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the walking dead d

the walking dead d

*intro music from the walking dead* wanna know when the zombie threat in "the walking dead"will end? the producers have been leaving you clues since the very beginning. but today, we put it all together. *film theorist intro song plays* hello internet, welcome to film theory! the brainiest youtube series dedicated to film in tv. which, unfotunately, makes us a prime target come the zombie apocalypse. so you can bet i've been watching "the walking dead", taking notes on how to survive in the event of that happens.

over six seasons, "the walking dead" has remained the biggest show on television by constantly re-inventing itself. like in season 2, when rick and carl sought refuge at a farm. at first, hershel and rick didn't get along, but after a while they came to understand one another. everything was great, until zombies raided the farm, forcing rick and carl to flee. or like the time in season 3 & 4 when rick and carl sought refuge at a prison. at first, the prisoners and rick didn't get along, but then after a while they came to understand one another.

everything was great, until zombies raided the prison, forcing rick and carl to flee. or like the time in season 5 & 6 when rick and carl sought refuge in alexandria at first, rick and alexandrians didn't get along, everything was great, until zombies raided alexandria forcing rick and carl to... huh, maybe i was a bit too hasty saying "re-inventing" itself. all routing aside though, are rick, carl and the rest doomed to reenact the goriest version of "groundhog day" over and over again until they get careless and wind up trapped under a dead man in a zombie swarm? i mean, look how excited we got when eugene said he had found a cure to the outbreak, and then...

we see how well that panned out... are these survivors going to save the world by the end of the series? hate to break it to you, but no, no they won't. they're just average survivors trying to get by, not super-humans saving the world. but that's not to say they'll be permanently stuck in a zombie hellscape. in fact, i'm here to tell you today that the zombies won't be posing a threat much longer on the walking dead. that's right! zombies are going extinct! and that expiration date is approaching far sooner than you may realize! now first, i need to address one big caveat;

not all zombies were made at the same time. turning into a zombie is contingent on 2 factors: when you die and/or when you're bitten. but it is important to note that the overwhelming number of the walking dead zombies were turned in the first two months of the outbreak. how do we know this? well, rick wakes up two months after the outbreak began, and the world's already descended into a complete post-apocalyptic wasteland, with only clusters of survivors left. cities are empty! you can go weeks without coming across another survivor. and as we learned from doctor jenner at the cdc at the end of the season,

this is also true for the rest of the world. even france is overrun by zombies! "it was the french." "what?" "they were the last ones to hold out as far as i know." now, zombies gain their power through sheer numbers. it's these hordes that have plagued the remaining survivors from the very first episode, where rick gets trapped in a tank surrounded by zombies, to the most recent season, where rick gets trapped in an rv... surrounded by zombies.

but as much as i joke about repeated tropes in the series, it's these swarms that have shown the most reliable changes, and these changes are our biggest clue to the way the whole series will end. look closely at the evolution in the design of the zombie hordes across the seasons of the show. we start season 1 with everyone pale and fairly well intact. by season 3 and 4 they're looking pretty rough, and seasons 5 and 6, these guys are faces only a zombified mother could love. very clearly, the creative team of the walking dead has been consciously making the human zombies gradually look more and more grotesque every season.

it's a conscious choice. but why? well, it's not just for scare tactics. they're doing it because these zombies are actually decomposing, and like everything that decomposes, eventually they'll be nothing more than a bundle of bones and dust. based on this information we can predict a timeline for when this series will end. decomposition of a body is broken down into 5 general stages: initial decay, putrefaction, black putrefaction butyric fermentation, and dry decay. over the course of the walking dead's six seasons, the zombie hordes have slowly progressed through these stages.

in the first season, the zombies showed symptoms often associated with initial decay, or as it's referred to, the "fresh stage" of decomposition subway, eat fresh! after the heart stops beating, the body goes into a complete meltdown, breaking down on the cellular level. during this "fresh stage", the body's temperature drops. since the heart's stopped beating, all remaining blood in the body drains to the lower portions. the skin gets tighter, turns grey. the eyes begin to sink into the skull.

in the first season of walking dead, most zombies we see fulfil a lot of these qualities. the first zombie rick encounters is a grey little girl with sunken eyes. the zombie horde rick hides from in the tank are also, you guessed it-- pale with sunken eyes. zombies from season 2 through 5 of the walking dead are emblematic of the second stage of decomposition: putrefaction - often referred to as "the bloat stage". and it's not because they're feeling bloated after eating a bunch of carbs.

remember--these guys are a bunch of protein eaters. no, it's because gases start to accumulate in the body,causing it to swell, especially around the face. the eyes and tongue in particular, start to protrude outwards. we're not quite to arnold schwarzenegger "total recall" levels of the eye popping-ness, but we're close. the gases that accumulate in the body have nowhere to go, causing ruptures and tears in the skin

much the same as the proactiv-challenged skin of the walking dead season 2 and season 3 zombie hordes. it's also during this phase that the body's skin tone becomes marbled, revealing a pattern of blood vessels in the face, abdomen, and chest. look across season 3 and you find yourself some "usda prime marbling". after two weeks, the skin becomes so loose that it can easily be pulled off of a corpse. does that sound familiar? in season 5, rosita grabs a zombie out of the woods and, that's right, pulls the skin right off.

which brings us to the third stage of decomposition, "black putrefaction", which is even nastier than those first two stages combined. during black putrefaction, or, as it's commonly referred to, "active decay", the skin of the corpse turns black. the corpse then flattens out like a penny, as all the gases escape. the internal organs liquify, turning the body into a soupy fluid. mm-mm-mmh.

coming soon to an overpriced whole foods near you. hey- its organic, alright? in the past 6th season of the walking dead, zombies show clear signs of finally entering this 3rd stage of decomposition, showing black discoloring of their face and torso. you can also see - or, not see, that the eyes of many of these zombies have completely liquified, leaving black empty chasms in their place. after this stage, things get pretty dull.

during the fourth stage, buteric fermentation, aka "advanced decay", the body and all remaining flesh dry out. and then finally, during the fifth stage, "dry decay", all that remains of the body is just the bundle of bones. now, you loyal theorists may be wondering, "how do you time these post-mortem changes?" "it's not like people just lay bodies out in an open field and then watch them slowly decompose, right?" well, actually that's exactly what happens. they're called "body farms".

but instead of growing plants, vegetables or fruit, forensic investigators plant dead bodies, and then watch them decompose over time. which, little known fact, is 10 times more exciting than watching season 2 of the walking dead. *crickets chirping* body farms aid investigators in solving murders, and establishing a time frame for the deceased. from this research, we know that the first stage of decomposition generally occurs between zero to three days post death. putrefaction occurs four to ten days,

black putrefaction in 10 to 20 days, butyric fermentation within 20 to 50 days, and the 5th stage, dry decay takes between 50 and 350 days post-death. there are a number of factors, though, that actually increase this rate of decomposition in a cadaver. first and foremost-- exposure to the elements. according to "casper's law of decomposition" - wait, are you serious? casper? casper like the friendly ghost?

who comes up with these names? scientists, real talk. i love the nerdy tongue-and-cheek naming conventions that you use, but sometimes its really hard to take you seriously when you're naming laws after children's cartoon characters, or proteins after sonic the hedgehog. anyway, "casper's law of decomposition" states, quote, that "a body left in the open air decomposes twice as fast as if it were immersed in water... ...and eight times faster than if it were buried underground." end quote.

so those zombies, just by rising up out of the ground, have increased their rate of decomposition, eight-fold! the second key factor here is temperature. heat accelerates the rate of cellular breakdown and increases the rate of putrefaction. the hotter and more humid the temperature, the quicker the body will decompose. so obviously, the zombies on the show aren't decaying at the rate of a typical human body,

but what exactly is this zombie decay rate? the walking dead, up to season 6, has taken place over 552 days since the zombie outbreak began. a typical human cadaver would have decomposed twice over, at least, at this point. so given that season 6 depicts zombies in the latter days of black putrefaction-- blackened skin, liquified organs--which tends to happen around 20 days post death in a normal cadaver,

we can use this as correlative evidence to predict when complete zombie decay will occur. if 20 days equals the typical amount of time for a cadaver to reach black putrefaction, and the same process for the walking dead zombies is 552 days. then using some simple math, 20 over 552 equals 50 over x the unknown complete dry decay for a zombie. we can predict that the zombies will have completely decayed in 1,380 days. this would be the complete life cycle of a zombie on the walking dead. which means that we still have 828 days,

a little over two years, until the zombies become nothing more than just dried up bones. now, i know what you're thinking, "so what? two years? that's a really long time!" "look what's happened in just a year and a half on the show." "plus, then the zombies would just be skeleton zombies." by then the walking dead will be hiring ray harryhausen. sorry, that was an obscure reference. ray harryhausen was a pioneer of stop motion animation,

and perhaps his most famous scene is a skeleton battle that happens in the movie jason and the argonauts. now you know! it's one of those lesser known pieces of cinematic history that definitely deserves some celebration, so worth mentioning here. but that being said, the walking dead isn't jason and the argonauts. the one thing that keeps the zombies going isn't their skeletal bodies, it's their brains.

and it probably comes as no surprise that its not just the external body that decomposes post death, but internal organs do, too. and so, when in the decomposition timeline does the brain liquify? black putrefaction. the very stage the zombie horde is currently in. rick doesn't have to shoot or stab a zombie in the head to kill it. he just has to wait for nature to take its course.

step 1: find another prison. step 2: build a stronger fence. step 3: profit!!! so how long should rick expect to be a dirty camper? at the cdc in season 1, dr. jenner shows them the onset of a zombie. per dr. jenner, zombies don't function on the entirety of their brain, just the brain stem. "the frontal lobe, the neo-cortex, the human part,

that doesn't come back." thus, it's not even the entirety of the brain that needs to decompose, just the stem. in a typical cadaver at room temperature, this process would take a month, tops. if 20 days equals the typical amount of time for a cadaver to reach black putrefaction, and this same process for the walkers is 552 days, then using the same formula --20 over 552 equals 30 over x,

the amount of time for zombie brain melting, the brains in zombies will completely melt in 828 days. subtracting out the time that's already happened on the show, rick and the gang only have to survive 276 more days until the majority of zombie horde brains turn to complete mush. however, this decay rate isn't accounting for the temperature, the humidity, or the exposure to the outside. all of which increase the rate of decomposition tremendously. so using casper's law of decomposition,

we can predict that this process will happen at least 8 times faster in the world of the show. which means that the survivors have a little over a month, 34 days, until the zombie brains turn into pea soup and their lifeless corpses will be just that. lifeless corpses once more. if that isn't enough, look no further than the show itself. this past season has been set over the course of two days.

