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walking dead on

walking dead on

hey youtubers, it's charlie. this is going to be my walking dead mid seasonfinale video so much craziness. so much stuff to set up for the back halfof the season so try to cover everything. just careful for spoilers if you haven't seenit yet. there is a new round of the walking dead giveawaygoing on now. all you have to do to enter is be a subscriberand leave a comment on this video be sure to click that bell to enable alerts so youdon't miss anything during the break. let's do it the episode either daryl who wentfull negan depending on which way you go on it or spencer who just totally went forthat brass ring for little bit short did not

quite stick the landing but it's okay i'msure rosita found somebody else to have dinner with that night, but that was kind of funnylike she holds him in such contempt that she still relented and was like yeah okay i'llhave dinner with you whatever, but the whole thing about this episode is that they're finallycoming to the conclusion that they need to come together at the evening tease that inthe promo we need to work together to do something about negan so that is all marched towardthat's like the next volume in the comics so that's what they're going to work throughto the back half of the season and then we'll start teasing all out war and i know everybody'sasking who do those boots belong to there's a new person that they cast all talk aboutthat is.

i work through top 10 wtf, but here we gonumber 10 maggie versus gregory. maggie for president of hilltop. you can see exactly what they're setting uphere. the thing about maggie is that bino becauseof what this episode was implying how the gonna start fighting back. they want to be hopeful. maggie is affectively invincible or i shouldsay untouchable is a better word inside the writers room, so if you're making a shortlist of characters that will probably never die, at least anytime soon.

maggie is close if not at the top of thatlist, along with like rick michonne. daryl baby judith, so give the pregnant ladythe apple they really want to make gregory seem like a super asshole, but he's a comic bookcharacter he is a very specific comic book arcs so you could totally read ahead and findout where that goes. because it's going to be right out of thecomics so if you actually do want to read ahead in the comics during the break. march to war starts out with walking dead. volume 109 goes through 114 and then rightafter that is all out war part one number nine, comic book neegan shaves himself justlike rick in rick's house very different scene

from when rick shaved his beard back at thebeginning of season six. remember how big his beard had grown. he was more beard than man. at that point, but now the beard is totallycoming back. so was so hilarious that negan is losingthe beer beard equals power in the walking dead so rick's beard is like slowly growingback out, just as negan shaves his, so it's a bit of a hat tip to the shift in poweron the show now now that rick's like come to this realization. oh yeah we can fight negan and negan justgetting too comfortable in the suburbs, but

the whole thing with negan beard has beentalked about. it has something to do with jeffrey dean morganbeing on the good wife and having to have appeared on that tv show when he came on thewalking dead so we had to keep the beard for a little while but comic book negan has neverhad a beard. so now he just closer to comic book neganthe really funny part about this isn't so much knee can though is is the look on judith'sface just when you consider that were on. like maybe our 10th or 12th baby judith. i don't know how many different kids thatthey recast as judith, just because the timeline of the walking dead move so slowly but kidsage.

so fast were running into the same problemwith carl to so i'll talk about chandler riggs at the end of this there's a lot of talk abouthim re-signing his contract. that's a completely separate thing, so numbereight. daryl finally busts out with the help of thatnote in that key. so the handwriting still looks like sherry'shandwriting in the room that he busts into looks like the whites that he suddenly realizeshe's looking around like you see the tv set that dwight was watching tv on. you see the peanut butter the funny thingabout the peanut butter like daryl just goes to town because he so hungry he's been sounderfed on all that dog food they been giving

him is that norman redus is like i can't standpeanut butter but they probably had to shoot a couple versions of the season so when theywere filming he probably had to eat a whole bunch of peanut butter, but i love the wayhe acted when he was getting ready to leave that room like you sitting in the chair iskind of waiting for his opportunity waiting for the conversation to die down nearby andthen see the little model with the fortress and the soldiers and just upends the tablejust like screw this guy whoever's room. this is so he may not have actually knownthat it was dwight's, but i feel like he felt that was so you know whoever it was, he justwant to trash it just a little bit just like screw you saviors you guys suck, so numberseven negan versus rick's kitchen make some

spaghetti even sets a place for lucille becausewho knows where rick is well and not wait anymore past the roles i love how passivenegan was in this episode. usually he's up everyone's faces, but in thisepisode he was just trying to enjoy all the air-conditioning the nice kitchen. the food, just chill out put his feet up sothe really took the entire episode for him to get pissed and that was really only whenrosita took a shot at them but the whole idea with seems like this is that he's meant tofeel like the unwelcome houseguests that won't get out like dude, this is our house. you need to get out of here.

so they just really wanted to beat you inthe face with that. now is the time to kick the saviors out ofour house talking about the save zone people maybe we can agree on this, but did you guysfeel like with the extra emphasis on olivia on the episode like that extra long scenewith tara that almost seem kind of pointless like she was getting ready to throw herselfon a spear for negan the save judith or just keep everything in rick's house fromspiraling out of control because she felt like it was her duty to protect carl and judiththat she was gonna die at the end of the episode, no matter what happened like anytime theyfocus this much on a c-list character like olivia you know they're getting ready somebig twist to gonna pull the rug out from under

you in some way. and just because this is the midseason finaleand they haven't killed someone in a while you will most sense that she's going to beone of the people to die spencer could've gone either way. he was the more fun kill like i was reallyhappy they got rid of him, so number six. rick and aaron make their way to the houseboatto look for supplies. so the just all kinds of weapons are bulletholesand everything there bunch of walker traps. so the whole point of this scene isn't somuch that they're getting supplies. it just an opportunity for aaron to doubledown on rick's cause like he's like, dude.

i'm totally in on what were doing helpingpeople even if it means that we have to bargain with the saviors. i understand what you're doing. i'm with you. so the last couple of episodes there's beenthis thing with people questioning rick's leadership people wondering what was goingon like even carl went to kill negan because he wasn't satisfied with how far rick wasgoing so this aaron scene was really like the answer to that look there are people thatbelieve in what you're doing that understand what's going on the situation were in so theydid have like a fun bait and switch where

aaron goes under your like oh my god, theyjust kill aaron that he pops back up i'm fine i'm fine. i was kind of a metaphor for the episode likeeverybody starts drowning. but then by the end they're all like okaywe're fine, we're gonna fight negan now. so number five they make it onto the boatand they find that middle finger on that piece of paper that was so hilarious, you win, butyou lose i feel like the reason they included that was just so that they could have thatmoment later with the saviors picking it up and going, what the hell does this mean youwin, but you lose that was meant to be more of a metaphor for the saviors and then youknow number four who the hell of those boots

like somebody's been peeping on them, andthere's gonna be a lot of debate about this during the break because there are a couplebig characters that need to be introduced in one of those is the whisperers. those arebig characters. so there's a female character that leads themcalled alpha. there's also another female character thatleads another small group that's near alexandria called magna. so i think that this character is probablymagna, just because she debuts before alpha in the whisperers do in the comics so thething about this is that the really just teasing that somebody's watching them you don't knowif they're good you don't know if they're

bad, but there's a character that there castingcalled briand and they haven't announced which actor's this playing her yet. so that's probably who this character is andhere's the thing about that the name is not somebody from the comics but she supposedto be a tough female character who is the leader of another group. so they're basically casting either magnaor somebody from the whisperers or somebody from a totally new group that i do think thatit's from one of the comic book groups and the names are using that briand name is justfake to misdirect people. so even though whisperers whisperers war issomething that happens away after all out

war which is something that were not evenclose to yet on the tv show you guys can let me know who do you think these boots belongto magna or somebody from the whisperers, we can talk about that during the break, butnumber three zero goes full negan on fat jerry i love the way he performed the sceneto norman redus he was almost like an animal in this moment just completely lashing outbut then jesus comes in and he slowly comes back to consciousness he starts acting likea human again okay let's get out of here and he grabs rick's revolver so very importantfor later. but can we just appreciate norman redus hisperformance in this moment here. he's so great at underperforming daryl.

daryl is in somebody that emotes a lot likehe speaks in grunts like that later moment where he almost breaks down crying and hugsrick it's very underperformed compared to somebody like jeffrey dean morgan doing hisnegan who just pontificates just goes on and on and just talks his head off. so daryl performances are like the exact oppositeof that. so it's really funny to see him and sceneswith characters that won't shut up, but number two; shit goes crazy at the save zone. negan finally got spencer now we know why they kept him on the show that long. he was one of the most unlikable charactersever.

