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walking dead be

walking dead be

hey! how's going bros? my name is pewdiepie! welcome back to episode 2, part 2. final. it's really confusing season 3. you're like : "what is happening.." all you need to know : it's intense. are they following us ?

just the other car. looks like we're okay. we don't know where clementine is... and i don't like that. not. one. bit. it'd be fun if we see some old characters. it's been a while. we've seen clementine, but... they just love to introduce new characters. hey, i helped her win at poker. oh there's clementine.

uh oh. oh.. oh it's time for our little boy to be a man huh? time to get that beanie up! awh... what about.. merr... well that was easy. how quick was that guy to give up on his whole town?

like, he didn't even bring anything but his overall. oh, that's cute uh, excuse me. uhh.. he- he's not ready. he is not ready for clementine. lemme tell you that. clementine.. badass.

gabriel.. fucking pussy, alright? *burp* i'm sorry that was really gross, i just realized i burped, *laughs* oh she- see i forgot they brought her we got water hopefully it's not urine. it looks kinda sketchy. you're thirsty, you're hot? you got sepsis. whatever

i don't want her to die.. it's a raccoon awkward.. owwwww clementine clemy cluu i love her so much on the road again last chapter coming up

last one had four if i remember correctly sooooo, its about to go down in viking town "hey it's me odin" yeah that's the point its a trap. its a trap!! nothing for clementine! ♪ clementine ♪

she needs her own themes! hah hou that was fucking badass clementine is the fucking shit i love clementine so much. shes my favorite character after lee of course. push so we can't push, huh?

allright or can we? try putting it off gear.. sorry dont roll your eyes to me young man oh my god its says dab! ow dammit it said jab fuck i hate when it says jab instead of dab it's the worse thing i hate! *hisses*

alright maybe we can find something in this garage! open please well how convein- ahhhhhhhhh! its jacksepticeye! no oh jeez dude... is that a fucking wrench? sweet man i'll take the wrench!

swedish invention by the way.. [ speaks swedish ] you're welcome! alright.. you're welcome.. hum.. video game we need to power it somehow.. how about we use the wrench on this now i can pull out the cable. [ gasps ] ohhh man..

connect thanks for helping viking dude! ah- wa- ah- ha shut the fuck up winch.. perhaps, there are something else that we can find oh look at that we can talk to jab-no, his name's conrad.. i guess we should talk to everyone. i kinda like this down moments in the game, it's..

brings atmosphere, it's brings me great pleasure and joy ohh.. you're hitting that? if you are i'll fucking kill you! uh-huh.. pretty cool.. how old are you? huh? not old enough! if you touch clementine ima touch you- no wait-

ima kill you! hey jumper cables.. let's just talk to conrad you don't ask someone: "you good?"[ laughs ] your friend died? you good? alright.. sounds good to me conrad.. the real hero of this story.. is lonny..

i should ask her if she knew lonny.. lonny was my man he's was my main bitch dude, th- was there an ax next to him? it's okay i did this during scare pewdiepie i know what i'm doing! it's easy.. i mean i could have done that.. now run the engine.. what a puzzle!

oh no walkers.. this is not gonna end well.. i know this game.. hey look at that.. zombies.. how convinient oh my god it's more jacksepticeye.. oh i love cars hey next time close your fucking windows! wow! fuck yeah that's- oh my god! yes, yes, yes!

that's cool.. i'll shoot you and then you, and then you, and then you, and then you. and then clementine will kick some ass! dude.. ow sh- dude ah.. look on your left oh dude that was awesome! oh oh thanks buddy! good job..

uhmm.. it's on fire .. how does so many of them just come out of nowhere like nowhere! convenient plot device.. zombies now everywhere hehehey damn.. *laughs* there's no point wasting bullets here but okay. oh no...

ohh fuck... that'll take you out. this is getting intense. you could climb that. 'self service' well you got that right. i like the sound of that. hey! you don't talk to clementine like that! you fucking viking. is it kenny?

