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where to watch the walking dead

where to watch the walking dead

*wapish* top of the morning to you laddies, my name is jacksepticeye and welcome to telltale's 'the walking dead season 3'! i've done season 2 on the channel, i didn't do season 1 on the channel, because i played it on my own time before i even starting doing youtube videos. which is crazy to think that *chuckle* where we've come to now,

but this the new season and i'm really looking forward to it because... i don't know, a lot of people are excited about this, and then the first episode of this is split into two parts because apparently it was too big to put into one part. which entices me even further,

and the trailer and everything they showed was pretty cool. and we get to see clementine again all grown up. i don't think clementine is our main character any more, i think she's, uh, another character we meet along the way, and we play as somebody new. and i did, yeah! there she is!

teenage clementine! i did import my save from season 2, which should carry on some of the choices from season 1 and season 2. if not, i might have to go back in and click 'cause when you start season 3 now, you get the option of being able to craft your story based on the choices you made before. so you can go back in, if you didn't have the save

file from those you can just go back in and make the same choices in like a list. and then it will update the choices for season 3 for you. so... the walking dead! season 3! episode 1! part one. it's getting even more confusing it was already confusing enough so... we're gonna do all of part one in this video and then episode 1 part two should be

coming in a few days. i'll do that one as well. i don't know how it works. and then episode 2 will come in a couple of months like the rest of them do. so... it's very confusing i'm sorry. but let's continue story. import save 1 are we good? clem, aj and jane then returned to howe's,

where they took in a family looking for shelter. s- st- start over? oh! start story and start over. ok! and i made some questionable choices at the end of season 2 and a lot of people got mad at me for it *half laugh* and it was crazy. the comments where an absolute disaster on that video. but that's what this series does.

that's what these series do they- they make you they make you take these really weird choices and hopefully these choices actually matter 'cause another thing these series tend to do is is like 'oh! this person died at the end of this season!' and then you go into this and everyone is like 'remember that guy?' 'oh i 'member' and then you just move off and its like it never

happened again. so... start story! start episode 1. so this is called 'a new frontier. damn! look at clem! she's so badass looking now! ahhh... yeah ok, 'ties that bind' and then part- it says part one here. i don't know. i'm just gonna start. enough talking. lets just actually start the fricking episode.

*reads screen* as always so, batman just ended and now we are going straight into the walking dead. it's awesome! i like this! i like telltale games. don't do that! oww! jesus man! right! off to a banger!

ow.. *giggles* i'm gonna be nice, i like being nice. so, has the zombie stuff started yet? wait the zombie stuff must have started if clementine's in the game grown up. the character models are way improved. the engine has come a long way since like, the first season of this. it's very impressive, good job.

maybe this is something that happened back then and we like flash forward to the future where he's all... older and- i don't know. oh... oh god... oh god that's awesome! oh! it' so creepy! it's just like everyone like reeling from the... reeling from the death and then to just hear,

'no, he's awake.' oh, please don't let that little girl die... oh jeez... *laughter* no... no... ooh! grandaddy got strong! oh god no, no, no, no. oh that's a good way to lose a thumb! oh! or a fucking chunk of your face!

uh oh, uh oh, uh oh. oh! fucking jesus! this episode is just *snap* bang! right into the middle of the action see it came in useful, big brother! also- this must be before all that broke out 'cause nobody expected it. oh... this is bad... mama's gonna die too. did you get bit?

ah son of a bitch! christ man... okay, they are everywhere now. ahhhh... there we go! damn, looking older. 'why does that matter?' 'maybe we should go.' 'i've never seen so many.' why are they all blurry? they're there.

ah... that dude has no bottom jaw... ahh... gross! damn a lot of time has passed... how many years is it between when it broke and to present day in the game? we will. *hipster voice* some fucking weed dude! shit dude! 'want me to roll it?' i roll a- a fuckin sick blunt. joint!

i know my weed vernacular. i think the weed would help calm the shakes of the zombie apocalypse. not that i'd fucking know. i've never smoked weed in my life. but i'm gonna smoke it in game though. i'm gonna live vicariously! ohh... goes down smooth, man! *laughter* *laughter* oh, what happened to david? 'do you miss him?' oh... did he die or did he leave?

yeah, exactly *giggling* *stoned impression* i think you're doing ok! good for you! um... he's right there. shhh! sure... that's teenagers, man. yeah! we were all like that once. some of you are probably still like that *laughing* a lot of you are teenagers out there.

not saying that all teenages are the same. *laughter* i agree with that- that's a hard thing to go through. is that the weed talking? 'the kids can-' 'wanna pull over?' 'you know we can't.' oh! burn! ice fucking cold! that's the smell of dank! 'we hit a skunk.' *laughter* *giggles* yeah! what the fuck? you didn't think about that before?

they were still breathing while asleep, just 'cause they are awake now, doesn't change any of that. but yeah, teenage years very, very tough time. um... especially in the zombie apocalypse and especially for anybody who has to go through periods as well. very, very tough time. wait is this-? this isn't the place from the other episode is it? weren't we in a garage place like this? a- in season 2?

was it season 2? or was it season 1? i can't remember everything just kinda blends together. it looks a lot like the same place. that will come in handy. yeah... it sounds like a candy bar. great. gre- ah... he's got a fucking crowbar in its jaw. oh yes! let's eh- mess shit up!

*noises of disgust* fuck 'em up! *slightly disgusted laughter* i can't imagine zombies smell very good. they are decaying people after all. me too. except now you gave away your secret. four years! javi, you're a good dude. i like you!

ohhh.... this is nice. ah, the engine is so much better now! well it would be nice if i could use the mouse to like, look around. ah..um... yeah and there's probably a lot of stuff like i don't know if this is the same... junkyard it- it kinda reminds me- oh! there was a dlc episode, for the walking dead that i played.

i can't remember the name of it. there was season one, a dlc, then season two. and now season three, and there was michonne, that i didn't play. i did record the first episode of it, and i hated it. it- it was not a good game. at- at least i didn't think so, it didn't feel like a good walking dead game. so... and the episode i recorded didn't feel very good so i didn't upload it. i know a lot of people asked me to play it,

but i just didn't bother. um, so, like if there was a scene with somebody sticking a crowbar in a zombie's face in one of the other episodes, and this is like a call back to it, and i just don't remember it, please forgive me! because it's been years since i played the other episodes and i didn't exactly take a refresher before this one, so there's probably a lotta stuff like that gonna happen. some stuff in my inventory.

mari did you find something? like the junkyard in life is strange. why? aw. she's a very smart, mature, young girl. i'm gonna be nice. i'll be nice to everybody. that moon is really cool.

ok, let's actually start looking for shit. walking dead? let's poke the mattress! poke it. you don't need to look and stuff just poke it. *chuckles* i'm not, that was funny. uh... let's talk to kate. did you just - stay ahead of me?

did you just insult me? thank you! thank you, miss pessimism. that's what we need! not that i should judge too harshly. it is kinda the zombie apocalypse. um.... shit happens and i probably shouldn't be too.... probably shouldn't um, think about it the same way as regular life

uh oh! uh oh! uh oh! *sounds of disgust* yahh! yikes. i'm okay! keep on- a siphoning. not that there would be anything in this. anything? *high pitch* hey! there you go.

i like this guy. he's all about optimism. uh sure, but couldn't you siphon what ever's in it, as well? we're not staying. we just said that we'll stay ahead of the herd okay. hey gabe! can- am i allowed to call you gabe?

there's some stuff in this as well. that's a handy little device. i know. but it sounds like you got a 'glug glug' in there, sounds like you got a little piece. those tyres are like the size of the van. what up, gabe? that must be hard, man. again, being a teenager

um.. and like, having lost your dad or what seems like you lost your dad now you're staying with uncle all the time and somebody who is not your mom either, it''s tough. i like javi though. he's a good dude. and i also like these new button prompts.

