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walk of the dead

walk of the dead

♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ - "the walking dead." - ooh, the walking dead.i haven't played this. - i think i know this 'cause it's a tv show too. - i literally love the show and i've never played the game, so... i'm pretty excited. - i've seen people play this game,but i've never actually played it. oh, that's sick! - (finebros) the walking deadby telltale games

is an episodic interactive drama adventure based on the comic book series.- oh, comic book. okay. i thought it was just a show on amc.that's it. like, everyone talks about it. there's probably gonna be differences than in the show, right? - (finebros) and we're gonna have you play the first episode of the game. (gasps and squeals) - "this game series adapts to the choices you make." - "the story is tailored by how you play." - "telltale games presents..."

- "episode one: a new day." (car zooms down road) - what did he do? - is this me?i'm being arrested? - oh, i like the graphics.they're very comic book-like. it's really cool. - (officer) well, i reckon you didn't do it, did ya? - what didn't he do? uh, uh, uh, uh...

(stammers) i'm just gonna say, "does it really matter?" - (prisoner) does it really matter?- (officer) nah, not much. - "why do you say that?"- (prisoner) why do you say that? - (officer) y'know, i've driven a bunch of fellas down to this prison. usually it's about now i get the "i didn't do it." - "and what do you say?""not for me." "every time?"i'm gonna do, "not for me!" wait, but that makes it sound like i did it. "and what do you say?"

- "and what do you say?"- (prisoner) and what do you say? - (officer) i say, "yep, i know you did it." - uh... okay. - (dispatcher) we've got what looks like a 10-91e near peachtree exit of 285.- "use the mouse to look around." okay. - "aim turned at rearview mirror."like this? okay. clicking on that. - (officer) i followed your case a little bit, you being a macon boy and all.- what's a macon boy?

oh, it's a place!so you've got an opinion, punk! - "so you've got an opinion?" - (prisoner) you've got an opinion then?- (officer) i wouldn't say that. (cop siren wails)i go in for that innocent 'til proven guilty.- okay. oh, what? why is there a cop car? - (officer) even considering who they say you killed. - i killed someone? oh no.- (dispatcher) be advised... - (officer) i've got a nephew up at uga.you teach there long?

- i taught? - so he's a teacher? - (officer) you meet your wife in athens? - wife's a touchy subject, i see. - (officer) you wanna know how i see it? (cop siren wails) - not really.- (prisoner) not really. - (officer) too bad.(scoffs) you might have the right to remain silent,but it don't mean i gotta be.

(cop siren wails)- um... "sure" or "not--" but there's so many police cars.let's go with "sure". we need to be nice.he's a cop. - (prisoner) sure. - (officer) regardless, could be you just married the wrong woman. - oh [bleep]. so it looks like he killed his wife. - oh, he's, like, investigating me. uh, "or she--" no, i'm not gonna say the bad word. okay.

(prisoner grumbles)- she married the wrong guy. wait, what? (laughs) what? i just grunted. - the only reason i picked this one is 'cause i just wanna see what the cop's reaction is. (prisoner grumbles) he didn't even say it, wow. - he didn't say it! (helicopter flies overhead)- another helicopter.

what is happening back behind us? - oh, dang, it's getting serious. - okay, looks like something's going down. - this guy likes to talk a lot, doesn't he? oh my god! there's a person!(anxious squeal) oh! we just hit a zombie!what is happening? - what is this? there's a pers-- watch out! watch out!(tires squeal) i didn't save. watch out!

- dude, watch out!- (prisoner) watch out! (tires squeal) (loud crash) - bruh. - bro, oh my god.it went from zero to 100 real quick. (loud crash)- crap, am i dead? ♪ (eerie music) ♪- oh. (sucking air through teeth)- oh, there's another one outside too? open your eyes! ugh!

(zombies snarl)(people screaming) - i hear people screaming. (people scream, ripping flesh)- okay, someone's getting ripped apart. - i don't like... (nervous giggle). - he got knocked out, okay.waking up. (prisoner groans) ow! [bleep]. my leg!- we're in pain. - oh, dang. the cop died. - "use the mouse to look aroundand find a way out of the car."

