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twd series

twd series

- hi, we're the fine brothers.- and consider yourselves warned! - duck for cover because walkers are a-comin'! - we're gonna be spoiling everything from the fifth season of the walking dead.- if you know nothing about the show or want a full refresher, you can watch our first walking dead recap here, then come on back to this video to get the continuation.- you'll be all caught up for the season six premier on october 11thafter watching this recap in one take, and under seven minutes.- starting now!

- we left off with rick, daryl, and michonne captured and put into a railroad car with glenn and maggie's group. - meanwhile, carol and tyreese...- who led a group of survivors that included his sister sasha before joining rick last season-- - ...learned the rest of their group is being held captive. - carol, who went from season one timid lady to season five warrior womancauses an explosion! - she saves rick and the others from being eaten, but not before more zombie killing!(gunshots)

- gareth, the leader of terminus,leads his men out and rick's group reuniteswith carol, tyreese, and baby judith. - the group keeps moving. - abraham intends to bring dr. porter to washington dc, where he says he can cure the walker virus. - rick then covers up the once-promising terminus sign and labels it "no sanctuary." - after they leave, a mysterious figure discovers the sign. he takes off his mask, revealing he's morgan jones,

who we last saw on season three having a mental breakdown over the loss of his son.mind blown! - back with the group, they run into father gabriel stokes, who rick distrusts after he claims to have never killed any walkers or people, but they stay at his church for shelter anyway. - as for carol, she decides to leave the group, but daryl follows her. - a car speeds past the two and daryl notices that it has the same white cross painted on the window as the one that took beth last season, so they follow it.

- and, yes, we knowwe should've mentioned beth in our last recap.- quick intro: she is maggie's little sister who split off with daryl after the prison collapsed and was kidnapped. - back outside the church, bob...- a survivor who joined rick's group last season--- captured by gareth's group. - bob realizes his leg's been amputated. - it's being eaten by gareth's group. shish ka-"bob"? - bob laughs and reveals he's been bitten and they're eating tainted meat!

- at the church, father gabriel reveals that he locked many out and left they to die. - he believes rick's group were sent to punish him. - gareth's group drops off bob at the church. - they start opening fire as they get bob to safety. - bob reveals he was bitten and tries to explain to the group where gareth's hideout is located. - abraham wants to leave with dr. porter immediately, but rick wants revenge against gareth's group.

- glenn defuses the situation by agreeing to assist abraham's group and leaving alongside maggie and tara... - tara used to be a member of the governer's militia, who ditched him to join rick's group last season. - ...if abraham will help them find gareth's hideout first. - gareth's group arrives to their church, but rick's group ambushes them! they just got rick rolled! - rick and the rest of them slaughter him and his group.

- rip, gareth and the cannibals! - the group pays the dying bob their respects and tyreese stabs him in the head. - this devastates sasha, who had begun a relationship with him. - (sadly) rip, bob. - rick's group parts ways with abraham's, who leaves a map for rick depictingthe route they're taking for washington. - okay, so what the hell's been going on with beth? - well, she wakes up on a hospital.

- she's forced to be a nurse under officer dawn lerner. - dawn is in chargeof the other officers there, some of which physically abuse beth,but dawn doesn't seem to care. - beth meets noah, a laundry worker. - he hopes to escape tohis old community in virginia. - they then plan an escape,but an officer named gorman begins groping beth.- but she smashes his head with a glass jaw like a bad ass!!! - he is then eaten by a recently zombified patient.

- rip, officer gormon. - they try to get out, but not before more zombie killing! - beth gets captured, while noah gets away. - we return to abraham's group, who hits a snag with dr. porter, who reveals he isn't a scientist. - turns out he lied because he didn't want to get abandoned and abraham ain't too happy about that and knocks out the false doctor. - back at the hospital, beth's scolds dawn for her weak leadership.

- but before anything can get too far,she sees an unconscious carol rolled down a stretcher?!- how did she get there? - well, we find out daryl and carol ran into noah, who reveals that he knows beth. - they decide to free her,but carol is hit by a police car and sent to the same hospital where beth is. - noah and daryl head back toward the church to get the group's help. - some head off to rescue beth and carol, while father gabriel secretly flees the church.