not only do they look nice and simple and clean and fit the aesthetic of the rest of the game; when you press 'e', a little blood comes on them so you know that you definitely pressed it. it's very nice very nice update. and the lighting is very much improved, too. i like this game already. this is cool.

started off with a bang and now we're- now we're just sauntering around a li'l junk yard all together. for jet engines! no? ok. i'm feeling that something bad is gonna happen in here. maybe we'll find someone! this dude's smart. he's got a brain hole.

he's also very nice to the kids, and kate, and he's an optimist! what's the catch? he a zombie? let's climb! *chuckles* 'any luck?' 'jesus christ! 'don't do that!' *chuckles* *high pitched* you're not my real mom *laughs*

it was also nice making him or letting him help and he has a gun. again, if he feels like he has responsibility then he's less likely to turn on you. not that he's gonna kill us or anything, but. make people feel productive, make them feel welcome, make them feel like they matter.

and not in a fake way either, actually give them responsibility. see? build up people. make them feel useful, make them feel like their self-esteem is worth something. instead of just, being like 'hey, you do this because i tell you to.'

he's a teenager, not a toddler. i said look, not pull. this is bad news beared all over it luckily i got a crow bar from a zombie face! aw, okay. those are weird. *laughs* fuck. 'he said a bad word!' gabe, you keep an eye out now. aw yeah, that's the stuff right there

hell yeah! why don't we just take the ambulance? okay gabe, you do that. uh oh, uh oh. no shooty bang yet. ah, 'q'. *grunts* i didn't feel like you did it. it would probably be wise to uh, pull a weapon.

this, yeah- this is definitely reminiscent of the place i was in in the other episode. it was the dlc. yeah, let's look in first. i remember i was playing as a lady with her sister? i think in whatever episode

or in the dlc, whatever part it was, 'cause the dlc had like 4 parts or something. and i was a different character each time. man, this crowbar is handy ...or not. smash a window. there's just boards on the windows, we can get that.

we can definitely pry a window open. what's up, javi? you sexy man, you. *childish* secret entrance. gabe, i'm going in a hole. you watch ou- not look in the car, look at me! easy, easy. s'up, dude.

that's a lot of supplies. we whisper, quiet 'what?' easy does it. batteries, yes! for her headphones. she's gonna love me after this. also, what's

mariana's connection to everybody? 'cause i know gabe was dave's son um. so i'm his uncle and kate was connected to dave. is mariana his his daughter, as well? are they brother and sister?

because she did call him grandad as well, so, i don't know. unless it said that and i already forgot. s'up dude. 'this place is a dump', 'i think it's cosy' oh. god. doesn't feel safe. ah, they call them 'muertos'. ugh! i kinda want to stay the night because

i'm a fan of the cosiness two against one. three against one. i- i know that the zombies are gonna show up in the morning and shit's gonna go down, but... let's make a game out of it. now kate's mad at me, god damn it. aw, am i being too nice to the kids?

i wanna be- i wanna be a good surrogate father aw, my little heart. aw i'm gonna get so dicked over later for being a nice guy. maybe if you didn't fucking piss on every parade that we had. hey, i'm nice. candy bar! no, you give it to her. oh come on! don't be like that.

balls... oh shit nuggets. ah we, we- uagh, 'we only need a little'. aw shit. no? mainly 'cause i just said there's more of us. ahh- 'i'm alone.' *quietly* fuck.

shit. ok, just be honest, uh communication is key. uhh, niceness. kick 'em in the nuts! oh god they're not here. *quietly* clever. oh shit sack, what do i do? nice.

ah that was me, i was hungry. a real pretty smart mouth. ow.. uh oh. uh, a cat. 'touch that, you die', uh, fuck. *yells* oh god, i'm going to get somebody killed.

oh! oh, oh oh, don't- don't shoot! oh, pistol whipped. why'd you drop it? ow! ohh.. you pistol whip, you get pistol whipped.

that's how shit goes down. fuck, man. oh please don't tell me you've found everybody else. that's not cuffs, they're zip ties! oh, shit. are you gonna turn green and mean? you said it wasn't your call. *sarcastic* nice driving, fucko. um, bad idea, bad idea, bad idea, bad idea, bad idea.

oh balls. why can't we all just be friends? don't shoot him. fuck. that's gonna bite me square in the middle of my anus in a minute. dude, i just let your guy go! mari? kate?

clem! it's clementine. yeah! yes, clem! jeez, you're a bad ass now god damn. seen some shit, man holy shit. i feel that.

i relate to that, a lot. we need our van! that's true, i kinda just told her where it was. people call me clem. aww. ah she's back! i love clementine. clem, please stay with us. i need you to stay with us. clem has seen some shit,

she's been through it all. it's why she's such a bad ass now. she's not taking any chances any more. and lee's hat. i miss lee, i wish lee was here. jesus, brutal.. 'huh, i've had some practice.' that's true.

don't we all in times like this? that's a lot of fucking zombies. god it must be terrifying, to be on your own in the apocalypse. 'k, ok. lee! aw, lee and kenny.. aww they're all dead. what happened to like jane and people? yes.

see? treat people with respect. show them that you trust them, not stupidly of course, those other guys, they didn't deserve our trust. those guys were assholes. they punched me in the face. i didn't like that. but yeah, didn't we leave clem with like jane and people at the end of season 2?

oh, balls. that's not my people. that's a lot of people going in there. at you! is this the colony place? ok. fucking do this. boom. and oh, what's that? headshot.

nice to meet you. meet my bullets. god damn it. jesus, clem. i got you, homie- oh god, oh jesus. you know, when you're fighting zombies, horse. i do like my teeth. they help me eat pizza. thanks, clemmers.

'cause i do know that one of the choices at the end of season 2, let you get to a colony. i'm wondering if this is the same one. it's cool to see clementine, like all grown up now. *giggles* damn, she's so badass. i like that she's still wearing the hat, too. aw, i don't want to...

i don't like other people. just gonna go look at some chess. heh. can i have this chess set? aw man, i wanna play phantom punch! aw that'd be awesome to play right now. imagine being in the apocalypse and seeing like such simple mundane things, like i- i take my computer and everything for granted right now

and internet and all that stuff. imagine if an apocalypse broke out and all that stuff just disappeared. you'd appreciate everything so much more. let's talk. do you? damn.. am i cooler than i thought i was? call his bluff.

you've two pairs. he sounded so confident. you a 2 pair, especially ace high. clem? 'she doesn't need one', she's a badass. oh jesus. jesus chri- dude! calm the f down! calm those tatas!

bitch ass! now stab him in the shoulder, pin him to the chair. yes please. 'i don't control her', she- she's her own. holy fucking shit. oh, fuck. i like you, clem. i love how i said 'honesty and communication is key' and now i'm all like 'clementine, no!'

aw that was fucked up. at least that we can agree on. thank you. appreciate it. i can't be a total push-over. hi! oh, are you female nathan drake? *chuckles* she cute.

let's see about that wound - he starts taking off his shirt. *laughs* *sarcastic* owie! 'takes one to know one,' 'you think i'm pretty?' oh.. ugh. flirting's not going well. uh, 'things got out of hand'. i agree. well she is helping now, i don't want to get her in trouble.

ah, stitches. oh, steristrips, it's okay. yeah. you're a good dude, tripp. you're helping me an awful lot for someone who just met me. uh. oh.... oh no...

i do trust tripp a lot because he seems like a good, honest to god dude. but... the.. the moment makes me wanna just pick eleanor to see what kind of shit goes down. for the sake of, just the series. ah, what do i do? agh...

go with eleanor, 'cause it might be funner. i blew the other guy's head off, haha. da da da! nighty night. what's that all about? that- i'm, i'm nervous. oh, ok. jane! and the baby!

aw.. *baby voice* goof ball! uh.. theodore. 'kenny.' 'lee'! aw it has to be! what else? damn.

