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walking dead episodes

walking dead episodes

hot damn youtubers, it's charlie! this isgoing to be my walking dead episode 5 video. not a whole lot happened in this episode,despite the fact there were some big reveals. i mean it wasn't a big action episode. they'rekind of holding off for more big super pack stuff so just careful for spoilers if youhaven't seen the episode yet here we go and real quick reminder new round of the giveawaystarts now all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave a comment on thisvideo it's a $20 amazon gift card let's start with the biggest hot damn maggie is pregnantso now glenn has a reason to come back i think he is definitely still alive and then they'llbe that moment in the back half with like i have a son i have a son oh my god i haveto get back so everybody that thinks that

were gonna get this kind of moment like thismoment of realization when the lightbulb goes on glenn finds out that he has a son and hejust like freaks out trying to get back to maggie tell me there's something more rickone about nine months give or take a couple weeks something more is going to be crawlingout from between maggie's legs and it might be named aaron in aaron are both good namesfor boys and girls on the number for hot damn jesse she services this big called actionfor most of the other regular safe zone people people that aren't survivors that are justlike kind of waking up to the reality of what life is right now we have to fight or we dieand actually like it becomes this big called action for denise's character to the gonnathrow into that moment which is like all okay

i can save this guy you really have to creditterror for little bit about to do with it like denise just needs a big confidence boostin tears there provided i don't necessarily that they're going to have some sort of lesbianrelationship i think they just can have a really deep friendship i think at this pointwe shouldn't read too much into that kiss until we see them do something more untilhe gets into glenn maggie territory i wouldn't call them in an official relationship youcan totally ship him i'm a huge fan of merritt weaver in the funny thing about tara's characteris that alana masterson the actors the place tara is pregnant in real life so we keep makinghiding her stomach behind things that that's why she sat down that chair that way but rightnow like as of this sunday when i post in

this video she's already had the baby butthey are shooting the back half of the episodes so tara on screen is still gonna seem pregnantfor like at least the next several episodes lauren cohan on the other hand is going tobe pregnant on the show but not pregnant in real life edges is just one of the funny thingthat happens with castes that are really large on shows that go on for a long time is alwaysgoing to be a ton of babies born in real life in your pregnancy couple babies born on theshow like written into the story but as far as i know lauren cohan isn't actually havinga baby in real life like it just is just something they wrote as part of this narrative on thenumber three though miniport stick versus many rick this is actually a relatively positivearc that i know it seems like they were having

a fight but miniport stick here jesse's sonreally does want to help carl like he doesn't want to go out there he just thinks it's toodangerous and even can probably take care of her self i think that he does believe shecan take care of herself but he's accepted the fact that is just too dangerous for themto go out so he doesn't want carl to throw his life away and even better than that hegoes to talk to rick just just to let them know what's going on with carl like all theseover there with judith he didn't actually go over the wall so he save but could youteach me how to shoot that's huge like he tells rick yet you are right when you getreally piston me and episode one when i was wandering around outside thanks for beinghard on me i understand what you're trying

to do is not asking rick to adopt him or anythinghe's just accepting what happened use like i'm moving forward i understand it was necessaryso is paving a way for something happy to come out of that storyline between jesse'sfamily and rick's family for speaking of messed up families on my number two wtf deanna andspencer so this is so messed up deanna just completely off the reservation and spencerhas this really heartfelt speech where he inspires everyone to just put the food backplease let's not make things go to ship faster than they need to she comes out of her funkshe starts planning for a way to defend the save zone it's really positive but then shecatches them being a complete douche bag but i figure if only one person stole no one sawwouldn't be a big deal i feel like they're

setting spencer up to do something terribleyou can have some huge dirt pennies gonna wind up dead that's what i feel that crackerssleep moment was at the end like rosita tries to comfort them is a hey whatever you're doingjust keep doing it is totally working and then he pulls the crackers sleep out if youlike that was meant to be ominous and it finally on my number one wtf moment denise bangs onthe fence is an act of defiance but we also see the walls are bleeding a little bit meaningthat it's not invincible the walls will come down it is certain point that they won't holdforever and i'll just have to wait to find out what happened to abraham clan daryl ithink next week sepsis can address what's going on with them and i do think the showis doing hilltops so they might start running

into some new characters were getting reallyclose to the midseason finale there has to be some big conflict and i'm actually i'mcurious to see how long they stretch out the super pack storyline like if this goes allthe way the midseason finale because as of right now you have the crazy wolf that morganis keeping locked up he's gonna get out at some point that thou pry be part of the midseasonfinale wtf for something leading up into it you have to super pack that is slowly makingthe walls bleed all over the place and then you have everybody inside that is like slowlybreaking down mentally thousands you really good quote that rick had early in the episodethe biggest danger isn't so much the wall coming down the wall a strong it's everyoneinside breaking down mentally so there couple

shining rays of hope we have glenn and maggie'schild we have tara and denise and then we have rick and jesse and i know carrol wasn'tin this episode but we did see a plate of cookies even though it's it's not the samething when they're not being used as a threat cookies will never be the same after the secondhalf of season five so here's my big question for you guys out of the other big people thatthey mentioned in the episode they're stuck other daryl sasha and abraham do you thinkthat all of them will make it back i feel like daryl is pretty safe abraham could totallygo that the show could lose him and i feel like it wouldn't completely break things sashais kind of on a comic book andrea arc so i feel like they're trying to build that characterups i don't need the sauce is gonna die so

run if i had to pick someone that they cankill the season of like a big member of the group it would be abraham because he is startingto feel kind of overpowered and it looks like he kinda wants to die a little bit like yougot that crazy energy like when he was talking to sasha you doing this because you want todie you just let me know if you agree that like do you think that abraham is gonna dieduring season six are you can go make it to season seven i just feel of all the groupmembers you could lose you know without the integrity of the group completely being destroyedabraham is one of those people so if the show needs another wtf in the back half abrahamwould be a good sacrifice to make it all totally offer my condolences to all the re-shown shippersout there i'd i know everyone wants to see

rick with michelle just because he's withjesse now it doesn't mean that it will never happen the tv show is actually expanded jesse'spart incredibly from the comic hurt her part in the comic book is way smaller but i willsay congratulations to last week's giveaway winner seal of approval what an awesome avataryou and a $20 amazon gift card just be sure to private message me on the back and my channelsand get your contact info was can happen next is i still love the game of thrones videoto do their some new star wars footage that icon want to do a video for hopefully i'llget that all out and still had time to do golf and like i don't have to delay videoslike i did last week so just stay tuned on twitter and facebook i'll post updates throughoutthe day tomorrow white as way for that stuff

to post you can click here for last week'sepisode of the walking dead and you can click here for the flash trailer that i just postedall kinds of zoom stuff happening thank you so much for watching, everybody high fiveand i'll see you tomorrow!

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