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the walking dead books

the walking dead books

hey youtubers, it's charlie. this is going to be my walking dead episodefive video. just careful for spoilers if you haven't seenit yet here we go. jesus is back i'm so happy he's one of myfavorite characters on the walking dead, just because of the way he's able to lighten thetone, but still be a bad ass like he has mad skills, but things have been so dire for thelast couple of episodes you just need somebody to lighten the tension. so jesus monster truck rallies to the rescuelet's do top 10 wtf and comic book easter eggs there couple really big comic book arcsthat they're setting up i'll just try to deal

with the stuff that they did in this episode. and if they do end up doing stuff from laterin the comics we can talk about it in the episodes where it happens but number 10 maggiestill alive. as expected, this is a comic book thing likeshe had some trauma with her baby in the comics but as she's fine in this episode. same thing happens in the comics the doctorslike you know you maybe had some trauma like he has no idea what happened with glenn andabraham, but the number nine sasha buries them out back and she takes glenn's watchwhich is actually herschel's lays it down, but everybody's favorite douche bag walksin gregory and if you forgot about him from

season six he's basically like the fecklessleader of hilltop complete pushover. but as he says during the episode oh i gota right where i want him. i'm totally dealing with the situation butreally they're just trying to set up somebody else taking over, so they really wanted youto hate him in this episode so things are all proceeding according to comic book planhe's mostly just worried about what the savers are gonna do when they find out that theyhelp them number eight the saviors rollout a big show monster truck rally time it wasso hilarious when you know number seven at the end of the episode maggie explained whereshe learned that trick though there was this guy in high school and i laugh so hard whenenid asked her if it was the guy that she

ran over like oh you reign over the guy withyour car know know know i ran over his camaro, but don't you just love maggie that much moreknowing that she did that when she was in high school like that's how bad as she wasdead number seven. i think what they're implying is that maggiewill eventually take leadership of hilltop like when jesus was talking to them at theend of the episode and said that he had somebody else in mind like and when he first came ingregory was in charge and he couldn't imagine anyone else taking the job, so i think whathe was implying is is that he's eventually going to ask maggie to step up just becauseshe seems like such a strong person when deanna was still alive actually foreshadowed littlebit of this like she asked maggie to work

with her can learn how to administrate thegroup. so maggie's been learning to be a leader fora while now. so the ark she's on is a little bit clearlike she's this strong single mom who is now going to be this very strong leader of eventuallynumber six gregory is going to be like the puppet leader for the time being he's in chargeof effectively but he's not in charge. those with jesus is whole speech was about. he was standing up to him look. this is the way it's going to be there stayingthat's it. but number five back to the save zone so ishould have felt like the carl storyline was

a little crazier, just because of what itwas implying but number five rick and was shown sidetrip michonne seems like she mightrun into the kingdom rick they tease might run into another group from the comics butit's not the whisperers, there's a lot of talk about the whispers this past week. but they weren't saying they were coming onthis season. they just said they will be coming on soonerrather than later i think the big thing though, even though were gonna see all these differentgroups is that the survivors themselves will remain split up even though they might seecarol there that doesn't mean that carol will come back with them and it seems like maggieand sasha are staying put it hilltop for now

to, so the group is more fractured than everbefore i get to the carl stuff i'll say you know number four is simon in his performancewith gregory he's the new negan you might hear people call him trevor. just make that joke because he's the sameactor in real life that does the character trevor in grand theft auto. so even though his name is simon on the walkingdead like when you hear people referring to him as trevor. that's what they're talking about but he doeshave the crazy performance being the new negan of hilltop over those last people you dealtwith they were taken a kinda soft on you.

so he's kind of trying to do his best neganimpersonation he's doing a pretty good job of it to but the problem is is that even thoughnegan is every bit this ass hole he is way more terrifying and he has some of the muscleand the weaponry to back it up to negan could actually throw down if he needed to but iwould be willing to bet that sasha could take simon if she really wanted to, but she wouldhave a much harder time if she were to try to take negan on directly which doesn't giveyou a lot of hope for carl's mission, so number three carl goes after enid on a sunday drivei just feel felt like going for a drive you could make the joke that he's a terrible driverbecause he has no depth perception but he probably would've done that anyway, but isstill pretty funny just super casual.

just ran in the car around is destroying everythingbut if you forgot about the big reference they dropped to the previous season so whenhe locked her in the armory and she was like i didn't need to see it. that was when they went to take maggie tohilltop and she was talking about having to watch glenn and abraham died so she couldyou tell carl i'm sorry you had to see it was not all a huge bummer because they findthat pair skates have like a really brief moment of just being kids for carl opens upand explains i'm gonna kill negan. you know number two carl plot line from thecomics he plans to kill negan. in fact, these mattresses that he's hidingunder are the mattresses that the saviors

burned in that previous episode that was whatwas shown was so pissed about and in a crying at the end of the episode that burning pileof mattresses the saviors of take it so slight change from the comics but that's what you'relooking at right here so we can follow that along with the episodes all talk about thecomic book stuff as we see it but he says the exact same thing. he undertakes the exact same type of missionin the comics but the difference is is the comic book carl is way smaller's was evenmore of a wtf and speaking of which know number one just like that final end tag where jesusis jumping on the back of the truck and sees carl and just casually gives him a what'sup like it's no big deal but there on the

back of a truck headed to hell, let me knowwhat was your favorite moment from the episode there were a lot of nice tags like herschel'swatch like that's a nice object is kind of followed the characters around like herschelgave it to glenn. now maggie gave it to enid, there's this wholetheme about letting go get of burning the bodies versus bearing them remembering things. maggie comes to the conclusion like the rightconclusion i think that she's able to let the stuff go and move forward because we haveeach other. carl is the other side of that he cannot letthis go. that is why he's on this crackpot missionto go kill negan, but at least you have jesus

there. i think they did that in the episode. just so you wouldn't feel so bad for him tobe gone by himself, there's actually no way this would've gone well but with jesus there. he might be able to help carl out a littlebit. so i think they wanted you to be a littlebit more hopeful, especially up as you hear sasha sharpening her knife smoking abrahamcigar there but that which is another great way to let you know that the survivors peoplelike sasha are just gonna be sitting around letting the saviors come take half of theirstuff every single week.

so the hilltop stuff the carl stuff rightout of the comics can't wait to see where they go with it if is any other easter eggsyou guys spotted that i didn't mention just let me know in the comments below. i really feel like maggie is going to benefitfrom this season of walking that the most she's gonna get one of the best characterarcs as well. as carl at least in comparison to his arcsin previous seasons he's always been something of a supporting character but now i did areally try to do something interesting and thanks to the comics that's actually prettyeasy to do. but i did just hear a really crazy chandlerriggs rumor.

so if you guys want me to do a video aboutthat later this week that is just a rumor right now but what can happen next is i'llbe doing new westworld in a new walking dead trailer. so be sure to subscribe to get that stuffin there is new walking dead giveaway. all you have to do to enter is be a subscriberand leave a comment on this video so those of the videos will start posting early tomorrowwhile you guys wait for that to post you can click here to learn about emilia clarke fromgame of thrones being in the new star wars han solo movie can click here for my westworldvideo. thank you so much watching everybody highfive i'll see you guys tonight!

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