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the walking dead season 1

the walking dead season 1

*wapish* top of the morning to you laddies, my name is jacksepticeye and welcome to telltale's 'the walking dead season 3'! i've done season 2 on the channel, i didn't do season 1 on the channel, because i played it on my own time before i even starting doing youtube videos. which is crazy to think that *chuckle* where we've come to now,

but this the new season and i'm really looking forward to it because... i don't know, a lot of people are excited about this, and then the first episode of this is split into two parts because apparently it was too big to put into one part. which entices me even further,

and the trailer and everything they showed was pretty cool. and we get to see clementine again all grown up. i don't think clementine is our main character any more, i think she's, uh, another character we meet along the way, and we play as somebody new. and i did, yeah! there she is!

teenage clementine! i did import my save from season 2, which should carry on some of the choices from season 1 and season 2. if not, i might have to go back in and click 'cause when you start season 3 now, you get the option of being able to craft your story based on the choices you made before. so you can go back in, if you didn't have the save

file from those you can just go back in and make the same choices in like a list. and then it will update the choices for season 3 for you. so... the walking dead! season 3! episode 1! part one. it's getting even more confusing it was already confusing enough so... we're gonna do all of part one in this video and then episode 1 part two should be

coming in a few days. i'll do that one as well. i don't know how it works. and then episode 2 will come in a couple of months like the rest of them do. so... it's very confusing i'm sorry. but let's continue story. import save 1 are we good? clem, aj and jane then returned to howe's,

where they took in a family looking for shelter. s- st- start over? oh! start story and start over. ok! and i made some questionable choices at the end of season 2 and a lot of people got mad at me for it *half laugh* and it was crazy. the comments where an absolute disaster on that video. but that's what this series does.

that's what these series do they- they make you they make you take these really weird choices and hopefully these choices actually matter 'cause another thing these series tend to do is is like 'oh! this person died at the end of this season!' and then you go into this and everyone is like 'remember that guy?' 'oh i 'member' and then you just move off and its like it never

happened again. so... start story! start episode 1. so this is called 'a new frontier. damn! look at clem! she's so badass looking now! ahhh... yeah ok, 'ties that bind' and then part- it says part one here. i don't know. i'm just gonna start. enough talking. lets just actually start the fricking episode.

*reads screen* as always so, batman just ended and now we are going straight into the walking dead. it's awesome! i like this! i like telltale games. don't do that! oww! jesus man! right! off to a banger!

ow.. *giggles* i'm gonna be nice, i like being nice. so, has the zombie stuff started yet? wait the zombie stuff must have started if clementine's in the game grown up. the character models are way improved. the engine has come a long way since like, the first season of this. it's very impressive, good job.

maybe this is something that happened back then and we like flash forward to the future where he's all... older and- i don't know. oh... oh god... oh god that's awesome! oh! it' so creepy! it's just like everyone like reeling from the... reeling from the death and then to just hear,

'no, he's awake.' oh, please don't let that little girl die... oh jeez... *laughter* no... no... ooh! grandaddy got strong! oh god no, no, no, no. oh that's a good way to lose a thumb! oh! or a fucking chunk of your face!

uh oh, uh oh, uh oh. oh! fucking jesus! this episode is just *snap* bang! right into the middle of the action see it came in useful, big brother! also- this must be before all that broke out 'cause nobody expected it. oh... this is bad... mama's gonna die too. did you get bit?

ah son of a bitch! christ man... okay, they are everywhere now. ahhhh... there we go! damn, looking older. 'why does that matter?' 'maybe we should go.' 'i've never seen so many.' why are they all blurry? they're there.

ah... that dude has no bottom jaw... ahh... gross! damn a lot of time has passed... how many years is it between when it broke and to present day in the game? we will. *hipster voice* some fucking weed dude! shit dude! 'want me to roll it?' i roll a- a fuckin sick blunt. joint!

i know my weed vernacular. i think the weed would help calm the shakes of the zombie apocalypse. not that i'd fucking know. i've never smoked weed in my life. but i'm gonna smoke it in game though. i'm gonna live vicariously! ohh... goes down smooth, man! *laughter* *laughter* oh, what happened to david? 'do you miss him?' oh... did he die or did he leave?