i hated spencer so i'm so glad that he's gonethe way he was killed was exactly like the comics like negan guts him with his knifeso they've actually been pretty good about doing like the big deaths exactly the waythey happen in the comics there couple characters that they don't have from the comics likedaryl is in a comic book character in they didn't kill abraham in the comics. that way he got killed in a different way. so there are a few minor changes over thebiggest deaths they been happening just like they did in the comics and i love eugene'sperformance here to, just completely breaks down negan is taking him because he wantsmore bullets and eugene can make bullets so

even though it sound like he's gonna go killhim like i'm taking your bullet maker from you is just because he wants eugene to massproduce ammo for the survivors which is actually very dangerous considering the everyone wantsto take them on. now, so a lot of people were blaming rositafor the deaths in this episode because she took a shot at negan, but spencer was killedbefore she ever took a shot, so that had nothing to do with rosita, you could blame oliviaon rosita, but the thing about that is that she was a relatively minor character i don'tfeel like they really needed her on the show. so what they're doing here is there givingyou like the gore like all my got a couple people died that have been with us for a whilebut there holding off on really big a list

character deaths for season finale. so if you want to speculate on like a reallyhuge deaths the just save that for whatever the season finale is going to be in episode16, but it was really great seeing the way they played it in the episode itself wasn'tthat crazy like there was just a lot of storylines that they had to wrap up that they could getto this moment at the end where they all decide hey were going to fight negan, but numberone was rick getting the revolver back everybody meeting at hilltop better watch out. now, the sheriff's back in town, so the onlything that would've made the scene better is if rick had taken his hat off of carl'shead and put it back on but that might've

been too on the nose, you guys can let meknow like what you think about that moment when rick took his revolver back check thebullets and just holstered it like damn time to get the business. the ending was the ending that they had neededto get to for a while. i feel like one of the big complaints forthe last couple of episodes is that things had just gotten so depressing, but you cansee why they wanted to do that they wanted to have this big payoff moment where theyall decide you know based on michonne speech with rick hey were still standing here wecan fight back in rick's like i realize that now, they just wanted to take their time gettingto that moment dragging the characters through

the mud making negan feel like the unwelcomehouseguest. so now i feel like the show can be a littlebit more fun because it can be all about them making their plans marshaling forces to fightnegan. so now we actually have some momentum headinginto the season finale when the show comes back you guys can let me know like what youthink of this first half of the season and the walking dead there were a couple reallycrazy moments, but it was really just all about the reign of knee can dragging everybodythrough the mud. the breaking of rick grimes. so whatever your complaints were about thefirst half of the season.

i feel like it's going to be completely differentin the back half. they tend to do that with the walking deadevery eight episodes they try to change with the show is so when it comes back should feellike a totally different experience which i think is a really good thing can happennext is i'll do westworld season two predictions that i'll do a walking dead trailer videofor the rest of the season so i'll try get those videos up as fast as possible whileyou guys wait for that to post you can click here for my walking dead playlist and youcan click here to rewatch the fast they trailer thank you so much watching everybody highfive i'll see you guys tonight!

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walking dead merchandise

walking dead merchandise

not english. i fricking love anime.anime's pretty cool. this is the one with the titans, isn't it? (gasping) it's attack on titans! this is my show. everything changed when the fire nation came. but how long...would it last? this is such a good show. like, legit. this is amazing. so dramatic. (laughs)

the city has been invaded by titans. i don't even know what this is about.i just heard it's really good. yes, oh my god!this show is my life right now. oh no...she got pulled up by her head. this is when my inner nerd comes out.i low key love this stuff. brutal. (laughs) that episode was so sad. this looks good. it's so hard to watch anime subs.

i don't have enough of an attention span to just read. this is like the pokemon? yeah, yeah, yes! honestly, i think swords would be very ineffective against giants. [low key], that's really tight. (laughs) attack of the titan. i've never heard of that before. it looks good. (boy) and just like that...everything changed.

oh, wait, wait, wait. is this already a thing in japan and they're bringing it over to america now? (man) okay, people, either we secure this ground as mankind's first-- oh, are they english dubbing it?nice, was unaware of that. (boy)...the pre-death extinction. his voice sounds so weird in english! (boy) after five resurrected walls, withdrawing behind them in frightened huddles with what was to be a century of uneasy peace. dude, that show is so intense.just the trailer is like--

i feel like i'm about to die. (boy) i saw it! the colossal one!you were there that day. nothing in anime sounds good in english.you just gotta read the captions, okay? - (boy) go back to hell--- (woman) you don't fight the nature of things in [inaudible] - (boy) you tell me it's better--- it's really gory. look around you, eren.don't be a pawn. i guess it's a whole revenge thing going on that he destroys the city and now the kidsbeen training forever. (woman) face it, all the powers that they really expect

us to do is play the game. - this is [our chance]!- yeah, kill it! kill it! (man) remember this moment when you come face to face... the feels are so intense right now for me. like, i swear! that looks really good. epic. japanese anime is the [censored]. (finebros) before today, had you everheard of the show attack on titan?

mmm-hmm. yes. a lot of people talk to me about it. and you guys talk about it in the fine time vlogs. i have watched it all in japanese. no. i've never heard of it. no, i've not heard of it, but i am going--is it on adult swim or something? (finebros) yeah, it's on adult swim.

(laughter) - (finebros) you're excited?- yeah! (finebros) from what you've seen,what does the plot - seem to be of the show attack on titans?- there's town. okay, wait, is the town's name titan? town are a group of people in these walls,like protective walls, and then there's titans that come in. titans that were raised from hell, basically. bad-ass ninja guys are gonna tryand take down these giant titans.

and humanity is in jeopardy. (finebros) without spoiling too much, the show is about giant human-like creatures who attack and eat humans, but no one knows why. ugh, lovely. that explains the [go wear]. what the hell, man?i would [censored] my pants if that was gonna happen. (finebros) so they barricaded themselves in walls, but the titans are back and broke through, so the humans are fighting for their survival. sounds intense!

it's so confusing. but those animes are always really confusing. that's a really good plotline. that's amazing! hidden message: we destroy each other! the monopolies are destroyingthe little people! (finebros) if you lived in a world wherethe titans were real, - what do you think you would do?- i would so hide under a rock. i'm gonna sit in the background and cry!

somebody save the day for me. i would join the army and i would love to do that spiderman grappling thing. i'm a thug, okay?i'm going straight after those titans. no. you would die, like first one to die--that would be you! you would be that kid who died. if you're gonna die no matter what,go out like a warrior. - (finebros) do you like the show?- it's so good! it's my favorite show. (finebros) who's your favorite character on the show?

sasha and eren. either eren or levi. i mean, eren's the main character. i'm biased 'cause that's whose point of view i'm looking from. (finebros) so i now have some clips to show you of the horror - inside of attack on titan.- ooh! i like creepy things. there my favorite scenes in the show, to be honest. oh no! he's gonna get eaten.oh she's--oh no!

oh, don't do it. no! oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no no! noooo! noooo! that's so disturbing. oh... he like breaks her and then eats her.it's just like, "oh god!" ugh, what is--this is whyi don't watch anime. just slurped him up like some noodles. no, no, no, no...

noooo! what?! it's like a little snack. no! oh god, no!not this one, okay? okay, okay. (gasp) no! noooo! (finebros) is it all you expected attack on titan to be? not really. i had something about teen titans going on in my mind. like these guys are going to be sick-assteenage combat people.

there's some sadistic [censored]. - (finebros) what do you think of the titans?- they're weird looking. they look like people, but they look like carnivorous people. they can freaking terrifying. and other times you see them and you're like, "oh, i want that as a doll. i want to cuddle it, it's adorable." that's such a good concept.oh my god! it's so creepy and so awesome. (finebros) so this is an anime.what is an anime? it's a japanese cartoon?

generally based off of the manga. not with the connotation like it's for children, like it's for all ages. i thought it was for little kids until i saw it had violent scenes. i did not like the english version 'cause they mess everything up! in everything, they translate it and probably google translate it or something 'cause everything is wrong! (finebros) so in japan they make so much anime, way more than in america. almost every major network in japan willair an anime as part of their programming. what? (laughs)

(finebros) what do you think about the fact that here anime is on a few smaller networks,but in japan they're on major networks and some of them even air on prime time? well, that's strange. i think it's just a cultural difference. japan has all this down! imma have to think about moving pretty soon. i think we need some of that.i want to be watching anime on fox and nbc.

(finebros) why is there this stigma?a lot of people say anime and people - are like, "ugh, i hate it!"- they're so immature. you should grow up.uh, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. calm down. the cartoon show is you can make thingsmore intense than you could even with things like in the walking deadand game of thrones. people are like, "no, it's cartoons!we can't watch it. that's for children." and then they'll go and see frozen 12 times, and the lego movie 10 times.so you can freaking watch anime, people!

truth! (finebros) so back to attack on titan,arguably right now this is the most popular recent anime.what do you think is resonating world-wide with this type of a story? i don't know. attack on humanity has been a very popular theme in so many movies. unity thing. we're all humans. we can do this together. hey, everyone.let's all die together. the concept of the creatures--the titans are creepy as [censored].

it's honestly such a good story. they're really blunt about it for one thing, and gore. like that guy killing himself.you probably wouldn't see that in oren high school host club, you know? anything can happen at any time. eren's already [censored]. (finebros) finally, now that you knowmore about it, are you interested - to start watching attack on titan?- i don't know. it kinda scares me. probably not. (laughs)

i am. definitely. hell yeah, i am. i'm watching the first whole season tonight when i get home. (finebros) if anyone watching this doesn't watch anime, why is attack on titan the show they still should watch? oh my god, okay. you have to watch it 'cause you're gonna cry.and then the plot twists, and the feels. and you're gonna hate everyoneand then you're gonna love everyone

and then everyone's gonna die after you start loving everyone. go watch this show.it's amazing. the characters are amazing.the story's amazing. it's just the best show ever! it's like game of thrones, mixed with harry potter, mixed with lord of the rings, with an ocean's worth of blood. so just check it out, bro. thanks for watching another episode of teens react! let us know in the comments what tv show we should react to next.

if you like this episode, help support the show by giving it a big thumbs up. alright, guys, i'm gonna go.i'm gonna have some nightmares about titans.