jane's gonna cry. i wonder what happened. that is the world's quietest baby. oh no, i hear a rope... did she hang herself? she was pregnant. aw, jane... jesus, aw. well,

that answers what happened to jane, but what happened to the baby? this episode isn't pulling any punches. and this is only part 1! she looks like nathan drake. 'he's a decent guy'. 'i'm back!' 'remember me?' maybe the guy made it back

and he'll vouch for me that i didn't shoot him. or the herd got in and shit went down. *quietly* aw, fuck. fuck you, dude. that's how you do it. no slicing up the face or anything with crowbars. right in the noggin. shh! you're way too cavalier.

there they are! oh, damn. *high pitched* i'm back! it's time to go all terminator on their ass. fuck yeah! stabby stabby. fuck them up. i got you, eleanor. nice!

hello! yeah, of course. kiss her. sounds familiar. she does seem very, like, 'hey! how's it going?' 'i'm eleanor.' i'm way too happy. that's my buddy clem.

i like safe, safe is good. shot a dude, i was in prison... are we gonna be- are we gonna be welcome back? oh, i was just going to say that i have a bad feeling... oh no! aw the way it was framed i knew something bad was gonna happen.

eleanor, now would be a fucking great time to use that. no! *loudly* fuck sake! don't get shot, don't get shot, don't get shot. *yelling* fuck! cover me. are th- click on her to shoot her? oh, mari...

you don't sound fine. i'm not staying. i left my family once, not again. clem, you better not get hurt. aw... what about clem? that was intense. aw! no, fuck.

60% of people decided to leave. 'did you shoot the driver or let him go'? 'you and 40- so 52% of people shot him. granted, this is like an early um, preview copy provided by telltale like um a review copy so i can play it and get the episodes up right when

the launch happens. not sponsored or anything they're just good about that. they give out ah, keys early to people so the episodes can go up right as the game launches. so this isn't the general public's choice yet. i'll have to refresh these and come back to it like when the game is actually out.

and this is only part 1, so i don't know how many people have actually taken this choice yet. 'you and 90.8% of players got locked up. so only 9.2 % of people- i don't know, is that because we lied for clem? that's a good statistic. ok, we went with eleanor, a lot of people went with eleanor. and 85% of people left, yeah.

'cause why would you leave your family first- well, not by your own choice, come back and then leave them again? you'd want to stay. with them, i mean. i knew it, it was literally on the tip of my tongue to say 'i have a bad feeling about this'. right before mari got shot. i knew something bad was gonna happen,

i thought a zombie was gonna bite her on the ground though. aw, just the way it was framed, the pacing of everything and the sound and i knew something bad was going to happen. so can we- ok, updating, talking to the server. hello server, how are you? can we continue please? start episode 2.

the way they said it, they said episode 1 was coming out and they said that episode 1 was too big to put into one episode so that the premier would be part 1 and part 2 of episode 1. at least that's how they made it sound, not that episode 2 was part 2 of that. so i can actually play episode 2 right now if i want to. awesome! well look forward to that then in a couple of days.

because before it was like you play episode 1 and then you'd have to wait a couple of months, and then episode 2 would come out. but now it's out right as episode 1 is out, so. that's awesome. okay cool, we can pick that up straight away then, then episode 3 will be out in a couple of months. i imagine. god. good first episode.

good episode. there was a lot of meandering here and there, like there always is kinda with these types of games. 'cause you need to keep stuff going, they need something to go from a to b to c to b to a. whatever. they need to keep stuff going back and forth all the time so meeting up with those bandits at the start, kinda came full circle in the end.

but again, it felt like meandering just to get us to the next plot point. but overall, very well done. the engine is a lot nicer now, the graphics are a lot nicer, the lighting is a lot nicer and the character models are a lot more convincing in their emotions now. before, they were very cardboard. it still sold the emotion anyway with the voice acting, but now it's kinda more complete package, which i really like. sad that mari has died

but i'm glad that clem is back in the game. i'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. clem shooting somebody and i don't know what this is, uh, at the end. and i don't know who you are. anyway! thank you guys, so much for watching this, if you liked it punch that like button in the face like a boss! and, high-fives all-round! *wapish* *wapish*

thank you guys, and i will see all you dudes, [high voice] in the next video! [outro music plays] not letting anybody else die. that's it, nobody else is dying in this playthrough.

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watch walking dead online

watch walking dead online

hey youtubers it’s charlie and there arejust so many wtf moments in this week’s walking dead, we need to get right in it.a whole bunch of plots were tied up and there was a major homage to a comic book moment. quick shout out for the giveaway this week.if you’re finding me for the first time i’m doing a weekly walking dead giveaway,just to say thank you to you guys for being so awesome. all you have to do to enter isbe a subscriber and leave a comment. we have some major stuff to work out here,so i’m going to do my top 5 wtf moments, then my review. careful for spoilers if youhaven’t seen the episode yet. here we go, number 5 - lizzie’s new friend grizelda.

there was so much wrong about this, did anyoneelse scream at their tv? her performance, the actress was a little too much, but wegot the message. lizzie is batshit crazy. the best part was seeing carol get that lookon her face like, i’m so going to end up having to put lizzie down. and then the camerapans over to tyreese looking through the window and he’s got the ‘what the fuuuu’ face. it’s pretty clear even at this point thatlizzie is going to be the biggest problem in this episode. not walkers, not findingfood, not mika toughening up and not finding the others. number 4 - lizzie feeds the walker.

what the eff. at least we finally got a definitiveanswer about who was feeding the walkers. this was so disturbing. lizzie shall makeyou understand. based on the scenes in the teaser i knew that she wasn’t going to getbitten this soon in the episode, but the minute her hand reached out i just wanted to slapher. it seems like in her mind she’s seeing allof them as they were and just can’t move forward in her mind. developmentally she’sjust stuck at the point of the outbreak before everything went to hell. i did love how mikajust walked up to lizzie and the walker like it was no big deal. you’d think if therewas a walker nearby you’d do everything you

number 3 - tyreese remembers karen. the irony of the scene was just beautifulwith carol in the foreground and tyreese just going on and on about his karen nightmares.remember earlier in the episode where he’s asleep on the chair jerking around. he wasprobably having a karen nightmare right then. i really did expect carol to come clean whenshe goes to speak, but i’m glad she saved it for later in the episode. did anyone elselaugh a little bit when tyreese went to hug her and had the gun in his hand as he wrappedit around carol. it’s like they were saying, murder is rightaround the corner. which is why the next moment was so appropriate.

number 2 - lizzie kills mika. she’s full on ben. i was just about to changejudith too. everyone had been wondering if they girls were going to take the place ofben and billy. and it went down exactly the way it did in the comics. here’s a shotof ben right after killing his brother. the only difference is that carl was involvedin the resolution and in the episode it’s carol. after seeing lizzie’s character progressionthis season, and this episode, i don’t think there’s any other way this could have gonedown. even if they had made it to terminus together, lizzie still would have continueddoing the same things and because mika was

so attached to her, she would have eitherbeen killed by a walker because of lizzie or by lizzie herself. so unless lizzie turned first, mika wouldhave died eventually no matter what. number 1 - carol kills lizzie. just look at the flowers and count 1.2.3.because i’d read the comic story i kept expecting this to happen since the mika killingwas exactly like the twin killing in the comics. i think they made it a little more emotionalsince carol was like they’re surrogate mother. i had actually expected her to shoot lizzieon the spot when she got the gun out of her hand. i wasn’t a huge fan of the transitionfrom mika to the house to carol shooting lizzie.

the pace just felt a little stop and go. andi had hoped that lizzie’s death would have been a little more intense. there was a lot they chose not to show usin the episode. they didn’t show lizzie stabbing mika and they didn’t show the bullethitting lizzie’s head. personally i think they shot it that way and amc made them takeit out. but you can comment on whether or not you think they intended to show us theactual deaths. in the end, i’m glad she’s dead. if youdidn’t hate lizzie before this episode, then this was the last straw. i have no ideawhere they would have gone with her character had she lived and made it to terminus.