yeah, exactly *giggling* *stoned impression* i think you're doing ok! good for you! um... he's right there. shhh! sure... that's teenagers, man. yeah! we were all like that once. some of you are probably still like that *laughing* a lot of you are teenagers out there.

not saying that all teenages are the same. *laughter* i agree with that- that's a hard thing to go through. is that the weed talking? 'the kids can-' 'wanna pull over?' 'you know we can't.' oh! burn! ice fucking cold! that's the smell of dank! 'we hit a skunk.' *laughter* *giggles* yeah! what the fuck? you didn't think about that before?

they were still breathing while asleep, just 'cause they are awake now, doesn't change any of that. but yeah, teenage years very, very tough time. um... especially in the zombie apocalypse and especially for anybody who has to go through periods as well. very, very tough time. wait is this-? this isn't the place from the other episode is it? weren't we in a garage place like this? a- in season 2?

was it season 2? or was it season 1? i can't remember everything just kinda blends together. it looks a lot like the same place. that will come in handy. yeah... it sounds like a candy bar. great. gre- ah... he's got a fucking crowbar in its jaw. oh yes! let's eh- mess shit up!

*noises of disgust* fuck 'em up! *slightly disgusted laughter* i can't imagine zombies smell very good. they are decaying people after all. me too. except now you gave away your secret. four years! javi, you're a good dude. i like you!

ohhh.... this is nice. ah, the engine is so much better now! well it would be nice if i could use the mouse to like, look around. ah..um... yeah and there's probably a lot of stuff like i don't know if this is the same... junkyard it- it kinda reminds me- oh! there was a dlc episode, for the walking dead that i played.

i can't remember the name of it. there was season one, a dlc, then season two. and now season three, and there was michonne, that i didn't play. i did record the first episode of it, and i hated it. it- it was not a good game. at- at least i didn't think so, it didn't feel like a good walking dead game. so... and the episode i recorded didn't feel very good so i didn't upload it. i know a lot of people asked me to play it,

but i just didn't bother. um, so, like if there was a scene with somebody sticking a crowbar in a zombie's face in one of the other episodes, and this is like a call back to it, and i just don't remember it, please forgive me! because it's been years since i played the other episodes and i didn't exactly take a refresher before this one, so there's probably a lotta stuff like that gonna happen. some stuff in my inventory.

mari did you find something? like the junkyard in life is strange. why? aw. she's a very smart, mature, young girl. i'm gonna be nice. i'll be nice to everybody. that moon is really cool.

ok, let's actually start looking for shit. walking dead? let's poke the mattress! poke it. you don't need to look and stuff just poke it. *chuckles* i'm not, that was funny. uh... let's talk to kate. did you just - stay ahead of me?

did you just insult me? thank you! thank you, miss pessimism. that's what we need! not that i should judge too harshly. it is kinda the zombie apocalypse. um.... shit happens and i probably shouldn't be too.... probably shouldn't um, think about it the same way as regular life

uh oh! uh oh! uh oh! *sounds of disgust* yahh! yikes. i'm okay! keep on- a siphoning. not that there would be anything in this. anything? *high pitch* hey! there you go.

i like this guy. he's all about optimism. uh sure, but couldn't you siphon what ever's in it, as well? we're not staying. we just said that we'll stay ahead of the herd okay. hey gabe! can- am i allowed to call you gabe?

there's some stuff in this as well. that's a handy little device. i know. but it sounds like you got a 'glug glug' in there, sounds like you got a little piece. those tyres are like the size of the van. what up, gabe? that must be hard, man. again, being a teenager

um.. and like, having lost your dad or what seems like you lost your dad now you're staying with uncle all the time and somebody who is not your mom either, it''s tough. i like javi though. he's a good dude. and i also like these new button prompts.

not only do they look nice and simple and clean and fit the aesthetic of the rest of the game; when you press 'e', a little blood comes on them so you know that you definitely pressed it. it's very nice very nice update. and the lighting is very much improved, too. i like this game already. this is cool.