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walking dead graphic novel

walking dead graphic novel

the walking dead tv show has stayed prettytrue to the comics...except for all the times it hasn't. true to form, the season six finalemirrored the unforgettable issue 100 of the comic book, featuring the long-awaited appearanceof the villainous negan. after his introduction in the comics, negan chooses glenn as hisvictim from rick's group...and beats him to death with his bat, lucille. but on the show,the victim's identity is a secret that won't be revealed until the season seven premierein october 2016. so just who, exactly, was "at bat"? would they kill off maggie? while readers have known about glenn's deathfor a while, the show often swerves to keep

fans guessing. so while it's almost unthinkable,we're thinking it: what if negan chooses glenn's wife, maggie, instead? in the comics, neganskips maggie and sophia. meanwhile, negan said that he wants rick's strong crew to workfor him. he may have chosen maggie to die just because of how visibly sick she lookedcompared to the rest of the group. what about abraham? maybe abraham ford will be the one to meetlucille. abraham has been through a lot since he first appeared. in the comics, dwight killsabraham with a crossbow. on the show, however, denise earned that fate, so abraham may beliving on borrowed time. if daryl dies, we riot

actor norman reedus has another amc show onthe docket, ride with norman reedus, that may serve as a transitional series for hardcorefans of both reedus and his character, daryl dixon, if and when he's killed off. neganhas plenty of motivation to kill daryl, considering he scorched a group of saviors with a bazooka.and nothing establishes the threat a new bad guy like killing off a popular character.but would they dare axe the guy so popular that there are actually shirts for sale saying,"if daryl dies, we riot"? but, really, it's probably glenn if the walking dead comic did it, there'sa good chance it'll happen on the show. the glenn-dying theory gets some support for afew reasons. it'd be heartbreaking: glenn

just killed his first living humans this season,which had a profound effect on him. he also has a baby on the way. based on how many timeschildren end up with single parents on this show, we wouldn't be surprised if glenn'sgone. steven yeun might be leaving the show steven yeun has some projects lined up whenthe walking dead would otherwise be filming, and the hollywood reporter says his currentcontract with the series ends with season six. yeun's new projects seem to corroboratehis character's eventual death. previous times at the bat think back to terminus:

he just happened to be the first memberof rick's group in line to be killed with a louisville slugger. it was an intentionalnod to this storyline. the show certainly spelled it out for us over the past few seasons,but we've still got our fingers crossed for someone else. a dark foreshadowing the show hinted at glenn's fate when he lookedup while raiding the saviors' satellite base and saw some of lucille and negan's priorvictims in a collection of polaroid photos on the wall. considering how much negan adoreshis weapon of choice, we wouldn't be surprised if he took these photos himself or if oneof his lackeys did in adoration of the saviors'

leader. sorry glenn, we'll miss you since his first appearance in the series premiere,glenn has been the heart of the walking dead. we cringed at every moment he looked deathin the eye, especially during that alleyway scene where we thought he died alongside nicholas.but things certainly aren't looking so good for him, and there's enough evidence in frontof us that he just isn't going to make it into season seven of the walking dead. solong, buddy. thanks for watching! subscribe to our youtubechannel to see more videos like the one you just saw. and leave us a comment to tell uswho you think is taking a walking dead dirt


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walking dead games

walking dead games

former history professor lee everett is onhis way to serve a life sentence in prison when the chatty sheriff suddenly hits a highway-crossingzomb--i mean "walker," causing the car to spin out of control. when lee regains consciousness,he discovers corpses are reanimating and boy, are they hungry. the origin of the outbreak is unknown, thoughsome theories include biological terrorism, a government engineered virus, or, wrath ofgod. walkers have poor vision, don't talk, and are relatively weak individually. however,they communicate via pack mentality, outnumber the living 5000 to 1 and they all admire warm,tasty survivor flesh. no known vaccine or treatment exists, andscientists are unable to even determine whether

the cause is a virus, bacteria, fungus, parasite,but somewhere between seconds and hours after death, the brain stem is reanimated alongwith basic motor function and an impulse to feed. lee gains a second chance at life in the worldof the undead, but he must make tough decisions on invisible timers, protect a little girl,avoid getting bitten, and go head to head with mankind's worst enemy: jerks. have fun!

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walking dead game

walking dead game

there, there, little guy... shh clem! hey we gotta get moving if we're gonna keep aj alive. we're runnin' outta' time you are tired, kenny. maybe you should get some rest i'm fine oh don't look at me like that yeah. i'm sorry. you're right come in!

oh, we could use a hot meal right about now... might be all i need please! just take the kids. why did you do this? please, clem, just... do as i'm askin'... this one last time. no! we're leaving! all of us. together. please, clem, please... stop! stop, okay? we're not staying, so just stop. that's that. kenny. are you okay? i'm sorry, clementine.

i know i can be real shit sometimes. i don't think so... thanks for not giving up on me just yet. come on. let's get some sleep. clementine! lee? it's just a bad dream, sweet pea.

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walking dead episodes

walking dead episodes

hot damn youtubers, it's charlie! this isgoing to be my walking dead episode 5 video. not a whole lot happened in this episode,despite the fact there were some big reveals. i mean it wasn't a big action episode. they'rekind of holding off for more big super pack stuff so just careful for spoilers if youhaven't seen the episode yet here we go and real quick reminder new round of the giveawaystarts now all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave a comment on thisvideo it's a $20 amazon gift card let's start with the biggest hot damn maggie is pregnantso now glenn has a reason to come back i think he is definitely still alive and then they'llbe that moment in the back half with like i have a son i have a son oh my god i haveto get back so everybody that thinks that

were gonna get this kind of moment like thismoment of realization when the lightbulb goes on glenn finds out that he has a son and hejust like freaks out trying to get back to maggie tell me there's something more rickone about nine months give or take a couple weeks something more is going to be crawlingout from between maggie's legs and it might be named aaron in aaron are both good namesfor boys and girls on the number for hot damn jesse she services this big called actionfor most of the other regular safe zone people people that aren't survivors that are justlike kind of waking up to the reality of what life is right now we have to fight or we dieand actually like it becomes this big called action for denise's character to the gonnathrow into that moment which is like all okay

i can save this guy you really have to creditterror for little bit about to do with it like denise just needs a big confidence boostin tears there provided i don't necessarily that they're going to have some sort of lesbianrelationship i think they just can have a really deep friendship i think at this pointwe shouldn't read too much into that kiss until we see them do something more untilhe gets into glenn maggie territory i wouldn't call them in an official relationship youcan totally ship him i'm a huge fan of merritt weaver in the funny thing about tara's characteris that alana masterson the actors the place tara is pregnant in real life so we keep makinghiding her stomach behind things that that's why she sat down that chair that way but rightnow like as of this sunday when i post in

this video she's already had the baby butthey are shooting the back half of the episodes so tara on screen is still gonna seem pregnantfor like at least the next several episodes lauren cohan on the other hand is going tobe pregnant on the show but not pregnant in real life edges is just one of the funny thingthat happens with castes that are really large on shows that go on for a long time is alwaysgoing to be a ton of babies born in real life in your pregnancy couple babies born on theshow like written into the story but as far as i know lauren cohan isn't actually havinga baby in real life like it just is just something they wrote as part of this narrative on thenumber three though miniport stick versus many rick this is actually a relatively positivearc that i know it seems like they were having

a fight but miniport stick here jesse's sonreally does want to help carl like he doesn't want to go out there he just thinks it's toodangerous and even can probably take care of her self i think that he does believe shecan take care of herself but he's accepted the fact that is just too dangerous for themto go out so he doesn't want carl to throw his life away and even better than that hegoes to talk to rick just just to let them know what's going on with carl like all theseover there with judith he didn't actually go over the wall so he save but could youteach me how to shoot that's huge like he tells rick yet you are right when you getreally piston me and episode one when i was wandering around outside thanks for beinghard on me i understand what you're trying

to do is not asking rick to adopt him or anythinghe's just accepting what happened use like i'm moving forward i understand it was necessaryso is paving a way for something happy to come out of that storyline between jesse'sfamily and rick's family for speaking of messed up families on my number two wtf deanna andspencer so this is so messed up deanna just completely off the reservation and spencerhas this really heartfelt speech where he inspires everyone to just put the food backplease let's not make things go to ship faster than they need to she comes out of her funkshe starts planning for a way to defend the save zone it's really positive but then shecatches them being a complete douche bag but i figure if only one person stole no one sawwouldn't be a big deal i feel like they're

setting spencer up to do something terribleyou can have some huge dirt pennies gonna wind up dead that's what i feel that crackerssleep moment was at the end like rosita tries to comfort them is a hey whatever you're doingjust keep doing it is totally working and then he pulls the crackers sleep out if youlike that was meant to be ominous and it finally on my number one wtf moment denise bangs onthe fence is an act of defiance but we also see the walls are bleeding a little bit meaningthat it's not invincible the walls will come down it is certain point that they won't holdforever and i'll just have to wait to find out what happened to abraham clan daryl ithink next week sepsis can address what's going on with them and i do think the showis doing hilltops so they might start running

into some new characters were getting reallyclose to the midseason finale there has to be some big conflict and i'm actually i'mcurious to see how long they stretch out the super pack storyline like if this goes allthe way the midseason finale because as of right now you have the crazy wolf that morganis keeping locked up he's gonna get out at some point that thou pry be part of the midseasonfinale wtf for something leading up into it you have to super pack that is slowly makingthe walls bleed all over the place and then you have everybody inside that is like slowlybreaking down mentally thousands you really good quote that rick had early in the episodethe biggest danger isn't so much the wall coming down the wall a strong it's everyoneinside breaking down mentally so there couple

shining rays of hope we have glenn and maggie'schild we have tara and denise and then we have rick and jesse and i know carrol wasn'tin this episode but we did see a plate of cookies even though it's it's not the samething when they're not being used as a threat cookies will never be the same after the secondhalf of season five so here's my big question for you guys out of the other big people thatthey mentioned in the episode they're stuck other daryl sasha and abraham do you thinkthat all of them will make it back i feel like daryl is pretty safe abraham could totallygo that the show could lose him and i feel like it wouldn't completely break things sashais kind of on a comic book andrea arc so i feel like they're trying to build that characterups i don't need the sauce is gonna die so

