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the walking dead merchandise

the walking dead merchandise

pewds: hey how's it going bros, my name is pewdiepie! welcome back to episode three, season finale of walking dead, michonne. last episode was really great so i'm really excited to see how this is gonna end... let's keep playing. we got two dead people and michonne. michonne: [heavy breathing]

pewds: wait, we're still watching the intro are we? are we back in the boat? did i forget something happened? two weeks earlier! oh! well that explains that little thing i'm not insane after all that's great

so this is how the game started. we started off on the boat but we never played with any of these characters. which is kind of what annoyed me on episode one he's the one who said he was cold! what the fuck is his problem? okay, that looks like good coffee oh my god. please.

puns should be illegal. too many brave men have died from puns oh that's a nice compliment oh okay, so that's where you came from then i suppose that's how michonne does it. what a nice guy! oak will remember that, for a very long time i assume! i got an achivement

good job me- i did it we did it bros, this is great [sigh] oh yeah, we bash his fucking skull in it was beautiful this is how he looks like! have you moved?! i swear- who moved him?!

what the fuck was that?! ooh! you're one that... kick a dead corpse... the dad kinda has to get shot though fucking, pull his face- open the gate like hello! what the fuck was that... uh oh-

what do we say to the bitch? oh for fucks sake, they got the crew. sure... why does it keep moving...?! is he alive...? is that a glitch? i want clementine back. i want... old clemmy cloo back. where's my clemmy cloo?

what is happening to the game? oh- okay we're back i dunno, what the hell oh! oh yeah cause he's a zombie... i'm so fucking stupid. i am fucking forgetting about the zombies. [laughs] oh my god i'm so dumb. i'm sorry

well, he's alive! ...sorta just put makeup on him! [intro song plays] just put a lot of makeup on him, it'll be fine. get that, really thick foundation. his skin is gonna pop. give him a nice good outfit. maybe all fur, make him look all swaggy.

we taxidermise him. (that's not a word pewds.) right, let's see how this shit ends, right? michonne! good old michonne! (pewds are you rambling because of the intro?) (i think so.) (i am too.) (i'll shut up now, you're welcome <3)

(no you hang up.) (no you!) did you bros read the comments? i read a couple, but i kinda stopped. somewhere, i can't remember where. it's interesting how much, if you're watching the tv show. how much faster the comics are than the tv show? like- they're really milking the fucking tv show. i hope there will be some kind of integration with uh-

the other walking dead games. in this episode, cause it's the season finale. i would love to see some other characters, familiar faces, you know what i mean? i think that would be very cool what are they doing?

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