- closer to the hospital, the group captures three police officers and rick kills one who tries to get away, which forces their many officers to lie about it. - as for father gabriel, he finds the old camp used by gareth's men and walkers begin following him. - so he decides to run... right back to the church. - ugh, gabriel! - accidentally luring walkers to your safe house was a bad decision. - after some more zombie killing,the walkers overrun

gabriel, michonne, and carl,who escapes the church. - back at the hospital, beth takes a pair of scissors and hides it in her cast. - rick's group arrives and makes a deal with dawn: the officers for the recovering carol and beth. - the deal is about to get done when beth gets in dawn's face, remembering all the pain she had caused her, and stabs her with the scissors! - dawn instinctively shoots beth dead,and in turn an angry daryl

immediately kills dawn!- rip, beth and dawn. - the group leaves and maggie breaks down after seeing daryl carrying her sister beth's body. - god, this show is depressing! - over with morgan, he explores father gabriel's church, finding the map abraham left for rick. - rick, tyreese, glenn, and michonne take noah back to his hometown, which turns out to be a bad decision. - when they get there, it turns out that there are walkers everywhere

and no survivors. - it only gets worse when tyreese gets bitten in the arm by a walker. - they regroup with the othersand decide washington, dc is the best bet for survival. - michonne amputates tyreese's arm, but it's too late and tyreese dies during their ride out of town. - rip, tyreese! - rick tells the group they have to deal with reality and to tell themselves they are "the walking dead."

- it only took them five seasons to finally say that! - the next morning, maggie and sasha are approached by a man named aaron. - he tells the group he is from alexandria's safe zone, trying to convince them to join him there. - rick's answer? knocking him out unconscious. - it's hard to trust people in the walking dead. - however, after realizing that alexandria may be the group's safest option, michonne presses rick to go there. - we know what happened, like, every time they chose

to go to a safe zone, so why would he agree to go? - rick does eventually agree and the remaining members meet up with the rest of the group,who have rescued aaron's partner, eric. - they make it to alexandria and meet deanna, the leader of the safe zone,who allows them to stay. - wait, wasn't she a man in the comics? - anyway, rick shaves his beard and gets a haircut for potential love interest, jessie. - as a sign of trust, deanna gives rick and michonne roles

as constables of alexandria. carl makes friends with a girl! everyone seems to be getting along pretty well. - things are finally going well! - except the people of alexandria may have a self-protection issue, which rick brings up with carol and daryl, saying if the residents can't protect themselves, there's gonna be a rick-tatorship! - they later kill a walker with a mysterious w carved into its forehead,

but what could it be? - that evening, deanna holds a party for rick's group at her house, where rick is introduced to deanna's husband, reg, and jessie's a-hole husband, pete. - things start getting sour after a part of the group starts heading back froma supply run at a warehouse. - an explosion renders tara unconscious and noah gets trapped and is ripped apart by walkers right in front of glenn. - rip, noah!

- meanwhile, father gabriel, who joined the group in alexandria, tries to convince deanna that rick's groupwill destroy what she's built. ugh, gabriel! - later on, daryl, along with aaron, come across a corpse of a woman and see a w carved into her forehead. what are these w's?! - back at alexandria, rick finds out pete is an abusive husband and deanna reveals that she knows,but since he's the town's surgeon has to keep him around.

- rick then finds jessie and promises her that he'll protect her just as pete walks in.- it's rick versus pete! - rick holds down pete and draws a crowd, but before he can do anything, michonne knocks him out! - what about morgan? - well, he gets ambushed by two members of the wolves. - they're a group of scavengers who conform to the ancient belief that men evolved from wolves and it was them that carved the w in that walker's forehead!

- morgan whoops them and leaves them unconscious. morgan is a no-nonsense, maybe still a little crazy bad ass! - back to alexandria, rick's outburst has caused him to possible be exiled. - father gabriel loses his faith and attempts to commit suicide by offering himself to a walker. - but he changes his mind and kills a walker for the first time, which causes him to cry. - a character growth moment?- nope, because he returns, and like an idiot, leaves the town gate open.

ugh, gabriel! - meanwhile, daryl and aaronfollow a man in a red poncho they are interested in recruiting for the community. - but they walk into a trap by the wolves,and aaron's backpack gets lost in the scuffle. - who comes to the rescue? morgan! - finally, converging subplots! - they decide to recruit himafter finding out he knows rick. - the wolves end up finding aaron's backpack,

which contains photos of alexandria. uh-oh! - as for rick, he sees the unlocked gate and closes it, attempting to contain the walkers that have gotten inside. - deanna holds a meeting over rick's possible exile. - rick enters, carrying a walker's corpse to the meeting as proof they need to learn how to truly survive! - a drunken pete arrives with michonne's katana. - he threatens to kill rick! - time for round two of rick versus pete!

- which turns out to be sloppy as pete accidentally slits reg's throat and rick kills pete right as morgan comes in. - rip, pete and reg. - in the end, the man in the red poncho, who is now a walker, walks by a car in the yard that is spray-painted with the words, "wolves not far!" - and now you're ready for the new season of the walking dead! - will the wolves invade alexandria? - is third times the charm with morgan and rick?

- will daryl ever take a shower? - will you be watching the new series of the walking dead? - (both) we know we'll be! ♪ (vocalizing the walking dead theme song) ♪ - iron price!

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