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watch walking dead episodes

watch walking dead episodes

hey youtubers it’s charlie and walking deadis finally back! they’ve been posting a lot of clips since comic con but i was stillpretty blown away with how it all went down. i’m also re-starting my weekly walking deadgiveaway now, it’s just a weekly amazon card given to a random subscriber in the comments.all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave a comment on this video. since there’s so much to talk about i’mdoing top 10 wtf moments, then i’ll do my review and talk about the rest of the season. careful for spoilers from the episode if youhaven’t seen it yet. i’ll wait just a sec...okay, here we go.

number 10 - terminus origin story this was a flashback to explain how the terminuspeople got to be the way they are. how they turned into cannibals. they cut it up acrossthe episode and mary was the one that narrated the action to carol, but basically a groupof thugs came in and just totally tore them up. i feel like there will be a lot of debateabout this, but it’s possible that it’s an easter egg for negan and the savoirs fromthe comics. kirkman and gimple have said multiple timesthat they’re not doing that character yet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t squeezehim in the same way they squeezed morgan in

at the end. gimple actually said something funny on talkingdead, he said the the people there got so detached from what they were doing that itturned into the office on nbc, like a mundane workplace sitcom. number 9 - welcome to the kill floor i believe that this was robin lord taylorhere, the guy that rick gave his watch to in season 4. his name was sam. carol foundrick’s watch later, so even if this was not sam, he still came through terminus atsome point. and then passed through their intestinal tracts.

if you’ve never been on the kill floor wherethey carve up cows or pigs, they bleed them out first in trough’s like that. the terminus people were turning the survivorsinto their cattle. and separately from the flashback scene, sluggerhere almost gets glenn with the bat, twice. if feel like that’s one too many times tobe a coincidence, so let’s call that another negan easter egg. if you have read the comics, just please usespoiler tags in the comments. number 8 - carol and tyreese capture a terminusperson they really wanted to differentiate the terminuspeople as a bad group versus the survivors,

who also kill but are good people and a family.season 5 is all about them becoming family in a deeper sense. abraham, eugene and rosita are still kindof outsiders. it seems like they don’t trust them enough to explain washington dc, butthat’s a whole other storyline. i was really proud of tyreese, we know exactlyhow carol is going to react in any given situation, tyreese was the one hopping on one foot tryingnot to crush that guy’s skull. they didn’t show it, so i keep thinkingin my head that he did the same thing to that terminus guy that the mountain did to oberynmartell on game of thrones. i mean, the minute he threatened baby judith’slife, you knew. there was no way he was going

to make it to the next episode. number 7 - carol blows up the gas tanks carol was definitely the mvp of the episode.and this was the best practical effect in the episode. probably the most expensive too. i loved that she went straight into rambomode too, no hesitation. the minute she knew something was up she went into auto searchand destroy. during the new york comic con panel she wascrying a lot, so everyone thought that meant she was going to die. but i have seen someof the pictures of them filming future episodes and i can tell you, for at least some of theseason, she’s fine. i don’t know if she’s

actually going to die later. it’s stillpossible. they not completely done filming all the episodes. number 6 - machine gun rick from the minute he stabbed those two guardsit was just a marathon of gore till he got his hands on the machine gun. and even afterthey escaped, he wanted to go back and stomp out the rest. i wonder how much longer he would have arguedwith them if carol hadn’t of walked up. i don’t think he’s crazy this season,he’ll still listen to reason. but i think a lot of his sanity depends on carl and judith.

did anyone else think about season 3 whenrick started clearing the prison out. it was like video game levels of violence and hehad unlimited ammo. that was the same episode that they hackedherschel’s leg off. number 5 - eugene and the cure i laughed so hard when sasha questioned eugeneand gibberish just started pouring out of his mouth. he’s one of those guys that thinks if hetalks fast enough and confuses people they’ll forget whatever is going on. and it worked.eventually i do think that will be over, they’ll have to figure out his secret.

if you’ve read the comics, just please usespoiler tags when talking about the cure. and when talking about abraham and rick. their little trio are still outsiders withinthe larger group of survivors. sasha seems like she’s going to be the onepushing them for answers. number 4 - mary vs carol battle royal, this was the explainer for thoseflashback scenes. scott gimple said that they wanted to tell the story of how terminus becamethe place we’re seeing right now. they weren’t always cannibals. but theyjust got pushed too far and snapped. wicked way for tasha yar to go. i always lovewhen i see her pop up on big shows. she got

killed in an episode of dexter during season1 i think too. i think she might have been the first humanperson dexter ever killed. maybe denise crosby just likes really darkstories. i was really happy that they expanded herpart, she was barely in the finale last year. number 3 - the reunion this was the cry-worthy moment. everyone isreunited. rick seems like he’s going to permanently attach baby judith to his body.they’ve been separated ever since the prison battle. tyreese and sasha too. did anyone else thinkthat daryl looked kind of sad watching them,

i feel like he was thinking about meryl. families being reunited, regardless of geneticcode they might share, they’re all a big family now. with the exception of the washingtondc crew. number 2 - saviors easter egg the second flashback gave me stronger neganvibes. i don’t know if they have any other cameos with these mystery attackers this year,but the slicked back hair, the voice and the leather jacket just scream negan to me. number 1 - morgan is back this was the real wtf, i think the scene wasonly a few seconds long but it did the trick.

robert kirkman got asked about this a coupledays ago during comic con. he said morgan was definitely coming back on the show, butit depended on the actor’s schedule. that makes me think that morgan won’t bea cast regular or anything, but he will have one or two more minor cameos. the scene just showed him tracking the survivors,so he’ll find them eventually. let me know though, what was your favoritemoment and when do you think morgan will be back? just a heads up too, based on the teaser forthe next episode, seth gilliam will be introduced. he’s playing father gabriel from the comics.i already did a video explaining him, so i’ll

add a link in the description if you wantto learn more. andrew j west, the guy who plays gareth, wasalso promoted to series regular. so he’s not dead, he’ll be back. overall i gave the episode a solid a for makingsuch a roaring return to television. walking dead is the most popular cable showin the world right now, so it’s almost ridiculous to expect it to keep one-upping itself everyweek. that being said, they usually crank all theknobs to eleven for premieres and finales. and this did not disappoint. it answered a ton of questions about the charactersand did a good job of explaining what the

new dynamics of the group will be this year. i would have liked to spend more time in theterminus flashbacks but we might get more of those when gareth shows up again. all things said, rick is going to be a lotmore fun this year. but carol is my mvp right now. let me know if you agree carol is the biggestbadass. and don’t forget, i’ll be doing a q&afor this tomorrow, so leave all your questions. i’ll announce the winner of this week’sgiveaway during that. it’s an amazon giftcard just like last year.super simple.

right now click here to get that video. i’lladd the annotation as soon as i post it. and click here for my top 5 rick grimes moments. thanks for watching, now let’s all highfive and i’ll see you tomorrow!

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