never before has the show jammed so much stuff into a 48-hour period. why would the show slow its timeline down so much? because the creators themselves know that the zombies are on borrowed time. if you need more proof, look at the location. alexandria, virginia according to the kã¶ppen climate classification system, alexandria is classified by hot, humid summers and has a sub-tropical climate.

so you would think that the zombies would decompose quicker there, but remember rick and the gang came from atlanta georgia, where seasons 1 through 4 were set. a substantially hotter and more humid climate. you think it's a coincidence that rick and carl are moving to colder temperatures? in georgia, the zombies would probably have fully decomposed by now. the only way the writers can justify continuing

the show is by a), slowing down the timeline to a halt and b), moving the show to colder temperatures where zombies will decompose slower. so get ready for the walking dead season 15 set over the course of 1 hour in a blizzard in antarctica. try as hard as you want amc writers, but there's no stopping the inevitable. it's not a question of if the zombies will go extinct, but a matter of when. time is a zombie's

biggest killer, and soon time will end the zombie threat. and the walking dead as we know it. but hey, that's just a theory, a film theory! aaaand cut! and before you go, did you know that the walking dead has hidden references to the roman empire sprinkled throughout its various seasons? it's true!

the parallels are actually fascinating. if you want to find out more, click here to check out a brand new video from my friends over at wise crack where they are picking apart the series to uncover the deeper meaning hidden under its fleshy folds. in fact, here you go. click their logo to check out the whole channel. if you're a fan

of my theories, then you're gonna love their interpretations of all things pop culture from the matrix to rick and morty. so head on over and tell 'em matpat sent ya. they'll appreciate it. and finally in case you missed it a couple weeks ago, here's a link to another theory i did on the walking dead. exploring how, technically, everyone on the series should be deaf. not dead, deaf. it means rick and the gang are literally the walking deaf.

(ba-doom ching) so there you go, some good options for you. and remember guys, that's just a theory. a film theory! aaand cut! * video ends *

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the walking dead comic

the walking dead comic

the walking dead tv show has stayed prettytrue to the comics...except for all the times it hasn't. true to form, the season six finalemirrored the unforgettable issue 100 of the comic book, featuring the long-awaited appearanceof the villainous negan. after his introduction in the comics, negan chooses glenn as hisvictim from rick's group...and beats him to death with his bat, lucille. but on the show,the victim's identity is a secret that won't be revealed until the season seven premierein october 2016. so just who, exactly, was "at bat"? would they kill off maggie? while readers have known about glenn's deathfor a while, the show often swerves to keep

fans guessing. so while it's almost unthinkable,we're thinking it: what if negan chooses glenn's wife, maggie, instead? in the comics, neganskips maggie and sophia. meanwhile, negan said that he wants rick's strong crew to workfor him. he may have chosen maggie to die just because of how visibly sick she lookedcompared to the rest of the group. what about abraham? maybe abraham ford will be the one to meetlucille. abraham has been through a lot since he first appeared. in the comics, dwight killsabraham with a crossbow. on the show, however, denise earned that fate, so abraham may beliving on borrowed time. if daryl dies, we riot

actor norman reedus has another amc show onthe docket, ride with norman reedus, that may serve as a transitional series for hardcorefans of both reedus and his character, daryl dixon, if and when he's killed off. neganhas plenty of motivation to kill daryl, considering he scorched a group of saviors with a bazooka.and nothing establishes the threat a new bad guy like killing off a popular character.but would they dare axe the guy so popular that there are actually shirts for sale saying,"if daryl dies, we riot"? but, really, it's probably glenn if the walking dead comic did it, there'sa good chance it'll happen on the show. the glenn-dying theory gets some support for afew reasons. it'd be heartbreaking: glenn

just killed his first living humans this season,which had a profound effect on him. he also has a baby on the way. based on how many timeschildren end up with single parents on this show, we wouldn't be surprised if glenn'sgone. steven yeun might be leaving the show steven yeun has some projects lined up whenthe walking dead would otherwise be filming, and the hollywood reporter says his currentcontract with the series ends with season six. yeun's new projects seem to corroboratehis character's eventual death. previous times at the bat think back to terminus:

he just happened to be the first memberof rick's group in line to be killed with a louisville slugger. it was an intentionalnod to this storyline. the show certainly spelled it out for us over the past few seasons,but we've still got our fingers crossed for someone else. a dark foreshadowing the show hinted at glenn's fate when he lookedup while raiding the saviors' satellite base and saw some of lucille and negan's priorvictims in a collection of polaroid photos on the wall. considering how much negan adoreshis weapon of choice, we wouldn't be surprised if he took these photos himself or if oneof his lackeys did in adoration of the saviors'

leader. sorry glenn, we'll miss you since his first appearance in the series premiere,glenn has been the heart of the walking dead. we cringed at every moment he looked deathin the eye, especially during that alleyway scene where we thought he died alongside nicholas.but things certainly aren't looking so good for him, and there's enough evidence in frontof us that he just isn't going to make it into season seven of the walking dead. solong, buddy. thanks for watching! subscribe to our youtubechannel to see more videos like the one you just saw. and leave us a comment to tell uswho you think is taking a walking dead dirt


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the walking dead characters

the walking dead characters

the this guy i want to start with you even the showrunner now on walking deadfor three seasons striker the i'm starting my thirdregulations and you now midway through the current fifth seasonwhich a lot of viewers and critics regard is maybe the best season at the show has ever done i thisyear though involves a lot i've different camps and characters lineuplocations criss-crossing storylines so can you talk a little bit about howhow you prepare for an organiza- season

as complicated as the one that where if we're currently this show has incredible source material which we drawon pretty directly so what i'm saying is the way iapproach it is the most expensive fanfiction i i read the comics thinking like oh iwonder who's going to get to figure that out that guy yeah tough job ahead i'm or or like 00should post this to the forum no i won't i might become theshowrunners i

so the thing that always struck me aboutthe the comic book which i think we're trying it only get as well is the factthat it is this story that you follow this man who is theperson mia the one order and he's the embodiment law and orderand you going this extraordinary journey the through this desperate hell andrealize that you can have on his side and the in thething about rick but i love is that he said there's acertainty in him the people follow that's one of his strengths it's alsoone of his weaknesses as well because he's defying

within but what happens is people standbehind someone in desperate times no when this certain now what isintriguing to me is that there are morally ambiguous decisions that he makes and i think that that's the the thing thathooks me into the stories that you start going way he's just been theguys throw doubt but it's for his son you know in i because it's up to because i i coltsgot up and i won you know we've we've always been

really responsible with the violence onthis show i as a line in the sand all weoverstepping i and he said which party you talk yeah i i was like the neck but a but but actually when we came to shootthe scene you know like most things that you know he writes it made completesense and as long as it was grounded in somethingincredibly powerful inhumane you can do things that are terriblyinhumane in the show

and possibly thats the kinda just aposition that really and gets people's juices flowing at i and landed there i this is a a relationship that's beenforged against all odds in you know this crucible and violence inarm again i mean are glenn and maggie basicallydoomed law i didn't know that was gonna that way ihowever like this yeah i'm hitting you with my my real gun i you know i know

that's a tough one i think thats that isthe question that remains unanswered i think that is thequestion that on that we're exploring at this pointnot necessarily just their relationship but what is yourconstant i'm hold on him and he do to you can you persevere in this world withthat typeof mentality i'm will ultimatelyloving someone bring you down and be the downfall forthe both the view on and i think everyone respondsdifferently

on the spectrum and just just like anysaid you know he's gonna tear out someone's throat forhis son on we don't know the measures to whichglen would go to protect maggie we know the measures that he would go togo find her again i'm in and i think thats that's the questionthat we're gonna see as we go further is is really exploring where these characters lie where where the moral compass is wellwith the media have as this world

continues to batter them over and over and over on days whenyou're perhaps not sinking your teeth into somebody else's neck but let's see ifyou pick up a call sheet use discover i'll you know any other day which i getto participate in some kind of zombie killing moment and you lookforward to those days are those exciting more exciting days in i yeah can repeal there's there's somestuff i mean like an lol at the same split but like theirstuff that comes up

in the snow second half where like a we had a talent we had fun justchoreographing you really i'm gonna do this and then you can come in and do this thewhen he falls alcala jump on top and then i'll do that is like we like were idiots yeah over here from i a smiling excellent was so happy to like hack nslash because heck it's like its you know you knowwhat you know was agree memory

is a it's already aired but it was episode for by when we're hiding out inthe woods for the hunters to come back i'll andknock on our door that would be the 33 3 yes i'm sorry i didn't got a little i a guy who doesn't watch the show onlyact how i i but we're hiding out in the woods and we are all there is literally cops androbbers yeah in turns around to me is like states

posada i awesomely were hiding out it'snighttime and then they'll call back to the timewhen i didn't shield see i never in never gotaunt the only we never seen it yet that weprobably could've gone huh yeah i'm them

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the walking dead cast

the walking dead cast

hey guys, what's going on? for complex news,i'm tamara dhia and i have a confession to make: i only recently started watching thewalking dead. i know, i know, i'm dumb late. a couple months ago, i binge-watched all sixseasons on netflix, and now i am completely obsessed. it got to a point where i startedwalking around the complex office picking off who i would kill if they turned into awalker. for those who haven't watched, or aren't caughtup throughout season 6, turn this video off right now because there are spoilers ahead,for the rest of us, this is where the walking dead left off: as fans turn to online fan sites and messageboards hoping for a hint at who was killed

in the finale, norman reedus, aka darryl dixon,sat down with tvline and gave us a glimmer of what to expect from the season 7 premiere,which is still 4 months away. according to reedus: "i will definitely 100 percent say that'sit's well worth the wait. it's large. it's mind-blowing." reedus also revealed that fans of the showaren't the only ones emotionally affected by what happens on their screens. "we're a very tight-knit group down there,and we take it very personally, because we're in it and living it. every time you see uscrying on camera, those are real tears. it's

a whole day of living that sh*t." he also explained that he has a hard timediscussing key moments from the show with fans because each cast member is so emotionallyconnected to their characters. "when personal things happen to you, you don'twander around telling everybody your personal stuff. so for us, it doesn't feel like justa spoiler, it feels like a moment that really happened. and if there's a death involved,it's kinda weird to talk about it. it's like going to our friend's funeral or going possibleto yourown funeral! it's not like, 'hey, how are you? want a selfie? let me tell you aboutthe funeral i was just at..." i have my guesses about who was taken outin the last episode, who do you think it was?

sound off in the comments below and for therest of your day's pop culture news be sure to subscribe to complex on youtube.

