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walking dead 2

walking dead 2

when season 2 of the walking dead was releasedway back in 2013, one significant country was left waiting for its own localised an extremely unusual move, the japanese release was absent for not one, not two, butnearly 3 years. it wasn’t until june 30th 2016, where japanesegamers could finally get their hands on it, and, when they did, the game had also beencensored in various ways. the censorship was announced by the publishersprior to release however, with them explaining that certain scenes involving violence wouldbe too extreme even with japan’s highest rating in place.the first game faced similar trouble with the japanese rating system and was censoredas well, something we already have a video

for. unlike the first game though, it seemsthe censorship was actually a bit more lenient. you see, most of the first games censorshipwas extremely strict about open wounds, flesh torn so bad that you could see inside. forseasons 2 though, there are many examples of graphic wounds that are completely uncensored,such as this scene which show clementine sewing up her was only the most brutal cases of violence that were altered, one of these being thisscene which shows the zombie’s intestines pop out of their body. in japan, their internalorgans have been recoloured so they’re a lot less noticeable. on the other hand, thepart immediately afterwards where she cracks their skull open was left, this video will not detail all of the

changes but will leave you with a good ideaof what to expect. for example, comparable censorship is made later on where you stumbleacross multiple zombies, all with their intestines hanging out of their bodies. this time theorgans were simply completely removed. like was said, it was only the most graphictypes of violence that were altered and so, whilst there’s plenty of uncensored openwounds, this one was a bit more open than most, leaving you with the sight of insidethe zombie’s entire face. in japan the wound was recoloured to hide away the gore.then though, moments later and this zombie being impaled isn’t in any way censored.neither are things like this. a very brutal scene involving the villainouscarver getting his head repeatedly smashed

in proved to be too much though. for the japaneseversion, all of the damage to their face is blacked, severely reducing the gore.more intestines are censored when clementine slices open a zombie to douse herself in itsblood, trying to hide her human scent. again, the organs were recolored rather than beingremoved. but, to finish the video with something thatmakes trying to find sense in the changes made to the japanese version much see, this scene was fully uncut, despite it showing bone and who knows what stickingout of her sliced off arm. whilst pointless as it’s no different, here’sthe same scene but in japan, so you can see for yourself. kinda strange right? thank youfor watching.

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