run if i had to pick someone that they cankill the season of like a big member of the group it would be abraham because he is startingto feel kind of overpowered and it looks like he kinda wants to die a little bit like yougot that crazy energy like when he was talking to sasha you doing this because you want todie you just let me know if you agree that like do you think that abraham is gonna dieduring season six are you can go make it to season seven i just feel of all the groupmembers you could lose you know without the integrity of the group completely being destroyedabraham is one of those people so if the show needs another wtf in the back half abrahamwould be a good sacrifice to make it all totally offer my condolences to all the re-shown shippersout there i'd i know everyone wants to see

rick with michelle just because he's withjesse now it doesn't mean that it will never happen the tv show is actually expanded jesse'spart incredibly from the comic hurt her part in the comic book is way smaller but i willsay congratulations to last week's giveaway winner seal of approval what an awesome avataryou and a $20 amazon gift card just be sure to private message me on the back and my channelsand get your contact info was can happen next is i still love the game of thrones videoto do their some new star wars footage that icon want to do a video for hopefully i'llget that all out and still had time to do golf and like i don't have to delay videoslike i did last week so just stay tuned on twitter and facebook i'll post updates throughoutthe day tomorrow white as way for that stuff

to post you can click here for last week'sepisode of the walking dead and you can click here for the flash trailer that i just postedall kinds of zoom stuff happening thank you so much for watching, everybody high fiveand i'll see you tomorrow!

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walking dead comic

walking dead comic

amc's the walking dead has, for the most part,followed the major events of robert kirkman's comic book series of the same name. kirkman's black-and-white comic, which debutedin 2003, contains just a little too much content for the show to follow, however. as a result, amc has made some changes overthe years, mainly to the show's characters. here’s how the walking dead characters reallylook... rick grimes while english actor andrew lincoln's resemblanceto deputy rick grimes in the source material is pretty on-point, there is a drastic difference:he's still got both of his hands.

when the governor captures rick in issue 28,he severs rick's right hand. ouch. shane walsh jon bernthal did a stellar job of portrayingrick's partner and best friend, shane…until he met his end. in the comics, shane is shot through the neckby a tearful carl trying to protect his father. on tv, rick kills shane, but then carl shootsa zombified shane to save his dad. the governor one of the tv series' biggest changes is veteranactor david morrissey's depiction of the governor.

the governor's eye injury, suffered at thehands of michonne in both versions, happens on opposite sides of his face, and in thecomic she uses a spoon, not a sword. and morrissey's governor doesn't sport thatthin, handlebar mustache he does in the comics, which is a telltale sign as to how evil heis. carl grimes carl loses the same eye on the show that helost in the comics, but at the hands of a different shooter. while carl sports his dad's deputy hat throughoutboth versions, he eventually ditches his cap and eyepatch in favor of a pair of glasseswith one dark lens.

fans think this symbolizes carl's inner conflict,as he occasionally displays a darker, angry side that leads to some very brash decisions. negan whatever gripes fans had with the open-endedseason six finale, jeffrey dean morgan did an awesome job as negan, the leader of thesaviors. the comic’s artists based negan's look onmusician and actor henry rollins. interestingly, rollins auditioned to playnegan but lost the role to morgan, who is way more scruffy than his print counterpart. carol peletier

both carols start off meek and powerless,but amc's team decided to make its version of carol the ultimate badass. viewers know carol as a broken woman who respondedto the death of her daughter by turning into a hardened survivor, becoming one of the strongestmembers of team rick. in the comics, she tries clinging onto a brokenrelationship with tyreese, who ends up cheating on her with michonne. after a failed attempt to have an intimaterelationship with both rick and lori, she eventually lets a zombie bite her. oh, carol.

daryl dixon fan favorite daryl dixon is completely uniqueto the tv series. but some of his characteristics can be seenin other characters. daryl's awesome motorcycle with the ape hanger-stylehandlebars? that was likely inspired by rick on the coverof issue 15. unfortunately, creator robert kirkman remainsadamant that daryl will never be featured in the printed series. thanks for watching! subscribe to our youtube channel to watchmore videos like the one you just saw.

and leave us a comment to let us know whichpage to screen transformation surprised you the most...

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walking dead com

walking dead com

*wapish* top of the morning to you laddies, my name is jacksepticeye and welcome to telltale's 'the walking dead season 3'! i've done season 2 on the channel, i didn't do season 1 on the channel, because i played it on my own time before i even starting doing youtube videos. which is crazy to think that *chuckle* where we've come to now,

but this the new season and i'm really looking forward to it because... i don't know, a lot of people are excited about this, and then the first episode of this is split into two parts because apparently it was too big to put into one part. which entices me even further,

and the trailer and everything they showed was pretty cool. and we get to see clementine again all grown up. i don't think clementine is our main character any more, i think she's, uh, another character we meet along the way, and we play as somebody new. and i did, yeah! there she is!

teenage clementine! i did import my save from season 2, which should carry on some of the choices from season 1 and season 2. if not, i might have to go back in and click 'cause when you start season 3 now, you get the option of being able to craft your story based on the choices you made before. so you can go back in, if you didn't have the save

file from those you can just go back in and make the same choices in like a list. and then it will update the choices for season 3 for you. so... the walking dead! season 3! episode 1! part one. it's getting even more confusing it was already confusing enough so... we're gonna do all of part one in this video and then episode 1 part two should be

coming in a few days. i'll do that one as well. i don't know how it works. and then episode 2 will come in a couple of months like the rest of them do. so... it's very confusing i'm sorry. but let's continue story. import save 1 are we good? clem, aj and jane then returned to howe's,

where they took in a family looking for shelter. s- st- start over? oh! start story and start over. ok! and i made some questionable choices at the end of season 2 and a lot of people got mad at me for it *half laugh* and it was crazy. the comments where an absolute disaster on that video. but that's what this series does.

that's what these series do they- they make you they make you take these really weird choices and hopefully these choices actually matter 'cause another thing these series tend to do is is like 'oh! this person died at the end of this season!' and then you go into this and everyone is like 'remember that guy?' 'oh i 'member' and then you just move off and its like it never

happened again. so... start story! start episode 1. so this is called 'a new frontier. damn! look at clem! she's so badass looking now! ahhh... yeah ok, 'ties that bind' and then part- it says part one here. i don't know. i'm just gonna start. enough talking. lets just actually start the fricking episode.

*reads screen* as always so, batman just ended and now we are going straight into the walking dead. it's awesome! i like this! i like telltale games. don't do that! oww! jesus man! right! off to a banger!

ow.. *giggles* i'm gonna be nice, i like being nice. so, has the zombie stuff started yet? wait the zombie stuff must have started if clementine's in the game grown up. the character models are way improved. the engine has come a long way since like, the first season of this. it's very impressive, good job.

maybe this is something that happened back then and we like flash forward to the future where he's all... older and- i don't know. oh... oh god... oh god that's awesome! oh! it' so creepy! it's just like everyone like reeling from the... reeling from the death and then to just hear,

'no, he's awake.' oh, please don't let that little girl die... oh jeez... *laughter* no... no... ooh! grandaddy got strong! oh god no, no, no, no. oh that's a good way to lose a thumb! oh! or a fucking chunk of your face!

uh oh, uh oh, uh oh. oh! fucking jesus! this episode is just *snap* bang! right into the middle of the action see it came in useful, big brother! also- this must be before all that broke out 'cause nobody expected it. oh... this is bad... mama's gonna die too. did you get bit?

ah son of a bitch! christ man... okay, they are everywhere now. ahhhh... there we go! damn, looking older. 'why does that matter?' 'maybe we should go.' 'i've never seen so many.' why are they all blurry? they're there.

ah... that dude has no bottom jaw... ahh... gross! damn a lot of time has passed... how many years is it between when it broke and to present day in the game? we will. *hipster voice* some fucking weed dude! shit dude! 'want me to roll it?' i roll a- a fuckin sick blunt. joint!

i know my weed vernacular. i think the weed would help calm the shakes of the zombie apocalypse. not that i'd fucking know. i've never smoked weed in my life. but i'm gonna smoke it in game though. i'm gonna live vicariously! ohh... goes down smooth, man! *laughter* *laughter* oh, what happened to david? 'do you miss him?' oh... did he die or did he leave?

yeah, exactly *giggling* *stoned impression* i think you're doing ok! good for you! um... he's right there. shhh! sure... that's teenagers, man. yeah! we were all like that once. some of you are probably still like that *laughing* a lot of you are teenagers out there.

not saying that all teenages are the same. *laughter* i agree with that- that's a hard thing to go through. is that the weed talking? 'the kids can-' 'wanna pull over?' 'you know we can't.' oh! burn! ice fucking cold! that's the smell of dank! 'we hit a skunk.' *laughter* *giggles* yeah! what the fuck? you didn't think about that before?

they were still breathing while asleep, just 'cause they are awake now, doesn't change any of that. but yeah, teenage years very, very tough time. um... especially in the zombie apocalypse and especially for anybody who has to go through periods as well. very, very tough time. wait is this-? this isn't the place from the other episode is it? weren't we in a garage place like this? a- in season 2?

was it season 2? or was it season 1? i can't remember everything just kinda blends together. it looks a lot like the same place. that will come in handy. yeah... it sounds like a candy bar. great. gre- ah... he's got a fucking crowbar in its jaw. oh yes! let's eh- mess shit up!