- look at-- look at this.- (prisoner) hey! hey, officer! you all right?- he's clearly dead. - (prisoner) i'm still cuffed back here!- no, no, he's clearly dead. - there's another thing.look at shotgun. - (prisoner) why the hell did he have his gun out? - oh, he was fighting something. (birds whistle)- okay, let's get out. - kick! we can kick!yeah, 'cause we're strong. (prisoner grunts)(glass cracks)

- all right, there's no way you can break a cop car window that easy. dude, he kicked it and there's already a hole in it. are you serious? how many times do we have to kick this window? - come on. be a man. okay.(prisoner grunts) - here, shimmy, shimmy, shimmy. - "look at the door.use the mouse wheel (or number keys 1-2) to select an action." (insects chirrup)- i'm climbing out.

(prisoner grunts) - (sighs) oh, man.this is not good. i have handcuffs. my leg is injured. - dude, that's a big fall, actually. (prisoner groans in pain) (prisoner yelps)- oh, my-- ow! ew, it, like, squished. - do i want to go forward? - it feels like i'm basicallywalking through a movie,

which is cool.i'm enjoying it. - movin'. movin' along. ♪ (tense music) ♪- okay, let me get the gun. there's a shotgun. - (prisoner) the officer's shotgun is over there. - pick it up! (prisoner grunts)- all right. you've got it, you've got it.- (prisoner) ooh! (groans) - we're good.- (prisoner) looks empty.

- of course. - empty? that's no use! - (prisoner) it'll be easier to carry with these cuffs off. - oh, great, now i have to break the cuffs too. - we have to get the handcuffs off? let's go. - uh, no, can't go this way.can i go past him? and just, like, walk over him? oh. - okay, i'm gonna get the keys. (keys jangle)

oh, now i have to unlock it. okay. (handcuffs click)- (prisoner) [bleep]. - [bleep]. what-- really?you're gonna drop them? - wow. ♪ (suspenseful music) ♪- (whimpers nervously) no! no, no, no!no! okay. ♪ (suspenseful music) ♪ - something's gonna pop up right now, as i'm picking them up. okay, never mind.

- unlock.(handcuffs click) this time successfully. - there's a lot of clicking in this game.(zombie moans) lots of clicking. - oh, he's making some--oh, back up, homie. back up! (zombie growls)back up, son! (zombie growls)(squeals) - run! crap, get the shotgun.- (prisoner) holy [bleep]! holy [bleep]!

- exactly, holy [bleep]!hey, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill! - s key?! (whimpers)get away from me. - (prisoner) what in the hell?- kick him. - (prisoner) what the [bleep] are you?!(zombie growls) - kick him! what? (zombie chomps down)(prisoner screams) - oh, did i just die? first encounter and i die. (handcuffs click)all right, take two.

(zombie growls)shotgun. where is it? shotgun. where's the shotgun?it's right next to you! - (prisoner) what happened?- stop asking questions. get up, bro, it's not a q and a. - (prisoner) what happened?- what do you mean, "what happened?" go! oh, a shotgun. (zombie snarls)oh, too late? (prisoner screams)

i was asking him too many questions and not killing him. gun to my left.get that real quick, shotgun. - okay, there's a shell. - ugh, i dunno. - yes, yes, die! shoot! - (prisoner) [bleep]!- really?! oh my god, no! - are you serious? - grab it! grab it! come on. - pick it up! what do you mean?

you fricking butterfingers.- (prisoner) don't make me do this! - how do i shoot? how do i shoot?(gunshot) no, i missed! dang it!(zombie snarls) - (prisoner) no, no. - this is what i get for not learning how to use a gun. - (prisoner) no! (prisoner groans)- gosh darn it. gosh, okay. i have to start over now from this.

all right, i need to aim this time for reals though. (gunshot)bam! (zombie growls)head shot. (gunshot)- oh! i thought i missed. - and... pew!(zombie snarls) (relieved) yay. - boom, head shot!that's how we do it. - you should keep the shotgun, man.no! come on. - (prisoner) man.

- okay, now what? - (prisoner) his skin's all rotten and he smells like [bleep]. - ew! - (whimpers) oh, there's someone else in the distance. - oh! oh!- (prisoner) help! come get someone. - there's someone. - (prisoner) there's been a shooting!- i think it's a child. - (prisoner) there's been a shooting! - (scoffs) that's a nice way to put it.

(zombies moan)what? no. (whimpers) what?ugh! i don't wanna know! - there's panting.why is someone panting? (zombie moans)- it's probably a dog. oh, never mind. - nope! nope! ha! nope. - oh!(zombie moans) (prisoner groans)- oh my gosh. this guy is the clumsiest guy.

