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the walking dead cast

the walking dead cast

hey guys, what's going on? for complex news,i'm tamara dhia and i have a confession to make: i only recently started watching thewalking dead. i know, i know, i'm dumb late. a couple months ago, i binge-watched all sixseasons on netflix, and now i am completely obsessed. it got to a point where i startedwalking around the complex office picking off who i would kill if they turned into awalker. for those who haven't watched, or aren't caughtup throughout season 6, turn this video off right now because there are spoilers ahead,for the rest of us, this is where the walking dead left off: as fans turn to online fan sites and messageboards hoping for a hint at who was killed

in the finale, norman reedus, aka darryl dixon,sat down with tvline and gave us a glimmer of what to expect from the season 7 premiere,which is still 4 months away. according to reedus: "i will definitely 100 percent say that'sit's well worth the wait. it's large. it's mind-blowing." reedus also revealed that fans of the showaren't the only ones emotionally affected by what happens on their screens. "we're a very tight-knit group down there,and we take it very personally, because we're in it and living it. every time you see uscrying on camera, those are real tears. it's

a whole day of living that sh*t." he also explained that he has a hard timediscussing key moments from the show with fans because each cast member is so emotionallyconnected to their characters. "when personal things happen to you, you don'twander around telling everybody your personal stuff. so for us, it doesn't feel like justa spoiler, it feels like a moment that really happened. and if there's a death involved,it's kinda weird to talk about it. it's like going to our friend's funeral or going possibleto yourown funeral! it's not like, 'hey, how are you? want a selfie? let me tell you aboutthe funeral i was just at..." i have my guesses about who was taken outin the last episode, who do you think it was?

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