*noises of disgust* fuck 'em up! *slightly disgusted laughter* i can't imagine zombies smell very good. they are decaying people after all. me too. except now you gave away your secret. four years! javi, you're a good dude. i like you!

ohhh.... this is nice. ah, the engine is so much better now! well it would be nice if i could use the mouse to like, look around. ah..um... yeah and there's probably a lot of stuff like i don't know if this is the same... junkyard it- it kinda reminds me- oh! there was a dlc episode, for the walking dead that i played.

i can't remember the name of it. there was season one, a dlc, then season two. and now season three, and there was michonne, that i didn't play. i did record the first episode of it, and i hated it. it- it was not a good game. at- at least i didn't think so, it didn't feel like a good walking dead game. so... and the episode i recorded didn't feel very good so i didn't upload it. i know a lot of people asked me to play it,

but i just didn't bother. um, so, like if there was a scene with somebody sticking a crowbar in a zombie's face in one of the other episodes, and this is like a call back to it, and i just don't remember it, please forgive me! because it's been years since i played the other episodes and i didn't exactly take a refresher before this one, so there's probably a lotta stuff like that gonna happen. some stuff in my inventory.

mari did you find something? like the junkyard in life is strange. why? aw. she's a very smart, mature, young girl. i'm gonna be nice. i'll be nice to everybody. that moon is really cool.

ok, let's actually start looking for shit. walking dead? let's poke the mattress! poke it. you don't need to look and stuff just poke it. *chuckles* i'm not, that was funny. uh... let's talk to kate. did you just - stay ahead of me?

did you just insult me? thank you! thank you, miss pessimism. that's what we need! not that i should judge too harshly. it is kinda the zombie apocalypse. um.... shit happens and i probably shouldn't be too.... probably shouldn't um, think about it the same way as regular life

uh oh! uh oh! uh oh! *sounds of disgust* yahh! yikes. i'm okay! keep on- a siphoning. not that there would be anything in this. anything? *high pitch* hey! there you go.

i like this guy. he's all about optimism. uh sure, but couldn't you siphon what ever's in it, as well? we're not staying. we just said that we'll stay ahead of the herd okay. hey gabe! can- am i allowed to call you gabe?

there's some stuff in this as well. that's a handy little device. i know. but it sounds like you got a 'glug glug' in there, sounds like you got a little piece. those tyres are like the size of the van. what up, gabe? that must be hard, man. again, being a teenager

um.. and like, having lost your dad or what seems like you lost your dad now you're staying with uncle all the time and somebody who is not your mom either, it''s tough. i like javi though. he's a good dude. and i also like these new button prompts.

not only do they look nice and simple and clean and fit the aesthetic of the rest of the game; when you press 'e', a little blood comes on them so you know that you definitely pressed it. it's very nice very nice update. and the lighting is very much improved, too. i like this game already. this is cool.

started off with a bang and now we're- now we're just sauntering around a li'l junk yard all together. for jet engines! no? ok. i'm feeling that something bad is gonna happen in here. maybe we'll find someone! this dude's smart. he's got a brain hole.

he's also very nice to the kids, and kate, and he's an optimist! what's the catch? he a zombie? let's climb! *chuckles* 'any luck?' 'jesus christ! 'don't do that!' *chuckles* *high pitched* you're not my real mom *laughs*

it was also nice making him or letting him help and he has a gun. again, if he feels like he has responsibility then he's less likely to turn on you. not that he's gonna kill us or anything, but. make people feel productive, make them feel welcome, make them feel like they matter.

and not in a fake way either, actually give them responsibility. see? build up people. make them feel useful, make them feel like their self-esteem is worth something. instead of just, being like 'hey, you do this because i tell you to.'

he's a teenager, not a toddler. i said look, not pull. this is bad news beared all over it luckily i got a crow bar from a zombie face! aw, okay. those are weird. *laughs* fuck. 'he said a bad word!' gabe, you keep an eye out now. aw yeah, that's the stuff right there

hell yeah! why don't we just take the ambulance? okay gabe, you do that. uh oh, uh oh. no shooty bang yet. ah, 'q'. *grunts* i didn't feel like you did it. it would probably be wise to uh, pull a weapon.

this, yeah- this is definitely reminiscent of the place i was in in the other episode. it was the dlc. yeah, let's look in first. i remember i was playing as a lady with her sister? i think in whatever episode

or in the dlc, whatever part it was, 'cause the dlc had like 4 parts or something. and i was a different character each time. man, this crowbar is handy ...or not. smash a window. there's just boards on the windows, we can get that.

we can definitely pry a window open. what's up, javi? you sexy man, you. *childish* secret entrance. gabe, i'm going in a hole. you watch ou- not look in the car, look at me! easy, easy. s'up, dude.

that's a lot of supplies. we whisper, quiet 'what?' easy does it. batteries, yes! for her headphones. she's gonna love me after this. also, what's

mariana's connection to everybody? 'cause i know gabe was dave's son um. so i'm his uncle and kate was connected to dave. is mariana his his daughter, as well? are they brother and sister?

because she did call him grandad as well, so, i don't know. unless it said that and i already forgot. s'up dude. 'this place is a dump', 'i think it's cosy' oh. god. doesn't feel safe. ah, they call them 'muertos'. ugh! i kinda want to stay the night because

i'm a fan of the cosiness two against one. three against one. i- i know that the zombies are gonna show up in the morning and shit's gonna go down, but... let's make a game out of it. now kate's mad at me, god damn it. aw, am i being too nice to the kids?

i wanna be- i wanna be a good surrogate father aw, my little heart. aw i'm gonna get so dicked over later for being a nice guy. maybe if you didn't fucking piss on every parade that we had. hey, i'm nice. candy bar! no, you give it to her. oh come on! don't be like that.

balls... oh shit nuggets. ah we, we- uagh, 'we only need a little'. aw shit. no? mainly 'cause i just said there's more of us. ahh- 'i'm alone.' *quietly* fuck.

shit. ok, just be honest, uh communication is key. uhh, niceness. kick 'em in the nuts! oh god they're not here. *quietly* clever. oh shit sack, what do i do? nice.

ah that was me, i was hungry. a real pretty smart mouth. ow.. uh oh. uh, a cat. 'touch that, you die', uh, fuck. *yells* oh god, i'm going to get somebody killed.

oh! oh, oh oh, don't- don't shoot! oh, pistol whipped. why'd you drop it? ow! ohh.. you pistol whip, you get pistol whipped.

that's how shit goes down. fuck, man. oh please don't tell me you've found everybody else. that's not cuffs, they're zip ties! oh, shit. are you gonna turn green and mean? you said it wasn't your call. *sarcastic* nice driving, fucko. um, bad idea, bad idea, bad idea, bad idea, bad idea.

oh balls. why can't we all just be friends? don't shoot him. fuck. that's gonna bite me square in the middle of my anus in a minute. dude, i just let your guy go! mari? kate?

clem! it's clementine. yeah! yes, clem! jeez, you're a bad ass now god damn. seen some shit, man holy shit. i feel that.

i relate to that, a lot. we need our van! that's true, i kinda just told her where it was. people call me clem. aww. ah she's back! i love clementine. clem, please stay with us. i need you to stay with us. clem has seen some shit,

she's been through it all. it's why she's such a bad ass now. she's not taking any chances any more. and lee's hat. i miss lee, i wish lee was here. jesus, brutal.. 'huh, i've had some practice.' that's true.

don't we all in times like this? that's a lot of fucking zombies. god it must be terrifying, to be on your own in the apocalypse. 'k, ok. lee! aw, lee and kenny.. aww they're all dead. what happened to like jane and people? yes.

see? treat people with respect. show them that you trust them, not stupidly of course, those other guys, they didn't deserve our trust. those guys were assholes. they punched me in the face. i didn't like that. but yeah, didn't we leave clem with like jane and people at the end of season 2?

oh, balls. that's not my people. that's a lot of people going in there. at you! is this the colony place? ok. fucking do this. boom. and oh, what's that? headshot.

nice to meet you. meet my bullets. god damn it. jesus, clem. i got you, homie- oh god, oh jesus. you know, when you're fighting zombies, horse. i do like my teeth. they help me eat pizza. thanks, clemmers.

'cause i do know that one of the choices at the end of season 2, let you get to a colony. i'm wondering if this is the same one. it's cool to see clementine, like all grown up now. *giggles* damn, she's so badass. i like that she's still wearing the hat, too. aw, i don't want to...

i don't like other people. just gonna go look at some chess. heh. can i have this chess set? aw man, i wanna play phantom punch! aw that'd be awesome to play right now. imagine being in the apocalypse and seeing like such simple mundane things, like i- i take my computer and everything for granted right now

and internet and all that stuff. imagine if an apocalypse broke out and all that stuff just disappeared. you'd appreciate everything so much more. let's talk. do you? damn.. am i cooler than i thought i was? call his bluff.

you've two pairs. he sounded so confident. you a 2 pair, especially ace high. clem? 'she doesn't need one', she's a badass. oh jesus. jesus chri- dude! calm the f down! calm those tatas!

bitch ass! now stab him in the shoulder, pin him to the chair. yes please. 'i don't control her', she- she's her own. holy fucking shit. oh, fuck. i like you, clem. i love how i said 'honesty and communication is key' and now i'm all like 'clementine, no!'

aw that was fucked up. at least that we can agree on. thank you. appreciate it. i can't be a total push-over. hi! oh, are you female nathan drake? *chuckles* she cute.

let's see about that wound - he starts taking off his shirt. *laughs* *sarcastic* owie! 'takes one to know one,' 'you think i'm pretty?' oh.. ugh. flirting's not going well. uh, 'things got out of hand'. i agree. well she is helping now, i don't want to get her in trouble.

