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walking dead merchandise

walking dead merchandise

not english. i fricking love anime.anime's pretty cool. this is the one with the titans, isn't it? (gasping) it's attack on titans! this is my show. everything changed when the fire nation came. but how long...would it last? this is such a good show. like, legit. this is amazing. so dramatic. (laughs)

the city has been invaded by titans. i don't even know what this is about.i just heard it's really good. yes, oh my god!this show is my life right now. oh no...she got pulled up by her head. this is when my inner nerd comes out.i low key love this stuff. brutal. (laughs) that episode was so sad. this looks good. it's so hard to watch anime subs.

i don't have enough of an attention span to just read. this is like the pokemon? yeah, yeah, yes! honestly, i think swords would be very ineffective against giants. [low key], that's really tight. (laughs) attack of the titan. i've never heard of that before. it looks good. (boy) and just like that...everything changed.

oh, wait, wait, wait. is this already a thing in japan and they're bringing it over to america now? (man) okay, people, either we secure this ground as mankind's first-- oh, are they english dubbing it?nice, was unaware of that. (boy)...the pre-death extinction. his voice sounds so weird in english! (boy) after five resurrected walls, withdrawing behind them in frightened huddles with what was to be a century of uneasy peace. dude, that show is so intense.just the trailer is like--

i feel like i'm about to die. (boy) i saw it! the colossal one!you were there that day. nothing in anime sounds good in english.you just gotta read the captions, okay? - (boy) go back to hell--- (woman) you don't fight the nature of things in [inaudible] - (boy) you tell me it's better--- it's really gory. look around you, eren.don't be a pawn. i guess it's a whole revenge thing going on that he destroys the city and now the kidsbeen training forever. (woman) face it, all the powers that they really expect

us to do is play the game. - this is [our chance]!- yeah, kill it! kill it! (man) remember this moment when you come face to face... the feels are so intense right now for me. like, i swear! that looks really good. epic. japanese anime is the [censored]. (finebros) before today, had you everheard of the show attack on titan?

mmm-hmm. yes. a lot of people talk to me about it. and you guys talk about it in the fine time vlogs. i have watched it all in japanese. no. i've never heard of it. no, i've not heard of it, but i am going--is it on adult swim or something? (finebros) yeah, it's on adult swim.

(laughter) - (finebros) you're excited?- yeah! (finebros) from what you've seen,what does the plot - seem to be of the show attack on titans?- there's town. okay, wait, is the town's name titan? town are a group of people in these walls,like protective walls, and then there's titans that come in. titans that were raised from hell, basically. bad-ass ninja guys are gonna tryand take down these giant titans.

and humanity is in jeopardy. (finebros) without spoiling too much, the show is about giant human-like creatures who attack and eat humans, but no one knows why. ugh, lovely. that explains the [go wear]. what the hell, man?i would [censored] my pants if that was gonna happen. (finebros) so they barricaded themselves in walls, but the titans are back and broke through, so the humans are fighting for their survival. sounds intense!

it's so confusing. but those animes are always really confusing. that's a really good plotline. that's amazing! hidden message: we destroy each other! the monopolies are destroyingthe little people! (finebros) if you lived in a world wherethe titans were real, - what do you think you would do?- i would so hide under a rock. i'm gonna sit in the background and cry!

somebody save the day for me. i would join the army and i would love to do that spiderman grappling thing. i'm a thug, okay?i'm going straight after those titans. no. you would die, like first one to die--that would be you! you would be that kid who died. if you're gonna die no matter what,go out like a warrior. - (finebros) do you like the show?- it's so good! it's my favorite show. (finebros) who's your favorite character on the show?

sasha and eren. either eren or levi. i mean, eren's the main character. i'm biased 'cause that's whose point of view i'm looking from. (finebros) so i now have some clips to show you of the horror - inside of attack on titan.- ooh! i like creepy things. there my favorite scenes in the show, to be honest. oh no! he's gonna get eaten.oh she's--oh no!

oh, don't do it. no! oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no no! noooo! noooo! that's so disturbing. oh... he like breaks her and then eats her.it's just like, "oh god!" ugh, what is--this is whyi don't watch anime. just slurped him up like some noodles. no, no, no, no...

noooo! what?! it's like a little snack. no! oh god, no!not this one, okay? okay, okay. (gasp) no! noooo! (finebros) is it all you expected attack on titan to be? not really. i had something about teen titans going on in my mind. like these guys are going to be sick-assteenage combat people.

there's some sadistic [censored]. - (finebros) what do you think of the titans?- they're weird looking. they look like people, but they look like carnivorous people. they can freaking terrifying. and other times you see them and you're like, "oh, i want that as a doll. i want to cuddle it, it's adorable." that's such a good concept.oh my god! it's so creepy and so awesome. (finebros) so this is an anime.what is an anime? it's a japanese cartoon?

generally based off of the manga. not with the connotation like it's for children, like it's for all ages. i thought it was for little kids until i saw it had violent scenes. i did not like the english version 'cause they mess everything up! in everything, they translate it and probably google translate it or something 'cause everything is wrong! (finebros) so in japan they make so much anime, way more than in america. almost every major network in japan willair an anime as part of their programming. what? (laughs)

(finebros) what do you think about the fact that here anime is on a few smaller networks,but in japan they're on major networks and some of them even air on prime time? well, that's strange. i think it's just a cultural difference. japan has all this down! imma have to think about moving pretty soon. i think we need some of that.i want to be watching anime on fox and nbc.

(finebros) why is there this stigma?a lot of people say anime and people - are like, "ugh, i hate it!"- they're so immature. you should grow up.uh, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. calm down. the cartoon show is you can make thingsmore intense than you could even with things like in the walking deadand game of thrones. people are like, "no, it's cartoons!we can't watch it. that's for children." and then they'll go and see frozen 12 times, and the lego movie 10 times.so you can freaking watch anime, people!

truth! (finebros) so back to attack on titan,arguably right now this is the most popular recent anime.what do you think is resonating world-wide with this type of a story? i don't know. attack on humanity has been a very popular theme in so many movies. unity thing. we're all humans. we can do this together. hey, everyone.let's all die together. the concept of the creatures--the titans are creepy as [censored].

it's honestly such a good story. they're really blunt about it for one thing, and gore. like that guy killing himself.you probably wouldn't see that in oren high school host club, you know? anything can happen at any time. eren's already [censored]. (finebros) finally, now that you knowmore about it, are you interested - to start watching attack on titan?- i don't know. it kinda scares me. probably not. (laughs)

i am. definitely. hell yeah, i am. i'm watching the first whole season tonight when i get home. (finebros) if anyone watching this doesn't watch anime, why is attack on titan the show they still should watch? oh my god, okay. you have to watch it 'cause you're gonna cry.and then the plot twists, and the feels. and you're gonna hate everyoneand then you're gonna love everyone

and then everyone's gonna die after you start loving everyone. go watch this show.it's amazing. the characters are amazing.the story's amazing. it's just the best show ever! it's like game of thrones, mixed with harry potter, mixed with lord of the rings, with an ocean's worth of blood. so just check it out, bro. thanks for watching another episode of teens react! let us know in the comments what tv show we should react to next.

if you like this episode, help support the show by giving it a big thumbs up. alright, guys, i'm gonna go.i'm gonna have some nightmares about titans.

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