- why do you keep dropping stuff,tripping over stuff, and doing dumb things? - hurry it up.♪ (suspenseful music) ♪ why do you keep falling, man? - every possible thing he could trip over,he just trips over. - at least they're slow. - he's gonna die right here. he got hops though. he has hops. (zombie moans)- can they climb?

please tell me they can't. (scratching at fence) (gunshot in the distance) (gunshots)- someone else is shooting now. (zombies snarl) - maybe they're distracted now. - yay. go away. - guarantee you this guy falls eight more times. - (prisoner) hello? anybody?

- why would you try to call out and attract zombies? - yeah, let's go. maybe there's a sliding glass door. - oh, i'm gonna go inside the house. - (prisoner) i wonder if anybody's home.- let's see, buddy. - what if there's a zombie in there though? - (prisoner) hello? anybody home?(rapping on glass) - please tell me there's no zombies in there. okay? so, um, i could--ooh, what's this? third option: open door.(whimpers) i don't-- do i wanna?

(door slides)- (prisoner) coming in! don't shoot, okay?- that's always a great way to enter a house-- "don't shoot me." - if there's a zombie there,they're not gonna shoot, they're gonna eat. - (prisoner groans in pain) [bleep]! hello? (panting)i'm not an intruder. - uh, there's blood.uh, get out. - [bleep], someone got rekt. coloring book? it's charlie the unicorn.

- why do they have such dramatic music? - okay, well, first of all,we should probably not step on the blood. - (prisoner yelps and groans)- oh my. (in game: answering machine beeps)- let's go in the kitchen. oh, [bleep]! okay, wow, that was a [bleep] dumb idea. okay, let's see, um... what's here? there's something red going on. - answering machine. can we listen to answering machines?

- (answering machine) three new messages. message one. left at 5:43 pm.- so this is yesterday. - (woman on machine) hey, brenda.this is diana. we're still in savannah. ed had a little incident with some crazy guy near the hotel. we had to get him back to the er...- crazy guy? does that mean zombie? ... and have it checked out. anyway, he's not feeling well enough to drive back tonight, so we're staying an extra day.

thanks so much for looking after clementine-- - that extra day killed him.i know it. - (diana, laughing) we'll be back in time before your spring break. - oh, dude, i would be pissed. for messing up my spring break.- (answering machine) message two. left at 11:19 pm.- (diana, fretting) oh my god, finally. they're not letting us leaveand aren't telling us anything about atlanta. please, please, just leave the city...- we're in atlanta, i guess.

... and take clementine with you back to marietta. i've got to get back to the hospital. please let me know that you're safe. - oh, this is getting progressively worse. - the next one's gonna be crazy.just screaming. - (diana, tearfully) clementine?baby, if you can hear this, call the police.we love you. (weeping) we love you.(answering machine beeps) - oh, [bleep], dude.

- there's a girl in that photo.that's clementine then. - why'd they name their kid after a fruit? - (little girl) daddy?- (prisoner) huh? - oh, i knew it!i knew we were gonna find the kid. - (whispering) where is she?where are you? - oh, there's something in here, in this drawer. - hey. - oh, a walkie talkie. - (little girl) you need to be quiet.

- is there someone in here with me? - uh... "who is this?"- (prisoner) who is this? - (little girl) i'm clementine.this is my house. - (prisoner) hi, clementine. i'm lee. - "i'm not a monster," "are you okay?" - "are you okay?"- (lee) are you okay? - (clementine) i'm okay. they tried to get me, but i'm hiding until my parents come home. - your parents said they can't come home.

did you not hear the messages? - uh... "how old are you?"- (lee) how old are you? - (clementine) eight.- just eight? - (lee) you're all alone?- (clementine) yes. i don't know where anybody is. - "what's your name?" i know it's clementine, but...- (clementine) i'm clementine. - yeah.- (clementine) this is my house. - (lee) hi, clementine. i'm lee.