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the walking dead books

the walking dead books

hey youtubers, it's charlie. this is going to be my walking dead episodefive video. just careful for spoilers if you haven't seenit yet here we go. jesus is back i'm so happy he's one of myfavorite characters on the walking dead, just because of the way he's able to lighten thetone, but still be a bad ass like he has mad skills, but things have been so dire for thelast couple of episodes you just need somebody to lighten the tension. so jesus monster truck rallies to the rescuelet's do top 10 wtf and comic book easter eggs there couple really big comic book arcsthat they're setting up i'll just try to deal

with the stuff that they did in this episode. and if they do end up doing stuff from laterin the comics we can talk about it in the episodes where it happens but number 10 maggiestill alive. as expected, this is a comic book thing likeshe had some trauma with her baby in the comics but as she's fine in this episode. same thing happens in the comics the doctorslike you know you maybe had some trauma like he has no idea what happened with glenn andabraham, but the number nine sasha buries them out back and she takes glenn's watchwhich is actually herschel's lays it down, but everybody's favorite douche bag walksin gregory and if you forgot about him from

season six he's basically like the fecklessleader of hilltop complete pushover. but as he says during the episode oh i gota right where i want him. i'm totally dealing with the situation butreally they're just trying to set up somebody else taking over, so they really wanted youto hate him in this episode so things are all proceeding according to comic book planhe's mostly just worried about what the savers are gonna do when they find out that theyhelp them number eight the saviors rollout a big show monster truck rally time it wasso hilarious when you know number seven at the end of the episode maggie explained whereshe learned that trick though there was this guy in high school and i laugh so hard whenenid asked her if it was the guy that she

ran over like oh you reign over the guy withyour car know know know i ran over his camaro, but don't you just love maggie that much moreknowing that she did that when she was in high school like that's how bad as she wasdead number seven. i think what they're implying is that maggiewill eventually take leadership of hilltop like when jesus was talking to them at theend of the episode and said that he had somebody else in mind like and when he first came ingregory was in charge and he couldn't imagine anyone else taking the job, so i think whathe was implying is is that he's eventually going to ask maggie to step up just becauseshe seems like such a strong person when deanna was still alive actually foreshadowed littlebit of this like she asked maggie to work

with her can learn how to administrate thegroup. so maggie's been learning to be a leader fora while now. so the ark she's on is a little bit clearlike she's this strong single mom who is now going to be this very strong leader of eventuallynumber six gregory is going to be like the puppet leader for the time being he's in chargeof effectively but he's not in charge. those with jesus is whole speech was about. he was standing up to him look. this is the way it's going to be there stayingthat's it. but number five back to the save zone so ishould have felt like the carl storyline was

a little crazier, just because of what itwas implying but number five rick and was shown sidetrip michonne seems like she mightrun into the kingdom rick they tease might run into another group from the comics butit's not the whisperers, there's a lot of talk about the whispers this past week. but they weren't saying they were coming onthis season. they just said they will be coming on soonerrather than later i think the big thing though, even though were gonna see all these differentgroups is that the survivors themselves will remain split up even though they might seecarol there that doesn't mean that carol will come back with them and it seems like maggieand sasha are staying put it hilltop for now

to, so the group is more fractured than everbefore i get to the carl stuff i'll say you know number four is simon in his performancewith gregory he's the new negan you might hear people call him trevor. just make that joke because he's the sameactor in real life that does the character trevor in grand theft auto. so even though his name is simon on the walkingdead like when you hear people referring to him as trevor. that's what they're talking about but he doeshave the crazy performance being the new negan of hilltop over those last people you dealtwith they were taken a kinda soft on you.

so he's kind of trying to do his best neganimpersonation he's doing a pretty good job of it to but the problem is is that even thoughnegan is every bit this ass hole he is way more terrifying and he has some of the muscleand the weaponry to back it up to negan could actually throw down if he needed to but iwould be willing to bet that sasha could take simon if she really wanted to, but she wouldhave a much harder time if she were to try to take negan on directly which doesn't giveyou a lot of hope for carl's mission, so number three carl goes after enid on a sunday drivei just feel felt like going for a drive you could make the joke that he's a terrible driverbecause he has no depth perception but he probably would've done that anyway, but isstill pretty funny just super casual.

just ran in the car around is destroying everythingbut if you forgot about the big reference they dropped to the previous season so whenhe locked her in the armory and she was like i didn't need to see it. that was when they went to take maggie tohilltop and she was talking about having to watch glenn and abraham died so she couldyou tell carl i'm sorry you had to see it was not all a huge bummer because they findthat pair skates have like a really brief moment of just being kids for carl opens upand explains i'm gonna kill negan. you know number two carl plot line from thecomics he plans to kill negan. in fact, these mattresses that he's hidingunder are the mattresses that the saviors

burned in that previous episode that was whatwas shown was so pissed about and in a crying at the end of the episode that burning pileof mattresses the saviors of take it so slight change from the comics but that's what you'relooking at right here so we can follow that along with the episodes all talk about thecomic book stuff as we see it but he says the exact same thing. he undertakes the exact same type of missionin the comics but the difference is is the comic book carl is way smaller's was evenmore of a wtf and speaking of which know number one just like that final end tag where jesusis jumping on the back of the truck and sees carl and just casually gives him a what'sup like it's no big deal but there on the

back of a truck headed to hell, let me knowwhat was your favorite moment from the episode there were a lot of nice tags like herschel'swatch like that's a nice object is kind of followed the characters around like herschelgave it to glenn. now maggie gave it to enid, there's this wholetheme about letting go get of burning the bodies versus bearing them remembering things. maggie comes to the conclusion like the rightconclusion i think that she's able to let the stuff go and move forward because we haveeach other. carl is the other side of that he cannot letthis go. that is why he's on this crackpot missionto go kill negan, but at least you have jesus

there. i think they did that in the episode. just so you wouldn't feel so bad for him tobe gone by himself, there's actually no way this would've gone well but with jesus there. he might be able to help carl out a littlebit. so i think they wanted you to be a littlebit more hopeful, especially up as you hear sasha sharpening her knife smoking abrahamcigar there but that which is another great way to let you know that the survivors peoplelike sasha are just gonna be sitting around letting the saviors come take half of theirstuff every single week.

so the hilltop stuff the carl stuff rightout of the comics can't wait to see where they go with it if is any other easter eggsyou guys spotted that i didn't mention just let me know in the comments below. i really feel like maggie is going to benefitfrom this season of walking that the most she's gonna get one of the best characterarcs as well. as carl at least in comparison to his arcsin previous seasons he's always been something of a supporting character but now i did areally try to do something interesting and thanks to the comics that's actually prettyeasy to do. but i did just hear a really crazy chandlerriggs rumor.

so if you guys want me to do a video aboutthat later this week that is just a rumor right now but what can happen next is i'llbe doing new westworld in a new walking dead trailer. so be sure to subscribe to get that stuffin there is new walking dead giveaway. all you have to do to enter is be a subscriberand leave a comment on this video so those of the videos will start posting early tomorrowwhile you guys wait for that to post you can click here to learn about emilia clarke fromgame of thrones being in the new star wars han solo movie can click here for my westworldvideo. thank you so much watching everybody highfive i'll see you guys tonight!

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the walking dead 4

the walking dead 4

hey youtubers it’s charlie and there arejust so many wtf moments in this week’s walking dead, we need to get right in it.a whole bunch of plots were tied up and there was a major homage to a comic book moment. quick shout out for the giveaway this week.if you’re finding me for the first time i’m doing a weekly walking dead giveaway,just to say thank you to you guys for being so awesome. all you have to do to enter isbe a subscriber and leave a comment. we have some major stuff to work out here,so i’m going to do my top 5 wtf moments, then my review. careful for spoilers if youhaven’t seen the episode yet. here we go, number 5 - lizzie’s new friend grizelda.

there was so much wrong about this, did anyoneelse scream at their tv? her performance, the actress was a little too much, but wegot the message. lizzie is batshit crazy. the best part was seeing carol get that lookon her face like, i’m so going to end up having to put lizzie down. and then the camerapans over to tyreese looking through the window and he’s got the ‘what the fuuuu’ face. it’s pretty clear even at this point thatlizzie is going to be the biggest problem in this episode. not walkers, not findingfood, not mika toughening up and not finding the others. number 4 - lizzie feeds the walker.

what the eff. at least we finally got a definitiveanswer about who was feeding the walkers. this was so disturbing. lizzie shall makeyou understand. based on the scenes in the teaser i knew that she wasn’t going to getbitten this soon in the episode, but the minute her hand reached out i just wanted to slapher. it seems like in her mind she’s seeing allof them as they were and just can’t move forward in her mind. developmentally she’sjust stuck at the point of the outbreak before everything went to hell. i did love how mikajust walked up to lizzie and the walker like it was no big deal. you’d think if therewas a walker nearby you’d do everything you

number 3 - tyreese remembers karen. the irony of the scene was just beautifulwith carol in the foreground and tyreese just going on and on about his karen nightmares.remember earlier in the episode where he’s asleep on the chair jerking around. he wasprobably having a karen nightmare right then. i really did expect carol to come clean whenshe goes to speak, but i’m glad she saved it for later in the episode. did anyone elselaugh a little bit when tyreese went to hug her and had the gun in his hand as he wrappedit around carol. it’s like they were saying, murder is rightaround the corner. which is why the next moment was so appropriate.

