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of the walking dead

of the walking dead

elite facts presents 10 shocking deaths on the walking dead (spoilers) 10. t-dogyou guys remember t-dog right? everyone liked him even though he had nextto no lines throughout his last 2 seasons. well in his last season he does get a fewlines talking about how god has a plan and what not. well during an episode where the walkers retakethe prison yard, t-dog is bitten by a walker in the process of closing the gate that’sletting them in.

realising that the walkers are too much tohandle, the group split up and scatter around the prison. t-dog is then given the task of taking careof carol who at this point in the show was still a damsel in distress. when travelling through a cellblock, theyare ambushed by the undead. with t-dog infected, he decides to sacrificehimself in order to save carol. you gotta admit, for a character that doesn’thave much to say, he went out with a bang. 9. the governorphilip blake otherwise known as the governor

was a force to be reckoned with during season3 and 4 of the walking dead. whether he was killing other groups in orderto steal their supplies or trapping someone in a room with a person who’s soon to bea walker, the governor was someone you just don’t mess with. well in the mid-season finale of season 4,the governor met his demise as after leading his army in a blood soaked war with rick’sgroup in a bid to claim the prison as his own, michonne was able to stab him fatallywith her katana and later, the governor’s love interest, lily would finally put himdown with a gunshot to the head. 8.

tyreeseno matter how you look at it,tyreese went out like a champ! a fan favorite from the comics, tyreese wasa welcome presence when he joined rick’s group in season 3. unfortunately however as is the case withmany of the show’s character, he ends up on the road to his eventual death after tryingto help someone else. his death sequence has been widely praisedby both fans and critics of the series as it has been described as the most powerfulone yet, as it featured hallucinations involving many of the show’s dead characters, tyreesedefending himself from a walker by using his

already bitten arm as a way to hold him offas well as his arm being amputated, providing the slightest bit of hope that he would continueon.unfortunately he passed away soon after, leaving the crew and his sister in shambles. 7. lori grimesalthough she is one of the most dislikeable mothers and wives in television since skylarwhite from breaking bad, it must be said that she plays a major role in the series evenafter her death, as her death still weighs heavily on rick and carl. if you read the comics, you will know thatlories death is much different as she dies

during the prison attack that would come inseason 4 as she is shot down with baby judith. instead however, judith’s birth sealed lori’sfate, as the emergency amateur c-section caused lori to bleed too much to be saved. but it was her death by carl and his gun thatwas the biggest shock of this situation, as a boy should never be made to kill his ownmother, much less volunteer to do it. her death was such a blow that she remainedstuck inside rick’s head for several episodes after. it should be noted that we still don’t havea clear answer as to who the father is of judith whether it’s rick’s kid or shanes.

6. shane walshnow if you’re a fan of the comic, you knew that shane wasn’t going to last long inthe zombie apocalypse and at this point in the tv series, not many people knew of thecomic series the show is based on. it came as a shock to comic readers that shanemade it past the first season. by the end of season 1, it became abundantlyclear that shane would be the show’s first main antagonist throughout season 2 as hewas showing villainous tendencies during the first season. well in the penultimate episode of season2, things came to a head as rick and shane

finally had a standoff with shane being theonly one of the two to hold a loaded weapon. luckily for rick, he was quick enough to makethe first move as he plunged a knife into shane’s chest, ending their feud. well that is until shane comes back from thedead for one last chance at killing his old best friend.well he wasn’t quick enoughas rick’s son. carl fired the final shot at shane, puttinghim down once and for all. 5. merle dixonthroughout the majority of season one and 2, tons of people asked the question “where’smerle?”.

the last we saw of him was his severed handon a rooftop and that’s it. after being left for dead on an atlanta rooftop,the elder of the dixon brothers turned up as the governor's right-hand man in woodbury. after escaping a fight to the death with hisbrother, merle would later die at both of their hands. when realising that the only way to keep hisbrother safe is by killing the governor, he goes on what would be a suicide mission ashe leads a ton of zombies to the group’s meetup location in a car while blasting motorhead’sfast and loose. with the woodbury soldiers distracted by theundead, merle would then take point and pick

off soldiers with an assault rifle. unfortunately for him, he was caught by thegovernor who would proceed to break merle’s bayonet arm and bite fingers off his otherhand before shooting him the chest killing him. it wasn’t until later that his brother darylfind him zombified. a distraught daryl is then given the taskof putting him down. 4. hershel greeneso in all honesty, hershel went from being a somewhat interesting farm owner into beingone of the show’s best characters.

though he started out as a combatant againstrick’s ways of the world, he soon becomes rick’s right-hand man, and he would havebeen a welcome presence for years to come. when the mid season finale of season 4 arrived,everyone had hope that michonne and himself would make it out alive after being capturedby the governor and put on display for rick and the gang. whether it’s just rick’s group being fastenough to put bullets in the governor’s militia or rick’s speech actually gettingthrough to the governor, everyone had hope for michonne and hershel. well the worst case scenario happened as thegovernor decapitates hershel with michonne's

sword. 3. nicholasit’s fairly safe to say that a lot of people hated nicholas in his first 2 episodes ashe was the cause of noah’s gruesome death, but by the time season six came around, nicholaswas a shell of his former, egotistical self. in the episode “thank you” nicholas willforever be remembered as the guy who saved glenn from certain death as he and glenn foundthemselves surrounded by walker. realising there was no way out of the situation,he mumbles "thank you" to glenn before shooting himself in the head.

the walkers feasted on nicholas, allowingglenn to scoot under the dumpster to safety. maybe glenn should have said thank you inreturn after the swarm of walkers dispersed leaving little remains of nicholas’ body. 2. beth greeneso in what is argued to have been a bit of a rehash of the “search for sophia” storylinefrom season 2, beth had a late-days storyline, in which she went missing for several episodes,and daryl and carol spent the most time looking for her. the difference here however is that beth wasn’ta zombie.

in fact she was alive and well in a new locationin the form of a hospital run by dawn, a cop without a real clue of how to handle the post-apocalypse. late into season 5, beth and dawn’s conflictcomes to a head as a trade is negotiated between the hospital survivors and rick’s groupin which they exchange noah for beth. once the trade has been made, beth takes theopportunity to stab dawn with a pair of scissors. in reaction to this, dawn accidentally shootsbeth in the head killing her instantly. rick’s group quickly retaliate as darylreturns the favour by shooting himself. 1. noahwhen noah made the switch from the hospital

to rick’s group, the show made it clearthat noah had a keen interest in engineering, making it seem as though the group may havehope when establishing their next base camp. it’s even brought up as noah requests tobe the apprentice of reg monroe to help keep the walls of alexandria up and stable. but knowledge was not power for noah, as hebecame yet another victim of nicholas’ cowardly negligence, and he was torn apart inside arevolving door. this death is among some of the most gruesometo be shown on screen. don't forget to like us and subscribefor more elite facts

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