- "how old are you?"nah, that's kind of weird to ask. - (lee) where are your parents? - where? yeah, they're dead.they're probably dead. - (clementine) they took a trip and left me with sandra. they're in savannah, i think.where the boats are? - oh, "where are you?""safe?" or "where are you?" - "where are you?" - i'm gonna go with "where are you?"- (lee) where are you? - (clementine) i'm outside in my tree house.

they can't get in. - "are you safe?"- (lee) are you safe? they can't get in.- (lee) that's smart. - smart girl. - (clementine) can you see me?i can see you through the window. - oh, she's so little.she sounds a lot older. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪(clementine shrieks) - oh, sh--! (clementine shrieks)

- oh! - oh, [bleep]! - get away from me! oh no! (lee grunts)(zombie snarls) - uh, q? what does q do?i'm just gonna press q. (zombie snarls) - (clementine) are you dead too?- i think so. enter?(zombie snarls) okay, so do i just hit q?

- oh, q, q!where's q? i'm gonna use my right hand.i don't care. - q, q, q, q, q, q! e, e, e, e! ♪ (dramatic music) ♪(lee groans) - oh my gosh! what did i tell ya? - he trips on everything, i swear! - okay, okay, okay.time to do-- (zombie growls)kick.

- there's kitchen knives everywhere. use them. (zombie snarls)- okay, oh my gosh! - kill! kill the zombie. kill it. - help me, clementine! - give me the hammer. give me the hammer. - q, q, q, q! (struggling) - e. - give me the hammer!

- uh, uh, do i click here? - give me the hammer, little girl. (loud smack)- kill her! - bam! bam her.(loud smack) - oh, this is graphic. - oh, i think she's already dead,but just for good measure. - maybe one more time.(skull shatters) (lee screams)- is she dead? - sick.

- all right, this is definitely not a children's game. (lee pants)- oh my gosh. - (lee) man. hi there. - oh, that little girl just witnessed that. - this girl has seen some stuff now. - (clementine) did you kill it? - "yes", "i don't know. i think so", "something else did." i think, "i don't know. i think so." - (lee) i don't know. i think so.

- why would she remember that?- (clementine) sometimes they come back. - "yes."- (lee) yes. - (clementine) it's okay.i think she was a m-monster. - (lee) i think so too. you've been all by yourself?- uh, clementine will remember that. - (clementine) i want my parents to come home now. - well, anyone would! - yeah, they're dead.- (lee) i think that might be a little while.- they're dead.

- (lee) look, i don't know what happened, but i'll look after you until then. - yeah, he's being a good samaritan. - he's a good guy. - (clementine) what should we do now?- that's a good question. - "look for help before it gets dark.""get out of here once the sun goes down." (gasps) oh my gosh, i don't know. i feel like we should leave. but what if-- what if-- okay, what if?

(sighs) okay. - (lee) we need to get out of this neighborhood at sunset.- yeah, we do. - i would get out of here before the sun goes down. - (lee) we need to get out of this neighborhood. it's not safe. we're less likely to be seen if we move at night. - oh, [bleep]. we chose to wait until the dark. i [bleep] up.- (lee) we won't go far.

- (clementine) well, we can hide in my tree house until then. - (lee) it'll be a tough climb with this leg, but... - it is. that's a nice little height you got there. - i mean, she survived for a couple days. hopefully, we can make it through the night. (insects chirrup) - (lee) now, let's stay quiet. we'll head out to the front yard and follow the road. - oh, we're going out now.okay, at night time.

- (clementine) okay.- (lee) it'll be okay. stay near me and we'll move as fast as we can.- hopefully this girl survives. i don't wanna see her get messed up. - wait, what? why are you leaving? don't run so fast.do you not see i am injured? i say we go to the gate. just open it. (gate creaks)there we go.

(gunshot) - oh, [bleep]!- (officer 1) i found the bastard! - no, i'm--- (clementine) are we going to die? - no, we're people. "they're after me, not you."- (lee) they're after me, not you. - (officer 2) stay down!- "stay down. georgia state patrol." oh, [bleep].- (officer 1) dude, he won't listen to that. - uh, we're friendly.- (lee) we're friendly! there's a little girl here.- you're still gonna get shot.

okay, awesome, cool. - (officer 2) oh, [bleep].you're not one of those things. - oh, they don't even know that we were arrested. they're just like, "oh, you're not a zombie. okay." - (officer 1) my name's shawn, shawn greene. - oh, you're kind of attractive.- (shawn) this is andre. - (andre) officer mitchell.- (shawn) did you see any of those things? one of them just got our buddy, chet.- "chet." that's such a frat boy name.

uh, "a lot, in the forest." - (lee) i saw a lot in the forest. - (shawn) looks like you cut the [bleep] out of yourself. - (lee) my leg, yeah.it's hurt pretty bad. - (shawn) look, help us find the thing that got our buddy and we'll take you and your daughter down to my dad's farm to safety. he should be able to fix your leg up, too.- cool, we're making a... - (lee) i'm not her dad.- ... business transaction. - (lee) i'm not her dad. i'm her--- her best friend!