number 2 - lizzie kills mika. she’s full on ben. i was just about to changejudith too. everyone had been wondering if they girls were going to take the place ofben and billy. and it went down exactly the way it did in the comics. here’s a shotof ben right after killing his brother. the only difference is that carl was involvedin the resolution and in the episode it’s carol. after seeing lizzie’s character progressionthis season, and this episode, i don’t think there’s any other way this could have gonedown. even if they had made it to terminus together, lizzie still would have continueddoing the same things and because mika was

so attached to her, she would have eitherbeen killed by a walker because of lizzie or by lizzie herself. so unless lizzie turned first, mika wouldhave died eventually no matter what. number 1 - carol kills lizzie. just look at the flowers and count 1.2.3.because i’d read the comic story i kept expecting this to happen since the mika killingwas exactly like the twin killing in the comics. i think they made it a little more emotionalsince carol was like they’re surrogate mother. i had actually expected her to shoot lizzieon the spot when she got the gun out of her hand. i wasn’t a huge fan of the transitionfrom mika to the house to carol shooting lizzie.

the pace just felt a little stop and go. andi had hoped that lizzie’s death would have been a little more intense. there was a lot they chose not to show usin the episode. they didn’t show lizzie stabbing mika and they didn’t show the bullethitting lizzie’s head. personally i think they shot it that way and amc made them takeit out. but you can comment on whether or not you think they intended to show us theactual deaths. in the end, i’m glad she’s dead. if youdidn’t hate lizzie before this episode, then this was the last straw. i have no ideawhere they would have gone with her character had she lived and made it to terminus.

clearly she was going to kill baby judith,after she confessed as much i wanted carol to shoot her so bad. and my bonus wtf moment - carol confessesto tyreese. i love how you can see murder on his faceas he’s just shaking the table with his grip. but he’s wrapping his brain aroundit and forgives her. not to say that he’ll ever forget. i love his quote though. “it’sa part of you now. me too.” it’s a big callback to tyreese’s earliertalk with carol about the talking to them. and carol’s answer that they’re not hauntingthem, just reminding them of what they have to do.

and so they continue on to terminus. i thinkwe’re meant to take away that tyreese isn’t going to harm carol, but they’re never goingto be pals they way they might have been, had awful things not happened. tyreese wantedto stay at the cottage so bad. how ironic that he said he wasn’t ready to be aroundpeople when carol then said lizzie can’t be around other people. let it not go unsaid though, the thing i wasmost excited about in this episode was baby judith not dying. as awful as everything was,that made me happy. but now it’s your turn, what was your biggestwtf moment? the deaths, or some of the craziness that preceded them.

each lizzie moment throughout the episodefelt like it successively increase my stress levels. overall i give the episode an a forhaving the guts, so to speak, to kill of two major characters in a way completely faithfulto the comics. as an asterisk though, i give lizzie’s performance a c for acting. i knewwhat the actress was trying to convey, she’s like the joffrey of the episode. and the problemwith that is that they’re supposed to make you hate them, which they do beautifully.but when you hate a character, sometimes they’re unbearable to watch. mika’s performance was a fresh breath ofsanity. mika get your gun. i would have liked to see the deleted scene that preceded herstabbing, maybe it will be on the dvd. but

i don’t think even hbo would show a childstabbing another child. even on game of thrones when arya killed that boy in season 1, theykind of cut away really quickly. i’ll say the child acting i did love inthe episode was when mika was comforting lizzie the first time and they chant in unison. itreminded me of the creepy twin girls from the shining. did anyone else get that vibe? i loved tyree’s performance in the episode.i almost felt like he had the hardest job. he had to convey all these emotions withoutreally doing anything. his character is not a good communicator, so a lot of his performancehas to be physical. and that last scene with carol was beautifully intense.

let me know what you thought of the episode,and are you happy lizzie is dead. even if it meant mika had to die too. in related news, i’ll be posting my nextq&a tomorrow night and announcing the latest winner in my giveaway. all you have to dois be a subscriber and leave a comment on this video. right now click here for more of my predictionsfor the season finale. a few of them were already answered in this episode, and clickhere for the q&a video. thanks for watching, see you guys tomorrow.high fives!

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the walking dead 2010

the walking dead 2010

- every october we sendour writer amy through a haunted house, but this year we decided notto make her do it alone. i sent my brave executive,andy-- andy lassner--with her, and andy, i said,"you're gonna do it"-- we surprised him and said, "as soon as the show's over,you're going," and he really didn't believe us,

but he and amy wentto universal studios' halloween horror nights, and--oh, my god, this is oneof my favorite things i've ever seen in my life. [eerie music] - just go.[screams] just do it.just say what you need to say. hollywood.say it. just say it. - i got it--

hi, we're at universal studios' hollywood halloweenhorror nights, and we're about to go through"the walking dead" maze. are you ready, andy?- i'm good. [both scream] - andy's [bleep].- let's go. - wait. we know there's something.we know they're coming. - i see this,so this isn't scary.

- oh, they're scary. - okay.honey... okay, this--is it all outside? - no, no, no.probably not. look at--- i can't. - [screams] don't shove me in front of--don't-- - it's the sudden... - that's the whole point.

- okay, hi.oh. you're nice. okay, all right,we're going. okay.oh, my god, they're weird. oh, no.okay. - it's so strange.okay, i see you. i see you.okay. - we're good. there's one in here. - i see it.

- this is not good.- this is fine. - okay, we're good.- oh, there's more like this. - oh. - that's not real. - that's where i got my-- - [bleep]! are you [bleep] kidding me? let's...- [moaning] he's gonna come back.

he'll come back.he'll come back. - [screams]stop it! [bleep]! this starts. - why are you hiding behind me? you're a a man. be a man. - just let me hold.i'm not-- i am a man,and i'm gonna hold you. - they're somebody in here.

- no, he's good. - [screams]- what? - [screaming] - stop it! stop it! stop it! okay, let's just go.let's just go. - okay. andy, go.just go. just walk. just walk.just walk.

we're good.- okay, good. just quick.we're almost done. not you! are we almost done? - is there somebody realin here? - there's no one real.- okay. something bad-- - stop it!stop it now! - [moans]

- okay.- we're good. - are we done?is this done, almost? - oh, my god. - relax.we're good. - stop it. oh, just stop it now! - andy, don't-- okay.there's definitely-- - okay. i see it.oh, you.

hi. no!you [bleep] kidding me? - that was not--we're good. it's a trail-- did we go the wrong-- stop it now! is this a wrong way? - oh, we're good.- okay. stupid. it's finished.we're good.

- you did good, andy.i'm proud of you. - you did too.- you did good. - why do people pay for that?okay. happy, ellen?[laughs mockingly] [cheers and applause] - [chuckling] oh... you literally--you hid behind a girl. you actually--"stop it. stop it now."

[laughter] thank you for startinga new tradition. we're gonna send both of youthrough the haunted house every year now. we'll be back withlady antebellum after this.

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the walking dead 2

the walking dead 2

hey! how's going bros? my name is pewdiepie! welcome back to episode 2, part 2. final. it's really confusing season 3. you're like : "what is happening.." all you need to know : it's intense. are they following us ?

just the other car. looks like we're okay. we don't know where clementine is... and i don't like that. not. one. bit. it'd be fun if we see some old characters. it's been a while. we've seen clementine, but... they just love to introduce new characters. hey, i helped her win at poker. oh there's clementine.

uh oh. oh.. oh it's time for our little boy to be a man huh? time to get that beanie up! awh... what about.. merr... well that was easy. how quick was that guy to give up on his whole town?

like, he didn't even bring anything but his overall. oh, that's cute uh, excuse me. uhh.. he- he's not ready. he is not ready for clementine. lemme tell you that. clementine.. badass.

gabriel.. fucking pussy, alright? *burp* i'm sorry that was really gross, i just realized i burped, *laughs* oh she- see i forgot they brought her we got water hopefully it's not urine. it looks kinda sketchy. you're thirsty, you're hot? you got sepsis. whatever

i don't want her to die.. it's a raccoon awkward.. owwwww clementine clemy cluu i love her so much on the road again last chapter coming up

last one had four if i remember correctly sooooo, its about to go down in viking town "hey it's me odin" yeah that's the point its a trap. its a trap!! nothing for clementine! ♪ clementine ♪

she needs her own themes! hah hou that was fucking badass clementine is the fucking shit i love clementine so much. shes my favorite character after lee of course. push so we can't push, huh?

allright or can we? try putting it off gear.. sorry dont roll your eyes to me young man oh my god its says dab! ow dammit it said jab fuck i hate when it says jab instead of dab it's the worse thing i hate! *hisses*

alright maybe we can find something in this garage! open please well how convein- ahhhhhhhhh! its jacksepticeye! no oh jeez dude... is that a fucking wrench? sweet man i'll take the wrench!

swedish invention by the way.. [ speaks swedish ] you're welcome! alright.. you're welcome.. hum.. video game we need to power it somehow.. how about we use the wrench on this now i can pull out the cable. [ gasps ] ohhh man..

connect thanks for helping viking dude! ah- wa- ah- ha shut the fuck up winch.. perhaps, there are something else that we can find oh look at that we can talk to jab-no, his name's conrad.. i guess we should talk to everyone. i kinda like this down moments in the game, it's..

brings atmosphere, it's brings me great pleasure and joy ohh.. you're hitting that? if you are i'll fucking kill you! uh-huh.. pretty cool.. how old are you? huh? not old enough! if you touch clementine ima touch you- no wait-

ima kill you! hey jumper cables.. let's just talk to conrad you don't ask someone: "you good?"[ laughs ] your friend died? you good? alright.. sounds good to me conrad.. the real hero of this story.. is lonny..

i should ask her if she knew lonny.. lonny was my man he's was my main bitch dude, th- was there an ax next to him? it's okay i did this during scare pewdiepie i know what i'm doing! it's easy.. i mean i could have done that.. now run the engine.. what a puzzle!

oh no walkers.. this is not gonna end well.. i know this game.. hey look at that.. zombies.. how convinient oh my god it's more jacksepticeye.. oh i love cars hey next time close your fucking windows! wow! fuck yeah that's- oh my god! yes, yes, yes!

that's cool.. i'll shoot you and then you, and then you, and then you, and then you. and then clementine will kick some ass! dude.. ow sh- dude ah.. look on your left oh dude that was awesome! oh oh thanks buddy! good job..

uhmm.. it's on fire .. how does so many of them just come out of nowhere like nowhere! convenient plot device.. zombies now everywhere hehehey damn.. *laughs* there's no point wasting bullets here but okay. oh no...

ohh fuck... that'll take you out. this is getting intense. you could climb that. 'self service' well you got that right. i like the sound of that. hey! you don't talk to clementine like that! you fucking viking. is it kenny?