ah, stitches. oh, steristrips, it's okay. yeah. you're a good dude, tripp. you're helping me an awful lot for someone who just met me. uh. oh.... oh no...

i do trust tripp a lot because he seems like a good, honest to god dude. but... the.. the moment makes me wanna just pick eleanor to see what kind of shit goes down. for the sake of, just the series. ah, what do i do? agh...

go with eleanor, 'cause it might be funner. i blew the other guy's head off, haha. da da da! nighty night. what's that all about? that- i'm, i'm nervous. oh, ok. jane! and the baby!

aw.. *baby voice* goof ball! uh.. theodore. 'kenny.' 'lee'! aw it has to be! what else? damn.

jane's gonna cry. i wonder what happened. that is the world's quietest baby. oh no, i hear a rope... did she hang herself? she was pregnant. aw, jane... jesus, aw. well,

that answers what happened to jane, but what happened to the baby? this episode isn't pulling any punches. and this is only part 1! she looks like nathan drake. 'he's a decent guy'. 'i'm back!' 'remember me?' maybe the guy made it back

and he'll vouch for me that i didn't shoot him. or the herd got in and shit went down. *quietly* aw, fuck. fuck you, dude. that's how you do it. no slicing up the face or anything with crowbars. right in the noggin. shh! you're way too cavalier.

there they are! oh, damn. *high pitched* i'm back! it's time to go all terminator on their ass. fuck yeah! stabby stabby. fuck them up. i got you, eleanor. nice!

hello! yeah, of course. kiss her. sounds familiar. she does seem very, like, 'hey! how's it going?' 'i'm eleanor.' i'm way too happy. that's my buddy clem.

i like safe, safe is good. shot a dude, i was in prison... are we gonna be- are we gonna be welcome back? oh, i was just going to say that i have a bad feeling... oh no! aw the way it was framed i knew something bad was gonna happen.

eleanor, now would be a fucking great time to use that. no! *loudly* fuck sake! don't get shot, don't get shot, don't get shot. *yelling* fuck! cover me. are th- click on her to shoot her? oh, mari...

you don't sound fine. i'm not staying. i left my family once, not again. clem, you better not get hurt. aw... what about clem? that was intense. aw! no, fuck.

60% of people decided to leave. 'did you shoot the driver or let him go'? 'you and 40- so 52% of people shot him. granted, this is like an early um, preview copy provided by telltale like um a review copy so i can play it and get the episodes up right when

the launch happens. not sponsored or anything they're just good about that. they give out ah, keys early to people so the episodes can go up right as the game launches. so this isn't the general public's choice yet. i'll have to refresh these and come back to it like when the game is actually out.

and this is only part 1, so i don't know how many people have actually taken this choice yet. 'you and 90.8% of players got locked up. so only 9.2 % of people- i don't know, is that because we lied for clem? that's a good statistic. ok, we went with eleanor, a lot of people went with eleanor. and 85% of people left, yeah.

'cause why would you leave your family first- well, not by your own choice, come back and then leave them again? you'd want to stay. with them, i mean. i knew it, it was literally on the tip of my tongue to say 'i have a bad feeling about this'. right before mari got shot. i knew something bad was gonna happen,

i thought a zombie was gonna bite her on the ground though. aw, just the way it was framed, the pacing of everything and the sound and i knew something bad was going to happen. so can we- ok, updating, talking to the server. hello server, how are you? can we continue please? start episode 2.

the way they said it, they said episode 1 was coming out and they said that episode 1 was too big to put into one episode so that the premier would be part 1 and part 2 of episode 1. at least that's how they made it sound, not that episode 2 was part 2 of that. so i can actually play episode 2 right now if i want to. awesome! well look forward to that then in a couple of days.

because before it was like you play episode 1 and then you'd have to wait a couple of months, and then episode 2 would come out. but now it's out right as episode 1 is out, so. that's awesome. okay cool, we can pick that up straight away then, then episode 3 will be out in a couple of months. i imagine. god. good first episode.

good episode. there was a lot of meandering here and there, like there always is kinda with these types of games. 'cause you need to keep stuff going, they need something to go from a to b to c to b to a. whatever. they need to keep stuff going back and forth all the time so meeting up with those bandits at the start, kinda came full circle in the end.

but again, it felt like meandering just to get us to the next plot point. but overall, very well done. the engine is a lot nicer now, the graphics are a lot nicer, the lighting is a lot nicer and the character models are a lot more convincing in their emotions now. before, they were very cardboard. it still sold the emotion anyway with the voice acting, but now it's kinda more complete package, which i really like. sad that mari has died

but i'm glad that clem is back in the game. i'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. clem shooting somebody and i don't know what this is, uh, at the end. and i don't know who you are. anyway! thank you guys, so much for watching this, if you liked it punch that like button in the face like a boss! and, high-fives all-round! *wapish* *wapish*

thank you guys, and i will see all you dudes, [high voice] in the next video! [outro music plays] not letting anybody else die. that's it, nobody else is dying in this playthrough.

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walking dead characters

walking dead characters

hey youtubers it’s charlie and they justannounced the main characters for the spin off show which turns out, is something ofa prequel. not in the way you expect, but i’ll explain that too. only 6 people were announced so it’s likelythey’ll continue to add people to the pilot before they shoot. the fact that they’re this far into theprocess means there’s a chance that if they can finish it by the time the regular showcomes back for break. the network can make a decision and put the show into productionfor a fall 2015 debut if they want. that doesn’t mean it will go down that way,it just means if everything stays on track

and they shoot it in time, we might get towatch it as early as comic con 2015. i’ll talk more about that after i explain the characters. and my weekly walking dead giveaway startsnow, all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave a comment. so there are 6 people total and all thesecharacter descriptions are from robert kirkman’s mouth. number 1 is sean cabrera. he’s a latinomale in his early 40s. he’s a good man trying to do right by everyonein his life. i’m choosing to think of him as the rickof the group for now. or maybe a cross between

rick and shane, if shane hadn’t of gonecompletely nuts. number 2 is cody cabrera. sean’s whip-smartand rebellious teenage son. known as the angriest kid in town. i’m going to think of him as a younger versionof daryl who’s got glenn’s brain. he has “mischief managed” written allover him. number 3 is nancy tompkins. she’s a thirtysomethingsingle mom with two kids. nancy looks like the girl next door, but there’san edge to her. i’m thinking of her as a cross between andreaif she had a child just because she was mid-30s and a season 1 season 2 carol.

carol is about 10 years older than what nancy’sgoing to be, but she’s like the template walking dead tiger mom. nancy sounds like she’s going to be likethat, soft and caring like andrea but capricious enough that she’ll swing to carol levelsof badassery when pushed. number 4 is nick tompkins. he’s nancy’sscrewed up teenage son. he’s too old to stay at home but too scaredto flee. i’ll explain the flee part when i explainthe time period this all takes place. he kind of sounds like an early version ofbob, screwed up teenager who’s too chicken to leave home has “future alcoholic” writtenall over him.

number 5 is ashley tompkins. she’s nancy’smostly-level headed teenage daughter. her ambition is in direct proportion to herolder brother’s failures. she loves her mom, but it’s time to getout of dodge. from the character description she soundsexactly like what beth is going to become in season 5. or what she started to becomeat the end of season 4. much more ambitious about her own life. beth got really pissed at daryl for just acceptingtheir fate. she was a big call to action for him. and it sounds like this new ashley personwill be that for this new group of people. the last one, number 6 is andrea chapman.i know there was already an andrea on the

main show. but kirkman explained that theyhave no relation to each other and using the same name isn’t meant to be an easter eggor anything. she’s described as a somewhat wilted flowerchild, who has retreated to the outskirts of the city to recover from a horrible marriage. actually reading her story she really doeskind of sound like andrea if she had carol’s life, pre-apocalypse. there’s a lot we can say about this group.first, they’re two single parent families one with a dad, one with a mom. you can make all the brady bunch jokes youwant. but it does seem like they’re making

the spin off a family based group. at leastat the beginning. this is a big change from the main show thatthrew a bunch of strangers together with a few scattered families. these people willbe much more of a family unit. i think the hope is that by starting thesecharacters out in a much more intimate situation. we the audience will connect with them faster. i do tend to feel closer to a bonded groupof characters. on the other end of that spectrum. rick justacknowledged daryl as his brother. it took them four years to really become a family. the spin off is just speeding that up.

there’s also the fact that you have a teenagegirl and a teenage boy in the group, and two single women with one single adult man. soyou can start the ‘shipping right here. i’ll be interested to see if they go straightfor a love triangle with the adults and romeo juliet the teenagers. young love in the age of apocalypse. i guessthat kind of makes it sound like the x-men sequel. which is just another badass movie i can’twait to see. supposedly part of the reason they chose togo with older teenagers was because of all the trouble they had shooting with chandlerriggs when he was younger.

child labor laws make it so that you onlyget to shoot with kids for like half a normal day. if they’re really young. like carlin season 1, you can only shoot with them for a few hours per day. normal shoots can sometimes take up to 18hours. none of the characters are from the comicsand there’s no word on where this would be set. which city they’d be in. now next big question: i know you’re askingwhen does this take place. it’s a prequel right? it’s supposedly going to take place in theearly days of the outbreak. it will chronicle

the attempts to contain the virus. of course there will be massive groups ofwalkers, but the popluation won’t be nearly as decimated. society won’t have been destroyed but walkerswill start popping up everywhere. so we’ll be seeing the world react to them for thefirst time. robert kirkman is doing most of the writingwith the help of his partner at skybound, dave erickson. erickson will be the official showrunner.robert kirkman is way too busy to run a show. and he still has to help write the main showtoo.

