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twd show

twd show

we were just talking in thebreak room saying, jeffrey, you were saying you're fond of cursewords. >> i am. how does your 6-year-old sontake after you in this? >> yeah, it's been tricky. he knows them all. he's heard me work on things anddrop stuff on my foot. the other day, he was having anissue because he wants to be on a computer, ipads andcomputers and i had drawn a line

in the sand and says no. he goes up to my wife andstanding there saying, mom, i don't know why dad's being sucha douche bag -- >> james: six years old! i have to look away becausemy first reaction is to laugh my ass off. i grab him by the neck, put himin his room, ran into the hall and hilarie and i were laughing. then we had to have a talk withhim, saying, do you know what

that means? no. well, i said, i probably wasbeing a bit of a douche bag. >> james: what's the languagesituation with your 12-year-old daughter? >> eshe's like the swear policeat my house. >> james: really? i try my best to use theright language, but you have friends who come over who don'thave kids and it's like wow,

(bleep), (bleep), (bleep) -- andmy daughter just sits there and goes, uh, swear jar! >> james: do you have a realswear jar? >> thanks god, no, we don'tbecause i would be broke.

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