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walking dead comic

walking dead comic

amc's the walking dead has, for the most part,followed the major events of robert kirkman's comic book series of the same name. kirkman's black-and-white comic, which debutedin 2003, contains just a little too much content for the show to follow, however. as a result, amc has made some changes overthe years, mainly to the show's characters. here’s how the walking dead characters reallylook... rick grimes while english actor andrew lincoln's resemblanceto deputy rick grimes in the source material is pretty on-point, there is a drastic difference:he's still got both of his hands.

when the governor captures rick in issue 28,he severs rick's right hand. ouch. shane walsh jon bernthal did a stellar job of portrayingrick's partner and best friend, shane…until he met his end. in the comics, shane is shot through the neckby a tearful carl trying to protect his father. on tv, rick kills shane, but then carl shootsa zombified shane to save his dad. the governor one of the tv series' biggest changes is veteranactor david morrissey's depiction of the governor.

the governor's eye injury, suffered at thehands of michonne in both versions, happens on opposite sides of his face, and in thecomic she uses a spoon, not a sword. and morrissey's governor doesn't sport thatthin, handlebar mustache he does in the comics, which is a telltale sign as to how evil heis. carl grimes carl loses the same eye on the show that helost in the comics, but at the hands of a different shooter. while carl sports his dad's deputy hat throughoutboth versions, he eventually ditches his cap and eyepatch in favor of a pair of glasseswith one dark lens.

fans think this symbolizes carl's inner conflict,as he occasionally displays a darker, angry side that leads to some very brash decisions. negan whatever gripes fans had with the open-endedseason six finale, jeffrey dean morgan did an awesome job as negan, the leader of thesaviors. the comic’s artists based negan's look onmusician and actor henry rollins. interestingly, rollins auditioned to playnegan but lost the role to morgan, who is way more scruffy than his print counterpart. carol peletier

both carols start off meek and powerless,but amc's team decided to make its version of carol the ultimate badass. viewers know carol as a broken woman who respondedto the death of her daughter by turning into a hardened survivor, becoming one of the strongestmembers of team rick. in the comics, she tries clinging onto a brokenrelationship with tyreese, who ends up cheating on her with michonne. after a failed attempt to have an intimaterelationship with both rick and lori, she eventually lets a zombie bite her. oh, carol.

daryl dixon fan favorite daryl dixon is completely uniqueto the tv series. but some of his characteristics can be seenin other characters. daryl's awesome motorcycle with the ape hanger-stylehandlebars? that was likely inspired by rick on the coverof issue 15. unfortunately, creator robert kirkman remainsadamant that daryl will never be featured in the printed series. thanks for watching! subscribe to our youtube channel to watchmore videos like the one you just saw.

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