the whole thing will borrow a lot of the behind the scenes talent of the main show,but the difference is, from a production standpoint. robert kirkman’s skybound company is incharge. so he stands to make a lot more money from this show than from the main show ifit’s successful. frank darabont developed the main show originallywith kirkman’s help. at the time, kirkman didn’t have the ability to produce the showhimself, so amc did a lot of the heavy lifting. next big question, when can we watch it? as i said earlier, they’re casting now.so if they can finish the pilot by the spring next year. unless there’s some huge catastrophe,amc can order it to series and they can shoot episodes for a fall 2015 release.

that’s if they decide to air the series alongside the mainshow. they could always choose to air it during another part of the year. and there’s been no word on how many episodesper season they’re envisioning. it’s just a pilot right now, so we probablywon’t know more till they air that pilot. if you can make it to san diego comic connext summer, there’s a 99 percent chance they’ll screen the pilot there. unless somethingreally horrible goes wrong. it will be canon with the main series. i think it’s around 2009-2010 where we areright now. kirkman said he’d never reveal the specificyear the outbreak started, other than it was within a couple years of the start of thecomics. which was about 2003-2004.

i guess you could say the spin off will takeplace around 2-3 years before season 1 of the main show. let me know what you think about the charactersthey announced and what kind of a villain do you think we’ll see? i know it’s not going to be comic book characters,but that doesn’t mean kirkman won’t borrow a villain from the comics and give them adifferent name on the show. we only have about two more weeks before itcomes back. october 12th. when it gets here i’ll be doing bonus videos, reviews, q&asand the weekly giveaway, just like last year. so be sure to subscribe to get everything.

i’ll do a couple more bonus videos beforethen, including the michonne one i keep postponing. right now click here for my breakdown of theseason 5 trailer and click here for my top 5 crazy rick grimes moments. thanks for watching, now let’s all highfive and meet up later for gotham

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walking dead be

walking dead be

hey! how's going bros? my name is pewdiepie! welcome back to episode 2, part 2. final. it's really confusing season 3. you're like : "what is happening.." all you need to know : it's intense. are they following us ?

just the other car. looks like we're okay. we don't know where clementine is... and i don't like that. not. one. bit. it'd be fun if we see some old characters. it's been a while. we've seen clementine, but... they just love to introduce new characters. hey, i helped her win at poker. oh there's clementine.

uh oh. oh.. oh it's time for our little boy to be a man huh? time to get that beanie up! awh... what about.. merr... well that was easy. how quick was that guy to give up on his whole town?

like, he didn't even bring anything but his overall. oh, that's cute uh, excuse me. uhh.. he- he's not ready. he is not ready for clementine. lemme tell you that. clementine.. badass.

gabriel.. fucking pussy, alright? *burp* i'm sorry that was really gross, i just realized i burped, *laughs* oh she- see i forgot they brought her we got water hopefully it's not urine. it looks kinda sketchy. you're thirsty, you're hot? you got sepsis. whatever

i don't want her to die.. it's a raccoon awkward.. owwwww clementine clemy cluu i love her so much on the road again last chapter coming up

last one had four if i remember correctly sooooo, its about to go down in viking town "hey it's me odin" yeah that's the point its a trap. its a trap!! nothing for clementine! ♪ clementine ♪

she needs her own themes! hah hou that was fucking badass clementine is the fucking shit i love clementine so much. shes my favorite character after lee of course. push so we can't push, huh?

allright or can we? try putting it off gear.. sorry dont roll your eyes to me young man oh my god its says dab! ow dammit it said jab fuck i hate when it says jab instead of dab it's the worse thing i hate! *hisses*

alright maybe we can find something in this garage! open please well how convein- ahhhhhhhhh! its jacksepticeye! no oh jeez dude... is that a fucking wrench? sweet man i'll take the wrench!

swedish invention by the way.. [ speaks swedish ] you're welcome! alright.. you're welcome.. hum.. video game we need to power it somehow.. how about we use the wrench on this now i can pull out the cable. [ gasps ] ohhh man..

connect thanks for helping viking dude! ah- wa- ah- ha shut the fuck up winch.. perhaps, there are something else that we can find oh look at that we can talk to jab-no, his name's conrad.. i guess we should talk to everyone. i kinda like this down moments in the game, it's..

brings atmosphere, it's brings me great pleasure and joy ohh.. you're hitting that? if you are i'll fucking kill you! uh-huh.. pretty cool.. how old are you? huh? not old enough! if you touch clementine ima touch you- no wait-

ima kill you! hey jumper cables.. let's just talk to conrad you don't ask someone: "you good?"[ laughs ] your friend died? you good? alright.. sounds good to me conrad.. the real hero of this story.. is lonny..

i should ask her if she knew lonny.. lonny was my man he's was my main bitch dude, th- was there an ax next to him? it's okay i did this during scare pewdiepie i know what i'm doing! it's easy.. i mean i could have done that.. now run the engine.. what a puzzle!

oh no walkers.. this is not gonna end well.. i know this game.. hey look at that.. zombies.. how convinient oh my god it's more jacksepticeye.. oh i love cars hey next time close your fucking windows! wow! fuck yeah that's- oh my god! yes, yes, yes!

that's cool.. i'll shoot you and then you, and then you, and then you, and then you. and then clementine will kick some ass! dude.. ow sh- dude ah.. look on your left oh dude that was awesome! oh oh thanks buddy! good job..

uhmm.. it's on fire .. how does so many of them just come out of nowhere like nowhere! convenient plot device.. zombies now everywhere hehehey damn.. *laughs* there's no point wasting bullets here but okay. oh no...

ohh fuck... that'll take you out. this is getting intense. you could climb that. 'self service' well you got that right. i like the sound of that. hey! you don't talk to clementine like that! you fucking viking. is it kenny?

*grunting* *heavy breathing* oh, yea. i don't- i don't think i can kill kenny this play though i- now i remember, i actually did kill him. 'wasd' thank you game. ah wow... clementine is literally the only character left from season one. it's a bit sad. i wou- now i would aim the gun at him and be like:

'hey, umm..' whats up? how's it going bro? its pewdiepie here, did you watch my channel? who the fuck are you? oh fuck, i wasn't ready for this. america! everyone has guns. hell of that... there's no shortage of guns in this game. uh oh...

that's bad. thats real bad. what is clementine doing? lower them- *chuckles* i want to know what clementine thinks 'cuz i only really trust her. *laughter* how 'bout that? we met jesus. what a weird dude.

oh! we got a clementine flash back coming up. lets see what is says. 'four' okay so there's five then i suppose. sorry sorry *laughs* here we go. oh yea, what happened to little timmy? i know that's not his name that seems like a terrible idea.

hey, hey, hey, hey. aj oh... babies are the worst. beautiful. stunning. wait, did the zombie hum as well? seems harmless honestly. oh, fuck. looks like we're gonna- there was an open door all along? what the fuck?

hey look at that. i roll alone. i'm clementine. you like apples? well too bad! 'cuz i'm clementine. *nervous laughter* oh my god thats creepy now. no. i know you. the fuck does that mean?

i hate when they- okay you're just gonna sleep there? on your ikea pillow? oh my god. well that was clementine flash back number two. what? what does she know? what- does she know something? she knows something. what is it clementine? anything you want. oh, maybe she's marked. *gasp*

oh no! clementine! this is super awkward. i can't believe you le- la- um.. tattoo you. uh, with the- fire thing. well her story adds up. plus of course, i trust her. huh, jesus, literally. it's jacksepticeye. oh, thats creepy.

reminds me of uh- i am the one, the one. oh shit. what the fuck does that mean? oh shit. fuck jesus! karate jesus! holy moely. let's go in the tunnel they said.

it will be a good idea they said. this is real bad. this is real bad. let me tell you, i know when things are bad. hey, you opened the door. *muttering* uh, this? okay well i suppose i could do that. it's baseball time bitch! she knows. i can't believe it clementine.

got him. yes, yes shoot him! uh... no! ahh! *whispers* fuck he was a good man. it had to be done. don't look at me like that. i don't-

that was a tough decision i gotta say, to run on the fly. i wanted to think about it for a second. but i- you know... gabriel and clementine are important to me. alright? i don't really care about conrad. so what am i supposed to do huh? ah he- what does he- why would he care at this point about ka- i'm sorry dude. i'm really sorry about killing your friend.

that's gonna- that's gonna- that's gonna bite me in the ass later i am sure. but at least- at least we have jesus on our side you know? that makes me feel good. ohhh.. is someone watching us? i feel watched! i feel very watched. overwatched okay then

creepy lookin. their not in the car. *gasp* she's there! *zombie noise* oh okay. she's fine. sorry, i don't- hopefully we got there before the other guys, you know? trust me, you don't want to go to norway. she's one hundred percent gonna die.

looks so nice and inviting. uh oh... this is stupid. that does- i agree. what are we fucking twelve. please don't shoot us. please don't shoot us. please don't shoot us. ah fuck.

