to san diego comic connext summer, there’s a 99 percent chance they’ll screen the pilot there. unless somethingreally horrible goes wrong. it will be canon with the main series. i think it’s around 2009-2010 where we areright now. kirkman said he’d never reveal the specificyear the outbreak started, other than it was within a couple years of the start of thecomics. which was about 2003-2004.

i guess you could say the spin off will takeplace around 2-3 years before season 1 of the main show. let me know what you think about the charactersthey announced and what kind of a villain do you think we’ll see? i know it’s not going to be comic book characters,but that doesn’t mean kirkman won’t borrow a villain from the comics and give them adifferent name on the show. we only have about two more weeks before itcomes back. october 12th. when it gets here i’ll be doing bonus videos, reviews, q&asand the weekly giveaway, just like last year. so be sure to subscribe to get everything.

i’ll do a couple more bonus videos beforethen, including the michonne one i keep postponing. right now click here for my breakdown of theseason 5 trailer and click here for my top 5 crazy rick grimes moments. thanks for watching, now let’s all highfive and meet up later for gotham

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