"her babysitter,""just some guy," "a neighbor." what do i say? "her babysitter."- (lee) her babysitter. - she didn't like that. - i'm gonna go with babysitter. i can't say i'm just some guy.it's gonna be a little sus'. - (andre) whoever you are, let's get a move on. - (lee) we just want--(zombie moans) ♪ (suspenseful music) ♪- oh, [bleep]. - (shawn) oh, [bleep]. it's chet!

- oh, he's a-- oh, you're gonna have to shoot him up though. - (andre) let's go! get to my car. - why wouldn't you shoot?he's a monster. you would probably put him out of his misery. - i'm getting dã©jã  vu. (engine roars) okay, bye. - "look for help before it gets dark" or "get out of here once the sun goes down."

- "look for help before it gets too dark." - i'm gonna say during the day. - i'm gonna look for help.- (lee) we have to find help before it gets dark.- (clementine) yeah, it's not safe at night. - "the safety of daylight." okay. but if i picked night, they would probably have been like, "(dramatically) you chose the stealthiness of the night." - i look like a zombie more than anything, covered in blood with my limp.

- dude, lee's a trooper.his leg is messed up. he's a beast. - where are you going? wait for me. - clementine, i'll follow your lead. - (man groans) oh, man! - so how do they not notice those two guys out there the whole time? - (shawn) this sucks.- (man) aw, it's hot dish night. - (scoffs) that's his main concern?it's hot dish night. - uh, should i say something?

(wind chimes tinkle) - (lee) what's the matter?- (clementine) should i stay? - (lee) what? - (clementine) what if my parents come home? - well, then... um."i won't leave you alone." (chuckles) it's better than the others.- (clementine) let's go somewhere safe that's close, okay?- (lee) that's a good idea. - girl, they dead. uh, "they won't."- (lee) they won't. - "they won't."- (lee) they won't. we should go.

- (deep sigh) her parents are gone. (gate creaks) - (lee) hey, man!- (man) holy [bleep]! don't eat us. - (lee) we're not going to hurt you.- how did they not... (laughs) hear us? we had a full-on conversation. - (shawn) ... both going to give us the chomp. - uh, "what is going on?" - (lee) do you know what the hell this is? - (shawn) no idea.

- "we're looking for help."- (lee) we need help. - (shawn) are you trying to get out of here? because you should be.i'm shawn, shawn greene. - (lee) lee. this is clementine. - (man) i'm chet.- i like chet. he seems like a cool guy.- (shawn) we shouldn't be out like this. how about you help us clear the way, and we'll take youand your daughter out of here and down to my father's--- uh, this ain't my daughter.

- (shawn) it should be safer there.- (lee) i'm not her dad. i'm... - i'm just one guy.- (lee) i'm just some guy. - "i'm just some guy." (chuckles)- (lee) i'm just some guy. - (shawn) some... guy?- (lee) yeah. - "i'm a neighbor."- (lee) i'm a neighbor. - a neighbor.- (lee) i'm a neighbor. - (shawn) let's get going.staying put-- - he noticed? what? uh... - (lee) what do you want to do?- i swear, i'm not a pedo, man.

- (chet) them monsters comin'!(zombies moan) - i have a giant limp. - (shawn) lee, quick! let's go. ♪ (suspenseful music) ♪- yep, let's go. let's go. - click! click, click, click. click more. click-- click ten times. - why isn't the other guy helping?come on, chet. pull your weight. - and lee's got a broken--look at-- clementine's helping and the guy with the broken leg.

- the tubby guy is gonna die. - go, go. (engine roars)(zombies snarl) - i'm getting away. oh, no!(tires squeal) - (shawn) for just some guy, it seems like you saved a bunch of lives today. (zombie snarls)- thanks, i try. - car's driving by, clementine's here,we're her babysitter, apparently. everything is looking up.- (andre) say hi to your dad for me. - (shawn) yeah.

