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walk8ng dead

walk8ng dead

hey youtubers, it's charlie. this is going to be my walking dead episodeseven video carl grimes vs negan. just careful for spoilers if you haven't seenit yet but i actively feel like this made up for the slow episode six last week, justa heads up there is a new round of the walking to give away all you have to do to enter isbe a subscriber and leave a comment on this video. make sure you click that bell to enable alertsso you don't miss out on anything but they should've called this episode walking deadnumber 105 carl stows away on his mission to kill negan.

it's a little bit longer on the tv show it'salmost the exact same plot. so let's do top 10 wtf and comic book eastereggs a lot of these were copied page to screen from the comic book like literally liftingdialogue right off the page, so number 10 was shown makes herself a roadblock so thatshe can get to negan it slightly different in the comics michonne goes to a differentplace. but we can address that. we start talking about the midseason finaleto the following the comics pretty closely, but a couple of characters are little bitdifferent from the comics but they are all heading in the comic book direction like thosemattresses that the saviors burned that she's

staring at the beginning of the episode. carl hid under those in the comics that'show we stowed away into the saviors compound in the comics so i love the way they cut betweenthe shown and rick like she put her walkie down rick wakes up in the back of the pickuptruck with aaron in almost goes to caller but thinks twice of it like they were allkind of it odds here they need to come together so that was kind of the theme of the episode. they were slowly getting to that point wherethings are so bad that they can't take it anymore. it is that all of the characters haven't gottento that place yet the place that rosita carl

in michonne her in like a couple of the fewpeople that are actively starting to fight back. but number nine back to carl and jesus whois super pissed when carl does not jump off the back of the truck with him now, his wholemission was to make it into the saviors compound to find where daryl was to see if he couldbreak them out and do some recon so he still doing that but carl is in having any of that. so number eight. you know right out of the comics jumps outof the back of the truck guns blazing kills a couple of the saviors negan is flat outand pressed but still afraid.

so negan is a psychopath, but he's not dumb. so that's why he's standing behind the saviorhere before they disarmed carl like he still hedging his bed so when he tells carl thathe is afraid he's actually being honest. that's the thing about negan is the he bowlshould it's a lot was hard to tell when he's telling the truth and when he's busting yourballs like i like the way need to talk about busting balls like it's no big deal in themost psychotic way possible, so number seven we pick up with daryl who is now on guardduty like you see him chained up with the other walkers of the people who they punished. by making them stand out there with the otherwalkers that it pans out on their base right

off the page. so like you see all the roadblocks is heavilyfortified the just trying to make it seem like this insurmountable impregnable fortressfor the funny thing here is that while negan's going on and on this is kind of a runner throughthe episode to is that they have like some big exchange seem really serious, but he wouldjust casually slip in insoles like hey how's the job going daryl make fun of carl's, imake fun of olivia for being fat like he just has an autoresponder in his brain that justthrows out an insult for every regular comment that he speaks, but number six he finallygives the big speech and refers to them as the saviors of the other people that we'vemet have called in the saviors, but we never

heard negan refer to them as the saviors wehas that big epic speech which was a nice mere for rosita speech at the end only negan'sis kind of like the psychotic colt version like he's this coleader he was bragging acarl baha'i has them on their knees look out cool i am like even has them on their kneesafter he finishes speaking, but you do get the sense like as he said performing for allthese people. he did this several times in the episode werehe's kind of like ezekiel ezekiel did a little bit of community theater. so he has this flair for performance the kneecan also as it is a negan is kind of delighting in tormenting people in ezekiel doesn't reallyget off on it.

that way he's more of a wizard of oz typecharacter where he just keeps it up to make everybody feel safe not to keep people underhis thumb, but number five that car ride with gabriel and spencer two of the most hatedmembers of the save zone talking about hating people. the thing is is that gabriel is kind of likethe more hopeful spin on this like he used to be hated and he's come around and callsspencer out for being a dick like look dude. it doesn't have to be terminal then gets outand walks back just because he can't stand spencer anymore but he's father gabriel sohe's really sweet about it. so i really love gabriel in this moment, butspencer is on this really weird trip.

