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walking bad

walking bad

you can turn these captions off by clicking the cc button below the video. you think you're black? i'm black, yeah. brother, you got skin like an english kid. well i don't like coffee... but you'd eat a bagel. hey you know what animals i like? sharks...

... and skunks! that's great. listen, pretty redneck i'm taking your banjo! come on, don't! that's not cool he needs his banjo for the talent show man, that's no fair! all i have is a guitar!

and you get a banjo? you ready? or... do you need something else before you start? my lips are so sore already... i know. i don't wanna mess up your dumb potato basket a woman thug stole my banjo you have a new one? i got cheetah candy

but it's pretty gross and i gotta poo again nuh uh, you just went! oh yeahhhh! oh, kitty! oh, you're bleeding! on me! oh yeahhh! a friend of mine got a foot

and it's juicy what the hell are you talking about? you know, fish can hear you thinking just before you sneeze.... chavi choff chop what's "chavi choff chop"!? j-j-j-j-j-j-j-juh! ahhh gosh! hey!

you're hurting my neck! *cough! *cough! see, i coughed! *cough! christine! hey! i just heard that! oh, excuse me! i broke wind. did you have bologna and the fishsticks?

that's just great. i know what it takes to make you hot i need a man that can decorate and mix my brew well i'll wash the dog, but you're washing the laundry! naw, naw, i'm not gonna be your sexy beef friend oh yeah? well just say "ahhhhh" knock knock. who's there?

why don't you zip it... cheesy bird mess. what'd you just say? i have a cheesy bird mess? dreet! uh oh what happened? he said "dreet" and i'm about to freak out! i just can't whoop him.

yeah i farted on you when you put banana peppers in the wheaties. but ah -- now, jim... or are you mark? hey, do you remember that costume party? you went as a penguin and i went as a pink shark did you notice the teeth?

because everybody else told me i was neat! a tiny clown, he got wet i was talking to a psychic and i can't sleep in the ozone there's too many different peanuts looking sad uh, i would like to go now... candy canes will wreck y'all's bowels you got a problem! i want a brown girl!

hey, psst! i'm standing right here! she's so white and not exotic! kevin, go away! i want another one! geez, he's a spaz! i just peed eww gross! guess what? i just ate a hotdog!

yeah! hey papi ah! you just like me for my weed yeah, i will admit it. let's get to it. we're on broadway i once knew a kid his tongue fell off in his sleep.

la-bibbida-bibba-dum la-bibbida-bibba-do this is a violet. no it isn't yeah, well it could be a flower the other night, there was this movie that was all about gardens called "bloody shrimp" you got a problem. uh, yeah, i just found out that we missed halloween

yeah. i always wanted a wookiee then i found out they weren't real thanks for nothing, george lucas! ok this is getting old! no more! come on, stop it! you're like a dope fiend!

cluck! went the chicken. and that's how they do it on broadwayyyyy

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