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watch walking dead online

watch walking dead online

hey youtubers it’s charlie and there arejust so many wtf moments in this week’s walking dead, we need to get right in it.a whole bunch of plots were tied up and there was a major homage to a comic book moment. quick shout out for the giveaway this week.if you’re finding me for the first time i’m doing a weekly walking dead giveaway,just to say thank you to you guys for being so awesome. all you have to do to enter isbe a subscriber and leave a comment. we have some major stuff to work out here,so i’m going to do my top 5 wtf moments, then my review. careful for spoilers if youhaven’t seen the episode yet. here we go, number 5 - lizzie’s new friend grizelda.

there was so much wrong about this, did anyoneelse scream at their tv? her performance, the actress was a little too much, but wegot the message. lizzie is batshit crazy. the best part was seeing carol get that lookon her face like, i’m so going to end up having to put lizzie down. and then the camerapans over to tyreese looking through the window and he’s got the ‘what the fuuuu’ face. it’s pretty clear even at this point thatlizzie is going to be the biggest problem in this episode. not walkers, not findingfood, not mika toughening up and not finding the others. number 4 - lizzie feeds the walker.

what the eff. at least we finally got a definitiveanswer about who was feeding the walkers. this was so disturbing. lizzie shall makeyou understand. based on the scenes in the teaser i knew that she wasn’t going to getbitten this soon in the episode, but the minute her hand reached out i just wanted to slapher. it seems like in her mind she’s seeing allof them as they were and just can’t move forward in her mind. developmentally she’sjust stuck at the point of the outbreak before everything went to hell. i did love how mikajust walked up to lizzie and the walker like it was no big deal. you’d think if therewas a walker nearby you’d do everything you

number 3 - tyreese remembers karen. the irony of the scene was just beautifulwith carol in the foreground and tyreese just going on and on about his karen nightmares.remember earlier in the episode where he’s asleep on the chair jerking around. he wasprobably having a karen nightmare right then. i really did expect carol to come clean whenshe goes to speak, but i’m glad she saved it for later in the episode. did anyone elselaugh a little bit when tyreese went to hug her and had the gun in his hand as he wrappedit around carol. it’s like they were saying, murder is rightaround the corner. which is why the next moment was so appropriate.

number 2 - lizzie kills mika. she’s full on ben. i was just about to changejudith too. everyone had been wondering if they girls were going to take the place ofben and billy. and it went down exactly the way it did in the comics. here’s a shotof ben right after killing his brother. the only difference is that carl was involvedin the resolution and in the episode it’s carol. after seeing lizzie’s character progressionthis season, and this episode, i don’t think there’s any other way this could have gonedown. even if they had made it to terminus together, lizzie still would have continueddoing the same things and because mika was

so attached to her, she would have eitherbeen killed by a walker because of lizzie or by lizzie herself. so unless lizzie turned first, mika wouldhave died eventually no matter what. number 1 - carol kills lizzie. just look at the flowers and count 1.2.3.because i’d read the comic story i kept expecting this to happen since the mika killingwas exactly like the twin killing in the comics. i think they made it a little more emotionalsince carol was like they’re surrogate mother. i had actually expected her to shoot lizzieon the spot when she got the gun out of her hand. i wasn’t a huge fan of the transitionfrom mika to the house to carol shooting lizzie.

the pace just felt a little stop and go. andi had hoped that lizzie’s death would have been a little more intense. there was a lot they chose not to show usin the episode. they didn’t show lizzie stabbing mika and they didn’t show the bullethitting lizzie’s head. personally i think they shot it that way and amc made them takeit out. but you can comment on whether or not you think they intended to show us theactual deaths. in the end, i’m glad she’s dead. if youdidn’t hate lizzie before this episode, then this was the last straw. i have no ideawhere they would have gone with her character had she lived and made it to terminus.

clearly she was going to kill baby judith,after she confessed as much i wanted carol to shoot her so bad. and my bonus wtf moment - carol confessesto tyreese. i love how you can see murder on his faceas he’s just shaking the table with his grip. but he’s wrapping his brain aroundit and forgives her. not to say that he’ll ever forget. i love his quote though. “it’sa part of you now. me too.” it’s a big callback to tyreese’s earliertalk with carol about the talking to them. and carol’s answer that they’re not hauntingthem, just reminding them of what they have to do.

and so they continue on to terminus. i thinkwe’re meant to take away that tyreese isn’t going to harm carol, but they’re never goingto be pals they way they might have been, had awful things not happened. tyreese wantedto stay at the cottage so bad. how ironic that he said he wasn’t ready to be aroundpeople when carol then said lizzie can’t be around other people. let it not go unsaid though, the thing i wasmost excited about in this episode was baby judith not dying. as awful as everything was,that made me happy. but now it’s your turn, what was your biggestwtf moment? the deaths, or some of the craziness that preceded them.

each lizzie moment throughout the episodefelt like it successively increase my stress levels. overall i give the episode an a forhaving the guts, so to speak, to kill of two major characters in a way completely faithfulto the comics. as an asterisk though, i give lizzie’s performance a c for acting. i knewwhat the actress was trying to convey, she’s like the joffrey of the episode. and the problemwith that is that they’re supposed to make you hate them, which they do beautifully.but when you hate a character, sometimes they’re unbearable to watch. mika’s performance was a fresh breath ofsanity. mika get your gun. i would have liked to see the deleted scene that preceded herstabbing, maybe it will be on the dvd. but

i don’t think even hbo would show a childstabbing another child. even on game of thrones when arya killed that boy in season 1, theykind of cut away really quickly. i’ll say the child acting i did love inthe episode was when mika was comforting lizzie the first time and they chant in unison. itreminded me of the creepy twin girls from the shining. did anyone else get that vibe? i loved tyree’s performance in the episode.i almost felt like he had the hardest job. he had to convey all these emotions withoutreally doing anything. his character is not a good communicator, so a lot of his performancehas to be physical. and that last scene with carol was beautifully intense.

let me know what you thought of the episode,and are you happy lizzie is dead. even if it meant mika had to die too. in related news, i’ll be posting my nextq&a tomorrow night and announcing the latest winner in my giveaway. all you have to dois be a subscriber and leave a comment on this video. right now click here for more of my predictionsfor the season finale. a few of them were already answered in this episode, and clickhere for the q&a video. thanks for watching, see you guys tomorrow.high fives!

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