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the walking dead premiere

the walking dead premiere

the walking dead make the triumphantreturn with season 4 episode 9 after a boy becomes a man and we learnmore about my show than ever before and we get asked the question who wantputting i'm kim archer and this is brett erlich tim fresh and john i to rolla so we started this episode with thereminder that herschel is dead justed taken the wind a little bit for asecond had she not stab him in the face wewould have had herschel walker for herschel walker alright it is a sports figure who is currentlyon that guy verses rachel

the cooking show want to take a nap but what he wanted to talk about was umso in this episode we follow reckon carl and miss shown and very mucha story i've a juxtaposition have isolation and lossand how they deal with it and also growing up that's what i gotout a bit i got i got the idea that there's thishappens is i was like oh my god here's the thing that happens in life and a very clear allegory and that youcan trace to real life from here and i was like all this is very rough crashing

i can finally identify with somethingthat moment where you think you know what and everyone's like youknow what dad i'm grown up in i don't need this shit anymore home my dad died so i kind of had to youbitch just kidding i wanna make it awkwardwall but no up but that's it know but but there's that moment where icould i could go on without yet and heat we watch karol kinda realizedthrough it's easier said than done yeah yeah well ease currency malone inthis you know neighborhood it looks almostlike he's the share from his own little

town anything for it i mean with the hatkinda works but then he discovers hey i'm a little shit i'm not much of a manif i thought i was year yeah and and not just in that he's notdeveloped and he's not strong enough for whatever like you can't not going outwith one hit but also he is terrible judgment like the factthat he was like walking those two walkers way walking backwards in mudlike dude you've tried that before and i ended horribly like he easily could have died there he wasrecklessly way into the second house

like he's not prepared it's not justthese are old enough i think he might be too stupid to liveon his own in the afterlife or after the after the apocalypse it tome we've seen carl like just as a secondary characterin like little bits and pieces throughout the episode and the generalconsensus is that he's a little shit now that he's in the forefront of theapp so it's absolutely clear he's an enormous shed has no idea what he's doing he'sdeveloped yet definitely i see a development in the character that youpoint out

from a prepubescent poop club yeah i to aim a deep you best sent poop i'll what ended now galway is all on their own a 12-ounceand yeah that's good i don't but when you when you wereyou're talking about his big grant that his father yes plan that's where we getbeyond just the character having flaws into i'm sorry i know he's a kid or whateverbut he still actor like his limitations were front and center inan episode like he'd try to deliver that

that monologue in i was not buying itwhatsoever the zombie seemed interested but thatwas about it right i now know what it's like more than the zombieaspect but now this proved to me with how difficult it is to be in a situationthat you really wanna get outta but never ever and its you know this andfor them it's a post-apocalyptic for me it was his speech i yeah but they didn't feel anything forhim toward the end when he thinks rick is a walker and he can'tbring himself to kill his father event that they were always very goodclear learned that lesson maybe

although think about this i think thisepisode would have been fantastic african did die yeah i think that'sexactly what the show would have needed yeah like a rabid and could do yeah lookback on like the pantheon up shows that our awesome like it people have this feelingwell like the british of sn a lot alike bbc show where theyhave the call to have step happen and get the show over with in it in it in a way that doesn't feel like they'rejust drawing shapes out

like and and shows where people die people can die and that's what thewalking dead was at a certain point and they need to go back to that i mean theyget what they say about this is that i archive it as a joke that office episodei know that they had the time to like fully develop a story arc and like tiedup with any boat as like what more can we get out a wreckwell kara and calling the rev regret made i think a fairly rookie mistake forsomeone is live so long after the apocalypse

when you're like sick or whatever don'tact like a zombie yeah lay a wreath on let's say like pay him or something yougonna be started at about the same karol be careful after a while okay thank youasking the hate that point so much let's talk about my shown and heard you reallyreally really really impartial i'm really bad guy i know so the switchingover carl i think is interesting i think it probably isjust for this episode they want to show his attempt to grow up which he's not evenready for like you see him being

confronted by the video games and isexcited but then realized away but they actually think that overputting like he can't even decide is going up but i think the reason there to try thatis i don't think the show who knows who the main character supposed to be idon't think record works really anymore he certainly isn't more interested ormore relatable this episode that in the last season he's just kinda mcgraw for more beatenup version of himself you know muscle myth shown is isinteresting and even more interesting