clearly she was going to kill baby judith,after she confessed as much i wanted carol to shoot her so bad. and my bonus wtf moment - carol confessesto tyreese. i love how you can see murder on his faceas he’s just shaking the table with his grip. but he’s wrapping his brain aroundit and forgives her. not to say that he’ll ever forget. i love his quote though. “it’sa part of you now. me too.” it’s a big callback to tyreese’s earliertalk with carol about the talking to them. and carol’s answer that they’re not hauntingthem, just reminding them of what they have to do.

and so they continue on to terminus. i thinkwe’re meant to take away that tyreese isn’t going to harm carol, but they’re never goingto be pals they way they might have been, had awful things not happened. tyreese wantedto stay at the cottage so bad. how ironic that he said he wasn’t ready to be aroundpeople when carol then said lizzie can’t be around other people. let it not go unsaid though, the thing i wasmost excited about in this episode was baby judith not dying. as awful as everything was,that made me happy. but now it’s your turn, what was your biggestwtf moment? the deaths, or some of the craziness that preceded them.

each lizzie moment throughout the episodefelt like it successively increase my stress levels. overall i give the episode an a forhaving the guts, so to speak, to kill of two major characters in a way completely faithfulto the comics. as an asterisk though, i give lizzie’s performance a c for acting. i knewwhat the actress was trying to convey, she’s like the joffrey of the episode. and the problemwith that is that they’re supposed to make you hate them, which they do beautifully.but when you hate a character, sometimes they’re unbearable to watch. mika’s performance was a fresh breath ofsanity. mika get your gun. i would have liked to see the deleted scene that preceded herstabbing, maybe it will be on the dvd. but

i don’t think even hbo would show a childstabbing another child. even on game of thrones when arya killed that boy in season 1, theykind of cut away really quickly. i’ll say the child acting i did love inthe episode was when mika was comforting lizzie the first time and they chant in unison. itreminded me of the creepy twin girls from the shining. did anyone else get that vibe? i loved tyree’s performance in the episode.i almost felt like he had the hardest job. he had to convey all these emotions withoutreally doing anything. his character is not a good communicator, so a lot of his performancehas to be physical. and that last scene with carol was beautifully intense.

let me know what you thought of the episode,and are you happy lizzie is dead. even if it meant mika had to die too. in related news, i’ll be posting my nextq&a tomorrow night and announcing the latest winner in my giveaway. all you have to dois be a subscriber and leave a comment on this video. right now click here for more of my predictionsfor the season finale. a few of them were already answered in this episode, and clickhere for the q&a video. thanks for watching, see you guys tomorrow.high fives!

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watch walking dead episodes

watch walking dead episodes

hey youtubers it’s charlie and walking deadis finally back! they’ve been posting a lot of clips since comic con but i was stillpretty blown away with how it all went down. i’m also re-starting my weekly walking deadgiveaway now, it’s just a weekly amazon card given to a random subscriber in the comments.all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave a comment on this video. since there’s so much to talk about i’mdoing top 10 wtf moments, then i’ll do my review and talk about the rest of the season. careful for spoilers from the episode if youhaven’t seen it yet. i’ll wait just a sec...okay, here we go.

number 10 - terminus origin story this was a flashback to explain how the terminuspeople got to be the way they are. how they turned into cannibals. they cut it up acrossthe episode and mary was the one that narrated the action to carol, but basically a groupof thugs came in and just totally tore them up. i feel like there will be a lot of debateabout this, but it’s possible that it’s an easter egg for negan and the savoirs fromthe comics. kirkman and gimple have said multiple timesthat they’re not doing that character yet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t squeezehim in the same way they squeezed morgan in

at the end. gimple actually said something funny on talkingdead, he said the the people there got so detached from what they were doing that itturned into the office on nbc, like a mundane workplace sitcom. number 9 - welcome to the kill floor i believe that this was robin lord taylorhere, the guy that rick gave his watch to in season 4. his name was sam. carol foundrick’s watch later, so even if this was not sam, he still came through terminus atsome point. and then passed through their intestinal tracts.

if you’ve never been on the kill floor wherethey carve up cows or pigs, they bleed them out first in trough’s like that. the terminus people were turning the survivorsinto their cattle. and separately from the flashback scene, sluggerhere almost gets glenn with the bat, twice. if feel like that’s one too many times tobe a coincidence, so let’s call that another negan easter egg. if you have read the comics, just please usespoiler tags in the comments. number 8 - carol and tyreese capture a terminusperson they really wanted to differentiate the terminuspeople as a bad group versus the survivors,

who also kill but are good people and a family.season 5 is all about them becoming family in a deeper sense. abraham, eugene and rosita are still kindof outsiders. it seems like they don’t trust them enough to explain washington dc, butthat’s a whole other storyline. i was really proud of tyreese, we know exactlyhow carol is going to react in any given situation, tyreese was the one hopping on one foot tryingnot to crush that guy’s skull. they didn’t show it, so i keep thinkingin my head that he did the same thing to that terminus guy that the mountain did to oberynmartell on game of thrones. i mean, the minute he threatened baby judith’slife, you knew. there was no way he was going

to make it to the next episode. number 7 - carol blows up the gas tanks carol was definitely the mvp of the episode.and this was the best practical effect in the episode. probably the most expensive too. i loved that she went straight into rambomode too, no hesitation. the minute she knew something was up she went into auto searchand destroy. during the new york comic con panel she wascrying a lot, so everyone thought that meant she was going to die. but i have seen someof the pictures of them filming future episodes and i can tell you, for at least some of theseason, she’s fine. i don’t know if she’s

actually going to die later. it’s stillpossible. they not completely done filming all the episodes. number 6 - machine gun rick from the minute he stabbed those two guardsit was just a marathon of gore till he got his hands on the machine gun. and even afterthey escaped, he wanted to go back and stomp out the rest. i wonder how much longer he would have arguedwith them if carol hadn’t of walked up. i don’t think he’s crazy this season,he’ll still listen to reason. but i think a lot of his sanity depends on carl and judith.

did anyone else think about season 3 whenrick started clearing the prison out. it was like video game levels of violence and hehad unlimited ammo. that was the same episode that they hackedherschel’s leg off. number 5 - eugene and the cure i laughed so hard when sasha questioned eugeneand gibberish just started pouring out of his mouth. he’s one of those guys that thinks if hetalks fast enough and confuses people they’ll forget whatever is going on. and it worked.eventually i do think that will be over, they’ll have to figure out his secret.

if you’ve read the comics, just please usespoiler tags when talking about the cure. and when talking about abraham and rick. their little trio are still outsiders withinthe larger group of survivors. sasha seems like she’s going to be the onepushing them for answers. number 4 - mary vs carol battle royal, this was the explainer for thoseflashback scenes. scott gimple said that they wanted to tell the story of how terminus becamethe place we’re seeing right now. they weren’t always cannibals. but theyjust got pushed too far and snapped. wicked way for tasha yar to go. i always lovewhen i see her pop up on big shows. she got

killed in an episode of dexter during season1 i think too. i think she might have been the first humanperson dexter ever killed. maybe denise crosby just likes really darkstories. i was really happy that they expanded herpart, she was barely in the finale last year. number 3 - the reunion this was the cry-worthy moment. everyone isreunited. rick seems like he’s going to permanently attach baby judith to his body.they’ve been separated ever since the prison battle. tyreese and sasha too. did anyone else thinkthat daryl looked kind of sad watching them,

i feel like he was thinking about meryl. families being reunited, regardless of geneticcode they might share, they’re all a big family now. with the exception of the washingtondc crew. number 2 - saviors easter egg the second flashback gave me stronger neganvibes. i don’t know if they have any other cameos with these mystery attackers this year,but the slicked back hair, the voice and the leather jacket just scream negan to me. number 1 - morgan is back this was the real wtf, i think the scene wasonly a few seconds long but it did the trick.

