Rabu, 03 Mei 2017



**you can turn these subtitles off and on. you shouldn't have glued a wig on that mannequin! did i just hear that right? you glued a beard! yeah, but you're not the glue police, rick i am! i don't think that's a thing. glue police?

that's not a real thing you can be. yeah it is. mmm, i think i'd know if, like, that was a thing. let's go, anthony if we could play pool, we could shoot and it'd be really fun, you know? and maybe i could finally get my stick engraved. well, what would it even say? [gagging and coughing sounds] y'all ready to be naughty?

mmm-hmm hoo hoo, yeah can i get a hey-hey... nope! nuh-uh!!! uh oh quishta lahtsoh treathem belach foreekim oh, ok yeah, you're the stuff of bad dreams

pssht kali baunkliss hey, i get it. you're here to kill. khiel ratha sohjah! yeah, i'm gonna go! sorry demon! we might have a french baby. it's got that funny accent when it cries.

i'd have guessed it was not french. hmmm. because it's not. you don't know okay, it's super french, better? you talking about the smell? you shouldn't feed it. sweet baby, no! listen, i'd rather you not smoke weed.

but you know i'm going to, right? cool, later dude. [sniffing sounds] what's that smell? [sniffing] make him lick the toilet! hey, why do you smell like old people? can you hold your breath? dude, just stick around

and i'll get you drunk i had a diet coke hey, there ain't a man alive who doesn't want to get his butt washed in the jedi fountain. not now, princess. no, dude, dude, dude, dude, dude, dude, dude listen a vagrant child came to me when i smashed my knuckle guess what he asked me

"what size is your doggie bone?" hmm very good job what's your favorite movie? stargate what? yeah right... chobba theeko meemo i could kill you

hey girls, you wanna play? oh, what the -? ow! oh! son of a - seriously, who puts a railing right there? ahhhahgghh i think i'll sing i had a greasy bean mmm girl

and i been looking for a extra shoe i got a friend named "crust" a-hooooo what's up? you like that? i wrote it hee heee oww, oww, owww heyyyy, you just stabbed me!

eh oh, so sweaty cuz i'm sufferin' [kiss] [kiss] yeah you need a baby? i have a kitten that always laughs when you hold it and sniff its legs and it's just great for a party when you can't mess around and it's name is crazy bennigan dude, like, that's a weirdo kitty

well it's definitely expensive you think it could be magic? why aren't you magic? ummm, y'all are bird poop! why aren't you magic? you're supposed to be magical! this dork made you eat a stump! ahhhh leeches just suck!

now listen, kids don't think that you can just squirt your loogies on the floor okay, what? now wiggity woah, daddy i mean, why can't everybody just be like like prince an angel with a little afro daddy, i need you to quit i hope you're not afraid of owls

because i'm getting you one owls are the reason that god didn't make us people with foam hair that's common knowledge last week's lover was bad the worst wait, what are we doing here? wait, what? just heard you say "bug guy" i know you said it

i heard you you like croquet? it's time to rob the stagecoach [high pitched crying] [crying turns to singing] something i wanna tell you guys i don't like doorbells my viral pimple got away and i kinda want you to get it

and i want that smoothie when? now! i'll make it you're an idiot that guy's making it. yeah, dickity, ah ah tsss, tsss ah, ah, uh, ah

i make a smoothie for him

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