- (andre) i'm sorry, shawn.chet was a good dude. - i'm on the farm.- (shawn) one of the best. (engine hums loudly)- yeah. - (andre) take care, you two.- bye. don't die. - i mean, at least we've got corn here. - this is, like, exactly the same as the show the walking dead. they go-- it's similar. they get some new people, they go to the farm. - (shawn) no sweat, man.i'll catch you tomorrow night.

- (chet) it was nice to meet you both.- it was nice to meet you, chet. (door creaks)- please. (gasps) is he a zombie? - (older man) thank god you're okay.- okay, he's not. - (shawn) i was worried it'd be bad here too. - (older man) been quiet as usual the past couple days. - (shawn) i ran into andre outside of atlanta and chet... he got killed.- (older man) no! - oh, chet!- (older man) you're kidding.

- (shawn) those things got him. dad, i don't know what's going on.- (older man) i'm sorry, shawn. - (shawn) i wouldn't have made it back without chet. - chet did nothing, so, um, yeah. - "your boy's a lifesaver,""we need a place to stay," "we just need some help." - "your boy's a lifesaver." always make a good relation right here. - (older man) glad he could be a help to somebody.

- dang, throwing shade. - (older man) so it's just you and your daughter then? - (gruffly) she's not my daughter.- (shawn) oh, not his daughter. he's... well... just...- just some guy. ... some guy who found her alone. - i'm the babysitter.- (shawn) he's the babysitter. - that's right.- (older man) honey, do you know this man? - (clementine) yes.- okay, good [bleep]. she's playing along.

- this girl is smart. - everyone just thinks i'm a pedo, i think. - (older man) looks like you hurt your leg pretty bad there. i can help you out. shawn, run on in and check on your sister. - he's got a sister.- (older man) you, take a seat on the porch and i'll go see what i have.- okay. - he seems like the old knowledgeable man, help us out. - (older man) this is swollen to hell.

- uh... "could be worse."- (lee) it could be worse. - (older man) what did you say your name was? - i'm just gonna say it's lee. "it's lee!"- (lee) it's lee. - (older man) nice to meet you, lee.i'm hershel greene. - hershel!! it's hershel's land. - hey, is that supposed to be hershel? - (hershel) how'd this happen? - "i fell," "car accident,""jumping a fence," "i don't remember."

"i fell."- (lee) i fell trying to get away from one of those things. - car accident. - i'll say "car accident," dude. - (lee) car accident.- (hershel) that so? - (lee) we hit a guy. one of those things you've been hearing about. on the road. - (hershel) who were you with, the girl?

- uh, police officer.i'm just gonna be honest. - "a police officer." i'm gonna be honest.- (lee) i was with a police officer. he was giving me a ride.- "hershel believes you." - (hershel) awful nice of him. - no, ah, uh...- (lee) nobody. - all right.- (hershel) is that so? - now i'm kind of suspicious.- (lee) it is. - (hershel) you said "we," that's all.

the house is full up with mine. we've got another displaced family of three sleeping in the barn. you and your daughter are welcome to rest there. - i'm the babysitter! - (shawn) hey, dad, so i'm thinkingfirst thing tomorrow we gotta reinforce the fence around the farm. - (hershel) that doesn't seem necessary.- all right, hershel's dumb. - fences are necessary!come on, hershel. - (shawn) but there's some serious [bleep] hitting the fan.

- (hershel) well, do what you think you should. we got plenty of chores as it is. - (clementine) it smells like... - horse [bleep].yeah, that's what i thought. - [bleep].- (lee) [bleep]. - (clementine gasps in shock)that was a swear! - come on, girl, you just saw me kill someone. man up. - (clementine) i miss my mom and dad.

- (lee) i bet, clem.- aw, he already made a nickname for her. - he's so emotionally attached.he shouldn't do that 'cause she's gonna die. - you're okay, man.(heavy sigh) - (redneck) hey, get up.- that's a nice handlebar mustache. - mister country boy. - (clementine) i'm itchy. - (redneck) well, you slept in a barn, little lady. lucky you don't have spiders in your hair.- (groans in disgust)

(clementine gasps)- oh, [bleep]. - (redneck) but i bet your daddy scared 'em all away, huh? - why does everyone think i'm her dad? - (lee) name's lee.- (redneck) i'm kenny. - (boy) dad, we're gonna build a fence! there's a tractor and everything!- kind of looks like that kid from toy story. - (kenny) that's my boy, ken junior.- ken junior. - (kenny) we call him duck though.

yeah, nothing bothers him. like water off a duck's back, you know? - (lee) that's a valuable trait lately. - (kenny) but frankly, i think it's because he's dumb as a bag of hammers.(splutters) - (duck) dad!- did he just call his son dumb? that's mean, man. - (kenny) the word is you were on your way to macon. - that's true.- (lee) my family's from there.