*grunting* *heavy breathing* oh, yea. i don't- i don't think i can kill kenny this play though i- now i remember, i actually did kill him. 'wasd' thank you game. ah wow... clementine is literally the only character left from season one. it's a bit sad. i wou- now i would aim the gun at him and be like:

'hey, umm..' whats up? how's it going bro? its pewdiepie here, did you watch my channel? who the fuck are you? oh fuck, i wasn't ready for this. america! everyone has guns. hell of that... there's no shortage of guns in this game. uh oh...

that's bad. thats real bad. what is clementine doing? lower them- *chuckles* i want to know what clementine thinks 'cuz i only really trust her. *laughter* how 'bout that? we met jesus. what a weird dude.

oh! we got a clementine flash back coming up. lets see what is says. 'four' okay so there's five then i suppose. sorry sorry *laughs* here we go. oh yea, what happened to little timmy? i know that's not his name that seems like a terrible idea.

hey, hey, hey, hey. aj oh... babies are the worst. beautiful. stunning. wait, did the zombie hum as well? seems harmless honestly. oh, fuck. looks like we're gonna- there was an open door all along? what the fuck?

hey look at that. i roll alone. i'm clementine. you like apples? well too bad! 'cuz i'm clementine. *nervous laughter* oh my god thats creepy now. no. i know you. the fuck does that mean?

i hate when they- okay you're just gonna sleep there? on your ikea pillow? oh my god. well that was clementine flash back number two. what? what does she know? what- does she know something? she knows something. what is it clementine? anything you want. oh, maybe she's marked. *gasp*

oh no! clementine! this is super awkward. i can't believe you le- la- um.. tattoo you. uh, with the- fire thing. well her story adds up. plus of course, i trust her. huh, jesus, literally. it's jacksepticeye. oh, thats creepy.

reminds me of uh- i am the one, the one. oh shit. what the fuck does that mean? oh shit. fuck jesus! karate jesus! holy moely. let's go in the tunnel they said.

it will be a good idea they said. this is real bad. this is real bad. let me tell you, i know when things are bad. hey, you opened the door. *muttering* uh, this? okay well i suppose i could do that. it's baseball time bitch! she knows. i can't believe it clementine.

got him. yes, yes shoot him! uh... no! ahh! *whispers* fuck he was a good man. it had to be done. don't look at me like that. i don't-

that was a tough decision i gotta say, to run on the fly. i wanted to think about it for a second. but i- you know... gabriel and clementine are important to me. alright? i don't really care about conrad. so what am i supposed to do huh? ah he- what does he- why would he care at this point about ka- i'm sorry dude. i'm really sorry about killing your friend.

that's gonna- that's gonna- that's gonna bite me in the ass later i am sure. but at least- at least we have jesus on our side you know? that makes me feel good. ohhh.. is someone watching us? i feel watched! i feel very watched. overwatched okay then

creepy lookin. their not in the car. *gasp* she's there! *zombie noise* oh okay. she's fine. sorry, i don't- hopefully we got there before the other guys, you know? trust me, you don't want to go to norway. she's one hundred percent gonna die.

looks so nice and inviting. uh oh... this is stupid. that does- i agree. what are we fucking twelve. please don't shoot us. please don't shoot us. please don't shoot us. ah fuck.

*gasp* oh! woh! what!? the fuck!? ah! well that was unexpected. very unexpected. cool.

oh, sorry i forgot, now, we got 62% of players told david that kate wanted to leave him. well that was 62% of players that was- tricked into another option. i hated that option. that didn't make any sense. how did you handle the frontier 61% opened fire so it was kinda a close call. what would you have done huh? what would you have done? did you trust jesus? *laughter* 87% would have trusted jesus.

very good. how did you deal with conrad's threat to clementine? oh, a lot of people killed conrad. i thought that was a really tough decision to make. i suppose it makes sense that it's the right decision but that dosent make it a tough decesion um... finally, how far did you get into richmound. uh huh... that was it?

okay. excellent. well that concludes another episode of season 3 the walking dead. i love playing this game and i'm so thrilled i can share it with you guys. through the power of the internet. we have three more episodes to go. let's have a quick look here. so.... coming soon. okay, jesus is in that one, that's cool. clementine lookin all badass in episode 4. and then...

alright, should be a good one. i'm really enjoying this one so far, i hope you are as well. and uh, hopefully we can see some more familiar faces in the next one. anyway thank you guys so much for watching it's- it's such an amazing thing, i really appreciate it. and as always [ smooch ] stay awesome.

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the walking dead 1

the walking dead 1

the walking dead is one of the most overrated tv shows of all time! and that's not to say that it has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. the pilot episode was incredibly well done for atv show, and it did have a really solid first season. but season two done goofed. nobody really seemed to care. i think in this day and age especially, a lot of people arejust drawn to it because it's a tv show about zombies, and holy shit are people obsessed with zombies can slap that on just about anything and it'll sell. [clip] i'm shocked that it's one of the biggest things at comic-con,cuz like i said, i thought was an obscure little zombie thing. well, course, five years ago, zombies were notin the cultural... mainstream, as they are now. when i was a kid, most people wouldn't... you know,mainstream viewers wouldn't know what a zombie story was.

now, it's, like, grandma goes to this barnes and noble, and buysthe zombie survival guide joke book for her, for her grandchildren. it's like, it becomes so mainstream, and honestly, it's literally likein the last four years, it's exploded into this mainstream thing. [yms] despite how shitty and over-hyped this showeventually became, i still think its roots are pretty admirable. the show was originally a graphic novel by robert kirkman,and then adapted by frank darabont for television, which is kind of awesome, because we already knowhow well he can translate literary works into film. [clip] how do we, how do we make a great episode here, how do we tell this story the best way? and if we're gonna veer away from robert kirkman'smaterial, how do we do it intelligently, respectfully, and in the way we're going to be ableto veer back to it when we need to? one of the really great things that frank is able to do with the show,

is he just takes these little bits that i justblew past, on my way to get to the next issue, and he'll expand it, and, and, and turn into somethingremarkable that i didn't even know could be done. [yms] frank darabont had no intention of milking a cash cow, and he only wanted to create the freshman, but faithfuladaptation that robert kirkman himself would be happy with. one could also say that frank darabont's familiarity with filmhelped turn the pilot episode into more of a movie experience. [clip] we're making a movie, and, and whatever we need to doto have that sense of scale and quality, is what we're going to do. [yms] and although i do really love frankdarabont, and his involvement with the show, the first season isn't exactly what i call flawless. butif there's one thing i really appreciate about, it's tone, which is driven forward by its incrediblyselective use of background music.

some composers are great, but it shows a lot of self-awareness and maturity to know when not to use music. could you imagine how cheesy the opening scene wouldbe if there was a scare cue when she turned around? [scare cue] and speaking of cheesy, does anybody else feel thatway about the opening title sequence, or what? we kick off the series with the main character, rick, waking up in thehospital from a coma, which seems a little too much like 28 days later, especially considering the film came out ayear before the graphic novel was made. but even though it kinda bugs me, i'm willing to say thatthat was probably more of an homage than a rip-off. and hey, it's a good way to introduce the maincharacter, and thus your viewers, to this world. just dive right into the action, and cometo the horrific realizations yourself.

"don't dead. open inside"? uh... ok. one thing i'd like to know, is where did his pee go? even if you'rebeing fed through a tube, you still pee when you're in a coma. sometimes they use catheters: [clip] firmly pinch the end of the penis for severalminutes, to retain the lidocaine within the urethra. place the tip of the catheter into the meatus, andadvance it slowly and gently through the urethra. [yms] but if you're gonna be out for a while, they'll just put abig diaper on you, and it doesn't look like he's wearing a diaper. if somehow he is wearing one, though, for the amount of timehe's been unconscious, you would probably see some wet spots. come to think of it, if no one was taking care of him for45 days, wouldn't have some pretty horrific bed sores? nurses are required to move patients every two hours to stop thatfrom happening, and if left untreated, it could lead to an amputation.

i know, i know, the walking dead's not the only thing that'sguilty of this, but i still feel it's at least worth pointing out, and remember, i actually really liked thisepisode, so it obviously didn't ruin it for me. it's okay to recognize flaws in something, and like it at the same time. there's plenty to appreciate early on in the show, andif you mostly watch it for the zombie makeup effects, i don't really expect you to give a fuck about thescript, because greg nicotero does a pretty good job. anyway, rick decides to sit down in some random place,and he gets clocked in the head by some fucking kid. the kid and his dad take him in, and nurse him back to health. then rick's able to get a bunch of guns from the police lockers. [clip] it's not a toy. always remember that, duane.

duane! [yms] and he invites them both to go with him,but instead the conversation goes like this: [clip] sure you won't come along? a few more days. by the end, duane willknow how to shoot, and i won't be so rusty. [yms] i don't understand how that's an excuse. i'm okay with them not joining along, but you'dthink they could have found a better excuse. "we're not really good at shooting zombies yet, so we'renot gonna try and join you, to try and escape the zombies. we'll just stay back here, where there are a bunch of zombies around." so you're using the fact that you can't shoot,as an excuse not to be around the guy that can?

wouldn't it be in your son's best interest to bearound someone that can protect him well? do you not consider yourself extremely lucky that yourhouse hasn't already been overthrown by zombies? despite how inevitably stupid thatdecision is, it is possible that he's lying. he goes home, and wastes no time trying tohunt down his dead wife with that new rifle. and it leaves the impression that thiscould be some unfinished business, but at least it provides an excuse toshow some really good reincorporation. rick mentioned that he knew that his wife and sonwere still alive, because the photographs were missing, and then morgan says how his wifehad their photo albums in high priority. [clip] there i am, packing survival gear, she's grabbing photo albums.