robert kirkman got asked about this a coupledays ago during comic con. he said morgan was definitely coming back on the show, butit depended on the actor’s schedule. that makes me think that morgan won’t bea cast regular or anything, but he will have one or two more minor cameos. the scene just showed him tracking the survivors,so he’ll find them eventually. let me know though, what was your favoritemoment and when do you think morgan will be back? just a heads up too, based on the teaser forthe next episode, seth gilliam will be introduced. he’s playing father gabriel from the comics.i already did a video explaining him, so i’ll

add a link in the description if you wantto learn more. andrew j west, the guy who plays gareth, wasalso promoted to series regular. so he’s not dead, he’ll be back. overall i gave the episode a solid a for makingsuch a roaring return to television. walking dead is the most popular cable showin the world right now, so it’s almost ridiculous to expect it to keep one-upping itself everyweek. that being said, they usually crank all theknobs to eleven for premieres and finales. and this did not disappoint. it answered a ton of questions about the charactersand did a good job of explaining what the

new dynamics of the group will be this year. i would have liked to spend more time in theterminus flashbacks but we might get more of those when gareth shows up again. all things said, rick is going to be a lotmore fun this year. but carol is my mvp right now. let me know if you agree carol is the biggestbadass. and don’t forget, i’ll be doing a q&afor this tomorrow, so leave all your questions. i’ll announce the winner of this week’sgiveaway during that. it’s an amazon giftcard just like last year.super simple.

right now click here to get that video. i’lladd the annotation as soon as i post it. and click here for my top 5 rick grimes moments. thanks for watching, now let’s all highfive and i’ll see you tomorrow!

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watch the walking dead

watch the walking dead

hey! how's going bros? my name is pewdiepie! welcome back to episode 2, part 2. final. it's really confusing season 3. you're like : "what is happening.." all you need to know : it's intense. are they following us ?

just the other car. looks like we're okay. we don't know where clementine is... and i don't like that. not. one. bit. it'd be fun if we see some old characters. it's been a while. we've seen clementine, but... they just love to introduce new characters. hey, i helped her win at poker. oh there's clementine.

uh oh. oh.. oh it's time for our little boy to be a man huh? time to get that beanie up! awh... what about.. merr... well that was easy. how quick was that guy to give up on his whole town?

like, he didn't even bring anything but his overall. oh, that's cute uh, excuse me. uhh.. he- he's not ready. he is not ready for clementine. lemme tell you that. clementine.. badass.

gabriel.. fucking pussy, alright? *burp* i'm sorry that was really gross, i just realized i burped, *laughs* oh she- see i forgot they brought her we got water hopefully it's not urine. it looks kinda sketchy. you're thirsty, you're hot? you got sepsis. whatever

i don't want her to die.. it's a raccoon awkward.. owwwww clementine clemy cluu i love her so much on the road again last chapter coming up

last one had four if i remember correctly sooooo, its about to go down in viking town "hey it's me odin" yeah that's the point its a trap. its a trap!! nothing for clementine! ♪ clementine ♪

she needs her own themes! hah hou that was fucking badass clementine is the fucking shit i love clementine so much. shes my favorite character after lee of course. push so we can't push, huh?

allright or can we? try putting it off gear.. sorry dont roll your eyes to me young man oh my god its says dab! ow dammit it said jab fuck i hate when it says jab instead of dab it's the worse thing i hate! *hisses*

alright maybe we can find something in this garage! open please well how convein- ahhhhhhhhh! its jacksepticeye! no oh jeez dude... is that a fucking wrench? sweet man i'll take the wrench!

swedish invention by the way.. [ speaks swedish ] you're welcome! alright.. you're welcome.. hum.. video game we need to power it somehow.. how about we use the wrench on this now i can pull out the cable. [ gasps ] ohhh man..

connect thanks for helping viking dude! ah- wa- ah- ha shut the fuck up winch.. perhaps, there are something else that we can find oh look at that we can talk to jab-no, his name's conrad.. i guess we should talk to everyone. i kinda like this down moments in the game, it's..

brings atmosphere, it's brings me great pleasure and joy ohh.. you're hitting that? if you are i'll fucking kill you! uh-huh.. pretty cool.. how old are you? huh? not old enough! if you touch clementine ima touch you- no wait-

ima kill you! hey jumper cables.. let's just talk to conrad you don't ask someone: "you good?"[ laughs ] your friend died? you good? alright.. sounds good to me conrad.. the real hero of this story.. is lonny..

i should ask her if she knew lonny.. lonny was my man he's was my main bitch dude, th- was there an ax next to him? it's okay i did this during scare pewdiepie i know what i'm doing! it's easy.. i mean i could have done that.. now run the engine.. what a puzzle!

oh no walkers.. this is not gonna end well.. i know this game.. hey look at that.. zombies.. how convinient oh my god it's more jacksepticeye.. oh i love cars hey next time close your fucking windows! wow! fuck yeah that's- oh my god! yes, yes, yes!

that's cool.. i'll shoot you and then you, and then you, and then you, and then you. and then clementine will kick some ass! dude.. ow sh- dude ah.. look on your left oh dude that was awesome! oh oh thanks buddy! good job..

uhmm.. it's on fire .. how does so many of them just come out of nowhere like nowhere! convenient plot device.. zombies now everywhere hehehey damn.. *laughs* there's no point wasting bullets here but okay. oh no...

ohh fuck... that'll take you out. this is getting intense. you could climb that. 'self service' well you got that right. i like the sound of that. hey! you don't talk to clementine like that! you fucking viking. is it kenny?

*grunting* *heavy breathing* oh, yea. i don't- i don't think i can kill kenny this play though i- now i remember, i actually did kill him. 'wasd' thank you game. ah wow... clementine is literally the only character left from season one. it's a bit sad. i wou- now i would aim the gun at him and be like:

'hey, umm..' whats up? how's it going bro? its pewdiepie here, did you watch my channel? who the fuck are you? oh fuck, i wasn't ready for this. america! everyone has guns. hell of that... there's no shortage of guns in this game. uh oh...

that's bad. thats real bad. what is clementine doing? lower them- *chuckles* i want to know what clementine thinks 'cuz i only really trust her. *laughter* how 'bout that? we met jesus. what a weird dude.

oh! we got a clementine flash back coming up. lets see what is says. 'four' okay so there's five then i suppose. sorry sorry *laughs* here we go. oh yea, what happened to little timmy? i know that's not his name that seems like a terrible idea.

hey, hey, hey, hey. aj oh... babies are the worst. beautiful. stunning. wait, did the zombie hum as well? seems harmless honestly. oh, fuck. looks like we're gonna- there was an open door all along? what the fuck?

hey look at that. i roll alone. i'm clementine. you like apples? well too bad! 'cuz i'm clementine. *nervous laughter* oh my god thats creepy now. no. i know you. the fuck does that mean?

i hate when they- okay you're just gonna sleep there? on your ikea pillow? oh my god. well that was clementine flash back number two. what? what does she know? what- does she know something? she knows something. what is it clementine? anything you want. oh, maybe she's marked. *gasp*

oh no! clementine! this is super awkward. i can't believe you le- la- um.. tattoo you. uh, with the- fire thing. well her story adds up. plus of course, i trust her. huh, jesus, literally. it's jacksepticeye. oh, thats creepy.

reminds me of uh- i am the one, the one. oh shit. what the fuck does that mean? oh shit. fuck jesus! karate jesus! holy moely. let's go in the tunnel they said.

it will be a good idea they said. this is real bad. this is real bad. let me tell you, i know when things are bad. hey, you opened the door. *muttering* uh, this? okay well i suppose i could do that. it's baseball time bitch! she knows. i can't believe it clementine.

got him. yes, yes shoot him! uh... no! ahh! *whispers* fuck he was a good man. it had to be done. don't look at me like that. i don't-

that was a tough decision i gotta say, to run on the fly. i wanted to think about it for a second. but i- you know... gabriel and clementine are important to me. alright? i don't really care about conrad. so what am i supposed to do huh? ah he- what does he- why would he care at this point about ka- i'm sorry dude. i'm really sorry about killing your friend.

that's gonna- that's gonna- that's gonna bite me in the ass later i am sure. but at least- at least we have jesus on our side you know? that makes me feel good. ohhh.. is someone watching us? i feel watched! i feel very watched. overwatched okay then

creepy lookin. their not in the car. *gasp* she's there! *zombie noise* oh okay. she's fine. sorry, i don't- hopefully we got there before the other guys, you know? trust me, you don't want to go to norway. she's one hundred percent gonna die.

looks so nice and inviting. uh oh... this is stupid. that does- i agree. what are we fucking twelve. please don't shoot us. please don't shoot us. please don't shoot us. ah fuck.