- (kenny) well, macon's on the wayand, personally, i'd appreciate the company of a guy who canknock a couple of heads together if he has to. - uh... sure.- (lee) sure, we'll tag along. - (kenny) honey, duck, this is lee. and, uh, what's the girl's name?- (lee) clementine. - (kenny) clementine. - (shawn) well, we should get to work. we've all seen what those things can do out there,

so the faster we get this fence up, the better. - (duck) i wanna build a fence!- why's this kid so excited about building a damn fence? - (shawn) well, i need a good foreman.you can sit on the tractor and yell at me whenever i take a water break. - i feel like this kid's gonna do something really stupid. - (woman) i can keep an eye on your little girl here on the porch. - "be sure to check in with everyone you've met so far." - okay, i guess i'll talk to these people,

even though i just talked to them. - "you two look relaxed."- (lee) you two actually look relaxed. - (woman) i think we're doing just fine. clementine was just telling me about first grade. - what do--? what do you mean she wasjust telling you about first grade? dude, she just sat down. - (lee) well, yeah. so... you're good?(chuckles)

- (woman) it's almost like we didn't see people eating each other for the past three days. - i'm just gonna leave. - we're foraging. - what's up, kenny? - (lee) hey there, uh, kenny. - uh, what's your plan?- (lee) what's your family's plan? - (kenny) get back on down to lauderdaleand let this mess get sorted out. - well, how do you know there's no mess there?

- (kenny) government will start handing out shots and the national guard will do its thing. on the odd chance things got too bad, we could hop on my boat, i guess. - you got a boat?- (lee) you got a boat? - i wouldn't want to go on a boat though 'cause you're gonna run out of supplies eventually. and be stuck in the middle of the ocean. - "you learned about kenny's boat." (gasps) maybe we're gonnaescape on the boat.

- oh, i see them on the tractor. - (shawn) hey, lee. - "need a hand?"- (lee) need a hand? - (shawn) if you could cut those two-bys to length, that'd sure speed things up. - i have no idea what you just said. - doing manly [bleep] on the farm. (sawing away) - (shawn) my dad doesn't know how bad it is.

i saw a guy in atlanta kill a kid. a boy. just shot him right in the face.- oh, that's fun. "was the boy one of the walkers?" - (lee) was the boy one of the walkers?- oh, is that where they get the walking dead from?they call them walkers? - (shawn) he was either attacking the guy or asking for help. - a boy. just shot him right in the face.- dang. uh...(sawing away) "damn."- (lee) damn.

- (shawn) no [bleep] damn.(laughs) - (shawn) did you have to do it?- (lee) do what? - (shawn) kill. have you had to off one yet? - (lee) oh, uh... - i'm gonna go with... "i had to shoot one." - (lee) i had to shoot one. - (shawn) i could shoot one, maybe.if it were far away. - um... "sometimes it's kill or be killed." - (lee) sometimes it's kill or be killed.

- (shawn) i guess. i don't think i could sleep good after that. (hammering away) anyway, when you see my dad around,he might want some help in the barn. - oh, looks like we're off to help someone in the barn. a new quest has been unlocked. - all right, well i'm out. peace. - let's go talk to hershel. - what's up, man? - (hershel) you should know that if you weren't leaving with kenny today,

i wouldn't stand for your lack of honesty last night. - lack of honesty? - yeah, what the hell's he talking about? - (hershel) i ain't dumb. i caught you in that lie last night.- damn. - (hershel) about who you were with in that car. - he called me out on that. - (hershel) how'd you get out of atlanta? - on foot.- (lee) uh... on foot.

i headed south and hoofed it out of there. - "i was on my way out."- (lee) i was on my way out anyway. timing of all this just happened to be right. - (hershel) ha, if there ever is a good time for the supposed "apocalypse". but now you've got this little girl to take care of. clementine, is it?- nope. - (hershel) you just stumbled up on her? - (takes deep breath) um...