he's almost turning into the new dwight likehe wants to keep the peace he wants to fight find all the supplies and they have that funnytwist with the note read in latin. so he finds weapons find some food and it'skind of like the diametric opposite of rosita who you know number four talks eugene intomanning up and making her some bullets so rosita speech was like my other favorite bigspeech in the episode besides negan's savior speech. it was this huge rally moment. it just like the tipping point and they alsokind of teased the rick aaron storyline, which will talk about in the second like rositabeing is really bad ass female character making

a plan to take on new negan you have muchshown who's doing the same thing and then you have the rick and aaron storyline numberthree which i think you know they find this community i think it's gonna turn out to bemagna who's this female leader of another small community near the save zone. it just the way they use those male pronounswhen they were seeing all the signs all the defenses that like oh this guy is heavilyarmed he has this floater traps he's really smart about his defenses i just feel likeit's a big misdirect and it's gonna be a woman like a really bad ass female character inmagna is like the next likely candidate because i don't think they're doing the whisperers,this soon because the leader of the whisperers

alpha is a female two but it's way too soonfor that. so number two carl gets a grand tour of negan'scompound, he needs all the wives. this is all right out of the comics in mostwtf scene ever negan totally gets off on seeing carl's i without the bandage on like evenstart sketching a little makes carl sing a song that his mother saying to him which issuper creepy and then is he starts weeping. you know, carl confesses i shot my mother. so negan when he was saying that he was impressedwith carl. he was being genuine but the big twist isthat negan is much as he was enjoying getting to know carl moore was also stalling for timetill number one the iron was ready, so he

gives mark the iron, just like he does inthe comics is another big speech. this was a little bit creepier about the rulesabout how he's trying to keep order in his society, so that kind of ties up in with theidea that carl knows that negan can't kill him because that would dr., rick over theedge. it would destroy the system that negan istrying to keep in place he does have a plan like you not completely insane. he really enjoys the way things are and heknows there is a certain trick to keeping the balance between all the different communitiesthat he has under his thumb are seemingly has under his thumb.

so carl realizing that says you can't killme. so you might as well just jump out the windowto save me the trouble of killing you with the phase iron scene i love the way they keptflashing back to dwight to their reactions didn't linger on it quite as much as i expectedthey cut away but maybe that's just because the first episode with the gland in the abrahamkill was so graphic that they wanted the dialer back just a little bit, but this is like anhour and half episode so i should oppression at like five more wtf moments on this. so really like tied for first was that finalmoment with negan cradling judith in this norman rockwell nightmare saying that he shouldjust killed carl and rick and move into the

suburbs. so the really just trying to beat you in theface with the idea that meagan has to go, so that's going to require everyone comingtogether like all the communities the kingdom oceanside this new group of people that rickand aaron are running into, and help from the inside of the saviors to, so people likedwight and sherry like sherry seems like she's really pissed that dwight hasn't come aroundbecause he still playing by negan's rules. so if you look at daryl's note here i actuallythink it was sherry that let him out, just because the handwriting looks kind of effeminatelike a less dwight has really effeminate handwriting you see in the next episode he's escaping.

there's so much story to get through thati think the midseason finale is another 90 minute episode so is gonna be crazy let meknow in the comments what was your guys favorite moment. do you think that they will actually decidelike rick will meet with the other heads of the communities including dwight to move againstnegan in episode eight. do you think it's gonna be the cliffhangerfor the back half of the season and they'll to march to war. like this episode was issue 105 that's inthe middle of march the war. volume 18 it feels like volume 19, will bethe back half of the season leading into all-out

war which is volume 20, so if you are readingalong i would recommend that you read through volume 18 again then get ready for volume19, before we come back for the back half of the season here listed this way. leave a like if you think that spencer isgoing to be one of the next big characters to get killed off of the show just becausehe's headed in such a dwight direction. it seems that they're setting dwight's characterup to crawl out of that hole to crawl out from under negan's thumb was can happen isis there's like a couple really big videos that are dropping tomorrow. i got my westworld finale video that willpost tomorrow morning gonna be a transformers

trailer dropping and the walking dead finaletrailer so i'll try get those videos out as fast as possible but if you have any bonusvideos for the walking dead the want me to do during the midseason break just let meknow in the comments while you guys wait for that to post you can click here to rewatchthe guardians of the galaxy trailer and you can click here for all my westworld videosthank you so much watching everybody high five i'll see you guys tonight!

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