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the walking dead 2010

the walking dead 2010

- every october we sendour writer amy through a haunted house, but this year we decided notto make her do it alone. i sent my brave executive,andy-- andy lassner--with her, and andy, i said,"you're gonna do it"-- we surprised him and said, "as soon as the show's over,you're going," and he really didn't believe us,

but he and amy wentto universal studios' halloween horror nights, and--oh, my god, this is oneof my favorite things i've ever seen in my life. [eerie music] - just go.[screams] just do it.just say what you need to say. hollywood.say it. just say it. - i got it--

hi, we're at universal studios' hollywood halloweenhorror nights, and we're about to go through"the walking dead" maze. are you ready, andy?- i'm good. [both scream] - andy's [bleep].- let's go. - wait. we know there's something.we know they're coming. - i see this,so this isn't scary.

- oh, they're scary. - okay.honey... okay, this--is it all outside? - no, no, no.probably not. look at--- i can't. - [screams] don't shove me in front of--don't-- - it's the sudden... - that's the whole point.

- okay, hi.oh. you're nice. okay, all right,we're going. okay.oh, my god, they're weird. oh, no.okay. - it's so strange.okay, i see you. i see you.okay. - we're good. there's one in here. - i see it.

- this is not good.- this is fine. - okay, we're good.- oh, there's more like this. - oh. - that's not real. - that's where i got my-- - [bleep]! are you [bleep] kidding me? let's...- [moaning] he's gonna come back.

he'll come back.he'll come back. - [screams]stop it! [bleep]! this starts. - why are you hiding behind me? you're a a man. be a man. - just let me hold.i'm not-- i am a man,and i'm gonna hold you. - they're somebody in here.

- no, he's good. - [screams]- what? - [screaming] - stop it! stop it! stop it! okay, let's just go.let's just go. - okay. andy, go.just go. just walk. just walk.just walk.

we're good.- okay, good. just quick.we're almost done. not you! are we almost done? - is there somebody realin here? - there's no one real.- okay. something bad-- - stop it!stop it now! - [moans]

- okay.- we're good. - are we done?is this done, almost? - oh, my god. - relax.we're good. - stop it. oh, just stop it now! - andy, don't-- okay.there's definitely-- - okay. i see it.oh, you.

hi. no!you [bleep] kidding me? - that was not--we're good. it's a trail-- did we go the wrong-- stop it now! is this a wrong way? - oh, we're good.- okay. stupid. it's finished.we're good.

- you did good, andy.i'm proud of you. - you did too.- you did good. - why do people pay for that?okay. happy, ellen?[laughs mockingly] [cheers and applause] - [chuckling] oh... you literally--you hid behind a girl. you actually--"stop it. stop it now."

[laughter] thank you for startinga new tradition. we're gonna send both of youthrough the haunted house every year now. we'll be back withlady antebellum after this.

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