*gasp* oh! woh! what!? the fuck!? ah! well that was unexpected. very unexpected. cool.

oh, sorry i forgot, now, we got 62% of players told david that kate wanted to leave him. well that was 62% of players that was- tricked into another option. i hated that option. that didn't make any sense. how did you handle the frontier 61% opened fire so it was kinda a close call. what would you have done huh? what would you have done? did you trust jesus? *laughter* 87% would have trusted jesus.

very good. how did you deal with conrad's threat to clementine? oh, a lot of people killed conrad. i thought that was a really tough decision to make. i suppose it makes sense that it's the right decision but that dosent make it a tough decesion um... finally, how far did you get into richmound. uh huh... that was it?

okay. excellent. well that concludes another episode of season 3 the walking dead. i love playing this game and i'm so thrilled i can share it with you guys. through the power of the internet. we have three more episodes to go. let's have a quick look here. so.... coming soon. okay, jesus is in that one, that's cool. clementine lookin all badass in episode 4. and then...

alright, should be a good one. i'm really enjoying this one so far, i hope you are as well. and uh, hopefully we can see some more familiar faces in the next one. anyway thank you guys so much for watching it's- it's such an amazing thing, i really appreciate it. and as always [ smooch ] stay awesome.

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walking the dead

walking the dead

hey everyone, jared here, one of the creators here at wisecrack. today we’ve got another special episode about a show that everyone is excited to see come back on the air: the walking dead the walking dead is the tale of sheriff rick grimes and his small band of survivors as they're transformed from coddled complainers carol: "my daughter doesn't deserve to die like this!" into battle-tested zombie murdering badasses. it’s also a show about british actor andrewlincoln’s struggle to pronounce the name "carl." rick: "certainly not in front of 'coral.'"

rick: "corel!" rick: "koral!" rick: "corral" rick: "corol" rick: "quuraaal!" rick: "corall?!" rick: "cural's gonna be alright" rick: "cural"carl: "i got it!" the zombie sub-genre has a rich history of social commentary, and the walking dead is no different.

whether they be the slow walking, brain craving type or of the fast running, shrieking persuasion, the figure of the zombie has been a metaphor for all sorts of things that keep us up at night. zombies have represented everything from mindless consumers under capitalism in the dawn of the dead to fears about public health crises in 28 days later immigration in world war z or mega-corporations in resident evil. and then there’s the fact that zombies originated in haiti, where many have argued it was a metaphor for slavery.

zombies are projections of our own societal fears. but the walking dead isn’t quite any of these. sure, it draws some parallels to predecessors, such as when andrea picks out a necklace for her sister while a horde of zombies clamor to eat her, similar to the dawn of the dead where survivors take refuge in a shopping mall and epitomize mindless consumers, while another kind of mindless consumer, while another kind of mindless consumer eagerly awaits the opportunity to indulge in some organic, mall-to-table meat. instead, the walking dead explores a multitude of issues like politics, psychology, and our relationship to death. also, the joys of cosplaying. welcome to this special episode on the philosophy of the walking dead

part 1: what does it mean to live? why are zombies so scary? it’s not just the fact that getting eaten alive probably sucks but our revulsion at zombies providesdeep insights into how we view our own lives. after all, plenty of things can rip out our intestines and, instead of inspiring terror, inspire the dulcet tones of werner herzog. herzog: "i see only the overwhelming indifference of nature." zombies keep us up at night because they’re like us, but not quite us. they also mess with the fundamental reason that we use to tell ourselves that we’re special.

the walking dead is, above all else, a showabout philosophical boundaries, and 3 in particular: what constitutes life? what constitutes “living”? and what constitutes being human? pharrell: ♫"these blurred lineeesss~"♫ the show is constantly asking us to interrogate the difference between life and death. it is after all, called "the walking dead," and they’re not just talking about the zombies — they’re talking about the survivors. it raises the question: what makes us alive?

one of the best moments of the show that exploresthis happens early on, at the cdc. rick: "but they're not alive." dr. jenner: "you tell me." when it’s revealed by dr. jenner that everyone is infected all of the sudden, the line between “walker” and human seems a bit blurred. not only will everyone reanimate, but they’re always so close to death that the distinction seems to melt away. clara: "please help me." when they open the door to the cdc, rick’s group is blinded by a flood of light, clearly evoking “the light at the end of the tunnel” to heaven, or whatever it is that people believe in these days.

inside the cdc, a brain scan shows the small section of the walker brain that still lights up, allowing them to move and groan and eat, but everything else is turned off. one could argue that this means they’re biologically alive carl: "they're dead now." lizzie: "no they're not. they're just different" plenty of animals, like worms and insects, do just fine with not much more than what the walkers are working with. the show is constantly exploring the distinction between life and death, sometimes blurring it, sometimes questioning it, sometimes affirming it. characters are constantly unable to let go of their loved ones.

morgan can’t shoot his wife and eventually loses his son for it. hershel goes collecting zombies like they’re pokã©mon, convinced that there’s still something human about them. and the governor keeps his daughter trapped in the closet. r. kelly: ♫ "i'm in the closet like, 'man, what the f**k is goin on'"? ♫ in the scene where andrea’s sister dies she seems to be lovingly looking into the eyes of her sister before we learn that warm embrace is just the normal murdery-zombie kind of embrace. if they have trouble letting go of loved-ones who have turned, it’s because the definition of life was never really clear to begin with. we can break up the questions of life intothe philosophical and biological senses.

if it’s the ability to walk around and make noises well, the walkers already have that covered. but there’s also the philosophical questionof life: what constitutes a life worth living? each character has their own reasons for going on with life. for dale all life is sacred. dale admits that he just can’t let go, no matter how bad things get, even when his own wife was dying from cancer. dale: "after all the surgeries, chemos...she accepted it, ya know?" dale: "but i never could. and i spent, last few years, so angry." carol values survival as its own end too, but without the saccharine moralism.

no matter how terrible things get in her life, she just goes on surviving. she’s utterly pragmatic. secretly teaching kids how to defend themselves, pretending to be a harmless housewife, dressing up like one of the wolves — the list goes on. and, of course, there’s this speech fromrick: rick: “i asked my grandpa onceif he ever killed any germans in the war." rick: "he said he was dead the minute he stepped into enemy territory." rick: "and then after a few years of pretending he was dead, he made it out alive." rick: "and that's the trick of it, i think. we do what we need to do, and then we get to live." the question at hand here, at the cdc, andthroughout the show seems to be:

what’s the point of living if we’re already dead? is the small glimmer of electric “life” inside the brains of the dead that much different than the tiny glimmer of hope that allows rick and the group to beast through this hell on earth? for rick, being biologically alive is simply a means to an end — for the chance that one day, you’ll get to live. mike: "where's the happy ending here? this isn't life!" according to our old friend albert camus, “there is but one truly philosophical problem, and that is suicide.” at the cdc, jenner, andrea, and jacqui decide there's no point to live a life devoid of meaning and full of misery and want to end it. andrea: "there's nothing...left."