started off with a bang and now we're- now we're just sauntering around a li'l junk yard all together. for jet engines! no? ok. i'm feeling that something bad is gonna happen in here. maybe we'll find someone! this dude's smart. he's got a brain hole.

he's also very nice to the kids, and kate, and he's an optimist! what's the catch? he a zombie? let's climb! *chuckles* 'any luck?' 'jesus christ! 'don't do that!' *chuckles* *high pitched* you're not my real mom *laughs*

it was also nice making him or letting him help and he has a gun. again, if he feels like he has responsibility then he's less likely to turn on you. not that he's gonna kill us or anything, but. make people feel productive, make them feel welcome, make them feel like they matter.

and not in a fake way either, actually give them responsibility. see? build up people. make them feel useful, make them feel like their self-esteem is worth something. instead of just, being like 'hey, you do this because i tell you to.'

he's a teenager, not a toddler. i said look, not pull. this is bad news beared all over it luckily i got a crow bar from a zombie face! aw, okay. those are weird. *laughs* fuck. 'he said a bad word!' gabe, you keep an eye out now. aw yeah, that's the stuff right there

hell yeah! why don't we just take the ambulance? okay gabe, you do that. uh oh, uh oh. no shooty bang yet. ah, 'q'. *grunts* i didn't feel like you did it. it would probably be wise to uh, pull a weapon.

this, yeah- this is definitely reminiscent of the place i was in in the other episode. it was the dlc. yeah, let's look in first. i remember i was playing as a lady with her sister? i think in whatever episode

or in the dlc, whatever part it was, 'cause the dlc had like 4 parts or something. and i was a different character each time. man, this crowbar is handy ...or not. smash a window. there's just boards on the windows, we can get that.

we can definitely pry a window open. what's up, javi? you sexy man, you. *childish* secret entrance. gabe, i'm going in a hole. you watch ou- not look in the car, look at me! easy, easy. s'up, dude.

that's a lot of supplies. we whisper, quiet 'what?' easy does it. batteries, yes! for her headphones. she's gonna love me after this. also, what's

mariana's connection to everybody? 'cause i know gabe was dave's son um. so i'm his uncle and kate was connected to dave. is mariana his his daughter, as well? are they brother and sister?

because she did call him grandad as well, so, i don't know. unless it said that and i already forgot. s'up dude. 'this place is a dump', 'i think it's cosy' oh. god. doesn't feel safe. ah, they call them 'muertos'. ugh! i kinda want to stay the night because

i'm a fan of the cosiness two against one. three against one. i- i know that the zombies are gonna show up in the morning and shit's gonna go down, but... let's make a game out of it. now kate's mad at me, god damn it. aw, am i being too nice to the kids?

i wanna be- i wanna be a good surrogate father aw, my little heart. aw i'm gonna get so dicked over later for being a nice guy. maybe if you didn't fucking piss on every parade that we had. hey, i'm nice. candy bar! no, you give it to her. oh come on! don't be like that.

balls... oh shit nuggets. ah we, we- uagh, 'we only need a little'. aw shit. no? mainly 'cause i just said there's more of us. ahh- 'i'm alone.' *quietly* fuck.

shit. ok, just be honest, uh communication is key. uhh, niceness. kick 'em in the nuts! oh god they're not here. *quietly* clever. oh shit sack, what do i do? nice.

ah that was me, i was hungry. a real pretty smart mouth. ow.. uh oh. uh, a cat. 'touch that, you die', uh, fuck. *yells* oh god, i'm going to get somebody killed.

oh! oh, oh oh, don't- don't shoot! oh, pistol whipped. why'd you drop it? ow! ohh.. you pistol whip, you get pistol whipped.

that's how shit goes down. fuck, man. oh please don't tell me you've found everybody else. that's not cuffs, they're zip ties! oh, shit. are you gonna turn green and mean? you said it wasn't your call. *sarcastic* nice driving, fucko. um, bad idea, bad idea, bad idea, bad idea, bad idea.