"i was being attacked."- (lee) i was being attacked and she came to my rescue. - clementine was like, "here, hammer!"and i just smashed that girl's face in, like, eight times. - (hershel) can i give you a piece of advice? - uh, sure. what is it? sure. - can i give a piece of advice, hershel?mind your own business. - he's still going to give me advice. - (hershel) i don't know who you areor what you did,

but you'd better become a better liar, and fast. - what? - (hershel) you're gonna have to depend on the honesty of strangers if you're gonna make it. and if those same people get to questioning yours, you're gonna be in trouble. so whoever you are, and whatever you did,keep it to your damn self. - okay. - (hershel) oh, and tryingto be less of an [bleep]

would serve you just fine.- oh. - (hershel) or you're gonna be in trouble.- okay. - (hershel) but at least you have the common sense to listen to a man giving you advice. (tractor engine starts)(shawn screams) - (lee) what the--? - oh no! is it the zombies? - (hershel) go! i'll get my gun.- oh, [bleep]. ♪ (frantic music) ♪(shawn screams loudly)

- is that the tractor? (zombies moan) - oh no. oh, oh, [bleep]. - did duck drive the thing on him? (duck yelps)- no! - oh, stupid duck! - oh no. oh no. - what do we do? what do we do? (duck yelps)okay, save him. save him.

save the boy. - okay, i'm not gonna help the kidbecause you're stupid. wait, but i have to.- (shawn) kenny! (duck screams)- (shawn) [bleep]! - how do we get rid of-- ew. (zombie groans) - i hope i can save both.- (duck) don't let them take me! - wait, why can't we save both of them?(zombie snarls) punch him.

(punch lands)(zombie moans) all right, great. now can we go save the other guy? - (lee) now shawn!- (shawn) get this tractor off of me! - oh my god. - (shawn) lee!- did he just run away?! - okay, how do we help him?how do we help him? no! no!(shawn shrieks) (shawn shrieks)- (in disgust) ooh. - who to help first? ugh.fine, i'll get you.

- i'm gonna save shawn. - i'm gonna save shawn.i'm going with shawn. (duck screams) (lee grunts)- oh, i can't help him though 'cause it's crushed. hey, move this thing, you idiot. - yeah, the little boy has a dad to save him. - (shawn) kenny! help, please! - wow, dude.- (shawn) kenny!

(fence crumbles)- oh, [bleep]. oh, [bleep]. oh god. (fence crumbles)- oh no! (fence crumbles)- uh, nope! - are you serious?(shawn shrieks) - oh my god.dude, kenny is a dick. (zombies moan and tear flesh) - i feel like i should've saved the other guy now. - hershel's probably gonna just be like, "get off my land, even though tried to save my son."

- kill your son, too.he's gonna turn into one. - (shawn) i'm okay.- you're not okay. you're dying. - i think it's too late though. - (shawn moans) it almost... almost got me, man. lee tried to save me. - well, at least i earned the dad's trust now. - (hershel) i know, son. - (shawn) i...- dang it, shawn. - yeah, dude, this is all kenny's fault.

- damn, rip, bro. a sad life. - now they're gonna hate meand shawn's not even alive. - (hershel) get out.- no! - (hershel) get the [bleep] out of here!- damn. - (kenny) i'm sorry.- (hershel) sorry?! your son is alive.you don't get to be sorry. and you. you didn't even try to help.- i tried! - "i panicked."- (lee) i panicked. - (hershel) look at him.

remember that next time you panic. you don't get to be sorry! you tried to help him, but this piece of [bleep] let him die. - i think i chose correctly. - "it's kenny's fault."i'll just say that. - (lee) if kenny had helped,your son would be alive. (chuckles) - "it's nobody's fault."- (lee) you can't blame kenny! - (hershel) the hell i can't! get out!

and never come back. - we're gonna go on the boat now? - he just ran away too with his son. i'm so mad at him. - (kenny) you've got that ride to macon if you want it. - ooh, macon. (tractor engine hums) - okay, let's book it. let's get out of here. - thanks for watching us play the walking dead: episode 1.

- comment which games you want us to play next. - make sure to subscribe so you don't miss future episodes of the walking dead. - see you next time. - this game! the choices! the feels! i can't take the pressure.

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