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walking dead games

walking dead games

former history professor lee everett is onhis way to serve a life sentence in prison when the chatty sheriff suddenly hits a highway-crossingzomb--i mean "walker," causing the car to spin out of control. when lee regains consciousness,he discovers corpses are reanimating and boy, are they hungry. the origin of the outbreak is unknown, thoughsome theories include biological terrorism, a government engineered virus, or, wrath ofgod. walkers have poor vision, don't talk, and are relatively weak individually. however,they communicate via pack mentality, outnumber the living 5000 to 1 and they all admire warm,tasty survivor flesh. no known vaccine or treatment exists, andscientists are unable to even determine whether

the cause is a virus, bacteria, fungus, parasite,but somewhere between seconds and hours after death, the brain stem is reanimated alongwith basic motor function and an impulse to feed. lee gains a second chance at life in the worldof the undead, but he must make tough decisions on invisible timers, protect a little girl,avoid getting bitten, and go head to head with mankind's worst enemy: jerks. have fun!

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