oh balls. why can't we all just be friends? don't shoot him. fuck. that's gonna bite me square in the middle of my anus in a minute. dude, i just let your guy go! mari? kate?

clem! it's clementine. yeah! yes, clem! jeez, you're a bad ass now god damn. seen some shit, man holy shit. i feel that.

i relate to that, a lot. we need our van! that's true, i kinda just told her where it was. people call me clem. aww. ah she's back! i love clementine. clem, please stay with us. i need you to stay with us. clem has seen some shit,

she's been through it all. it's why she's such a bad ass now. she's not taking any chances any more. and lee's hat. i miss lee, i wish lee was here. jesus, brutal.. 'huh, i've had some practice.' that's true.

don't we all in times like this? that's a lot of fucking zombies. god it must be terrifying, to be on your own in the apocalypse. 'k, ok. lee! aw, lee and kenny.. aww they're all dead. what happened to like jane and people? yes.

see? treat people with respect. show them that you trust them, not stupidly of course, those other guys, they didn't deserve our trust. those guys were assholes. they punched me in the face. i didn't like that. but yeah, didn't we leave clem with like jane and people at the end of season 2?

oh, balls. that's not my people. that's a lot of people going in there. at you! is this the colony place? ok. fucking do this. boom. and oh, what's that? headshot.

nice to meet you. meet my bullets. god damn it. jesus, clem. i got you, homie- oh god, oh jesus. you know, when you're fighting zombies, horse. i do like my teeth. they help me eat pizza. thanks, clemmers.

'cause i do know that one of the choices at the end of season 2, let you get to a colony. i'm wondering if this is the same one. it's cool to see clementine, like all grown up now. *giggles* damn, she's so badass. i like that she's still wearing the hat, too. aw, i don't want to...

i don't like other people. just gonna go look at some chess. heh. can i have this chess set? aw man, i wanna play phantom punch! aw that'd be awesome to play right now. imagine being in the apocalypse and seeing like such simple mundane things, like i- i take my computer and everything for granted right now

and internet and all that stuff. imagine if an apocalypse broke out and all that stuff just disappeared. you'd appreciate everything so much more. let's talk. do you? damn.. am i cooler than i thought i was? call his bluff.

you've two pairs. he sounded so confident. you a 2 pair, especially ace high. clem? 'she doesn't need one', she's a badass. oh jesus. jesus chri- dude! calm the f down! calm those tatas!

bitch ass! now stab him in the shoulder, pin him to the chair. yes please. 'i don't control her', she- she's her own. holy fucking shit. oh, fuck. i like you, clem. i love how i said 'honesty and communication is key' and now i'm all like 'clementine, no!'

aw that was fucked up. at least that we can agree on. thank you. appreciate it. i can't be a total push-over. hi! oh, are you female nathan drake? *chuckles* she cute.

let's see about that wound - he starts taking off his shirt. *laughs* *sarcastic* owie! 'takes one to know one,' 'you think i'm pretty?' oh.. ugh. flirting's not going well. uh, 'things got out of hand'. i agree. well she is helping now, i don't want to get her in trouble.

ah, stitches. oh, steristrips, it's okay. yeah. you're a good dude, tripp. you're helping me an awful lot for someone who just met me. uh. oh.... oh no...

i do trust tripp a lot because he seems like a good, honest to god dude. but... the.. the moment makes me wanna just pick eleanor to see what kind of shit goes down. for the sake of, just the series. ah, what do i do? agh...

go with eleanor, 'cause it might be funner. i blew the other guy's head off, haha. da da da! nighty night. what's that all about? that- i'm, i'm nervous. oh, ok. jane! and the baby!

aw.. *baby voice* goof ball! uh.. theodore. 'kenny.' 'lee'! aw it has to be! what else? damn.