[yms] the reason why i think it's so incredibly well reincorporated, is because there's no indication that they'regoing to bring it back until it actually happens. the original conversation served more than one purpose, ratherthan just planting it there for the explicit purpose of bringing it back. why can't more things be written like this? anyway, rick makes his way to atlanta, and finds a horse alongthe way, and because of his carelessness, it gets murdered. yep, he just ran into a conveniently placed wall of zombies. now, i get there were already supposed to believe that zombiesare things that can survive, as long as their brains aren't damaged, and despite how that's partially forgiveable, just because it'sa zombie thing, the super strength kinda bugs me at times. i could reasonably assume that a bunch of them couldoverpower a person, and also overpower a horse,

but to just start eating it like that? i don't care how strong the muscles on your fingers are, theywould break if you tried to rip open a horse's stomach with them. their skin is not that thin. suddenly, the horse'sbody is the consistency of mashed potatoes. again, it's not something completely damning, but i think it would've been kinda cool to have thezombies struggling to try and break open the skin. [clip] i pull on it so hard, i rip the skin. [yms] you know, having a couple of them biting the jugular at thesame time, and then pulling in opposite directions, that might work. adding super strength is within my suspension of disbelief, but having, like, steel reinforced fingers and fingernailsthat are able to rip open a horse's stomach is kinda dumb.

anyway, i thought this episode was great overall,and it was a pretty awesome way to start the series. episode 2 starts, and we learn that rick's wife'sslutting it up. yeah, i get it, it was a fake scare, and we were supposed to think she's in danger, andthen be like "oh. haha. she's not actually in danger.", but how stupid is shane for doing that during a zombie apocalypse? i don't care how lonely you are, that should bea deal breaker. what if you had a knife on you? "oops, i accidentally just stabbed you in self-defense, sorry." anyway, rick manages to shoot his way out of his situation. [mario coin sound and grunting at each head shot](subtitler's note: this happens for every head shot in this video) [clip] killing spree.

[yms] man, you're really making every bulletcount. fucking head shots while you're running. he meets up with the rest of the group, and we see a zombietrying to smash through the window with a piece of concrete. why do you need that? why don't you justpuncture the glass with your super fingers? they need to escape the building, so they come upwith a brilliant plan of pretending that they're zombies, by putting a bunch of zombie bloodon themselves, and it actually works. that is, until it rains and then all theirzombie smell washes off, somehow. [clip] everything was going great, until it started to pour with rain. then the zombies started started smelling them, and realizedthat they aren't zombies, that they're actually real, er, people, which means food, and they go after them.

[yms] i would assume that you'd stillsmell like a zombie, but just a wet zombie. have you ever heard any testimonials from crime scene cleanup? anyway, these two create a diversion and pick up the rest of them,except the one really racist guy that got handcuffed upstairs. oops! season 1, episode 3 is where the pacing starts to change a little. it comes much less about the zombies,and a lot more about the characters. there's been a lot of shit going on, and thecharacters need some time to process it, not to mention that it's good that we learna few things about these characters, too. [clip] - i miss my vibrator- ohhhaawwwhh??????? [yms] this is also the episode we getintroduced to daryl, everyone's favorite.

[clip] it's a fun weapon and everybody lookscool holding a crossbow. it's, it's not a m16. [yms] anyway, a few of them go back to save daryl'sracist brother, but it turns out he already left. oops! episode 4 continues developing characters,but also keeps the action moving along as well. but if there's one thing that i kind of dislike about the televisionslot formula, it kinda makes things a bit more predictable. [clip] we pull a surprise or two out of the hatin episode 4, that i think will really... surprise. when you've got a shit ton of b side characters that have allbeen relatively equally ignored throughout the series so far, and then you give some of them an extremelyabnormal amount of screen time and attention, all it makes me think is "hey, i wonder what's gonnahappen to these characters by the end of the episode." and wouldn't you know it, shit goes down.

and it's not something that's exclusiveto this television show in particular, but it's kind of annoying that most tv showshave those constraints in the first place. i mean, you have to imagine that that only really happensbecause the writers expect people to be watching this episode without having seen the first few episodes. so, rather than building your character consistentlyin a way that would surprise you when she dies, they just throw in as much shit as they possibly can in one episode. [clip] it's amy's birthday tomorrow. didn't dad teach you to tienail knots? it's not his fault we were born twelve years apart. - her dad. mom and dad.- did dad teach you mostly dry lures? [yms] don't get me wrong, i think it's much betterfor a person to have character before they die,

but if she was anything more than just anexpendable nobody before this episode, then it wouldn't seem so out of placefor a character to finally be explored in what just oh so happens to be theepisode that she dies at the end of. yep, yep, i get it. they're sisters. thanks for tellingme. thanks for telling me again. yep, they're sisters. now i feel really bad, cuz i know that they're sisters. and what's the deal with people when they die from zombies, anyway? "yep, let me stand perfectly still while this person bites me,so the blood explodes on the right spot for makeup purposes." does that not take anybody out of it all? we can have somebody, like, violently spazzingout while they're getting eaten, or what?

they are all just so scared that they don't move, and that's why it'shappening. every single person ever does that, don't you know? episode 5 comes along, and andrea finallydecides she needs to kill her zombie sister. that would probably hurt your ears. now, you've probably noticed that i'mskimming through these episodes in season 1, just so i can get to the colossal fuck-up that is season 2, butthere's something in this episode i feel that i need to point out. please, somebody tell me that they recognize this song: no, it's not just "that one song from kick-ass". it's called adagio in d minor, and it was composed byjohn murphy and underworld for the film sunshine, and ever since then, people have destroyedit, by feeling they have to put it in everything.

[clip] - i need you to trust me.- ok. i see you, after all this time, i actually see you. on an incredible imax 3d journey through time and space. - why can i see you, and no-one else can?- you're not a mundane. stryker says he would be making a difference. you don't discover this essence, it discovers you. [yms] god, can we not have one great song, that isn't shamelesslyregurgitated throughout every trailer and advertisement ever? it kinda fucking ruins it for the people paying attention. i'm not saying you should hate this episode because of it.

after all, the decision to include it could havebeen before this rush of blatant recycling. but now that you know where it's from, could you atleast pay a bit of respect to its origins? it's a good movie. so, it's the last episode of the season, and the charactersmake it to the center for disease control and prevention, and there turns out to only be one person there, cuzeverybody else died. so everybody gets really drunk. and the day after, the doctor says "actually, this placeis gonna blow up, and all the doors are locked now. and since i wanna die, you all have to die too. nya nya!" and then they convince him to let them escape, but two ofthe characters decide that they actually want to die anyway. dale tries his best to save andrea, and winds up convincing her toleave. but it's too late for that black lady. nobody cares about you. [clip] ohhhaawwwhh???????

[yms] what's an escape without run-and-gun head shots with your pistol? and thus ends season 1. [clip] it's a great, great way to end the season, andhave everybody at the end of it, hopefully, ask, "is there chance of a cure? how will they survive? where will they go?" we need next season, to, to answer all of these questions. [yms] despite its few shortcomings, it was a hugecritical and financial success for the network. [clip] the walking dead social game is now on facebook. enter the world of the survivors. embarkon missions with your facebook friends. [yms] all thanks to frank darabont and his hard workand commitment to a project that he nurtured from birth.

[clip] so, andrew lincoln referred to this asyour baby, so tell us how, kinda, proud you are. [yms] "i mean, fuck, we're making so much money offof it, we should give the guy a bigger budget now, right?" fucking nope! amc decided they wantedto save as much money as possible. frank darabont and the crew has been an ongoing battle with amc over the show's budget, and despite being a huge hit for the network, amcwas even brazen enough to suggest things like, "oh, can't we just hear the zombies instead ofseeing them? that would save money on makeup. artistic integrity? [raspberry]" so why did they do this? because they can! the walkingdead is actually the only show that amc owns in its entirety. shows like mad men and breaking bad areactually co-owned by lionsgate and sony,

so if there are any disputes between the networkand show creators, at least there's a third party. but not with the walking dead. "if you don't like it, thenyou can suck it, cuz we own your whole show, bitch!" [clip] - i don't think it will have shot the show creatively.- right. it will ultimately... a negative way, which just strikes me as odd,you know. if you have an asset, why would you... - punish it?- punish it. exactly. so, that's kinda where we're at. [yms] not only did they cut the season'sbudget from 3.4 million to 2.7 million, they also demanded that there would be 13 episodes instead of 6. and hey, that 30% tax credit that went towards the show'sbudget in season 1 for filming in georgia? let's take that, too! despite this massive 'fuck you!' to frank darabont from the network,

he still decided that he was going to try and do the showas best as he could, but god was it a massive blow. you can tell that the cast and crew hadsome major issues with the budget cuts, just by looking at their faces after this question at comic-con. [clip] how has, going into the second season knowing you havehave more episodes, you probably have some more budget, is it, is it, is that a little bit scarier toknow you have more resources in a way? it's a, it's a bit of, it's a bit of pressure, you know, knowing that,er, everybody loves the show, and there's an expectation now, but, er, i can say that, you know, i-it's just made everyonework harder, and frank, jump in any time you want, but like, it's, it's, we know that the,i-i-it, it's empowered us to try harder. [yms] despite all these punches that amc was throwing their way,

they still tried their best to market theshow, and work with what they had. [clip] i'm working with my friends that are so good at whatthey do, and i think, fans, i think you're gonna be so thrilled. [yms] she wasn't kidding when she wassaying she was working with her friends. anyone familiar with frank darabont's the mistwould recognize that he used a lot of the same actors. [clip] here's a guy who gets his cast andcrew together, and gives them to amc. packages this whole show, and gives them a show that isway cheaper than it would be made to make anywhere else, because everyone is working well under their pay rate. why? because they want to, and love workingwith frank darabont. that's what's going on. he shared with me what kind of pay cuts people have been taking,

and i also am friends with other people on that set,certain department heads, and i know their not ma... you know, they stepped up because they wanted to work withfrank. some of these people went to high school with frank. [yms] yep, frank darabont handed thiswhole show to amc on a fucking platter, and three days after this very same pressrelease at comic-con 2011, they fired him. "thanks for creating one of the mostsuccessful shows on our network, goodbye!" [clip] the saddest thing, is, you know, when we, when i was atcomic-con, which was three days before that announcement, i'm talking to him, and he goes, "you know, it's hard to do the show. it's really, really hard to do this show for the money they'rethat making me do the show. but you know what? i have to." and i was like, "well, you know, why? why do you haveto?" and he goes "because i got all these people into this.

