Jumat, 19 Mei 2017

walking dead game

walking dead game

there, there, little guy... shh clem! hey we gotta get moving if we're gonna keep aj alive. we're runnin' outta' time you are tired, kenny. maybe you should get some rest i'm fine oh don't look at me like that yeah. i'm sorry. you're right come in!

oh, we could use a hot meal right about now... might be all i need please! just take the kids. why did you do this? please, clem, just... do as i'm askin'... this one last time. no! we're leaving! all of us. together. please, clem, please... stop! stop, okay? we're not staying, so just stop. that's that. kenny. are you okay? i'm sorry, clementine.

i know i can be real shit sometimes. i don't think so... thanks for not giving up on me just yet. come on. let's get some sleep. clementine! lee? it's just a bad dream, sweet pea.

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