*gasp* oh! woh! what!? the fuck!? ah! well that was unexpected. very unexpected. cool.

oh, sorry i forgot, now, we got 62% of players told david that kate wanted to leave him. well that was 62% of players that was- tricked into another option. i hated that option. that didn't make any sense. how did you handle the frontier 61% opened fire so it was kinda a close call. what would you have done huh? what would you have done? did you trust jesus? *laughter* 87% would have trusted jesus.

very good. how did you deal with conrad's threat to clementine? oh, a lot of people killed conrad. i thought that was a really tough decision to make. i suppose it makes sense that it's the right decision but that dosent make it a tough decesion um... finally, how far did you get into richmound. uh huh... that was it?

okay. excellent. well that concludes another episode of season 3 the walking dead. i love playing this game and i'm so thrilled i can share it with you guys. through the power of the internet. we have three more episodes to go. let's have a quick look here. so.... coming soon. okay, jesus is in that one, that's cool. clementine lookin all badass in episode 4. and then...

alright, should be a good one. i'm really enjoying this one so far, i hope you are as well. and uh, hopefully we can see some more familiar faces in the next one. anyway thank you guys so much for watching it's- it's such an amazing thing, i really appreciate it. and as always [ smooch ] stay awesome.

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walking dead actors

walking dead actors

the this guy i want to start with you even the showrunner now on walking deadfor three seasons striker the i'm starting my thirdregulations and you now midway through the current fifth seasonwhich a lot of viewers and critics regard is maybe the best season at the show has ever done i thisyear though involves a lot i've different camps and characters lineuplocations criss-crossing storylines so can you talk a little bit about howhow you prepare for an organiza- season

as complicated as the one that where if we're currently this show has incredible source material which we drawon pretty directly so what i'm saying is the way iapproach it is the most expensive fanfiction i i read the comics thinking like oh iwonder who's going to get to figure that out that guy yeah tough job ahead i'm or or like 00should post this to the forum no i won't i might become theshowrunners i

so the thing that always struck me aboutthe the comic book which i think we're trying it only get as well is the factthat it is this story that you follow this man who is theperson mia the one order and he's the embodiment law and orderand you going this extraordinary journey the through this desperate hell andrealize that you can have on his side and the in thething about rick but i love is that he said there's acertainty in him the people follow that's one of his strengths it's alsoone of his weaknesses as well because he's defying

within but what happens is people standbehind someone in desperate times no when this certain now what isintriguing to me is that there are morally ambiguous decisions that he makes and i think that that's the the thing thathooks me into the stories that you start going way he's just been theguys throw doubt but it's for his son you know in i because it's up to because i i coltsgot up and i won you know we've we've always been

really responsible with the violence onthis show i as a line in the sand all weoverstepping i and he said which party you talk yeah i i was like the neck but a but but actually when we came to shootthe scene you know like most things that you know he writes it made completesense and as long as it was grounded in somethingincredibly powerful inhumane you can do things that are terriblyinhumane in the show

and possibly thats the kinda just aposition that really and gets people's juices flowing at i and landed there i this is a a relationship that's beenforged against all odds in you know this crucible and violence inarm again i mean are glenn and maggie basicallydoomed law i didn't know that was gonna that way ihowever like this yeah i'm hitting you with my my real gun i you know i know

that's a tough one i think thats that isthe question that remains unanswered i think that is thequestion that on that we're exploring at this pointnot necessarily just their relationship but what is yourconstant i'm hold on him and he do to you can you persevere in this world withthat typeof mentality i'm will ultimatelyloving someone bring you down and be the downfall forthe both the view on and i think everyone respondsdifferently

on the spectrum and just just like anysaid you know he's gonna tear out someone's throat forhis son on we don't know the measures to whichglen would go to protect maggie we know the measures that he would go togo find her again i'm in and i think thats that's the questionthat we're gonna see as we go further is is really exploring where these characters lie where where the moral compass is wellwith the media have as this world

continues to batter them over and over and over on days whenyou're perhaps not sinking your teeth into somebody else's neck but let's see ifyou pick up a call sheet use discover i'll you know any other day which i getto participate in some kind of zombie killing moment and you lookforward to those days are those exciting more exciting days in i yeah can repeal there's there's somestuff i mean like an lol at the same split but like theirstuff that comes up

in the snow second half where like a we had a talent we had fun justchoreographing you really i'm gonna do this and then you can come in and do this thewhen he falls alcala jump on top and then i'll do that is like we like were idiots yeah over here from i a smiling excellent was so happy to like hack nslash because heck it's like its you know you knowwhat you know was agree memory

is a it's already aired but it was episode for by when we're hiding out inthe woods for the hunters to come back i'll andknock on our door that would be the 33 3 yes i'm sorry i didn't got a little i a guy who doesn't watch the show onlyact how i i but we're hiding out in the woods and we are all there is literally cops androbbers yeah in turns around to me is like states

posada i awesomely were hiding out it'snighttime and then they'll call back to the timewhen i didn't shield see i never in never gotaunt the only we never seen it yet that weprobably could've gone huh yeah i'm them

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walking dead 2

walking dead 2

when season 2 of the walking dead was releasedway back in 2013, one significant country was left waiting for its own localised version.in an extremely unusual move, the japanese release was absent for not one, not two, butnearly 3 years. it wasn’t until june 30th 2016, where japanesegamers could finally get their hands on it, and, when they did, the game had also beencensored in various ways. the censorship was announced by the publishersprior to release however, with them explaining that certain scenes involving violence wouldbe too extreme even with japan’s highest rating in place.the first game faced similar trouble with the japanese rating system and was censoredas well, something we already have a video

for. unlike the first game though, it seemsthe censorship was actually a bit more lenient. you see, most of the first games censorshipwas extremely strict about open wounds, flesh torn so bad that you could see inside. forseasons 2 though, there are many examples of graphic wounds that are completely uncensored,such as this scene which show clementine sewing up her arm.it was only the most brutal cases of violence that were altered, one of these being thisscene which shows the zombie’s intestines pop out of their body. in japan, their internalorgans have been recoloured so they’re a lot less noticeable. on the other hand, thepart immediately afterwards where she cracks their skull open was left untouched.now, this video will not detail all of the

changes but will leave you with a good ideaof what to expect. for example, comparable censorship is made later on where you stumbleacross multiple zombies, all with their intestines hanging out of their bodies. this time theorgans were simply completely removed. like was said, it was only the most graphictypes of violence that were altered and so, whilst there’s plenty of uncensored openwounds, this one was a bit more open than most, leaving you with the sight of insidethe zombie’s entire face. in japan the wound was recoloured to hide away the gore.then though, moments later and this zombie being impaled isn’t in any way censored.neither are things like this. a very brutal scene involving the villainouscarver getting his head repeatedly smashed

in proved to be too much though. for the japaneseversion, all of the damage to their face is blacked, severely reducing the gore.more intestines are censored when clementine slices open a zombie to douse herself in itsblood, trying to hide her human scent. again, the organs were recolored rather than beingremoved. but, to finish the video with something thatmakes trying to find sense in the changes made to the japanese version much harder.you see, this scene was fully uncut, despite it showing bone and who knows what stickingout of her sliced off arm. whilst pointless as it’s no different, here’sthe same scene but in japan, so you can see for yourself. kinda strange right? thank youfor watching.

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walking bad

walking bad

you can turn these captions off by clicking the cc button below the video. you think you're black? i'm black, yeah. brother, you got skin like an english kid. well i don't like coffee... but you'd eat a bagel. hey you know what animals i like? sharks...

... and skunks! that's great. listen, pretty redneck i'm taking your banjo! come on, don't! that's not cool he needs his banjo for the talent show man, that's no fair! all i have is a guitar!

and you get a banjo? you ready? or... do you need something else before you start? my lips are so sore already... i know. i don't wanna mess up your dumb potato basket a woman thug stole my banjo you have a new one? i got cheetah candy

but it's pretty gross and i gotta poo again nuh uh, you just went! oh yeahhhh! oh, kitty! oh, you're bleeding! on me! oh yeahhh! a friend of mine got a foot

and it's juicy what the hell are you talking about? you know, fish can hear you thinking just before you sneeze.... chavi choff chop what's "chavi choff chop"!? j-j-j-j-j-j-j-juh! ahhh gosh! hey!

you're hurting my neck! *cough! *cough! see, i coughed! *cough! christine! hey! i just heard that! oh, excuse me! i broke wind. did you have bologna and the fishsticks?

that's just great. i know what it takes to make you hot i need a man that can decorate and mix my brew well i'll wash the dog, but you're washing the laundry! naw, naw, i'm not gonna be your sexy beef friend oh yeah? well just say "ahhhhh" knock knock. who's there?

why don't you zip it... cheesy bird mess. what'd you just say? i have a cheesy bird mess? dreet! uh oh what happened? he said "dreet" and i'm about to freak out! i just can't whoop him.

yeah i farted on you when you put banana peppers in the wheaties. but ah -- now, jim... or are you mark? hey, do you remember that costume party? you went as a penguin and i went as a pink shark did you notice the teeth?

because everybody else told me i was neat! a tiny clown, he got wet i was talking to a psychic and i can't sleep in the ozone there's too many different peanuts looking sad uh, i would like to go now... candy canes will wreck y'all's bowels you got a problem! i want a brown girl!

hey, psst! i'm standing right here! she's so white and not exotic! kevin, go away! i want another one! geez, he's a spaz! i just peed eww gross! guess what? i just ate a hotdog!

yeah! hey papi ah! you just like me for my weed yeah, i will admit it. let's get to it. we're on broadway i once knew a kid his tongue fell off in his sleep.

la-bibbida-bibba-dum la-bibbida-bibba-do this is a violet. no it isn't yeah, well it could be a flower the other night, there was this movie that was all about gardens called "bloody shrimp" you got a problem. uh, yeah, i just found out that we missed halloween

yeah. i always wanted a wookiee then i found out they weren't real thanks for nothing, george lucas! ok this is getting old! no more! come on, stop it! you're like a dope fiend!

cluck! went the chicken. and that's how they do it on broadwayyyyy