but for camus, despite the meaningless of it all, suicide isn’t liberating —â only life offers us freedom. the rest of rick’s group cling to a notion of freedom,â not exactly camus’ notion of freedom,â and keep going. and then they, you know, lock themselves up in a prison for the sake of surviving. another philosophical question at hand in the walking dead is: what makes us human? or, put the other way, what makes us not a zombie? we could say that, unlike zombies, humans have purpose and, for one, don’t hunger for flesh. except, well, we’re literally confronted with a band of cannibals, and the existential question of the show seems to be: if the survivors are just aimlessly wandering around without a purpose from one source of sustenance to the next

and eventually have to resort to cannibalism, then what really differentiates them from the zombies? this blurry distinctions between human andanimal leads to a dilemma — a dilemma that is constantly driving the survivors to distance themselves from the walkers lori: "you put me down immediately!" most survivors want to be killed so they can’t turn. if you die before you’ve turned, you get a proper burial. glenn: "we don't burn them!" glenn: "we bury them." and huge parts of the second season center around herschel’s refusal to lose empathy for his turned loved-ones. it seems that everything that comes to define us as humans is stripped away, leaving only our biological selves.

rick is no longer a cop, but a man searching for his offspring and mating partner. social distinctions are, allegedly, gone. rick: "look here, merle." rick: "things are different now." rick: "there are no 'niggers' anymore." rick: "no dumb as shit, inbred, white-trash fools either." rick: "only dark meat and white meat. there's us and the dead." glenn used to be a delivery guy, now he’s just really good at sneaking around. still, the survivors still desperately cling to symbols that used to define their humanity.

symbols that, in the grand scheme of things, seem kind of stupid. rick is constantly losing, and recovering, his sheriff’s hat before bestowing it on carl — a reminder of rick’s past life and the law. carol misses her maytag, carol: "i do miss my maytag." andrea takes a mermaid necklace, itself an amalgam of man and beast, for her sister, and the show’s creators really really wantto show us how awesome hot showers are. so, in other words, a big part of what separateshuman from animal seems to be: our social status, our stuff, and hot showers.

what makes humans, well, human, is one ofphilosophy’s oldest questions. aristotle, for instance, argued that that our abilityto speak and reason separated us from animals, who merely had the ability to grunt base needs. zombie: "more brains!" in the world of zombies, the very idea that a human has lost their ability to reason and speak warrants the claim that they are no longer human. then again, we could also think of the small part of the brain animating the walkers as the animal part of our own brain. part 2: moral lines in the world of the walking dead, zombies aren’t always the scariest thing out there.

the show is constantly exhibiting humanity’s worst: abusive partners rapists bandits whatever the hell the wolves are doing and, of course, terminus. the fact that the home of the cannibals isnamed after a roman god isn’t a coincidence. terminus is the roman god of boundaries, and throughout the show we are confronted with oh-so-many boundaries being crossed. not only do its denizens survive by eating human flesh,

but its captives are kept in train cars that evoke nazi death camps. carol even stumbles upon a room of possessions stolen from their victims. rick’s group is brought to the floor of an industrial slaughterhouse, where gareth’s henchman first knock out their victims and then slice their throats as if they were cattle. gareth calmly walks in with a notebook asking his henchmen what their shot counts were for accounting purposes. gareth: "what were your shot counts?" bat smock man: "38" we could probably make a whole episode about this scene alone, but what we've got here is a series of binaries human — zombie

human — animal good — evil civilization — barbarism all being blurred. the residents of terminus have simultaneouslylost their humanity and yet, ironically, have exhibited humanity's crowning achievement: bureaucracy these boundaries function as more than just empty rhetoric —â they’re deeply productive, for better or worse. the line between human and animal serves as a framework for how people should live their lives

before and after the zombie apocalypse, but it also demarcates what gets screwed over in the distinction. gareth: "you're either the butcher or the cattle spoiler: it sucks to be the cattle. it’s why the show focuses so much on thegroup’s struggle to retain their humanity. the residents of terminus were not always like this and function as a sort of cautionary tale for surviving in the zombie apocalypse. originally an actual sanctuary for survivors, a group of bandits rolled in and proceeded to lock its inhabitants in train cars before sexually assaulting and eventually murdering them. when the original residents of terminus successfully rebel, they lock their tormentor in a train car to rot,

where he spends his time yelling, “we’re the same." it becomes clear that morality, along with a maytag and a shower, is what separates us from animals. when escaping from terminus, rick wants to abandon the others trapped in the train cars until glenn convinces him thathelping other is essential to their identity. glenn: "that's still who we are." "it's gotta be." in the episode "judge, jury, and execution,” rick’s group is faced with a decision of what to do with a captured survivor, who may or may not imperil the group if let go. dale is convinced that the loss of justice equatesto the loss of humanity.

dale: "now the world we know is gone, but keeping our humanity? that's a choice." even gareth likens the signs that would leadto his torture with his humanity. gareth: "we were being human beings." alex: "what are we now, gareth? other citizens of terminus equate morals withthe inability to survive. martin: "you're a good guy." "that's why you're gonna die today." clearly, being human is more than just a setof biological questions. what the walking dead really explores is that there are many, many things that define our humanity.

a critical point in all this is whether or not the walkers maintain a shred of their former selves. the governor: "let me ask you something, huh..." "do you still believe the 'biters still have some spark in them, huh?" "of who they were?" milton: "i think so" the governor: "and that was my daughter, wasn't it?" then again, one doesn't have to "turn" to become a monster. milton: "i knew philip —â before he became the governer. that man still exists." just as we question whether the undead maintain any element of their past identity, we also ask:

do those alive, but morally contaminated retain any sense of their former selves? this is further explored through the character of morgan. after his wife and son die, morgan loses not only himself, but his connection to reality. but he's revived with the help of a former psychiatrist, who teaches him that no person is too far gone to be rehabilitated. it's why morgan refuses to kill even the wolves, who most consider to have lost every last bit of their humanity. part 3: dictatorship a recurring theme in the show is the struggle between dictatorship and democracy. as it turns out, trying to juggle finding food

maintaining a shelter and not getting murdered is pretty complicated. especially when multiple people are involved. we see early on the complications that arise from this: arguments about where to go how to get there who needs to do what and what to do when people break the rules.

also, who’s in charge? while rick’s group of survivors talk it out the always-imminent backup plan is sheer violence. not to mention that, when walkers are a-comin', talking it out isn’t always the most expedient solution. when shane and rick can’t see eye-to-eye on anything anymore both of them conclude it’s murdering time.

with rick eventually winning. as the show progresses, rick is more or lessin charge. but the most interesting thing happens at the end of season 2 when rick openly declares a dictatorship. rick: "this isn't a democracy anymore." it’s important to note the origin of dictatorships. the term comes from the ancient roman legal convention wherein absolute power was bestowedupon an individual in cases of extreme emergency. while now the term is thrown around to indicateshitty rulers

and the people we think "resemble" those shitty rulers the roman dictatorshipwas a necessity to protect against utter annihilation from invading armies. the famous good-guy-dictatorwas cincinnatus. cincinnatus was a roman statesman who, after his son ran into some legal trouble sold most of his land and retired to a small farm. when rome was in imminent danger froma neighboring italian tribe the roman consul elected cincinnatus to the position of dictator.

