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new walking dead

new walking dead

hey how's it going bros my name is pewdiepie! today is a very special day i have in front of me, walking dead, season 3 now walking dead, is a very dear game series to my heart i loved season 1, i loved season 2 and here we are with season 3. finally. i'm really excited to see what's gonnahappen oh, get the walking dead michonne

i think no thank you that was garbage and if season 3 is like that i'm gonna be well fucking pissed now, the reason why-we all love the walking dead is because of clementine, okay greatest character of all-all time maybe a little bit of a- *inaudible*- exaggeration but we are invested in this character okay and kenny, alright. i care about kenny erm...

cause- how many hours have we spent on this you know? i'm, i'm invested i think you are as well if you're watching this and if you're not check out season 1, right fucking now now sh- we-i know this okay. so we get to choose how we eh... let the story off right cause choices matter

no they fucking don't start a new story ah shit i already fucked up eh... fuck okay, wait what? so episode one and two are already out what?! oh, they never done that before that's a strange move from telltale let's give it a go i guess

so we're gonna continue our story recreate your story? oh we get to-ahhhh so cute ahhh, so we we, we shot him after lee's death, clem found more survivors people who helped her, such as kenny clementine remembered the joy she felt with kenny it depended on, family

thanks to her companions, clem's journey ultimately led her to we led- we led us to wellington that's the ending i really liked i think we should enter wellington, i think that's more interesting clem learned the hard way that survival depending on let's just start, i am very confused this seems like a lot of difference, changes huh? okay interesting, there- it's barely visible, can't see it ooo i'm nervous, i'm very nervous

okay, let me tell you. you know, in season 2 i didn't have my say of fight either and you had to replay the entire of season 1 which let me tell you is the most boring thing you could possibly do cause there was no fast forward you have to be careful alright already we fucked up every time, every fucking time

okay? every fucking time i swear to god show the fucking subtitles this looks cool this is before shit happen i suppose the good old- this is what americans dream sitting on your front yard, front porch drinking oh it's as it's happening ooo will he turn perhaps?

why do i care? i don't know who this two are clearly running over there oh my god it's potato boy with our fists where's clementine? yeah get inside potato boy potato bitch potential boyfriend material for clementine oh my god

sometimes you just gotta fight it out and not be a little bitch afterwards ya know? see they just- see they got it out of there girls are just passive aggressive instead what?! now kiss sorry i don't know, i don't know, i genuinely don't know they said silence is a valid option

are they suppose to be spanish? cause they really don't look- is it just me? i fell on a ice skating rink no so we played baseball. i'm sure we're gonna get a baseball bat later as a weapon something's happening in the background out of all this it seems like the outbreak almost oh geez

someone hit me! got that right telltale presents that's a bit weird time to put in the title i never understand when they do that i like this, cause then we get to experience the outbreak which i think is a very exciting part to- to be experiencing eh- an apocalypse grandpa is dead

bitch ohhhhhhhh that's creepy that's- nice, nice. i liked that probably should not be, okay jesus skybound know that this is their baby they know they can't fuck this one up and it's going well so far, i enjoy it oh, my god whoa, grandpa got muscle

he's just confused, yeah cause he's fucking dead don't let her bite her okay well hey hey yeah potato boy where is she? no one cared the grandpa came back alive? you might want to walk seems like they're trying to do like last of us you know, when they started up oh he got a scratch too huh

oh shit boy you dead it's like he knows it's just herpes okay, calm down it's very nice i get stressed out okay hey look it's jacksepticeye i take every chance that i can get

who the fuck are these people? maybe we should go, i've never seen so many i miss the soundtrack is that a ghost one? what the fuck is that? what the fuck is that one?! did you see that? see, i can point with this now listen... before you judge me, can i be a hipster okay? jesus christ

where's clementine? car crash in 3, 2,1 eh, triggered. there's a hula girl did you see it? should we be smoking now? yeah seems like a bad idea they're asleep! shut up! so... her husband is dead? and he was stubborn!

look at that hula girl! you're gonna be a *inaudible* you're not my fucking mother! what the fuck is that quote? what the fuck wait, what, what happened to walking dead? we're talking about boners and periods right now what the fuck is this? where. is. clementine?

it's been 18 minutes and i have yet to see clemy clue alright? wanna pull over? don't worry baby i just need 15 seconds ah shit 10! fucking hell i'll take 5! we're smoking weed, go back to sleep, we hit a skunk huh mariana i want to know how many days after the outbreak is hey i got an achievement. wow ah

that feels great, thank you gabe is anyone else- do you actually care about achievements? like i could not give a big shit aw nice what about a walking dead game without a little bit of walking is it? someone needs to do better quality control over these, like just play through it slowly and be like oh, something happened there like, i do it with my videos all the time just to make sure like it's so easy when you make cuts and stuff i'm not saying it's the same thing but still

it kind of takes away the immersion a little bit when you see a weird movement, with their bodies that isn''t suppose to be there alright well, maybe i'll get to use this eh oh, it switched to my keyboard, great erm... why did he do that? is that a joke? we do bottle flips oh no, it's jackseptic-

ohhh shit alright, b i pressed this jesus gabe dude you look nasty and here he comes for the strike oh i see, this is the guy, in front of the beginning i'm so stupid did that click for you right away?