i got all these cast members to do this,i got all my friends to pull in favors, i've gotten all these people to do things, for nowhere near the moneytheir worth, nowhere near the money they get paid anywhere else. and the reason i have to show up and do mybest, no matter what budget amc gives me, is cuz i owe it to everyone that's working forme." and then three days later. three days later. and by the way, they knew two weeksbefore. they knew two weeks before. [yms] fuck you! with frank kicked out the game, they replaced him with his second-hand man, glen mazzara. they'll be a script coming down the road that'll be in my voice, and it's going to create a panic. and they all are like, "ok" and then we released thatscript, few weeks later, and it created a big panic i had, i started to have a feeling of what i thought the showshould be, but it was different from what we had done.

i never wanted it, you know, to be a competitionbetween me and frank, that's not fair, you know, and, and to clarify the earlier point, youknow, i knew we had trouble on the show, we had some problematic, we had a problematic seasonpremiere, so i, i knew we were working on a problem. - budget wise, or shooting or...- just, just, just the f... eh, the story didn't hang together. footage came in, it wasn't what we wanted. you know, it was justsomething that needed re-shoots, and editing, and it was just a problem. [yms] yeah, let's replace the director of shawshankredemption, with the man that created this: [clip] - previously, on crash:- i love you. eugh! - expressing my love for you is against the rules?- you're gonna leave your wife? and you think a major bathroomremodel's gonna make him love you?

[yms] fuck you, amc! you know what's the worst part aboutall of these back-stabbing financial decisions that they made? they were right. amc doesn't give twoshits about making compelling television. remember, they don't have anything to do with the actualcreation of the show, all they want to do is make money off of it. and it fucking worked. no-one even seemed to notice the show's extremedrop in quality, due to a lack of a sufficient budget, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what i'm here to show you. [clip] you think you were blown away season 1,season 2 is incredible, it's, it's, it's doubly incredible. season 2 is more action-packed, it'seven more dramatic, if you believe that. the stakes are higher, the characters are richer.

why is t-dog continuing to go on? season 2, it's just really, really testingthe faith, and the hope, of everybody. the writing's so good this year, it's spooky. [yms] episode 1 of season 2 starts with the characters leaving thecity, in the hopes of finding a place that isn't infested by zombies. they come across a massive traffic jam on the highway, andeveryone's like, "great, we can get supplies." and lori's like, [clip] this is a graveyard. [wind blowing] [yms] well, seems like you changed your mind quickly enough.everyone raids for supplies, while dale keeps watch on top of his rv, and after he turns around for what seemslike a few seconds, he spots a zombie.

oh no. it's actually a fuckton of zombies. but how thefuck did they get that close without anybody noticing? oh, i know what you're gonna say, it's cuzthey were blocked by those cars, right? um, do you see that angle? i don't care if dale was turned around for ten fucking minutes, there's no way he wouldn't be able tosee them before they got that close. you wouldn't even need binoculars, it's a fuckingherd. and where did the zombies come from, anyway? they really came from the city? isn't that where you are just camefrom? and did you not all just come from there at a driving speed? you've been here all but five minutes, and the zombieshave managed to catch up to you at a turtle pace. unless we're honestly supposed to believe that andrea hasbeen trying to put a gun back together for the past five hours.

"oh, shit! why didn't anybody tell me." everyone tries to stay super quiet while the zombies go by, but then andrea gets visited by the only zombie inthe entire fucking herd that has half decent makeup. just look at that crowd. thanks, amc! meanwhile, instead of hiding under a car like everyone else, t-dogjust fucking dicks around, and winds up slicing his arm open, at which point i though, "he is dead, forsure. you definitely severed a vein there." [clip] a rip like that could send you in total shock, i'msurprised that t-dog didn't just die from just that wound. [yms] in fact, it seems as though, in the shortamount of time that you've cut yourself, you've lost so much blood, that you can't even move.

[clip] daryl's saving me, merle's brother, merle dixon's brother. [yms] "oh thanks, daryl, get thatzombie flesh all up in my open wound." andrea start screaming like an idiot, so dalegives her a screwdriver to use as a weapon. aw, hey, look. it's the collector's edition blu-ray boxset. [clip] i was scared for my life. it felt like i was being violated. i got him with that screwdriver. don't mess with me, zombies. [yms] how the fuck did none of the other zombies hear you? it's not as if there was noise coming from anywhere else inthe entire fucking area: you're screaming with the door open. well, look like it didn't matter, cuz there's no zombies to be heard.

"yeah. huh huh huh." oh shit! it turns out one zombie was convenientlyright next to this little girl, and didn't make any noise. that's right, run into the fucking words. seriously,that's like the stupidest thing anybody could do. anyway, rick goes after tells her, tells her to runback to the highway while he distracts them, and then he kills them, and it turns outshe's nowhere to be found. "god damn it." rick and daryl look for her all fucking day, until... "yes, it's really late in the day, and this is notjust a really obvious color and brightness filter, despite the fact that my head's shadow is clearlydefined in a downward slope across my chest." now, there's a reason why amc wanted50% of the scenes in season 2 to be indoors,

and that's because it's more expensive to shoot outside, and the reason why it's more expensive to shoot outside,is because you have to be mindful of natural lighting. whether the sun's behind the clouds, orwhat time of day it is, etcetera, etcetera. but if your budget's stripped to the point of not being able toshoot the same scene at the same time on several different days, especially while the sun's setting, thenthings start to look a little inconsistent. the shadows go from clearly defined at a downward angle tocompletely non-existent over the course of 90 seconds in the show. and if you're not bothered by that, that'sok. but having a budget fucking matters. they continue searching the next day, and they come across a deer. "yeah, put down your gun, shane, just let my kid walk closerto it while he's fucking ogling it, until he scares it away.

why would we want food?" [gunshot] o-o-oh, it's a plot device. ok, i get it. episode 2 starts with a flashback that reallydelves into lori's character. she is a bitch. she starts out complaining that rick doesn't argue with her enough. [clip] he was trying so hard to be reasonable,it just pushed my buttons all the more. [yms] the fuck is wrong with you? shane interrupts the conversation tolet her know that rick is in a coma, and as soon as carl gets out of school, shetell him the bad news, and makes him cry.

you couldn't have waited until he walkedup to you? you know, away from his peers. "yeah, let's deliver this heart-wrenchingnews right in front of the fucking door." there's one thing within this episode that i would call aredeeming quality, and that's andrew lincoln's performance. he does a great job convincing me thathe's a dad that thinks he just lost his son. but as soon as we cut to the filler in this episode, a.k.a. theother characters, things start to get really stupid again. so apparently t-dog is still alive and kickin',but then he starts acting really weird. he starts to look intoxicated, he getsirrationally angry, and he has a crazy fever. and in a show about fucking zombies,you'd think that whoever's writing it would know that those things might easilybe associated with turning into a zombie,

especially considering the characterhas a huge fucking gash on his arm. he could have easily been infected at this point, and i'm prettysure we're all assuming he was, but nope, he was just sick. now, i'm not upset at this part because it'snot how i'd prefer for the story to develop, but it really bugs me, because these false flagsdidn't really have any self-awareness to them. considering the possibility of such a thing happeningwas never even mentioned by any of the characters, it seems as though the confusion was unintentional. i mean, it doesn't really seem like anybody gives a shit aboutinfecting themselves at this point. it's the bite that counts. meanwhile, all of these characters are still searching for that little girl. wait, why are you suddenly so far away from the group,when you're just next to them a few seconds ago?

oh, it's so you can get attacked by a zombie, ok. does no-one else consider it to be fuckingstupid that it was hiding behind a fucking tree? did it not notice everybody else go by first? is this a super-secretsmart zombie, that knew that he could trap this one person alone? or is it just a poorly thought excuse to add conflict to a scene featuring a group of characters that wouldotherwise be doing fucking nothing? yep, they're in danger now. here's someinstant danger for ya, just add water. it sure is convenient that that zombie was super-secret and hiding, because if he was any bit noticeable, then he wouldhave just been picked off by daryl in an instant. yeah that's zombie totally showed higher cognitive abilities thanany of the other ones we've seen thus far, but let's not mention it.

this was completely normal, and notout of the ordinary in the slightest. anyway lori catches a ride on the farmwith this character she's never seen before, and its kinda hilarious how before they hit the fence, they cut torick, and then they just show them on the other side of the fence. shane teams up with otis, who accidentally shot carl, toscavenge for medical supplies at a zombie infested high school. how are they gonna get out of this one, guys? episode 3 is where the show starts to get really boring. i mean, the drama unfolding with rick and his son mightbe more entertaining if it wasn't so stale and repetitive, but amc says we have to have 13 episode, so fuck it! [clip] lori's angry at everything and, and there'sa part of lori that wants to just blame god.

what else are you gonna take? you're gonnatake the kids now? you gotta be kidding me. [yms] meanwhile, these characters do dick-all the entireepisode. "we can just have them looking for that little girl forever." [clip] sophia being lost, has brought out new dynamics in the group. the search for sophia, from lori's perspective becomesabout rick. rick needs to keep looking for this little girl. i'm going for a walk. shine some light in the forest.if she's out there, give her something to look at. - do you think that's a good idea right now?- dale. [yms] "yeah, fuck you and your logic, dale. what elsewhat our characters be doing to fill up screen time?" by the end of the episode, they try to pretendas if their trip wasn't completely useless, so dale gives her back her gun, cuz now hetrusts her that she's not gonna kill herself with it.