as legend goes, a group of senators were dispatched to tell cincinnatus the news and found himplowing his farm. cincinnatus put on his toga headed for rome defeated the bad guys and immediately resigned from his position as dictator. later, cincinnatus was elected dictator again this time to save rome from a coup. and again, once the coup was stopped

cincinnatus resigned and went back to farming. did we mention rick grimes is totally cincinnatus? not like, oh... rick grimes kind of reminds us of this other guy who had absolute power in the face of scary invaders. but like, oh... this guy leaves his life as a farmer to protectagainst hordes of enemies only to go back to farming when the threat is gone. this roman connection is suspiciously everywherein the show

the governor’s fight club is reminiscent of gladiator battles and as previously mentioned terminus is the roman god of boundaries. the bible verse where jesus rises from the dead? romans 6:4 which is scrawled on gabriel’s wall. it’s not exactly clear what the show’screators are doing here. it could just be that roman history is a treasure trove of material when you’re trying to think of creative ways drama could play out

in a hyper-violent society always on the lookout for hordes of invaders. but in doing so, the walking dead ends upmaking some really smart commentary on politics, and specifically, sovereignty. rome, after all, the was site of both history’s most extreme tyrants and foundational representative government. part 4: state of exception what makes a ruler? according to controversialgerman political theorist carl schmitt

the sovereign is whoever makes the exception. whether you’re living in the united states or ancient rome the sovereign is always theperson who can discard the law to carve out exceptions to the rule. it’s kind of like your shitty hometown mayor who has the police look the other way when his relatives drink and drive or smoke crack.

mayor ford: "yes i have smoked cracked cocaine."r.i.p the most obvious example of this is rick “cincinnatus” grimes who simply declares that democracy-time is over. but we also see that when alexandriais in imminent danger it’s rick, not deanna who is in charge. coral: "i know you're gonna say it's not up to you..." "but it can be."

the law is constantly being suspended, andnot only by rick. shane bypasses the will of the group and kills randall in the woods. carol kills and burns flu victims in the prison to stop it from threatening the group. in fact, shane’s criticism of rick seems to be heavily rooted in rick’s ability to make the exception when he won’t execute randall. italian philosopher giorgo agamben argues that

the state of exception has become the law of our time. no longer an infrequent occurrence the suspension of the law permeates our society we see it in the war on terror and refugeecamps around the world. agamben wanted to figure out just how the nazi concentration camps could happen and it was in the state of exception that he found his answer. but because we’re talking about the walking dead let’s put it this way: rick is your typical modern sovereign.

he suspends thelaw to get shit done and to save people. glen: "i told for the good of everyone." rick: "well i thought it best that people didn't know." sometimes, that means rick does really messed up things. the difference between rick and gareth is only that the suspension of law has becomepermanent in terminus. sure, there is order, but the denizens of terminus have thrown aside the most basic laws of human morality like don’t eat people.

and for agamben the idea that all of the rick’s of the world are only a few setbacks away from becoming gareth is terrifying. the show makes it really clear why as we discussed earlier all of these atrocities are in the name of survival. the whole “you’reeither the butcher or the cattle” might as well be the familiar tale of the “birdof prey” and the “lamb”

espoused by nietzsche, who of course, the nazis loved totake out of context in their own propaganda. rick is constantly invoking this“us or them” logic. rick: "but they can't keep up, you keep going." suggesting that what separates rick from gareth may not be all that much. gareth: "nnnooooo!"r.i.p as agamben says: "the camp is the space that opens up when the state of exception starts to become the rule." the problem with all of this, agamben argues

is that whether or not atrocities are committed whether or not bob is for breakfast is dependent on the law enforcer as sovereign rather than the rule of law. and while we’re not livingin a zombie apocalypse that logic still rules the day. whether it’s swine flu natural disasters or isis

the ability of the government to suspend the law is always imminent. conclusion the walking dead continues to be one of thesmartest shows on tv and despite being set in a fictional zombie apocalypse its questions still hit pretty close to home. questions like: what makes life worth living? what makes us human? and in what circumstances am i allowed to resort to cannibalism, again? it’s unclear where the show will go

will rick and his group save the world and build anew or will rick continue to ruin every place he comes across? or, in the end will the world need to be saved from rick? thanks for watching everyone. i hoped you've enjoyed this special episode on the walking dead. if you're not already a subscriber to wisecrack be sure to go to our channel page and

subscribe will the walkers eventually kill off all of humanity? will humanity outlive the zombie apocalypse and take back control of earth? click here to check out a special episode by matpat and our friends over at the film theorist as he tackles these questions and more. it's an amazing episode and the perfect supplement to ours so head over there and make sure to subscribe while you're over there.

alright guys i gotta get back to work on the final fantasy episode be sure to follow us ontwitter, facebook, all that good stuff the links are in the description below and as always thank you so much for watching.

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walking s

walking s

♪♪ >>you are watching the walking dead. >>everybody, listen up! now we've dealt with these walkers for a long time. we've lost a lot of good people, but i miss someone who i feel is the ultimate zombie survivor.

he's going to teach us a few things. terry, come on up. >>hey guys, i'm terry. i'm here to teach you everything i know about surviving walkers. it's pretty simple. move out of the way. >>what do you mean?

>>um, exactly what i said. just, i hear one coming and i move out of the way. >>but, with how many guns? >>uh, no guns actually. i just use my healthy legs to move faster than a half-rotted stumbling corpse. >>boo!

that ain't no solution! >>quiet maggie! now, i know it's complicated, but hear him out. >>it's not- okay, look, these guys are slow, dumb, loud, and move about as gracefully as a baby doe on a trampoline.

>>my wife was killed by a baby doe on a trampoline! >>that's a good point. >>okay- when- when a walker appears, just go ahead and walk briskly in the other direction or just walk at a normal

pace in the other direction. seriously, it's that easy. >>at what point do i fall on the ground and cower like a child? >>that's a good question. >>i would not do that. >>so- >>if you accidentally fall

down you could crawl away. you can literally crawl faster than these guys can move. >>what about when they sneak up on you? >>how are they sneaking up on you? i'm- wha- >>you just see them coming?

>>guys, honestly, a screaming cow walking over a floor made of fritos would be quieter than a walker. >>my brother was killed by a screaming cow in a frito factory! >>what is wrong with your family?

>>what do you do when you're in a house searching for supplies and a bunch of them corner you? >>that is exactly a good question. before entering a house use your ears. if you hear loud gurgling moaning,

shut the door and move on. seriously, these terrifying monsters don't even know how to open doors. >>what about when you think you hear something in front of you and so you keep looking ahead while slowly moving backwards into a dark part of a room

without looking behind you? >>been there 50 times. >>guys, looks, it's not very hard. step one, listen for walkers. step two, if you hear one coming, walk away. good?

>>not good! >>what's step three? >>you with your fancy talk and lack of pit stains makes me think that- >>prime example. does anybody hear that? >>don't interrupt me when i'm angrily not being aware

of my surroundings! >>[metal clanking] >>this nonsense about moving out of the way is a waste of time! >>seriously, nobody hears anything? >>these walkers are stealthy as silent as the grave from whence they came!

>>[zombie garbles] >>he is practically bleeding on you. >>even i, with my finely tuned senses can't always discern when a walk- sweet blue jeans! >>walker! form up!

tight circle! engage on my count! >>got to be kidding me. okay. you're done. all right, all right. now follow me. there you go. good boy.

come on. there you go! this is- right, everybody still watching? all right! and now- >>[grunting] >>it's that easy! >>black magic!

>>no, it's the will to survive! >>they're just dumb and frail! at the rate that they have decayed, they could impale themselves on a dandelion covered in fabric softener. >>my son was murdered by a dandelion covered in-

>>sir! how have you survived the apocalypse? i can't even- >>what a strange dude. >>come on everyone, best go ruin another settlement. >>i'm just going to grab a quick snack.

[screaming] no! >>thanks for watching guys! >>step one, subscribe below. >>watch out! >>step two, share this with your walking dead friends! >>i've got a knife. whoa, walker!

>>i'm going to let him go. can you handle it? >>oh, he disarmed me! he just- grab a rock! whoa! >>dude. watch out! >>okay.

all right. whoa, whoa, whoa! >>dude! >>whoa! oh no! >>give me your money!