*grunting* *heavy breathing* oh, yea. i don't- i don't think i can kill kenny this play though i- now i remember, i actually did kill him. 'wasd' thank you game. ah wow... clementine is literally the only character left from season one. it's a bit sad. i wou- now i would aim the gun at him and be like:

'hey, umm..' whats up? how's it going bro? its pewdiepie here, did you watch my channel? who the fuck are you? oh fuck, i wasn't ready for this. america! everyone has guns. hell of that... there's no shortage of guns in this game. uh oh...

that's bad. thats real bad. what is clementine doing? lower them- *chuckles* i want to know what clementine thinks 'cuz i only really trust her. *laughter* how 'bout that? we met jesus. what a weird dude.

oh! we got a clementine flash back coming up. lets see what is says. 'four' okay so there's five then i suppose. sorry sorry *laughs* here we go. oh yea, what happened to little timmy? i know that's not his name that seems like a terrible idea.

hey, hey, hey, hey. aj oh... babies are the worst. beautiful. stunning. wait, did the zombie hum as well? seems harmless honestly. oh, fuck. looks like we're gonna- there was an open door all along? what the fuck?

hey look at that. i roll alone. i'm clementine. you like apples? well too bad! 'cuz i'm clementine. *nervous laughter* oh my god thats creepy now. no. i know you. the fuck does that mean?

i hate when they- okay you're just gonna sleep there? on your ikea pillow? oh my god. well that was clementine flash back number two. what? what does she know? what- does she know something? she knows something. what is it clementine? anything you want. oh, maybe she's marked. *gasp*

oh no! clementine! this is super awkward. i can't believe you le- la- um.. tattoo you. uh, with the- fire thing. well her story adds up. plus of course, i trust her. huh, jesus, literally. it's jacksepticeye. oh, thats creepy.

reminds me of uh- i am the one, the one. oh shit. what the fuck does that mean? oh shit. fuck jesus! karate jesus! holy moely. let's go in the tunnel they said.

it will be a good idea they said. this is real bad. this is real bad. let me tell you, i know when things are bad. hey, you opened the door. *muttering* uh, this? okay well i suppose i could do that. it's baseball time bitch! she knows. i can't believe it clementine.

got him. yes, yes shoot him! uh... no! ahh! *whispers* fuck he was a good man. it had to be done. don't look at me like that. i don't-

that was a tough decision i gotta say, to run on the fly. i wanted to think about it for a second. but i- you know... gabriel and clementine are important to me. alright? i don't really care about conrad. so what am i supposed to do huh? ah he- what does he- why would he care at this point about ka- i'm sorry dude. i'm really sorry about killing your friend.

that's gonna- that's gonna- that's gonna bite me in the ass later i am sure. but at least- at least we have jesus on our side you know? that makes me feel good. ohhh.. is someone watching us? i feel watched! i feel very watched. overwatched okay then

creepy lookin. their not in the car. *gasp* she's there! *zombie noise* oh okay. she's fine. sorry, i don't- hopefully we got there before the other guys, you know? trust me, you don't want to go to norway. she's one hundred percent gonna die.

looks so nice and inviting. uh oh... this is stupid. that does- i agree. what are we fucking twelve. please don't shoot us. please don't shoot us. please don't shoot us. ah fuck.

*gasp* oh! woh! what!? the fuck!? ah! well that was unexpected. very unexpected. cool.

oh, sorry i forgot, now, we got 62% of players told david that kate wanted to leave him. well that was 62% of players that was- tricked into another option. i hated that option. that didn't make any sense. how did you handle the frontier 61% opened fire so it was kinda a close call. what would you have done huh? what would you have done? did you trust jesus? *laughter* 87% would have trusted jesus.

very good. how did you deal with conrad's threat to clementine? oh, a lot of people killed conrad. i thought that was a really tough decision to make. i suppose it makes sense that it's the right decision but that dosent make it a tough decesion um... finally, how far did you get into richmound. uh huh... that was it?

okay. excellent. well that concludes another episode of season 3 the walking dead. i love playing this game and i'm so thrilled i can share it with you guys. through the power of the internet. we have three more episodes to go. let's have a quick look here. so.... coming soon. okay, jesus is in that one, that's cool. clementine lookin all badass in episode 4. and then...

alright, should be a good one. i'm really enjoying this one so far, i hope you are as well. and uh, hopefully we can see some more familiar faces in the next one. anyway thank you guys so much for watching it's- it's such an amazing thing, i really appreciate it. and as always [ smooch ] stay awesome.

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