aw man i feel stupid of course it's him i- oh that's the daughter! oh my god terrible idea to wear headphones in a zombie apocalypse did- tell me honestly, did that click for you before it did for me? i'm sorry if i'm stupid okay, i didn't think about it. so we're the guy from the beginning potential clementine boyfriend material which is why i'm excited this is cool, i get to walk with my flashlight

hey there so we got mariana and my name is, something else. i don't remember and we're looking for barrelss look at the barrels okay, he's walking over this is pretty cool i can dig it how do you know the difference just by looking at it? was that a pantie flying around? did you see that?

hold rt to walk faster maybe you can siphon gas from this car? empty i don't care about that, what you think about it si- si, how do i- okay so siphon we, we hit it, and then we okay well let's hop on- hey i got a crazy idea how 'bout we si-siphon that's a weird looking siphon

si, si, shut up bing, badaboom badabing, why am i doing this? i don't know all i care about is clementine this is game not real okay how 'bout we climb up this ladder? that seems like a good diea so one eh one part of scare pewdiepie season 2

spoilers it's going to be walking dead i'm very excited it's probably one of my favorite episodes yeah let's stick together that seems like the right thing to do gabe i did something. literally me something that probably would have seen anyway maybe he can find some medicine in there

they changed the control systems like that it's a bit weird yeah is that all they contribute? fucking smiling get the fuck out of my way, my sight i don't need that shit in a fucking zombie apocalypse i mean, it's kind of a tiny alright, what? so why don't we, enjoy ourselves a little bit?

okay well let's uh check here you can break the window, you have a crowbar nope apparently not how about that oh no oh, oh his fault. oh god i hate bald people no offence bald people, i don't hate you, but i hate bald people why?

that's right bald people get some hair looks like we shouldn't go there gabe give him, give him your beanie fast uh oh i don't like this what the fuck was that sound? i suppose we should go in here? gabe what are you doing? you can back out or we can look in

be careful now ooooooo okay why? why do people want to get into the hatch? 'kay then let's back out move this oooo secret entrance hey gabe why don't you help? instead looking inside of cars here we go

why does gabe have a gun and not me? fuck i'll be terrified. i'll look behind right away i wouldn't be yelling either. sorry i'm just thinking if this is me okay no dead ones at least that's right i understand some other languages i understand russian avocado, wow you start looting that

hey batteries, aw that's cool dip sauce! look at that shadow there on the green left shadow from the pudding walking dead do you want me to play tests? your games i- i'm happy to do so that's actually good

don't care, don't care i think we should keep moving. actually if there's- sh-shut shut the fuck up, i'm trying to think here that's a terrible idea and you're a kid so shut the fuck up if there's a herd coming after us, i want to keep moving okay. i don't care if it's uncomfortable plus i want the sex tonight if you know what i mean pound it. i am so sorry what is-

hey, i got batteries i wouldn't normally give it to her, but since we have to be kind of a dick you know we- i figured i could give it to her you know i have nice qualities too, believe or not. thank you very much you're welcome oh jesus what the fuck? damn it

aww well i'm already grabbing it and later i plan to grab some ass on top not just gas you got it i don't know it was yours okay, everyone calm down what's wrong with his face? time to kill some people

sorry lonnie but you're gonna be bonnie, i mean buying, buying goodbyenie shit, what do we do? what do we do? i don't know ooo oh we gonna fuck around we gonna fuck around real good you can take off that stupid hat what are you fake hipster?

sorry, okay yeah that's right, slide that shit hey no that's ghost please i just said we ow oh no that was a raccoon it's my pet raccoon steve please don't hurt steve

i don't want to kill lonnie lonnie is my favorite character so far and he's so awesome hiiii okay he did it anyway see i didn't do that i'm sorry lonnie i love you but you gotta go aw lonnie no alright mr hipster boy

oh god he's- aw shit he's gotta shout it hey i didn't kill lonnie lonnie killed himself ow... fuck shit fuck shit shit fuck shit fuck got that back shit in here we are, sleeping in the van

no we're not, we got hit by the head by other people aw they got one of those zip ties thanks whoa shit oh fuck shit oh my god damn that was loud, that was very fucking loud hey look at that it's a gun well i better- aw it's a shame if i-

oh no i have the gun now oh that's too bad why did they retrieve ball? what are they fucking on? hey asshole oh fuck me dude i'm a good shot, how 'bout that? aw oops why did i shoot him? now i feel terrible well at least it wasn't lonnie

ohhhh, i recognize that boice i know that voice ooooooooooo clemen chlo oh my god she's so pretty oh my god cl- she's a badass she got a fucking spazz no she's not a kid, she's a fucking bitch oh my god, okay, alright

we're gonna end that episode there cause oh boy, that was exciting erm... okay now, i realize i could make this episode up to a little longer but i want to keep it like a daily series cause i think that's a really fun way to watch well let me know if you want uh, want to see more or less or whatever uh i do value your opinion cause we're doing this together and

yeah, i'll see you tomorrow with a new episode, this is so exciting clemy's back! yes! clemy's back! thank you for watching. i'll see you tomorrow as always, stay awesome bros!

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