[yms] the gun has a lot of symbolism,because my dead father gave it to me. it's a very loaded topic, because it's insulting to me. every timeyou won't give me the gun, it's like, you think i'll kill myself. [yms] but there is also some action happening with this onemain character, and one expendable character that we just met, and by 'action', i mean they both get headshots with every single shot that they fire. and they both separately took bad landingsoff of completely different elevated places, so that they can have a bit of a limp when they'retrying to run away at the end of the episode. because there really wouldn't be any tension watchingtwo characters run away from romero-style zombies, unless they both had convenient leg injuries. [clip] the people in the walking dead haveit easy. the people out get them are walking.

if you have the ability to break into alight jog, you can survive in that world. [yms] which is also kinda retarded, cuz back when they were runningat normal speed, it seemed like the zombies were keeping up just fine. [clip] i reckon it's very old school, they will not move fasterthan the first zombie in the original night of the living dead. [yms] so now they've slowed down, i guessthe zombies have got to slow down too. at least having a limp doesn't really seem like it's affecting their aim,and it doesn't really seem like they're catching up to them at all. but despite that, shane decides to shoototis in the leg to slow him down even more, which is absolutely fucking retarded, cuzthey weren't catching up to them at all. "but, it's one of many important plot devices to keep people arguingwith each other the whole season, instead of actually doing anything." you know it'd be a lot more convincing thatthe zombies were actually catching up to them,

and this was a decision that shane was forced to make, if they didn't completely stopped walking and then fight inthe middle of the road for a total screen time of 43 seconds. you had a 43 second lead on them, at least. i know you guys didn't park right there,but how fucking far away were you? shane comes back alone, and pretends as if otis's deathwas a tragedy that he was not directly responsible for. he pokes his head in to see lori with her son, and eventhough she should probably be saying "get the fuck out." considering last time they were alone in trying to fucking rapeher, she decides she'd rather send mixed messages instead. i'm sure that won't encourage any future confusion withthis clearly mentally unstable character. "god damn it." [clip] the value of somebody with whomyou share past, that is irreplaceable.

through all of the pain and the hurt,it's so close on that spectrum to love. it's like when you get furious with your brother, he's still your brother, and if you can't bring yourself to sever a bond ofblood, especially when there is so little blood left. subtitles by jorwat

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the new walking dead

the new walking dead

hey youtubers, it's charlie. this is going to be my walking dead episodeseven video carl grimes vs negan. just careful for spoilers if you haven't seenit yet but i actively feel like this made up for the slow episode six last week, justa heads up there is a new round of the walking to give away all you have to do to enter isbe a subscriber and leave a comment on this video. make sure you click that bell to enable alertsso you don't miss out on anything but they should've called this episode walking deadnumber 105 carl stows away on his mission to kill negan.

it's a little bit longer on the tv show it'salmost the exact same plot. so let's do top 10 wtf and comic book eastereggs a lot of these were copied page to screen from the comic book like literally liftingdialogue right off the page, so number 10 was shown makes herself a roadblock so thatshe can get to negan it slightly different in the comics michonne goes to a differentplace. but we can address that. we start talking about the midseason finaleto the following the comics pretty closely, but a couple of characters are little bitdifferent from the comics but they are all heading in the comic book direction like thosemattresses that the saviors burned that she's

staring at the beginning of the episode. carl hid under those in the comics that'show we stowed away into the saviors compound in the comics so i love the way they cut betweenthe shown and rick like she put her walkie down rick wakes up in the back of the pickuptruck with aaron in almost goes to caller but thinks twice of it like they were allkind of it odds here they need to come together so that was kind of the theme of the episode. they were slowly getting to that point wherethings are so bad that they can't take it anymore. it is that all of the characters haven't gottento that place yet the place that rosita carl

in michonne her in like a couple of the fewpeople that are actively starting to fight back. but number nine back to carl and jesus whois super pissed when carl does not jump off the back of the truck with him now, his wholemission was to make it into the saviors compound to find where daryl was to see if he couldbreak them out and do some recon so he still doing that but carl is in having any of that. so number eight. you know right out of the comics jumps outof the back of the truck guns blazing kills a couple of the saviors negan is flat outand pressed but still afraid.

so negan is a psychopath, but he's not dumb. so that's why he's standing behind the saviorhere before they disarmed carl like he still hedging his bed so when he tells carl thathe is afraid he's actually being honest. that's the thing about negan is the he bowlshould it's a lot was hard to tell when he's telling the truth and when he's busting yourballs like i like the way need to talk about busting balls like it's no big deal in themost psychotic way possible, so number seven we pick up with daryl who is now on guardduty like you see him chained up with the other walkers of the people who they punished. by making them stand out there with the otherwalkers that it pans out on their base right

off the page. so like you see all the roadblocks is heavilyfortified the just trying to make it seem like this insurmountable impregnable fortressfor the funny thing here is that while negan's going on and on this is kind of a runner throughthe episode to is that they have like some big exchange seem really serious, but he wouldjust casually slip in insoles like hey how's the job going daryl make fun of carl's, imake fun of olivia for being fat like he just has an autoresponder in his brain that justthrows out an insult for every regular comment that he speaks, but number six he finallygives the big speech and refers to them as the saviors of the other people that we'vemet have called in the saviors, but we never

heard negan refer to them as the saviors wehas that big epic speech which was a nice mere for rosita speech at the end only negan'sis kind of like the psychotic colt version like he's this coleader he was bragging acarl baha'i has them on their knees look out cool i am like even has them on their kneesafter he finishes speaking, but you do get the sense like as he said performing for allthese people. he did this several times in the episode werehe's kind of like ezekiel ezekiel did a little bit of community theater. so he has this flair for performance the kneecan also as it is a negan is kind of delighting in tormenting people in ezekiel doesn't reallyget off on it.

that way he's more of a wizard of oz typecharacter where he just keeps it up to make everybody feel safe not to keep people underhis thumb, but number five that car ride with gabriel and spencer two of the most hatedmembers of the save zone talking about hating people. the thing is is that gabriel is kind of likethe more hopeful spin on this like he used to be hated and he's come around and callsspencer out for being a dick like look dude. it doesn't have to be terminal then gets outand walks back just because he can't stand spencer anymore but he's father gabriel sohe's really sweet about it. so i really love gabriel in this moment, butspencer is on this really weird trip.

he's almost turning into the new dwight likehe wants to keep the peace he wants to fight find all the supplies and they have that funnytwist with the note read in latin. so he finds weapons find some food and it'skind of like the diametric opposite of rosita who you know number four talks eugene intomanning up and making her some bullets so rosita speech was like my other favorite bigspeech in the episode besides negan's savior speech. it was this huge rally moment. it just like the tipping point and they alsokind of teased the rick aaron storyline, which will talk about in the second like rositabeing is really bad ass female character making

a plan to take on new negan you have muchshown who's doing the same thing and then you have the rick and aaron storyline numberthree which i think you know they find this community i think it's gonna turn out to bemagna who's this female leader of another small community near the save zone. it just the way they use those male pronounswhen they were seeing all the signs all the defenses that like oh this guy is heavilyarmed he has this floater traps he's really smart about his defenses i just feel likeit's a big misdirect and it's gonna be a woman like a really bad ass female character inmagna is like the next likely candidate because i don't think they're doing the whisperers,this soon because the leader of the whisperers

alpha is a female two but it's way too soonfor that. so number two carl gets a grand tour of negan'scompound, he needs all the wives. this is all right out of the comics in mostwtf scene ever negan totally gets off on seeing carl's i without the bandage on like evenstart sketching a little makes carl sing a song that his mother saying to him which issuper creepy and then is he starts weeping. you know, carl confesses i shot my mother. so negan when he was saying that he was impressedwith carl. he was being genuine but the big twist isthat negan is much as he was enjoying getting to know carl moore was also stalling for timetill number one the iron was ready, so he

gives mark the iron, just like he does inthe comics is another big speech. this was a little bit creepier about the rulesabout how he's trying to keep order in his society, so that kind of ties up in with theidea that carl knows that negan can't kill him because that would dr., rick over theedge. it would destroy the system that negan istrying to keep in place he does have a plan like you not completely insane. he really enjoys the way things are and heknows there is a certain trick to keeping the balance between all the different communitiesthat he has under his thumb are seemingly has under his thumb.

so carl realizing that says you can't killme. so you might as well just jump out the windowto save me the trouble of killing you with the phase iron scene i love the way they keptflashing back to dwight to their reactions didn't linger on it quite as much as i expectedthey cut away but maybe that's just because the first episode with the gland in the abrahamkill was so graphic that they wanted the dialer back just a little bit, but this is like anhour and half episode so i should oppression at like five more wtf moments on this. so really like tied for first was that finalmoment with negan cradling judith in this norman rockwell nightmare saying that he shouldjust killed carl and rick and move into the

suburbs. so the really just trying to beat you in theface with the idea that meagan has to go, so that's going to require everyone comingtogether like all the communities the kingdom oceanside this new group of people that rickand aaron are running into, and help from the inside of the saviors to, so people likedwight and sherry like sherry seems like she's really pissed that dwight hasn't come aroundbecause he still playing by negan's rules. so if you look at daryl's note here i actuallythink it was sherry that let him out, just because the handwriting looks kind of effeminatelike a less dwight has really effeminate handwriting you see in the next episode he's escaping.

there's so much story to get through thati think the midseason finale is another 90 minute episode so is gonna be crazy let meknow in the comments what was your guys favorite moment. do you think that they will actually decidelike rick will meet with the other heads of the communities including dwight to move againstnegan in episode eight. do you think it's gonna be the cliffhangerfor the back half of the season and they'll to march to war. like this episode was issue 105 that's inthe middle of march the war. volume 18 it feels like volume 19, will bethe back half of the season leading into all-out

war which is volume 20, so if you are readingalong i would recommend that you read through volume 18 again then get ready for volume19, before we come back for the back half of the season here listed this way. leave a like if you think that spencer isgoing to be one of the next big characters to get killed off of the show just becausehe's headed in such a dwight direction. it seems that they're setting dwight's characterup to crawl out of that hole to crawl out from under negan's thumb was can happen isis there's like a couple really big videos that are dropping tomorrow. i got my westworld finale video that willpost tomorrow morning gonna be a transformers

trailer dropping and the walking dead finaletrailer so i'll try get those videos out as fast as possible but if you have any bonusvideos for the walking dead the want me to do during the midseason break just let meknow in the comments while you guys wait for that to post you can click here to rewatchthe guardians of the galaxy trailer and you can click here for all my westworld videosthank you so much watching everybody high five i'll see you guys tonight!