jane's gonna cry. i wonder what happened. that is the world's quietest baby. oh no, i hear a rope... did she hang herself? she was pregnant. aw, jane... jesus, aw. well,

that answers what happened to jane, but what happened to the baby? this episode isn't pulling any punches. and this is only part 1! she looks like nathan drake. 'he's a decent guy'. 'i'm back!' 'remember me?' maybe the guy made it back

and he'll vouch for me that i didn't shoot him. or the herd got in and shit went down. *quietly* aw, fuck. fuck you, dude. that's how you do it. no slicing up the face or anything with crowbars. right in the noggin. shh! you're way too cavalier.

there they are! oh, damn. *high pitched* i'm back! it's time to go all terminator on their ass. fuck yeah! stabby stabby. fuck them up. i got you, eleanor. nice!

hello! yeah, of course. kiss her. sounds familiar. she does seem very, like, 'hey! how's it going?' 'i'm eleanor.' i'm way too happy. that's my buddy clem.

i like safe, safe is good. shot a dude, i was in prison... are we gonna be- are we gonna be welcome back? oh, i was just going to say that i have a bad feeling... oh no! aw the way it was framed i knew something bad was gonna happen.

eleanor, now would be a fucking great time to use that. no! *loudly* fuck sake! don't get shot, don't get shot, don't get shot. *yelling* fuck! cover me. are th- click on her to shoot her? oh, mari...

you don't sound fine. i'm not staying. i left my family once, not again. clem, you better not get hurt. aw... what about clem? that was intense. aw! no, fuck.

60% of people decided to leave. 'did you shoot the driver or let him go'? 'you and 40- so 52% of people shot him. granted, this is like an early um, preview copy provided by telltale like um a review copy so i can play it and get the episodes up right when

the launch happens. not sponsored or anything they're just good about that. they give out ah, keys early to people so the episodes can go up right as the game launches. so this isn't the general public's choice yet. i'll have to refresh these and come back to it like when the game is actually out.

and this is only part 1, so i don't know how many people have actually taken this choice yet. 'you and 90.8% of players got locked up. so only 9.2 % of people- i don't know, is that because we lied for clem? that's a good statistic. ok, we went with eleanor, a lot of people went with eleanor. and 85% of people left, yeah.

'cause why would you leave your family first- well, not by your own choice, come back and then leave them again? you'd want to stay. with them, i mean. i knew it, it was literally on the tip of my tongue to say 'i have a bad feeling about this'. right before mari got shot. i knew something bad was gonna happen,

i thought a zombie was gonna bite her on the ground though. aw, just the way it was framed, the pacing of everything and the sound and i knew something bad was going to happen. so can we- ok, updating, talking to the server. hello server, how are you? can we continue please? start episode 2.

the way they said it, they said episode 1 was coming out and they said that episode 1 was too big to put into one episode so that the premier would be part 1 and part 2 of episode 1. at least that's how they made it sound, not that episode 2 was part 2 of that. so i can actually play episode 2 right now if i want to. awesome! well look forward to that then in a couple of days.

because before it was like you play episode 1 and then you'd have to wait a couple of months, and then episode 2 would come out. but now it's out right as episode 1 is out, so. that's awesome. okay cool, we can pick that up straight away then, then episode 3 will be out in a couple of months. i imagine. god. good first episode.

good episode. there was a lot of meandering here and there, like there always is kinda with these types of games. 'cause you need to keep stuff going, they need something to go from a to b to c to b to a. whatever. they need to keep stuff going back and forth all the time so meeting up with those bandits at the start, kinda came full circle in the end.

but again, it felt like meandering just to get us to the next plot point. but overall, very well done. the engine is a lot nicer now, the graphics are a lot nicer, the lighting is a lot nicer and the character models are a lot more convincing in their emotions now. before, they were very cardboard. it still sold the emotion anyway with the voice acting, but now it's kinda more complete package, which i really like. sad that mari has died

but i'm glad that clem is back in the game. i'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. clem shooting somebody and i don't know what this is, uh, at the end. and i don't know who you are. anyway! thank you guys, so much for watching this, if you liked it punch that like button in the face like a boss! and, high-fives all-round! *wapish* *wapish*

thank you guys, and i will see all you dudes, [high voice] in the next video! [outro music plays] not letting anybody else die. that's it, nobody else is dying in this playthrough.

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