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walking dead actors

walking dead actors

the this guy i want to start with you even the showrunner now on walking deadfor three seasons striker the i'm starting my thirdregulations and you now midway through the current fifth seasonwhich a lot of viewers and critics regard is maybe the best season at the show has ever done i thisyear though involves a lot i've different camps and characters lineuplocations criss-crossing storylines so can you talk a little bit about howhow you prepare for an organiza- season

as complicated as the one that where if we're currently this show has incredible source material which we drawon pretty directly so what i'm saying is the way iapproach it is the most expensive fanfiction i i read the comics thinking like oh iwonder who's going to get to figure that out that guy yeah tough job ahead i'm or or like 00should post this to the forum no i won't i might become theshowrunners i

so the thing that always struck me aboutthe the comic book which i think we're trying it only get as well is the factthat it is this story that you follow this man who is theperson mia the one order and he's the embodiment law and orderand you going this extraordinary journey the through this desperate hell andrealize that you can have on his side and the in thething about rick but i love is that he said there's acertainty in him the people follow that's one of his strengths it's alsoone of his weaknesses as well because he's defying

within but what happens is people standbehind someone in desperate times no when this certain now what isintriguing to me is that there are morally ambiguous decisions that he makes and i think that that's the the thing thathooks me into the stories that you start going way he's just been theguys throw doubt but it's for his son you know in i because it's up to because i i coltsgot up and i won you know we've we've always been

really responsible with the violence onthis show i as a line in the sand all weoverstepping i and he said which party you talk yeah i i was like the neck but a but but actually when we came to shootthe scene you know like most things that you know he writes it made completesense and as long as it was grounded in somethingincredibly powerful inhumane you can do things that are terriblyinhumane in the show

and possibly thats the kinda just aposition that really and gets people's juices flowing at i and landed there i this is a a relationship that's beenforged against all odds in you know this crucible and violence inarm again i mean are glenn and maggie basicallydoomed law i didn't know that was gonna that way ihowever like this yeah i'm hitting you with my my real gun i you know i know

that's a tough one i think thats that isthe question that remains unanswered i think that is thequestion that on that we're exploring at this pointnot necessarily just their relationship but what is yourconstant i'm hold on him and he do to you can you persevere in this world withthat typeof mentality i'm will ultimatelyloving someone bring you down and be the downfall forthe both the view on and i think everyone respondsdifferently

on the spectrum and just just like anysaid you know he's gonna tear out someone's throat forhis son on we don't know the measures to whichglen would go to protect maggie we know the measures that he would go togo find her again i'm in and i think thats that's the questionthat we're gonna see as we go further is is really exploring where these characters lie where where the moral compass is wellwith the media have as this world

continues to batter them over and over and over on days whenyou're perhaps not sinking your teeth into somebody else's neck but let's see ifyou pick up a call sheet use discover i'll you know any other day which i getto participate in some kind of zombie killing moment and you lookforward to those days are those exciting more exciting days in i yeah can repeal there's there's somestuff i mean like an lol at the same split but like theirstuff that comes up

in the snow second half where like a we had a talent we had fun justchoreographing you really i'm gonna do this and then you can come in and do this thewhen he falls alcala jump on top and then i'll do that is like we like were idiots yeah over here from i a smiling excellent was so happy to like hack nslash because heck it's like its you know you knowwhat you know was agree memory

is a it's already aired but it was episode for by when we're hiding out inthe woods for the hunters to come back i'll andknock on our door that would be the 33 3 yes i'm sorry i didn't got a little i a guy who doesn't watch the show onlyact how i i but we're hiding out in the woods and we are all there is literally cops androbbers yeah in turns around to me is like states

posada i awesomely were hiding out it'snighttime and then they'll call back to the timewhen i didn't shield see i never in never gotaunt the only we never seen it yet that weprobably could've gone huh yeah i'm them

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