this episode but i don't think they know who theywant the focus to be all the shows us and this is my problem with the last season the last half the first happenedthis season was they just paraphrase themselves allthe time there was nothing new in thatconversation between carl and his dad that i didn't get one they were farmingand more and carl's like you know i need to do thison my own they needed to save those debts dubinspeech that was frustrating cuz

and he's like angry it is loud and herealizes that the zombies might come again and sheshot himself but within like one-line he's back at that same volume there's something that things that speakvolumes are those moments that i think it workedthe moment where he's eating chocolate fucking puttingafter he feels like he's done this think he feels like he's tell you know they got my god not me heneeds to eat chocolate pudding and he needs to have that moment wherehe looks at the wires and

and this is that was just a great momentthat shows like mad men have and move on butthis stupid fucking show 20 just two wells on it and pushes thepoint home for at bir yet well that but i feel likethey therefore so the position where they have to to do that because you can't just showthem ransacking houses like everything's that would be cool in the after theapocalypse but that would be boring and there's nooverarching plot like trying to figure out the antidoteor whatever so you're stuck with those

very human moments but we've had four seasons have thosevery human moments and so there's only so many different emotions you candisplay better maybe those better seven ish ownworld today any get an asian per season you know free from i don't have anyoneswatch like the game of thrones preview their like area immediately there with their leashparts of the show where things bucking happened we won't have to slow build i don't knowanything about the season yet

things happen with michelle we finallygot them answers as to her backstory be a her really weird messed up dream it was agreat scene it was wonderful poorly acted now when i really like howshe thing to be in a different world and you see little bits and pieces that arewrong like these men are slowly deteriorate deteriorating she doesn'tseem to care so maybe years that you've got mail aknife holder for her qatada on the kitchen her which you probablyhave as well know those earning that or i would have won but

but you're getting really good at yourget on a shopping carrots she's played i over cal yeah symbolic yeah amanda being an arts nowpart i guess what you know it returned her old life only fire largely regressing to hurt theway she had been when she met in andrea at the end of season 2ibelieve where she had she had claimed no pets bythe way the governor's henchmen that's another old dead and she's walking around kind of tryingto

to live survive the way she used tosurvive on her own mostly but she can't do it now you knowi think that was good she she's changed enoughwith these people that she's grown to love she yeah the thought of losing themagain or date the actual after losing them again it's just too much she can't cope the same way she used tocope killers have a question this is the segways particle am i racist she saw herself and that other blackwoman with delivery of trainer

i'm not just thinking and no personintentionally look like her yeah well i wouldn't if i were if i werein charge at the show i woulda made a small place she looks over she seestheir the looks when she briefly not there anymore i would have had it just been sheimagined it for a second but it which was really there that's fine too why i liked what i liked about the wholescene actually like those parts i think better than most other car parts was like she has this great strategy forsurviving where she can just get the

pats and she can walk they don't evennotice that she's not human but at some point she's doing exactlywhat the zombies are doing so is she really is i like her littlefreak out that upgrade i was i and again it that was the momentand it happened i didn't need them to ruinit with so much fucking talking she was alone so she had that effectalready yeah with so with so with carl essentially yeah dead ihate you went around i wish i didn't give me thispained expression

but we did learn that she did have achild who schillaci had a lover who she lost their with another man her lover have faith that the indicationthat killed the baby as well yeah and i was just you learn so muchabout her what makes her take their their wouldn't that she was fancy on she wasyour first lady cocaine opiates why and yeah it's yeah that is fine i i mean i think it'sif they they they definitely rap to both those stories

and we see from the preview that bradymixing up for the next episode but it's interesting that they used thefirst episode of the relaunch to do those two little many very personalstory yet don't know if no idea of what thefurther plies gonna be right those tiny bottle at that thatbottle episode usually comes in the middle of the abovethe earth over the season unfortunately i think we're gonnaget two maybe three more about those as we meet never will get clans will getthe little girls that are out west we'd like to show yeah i liked gettingto the prison

i liked getting to herschel house i like that herschel plantation whateverthe hell i like that season i like the first season cuz it was newand i was like no i actually do like zombie stuff but now what the why are we here i likethe tension love like new people are coming thegroup do we trust them how can we trust i like that stuff i like watching the group breakdown ididn't need to see it multiple times in the prison

i enjoy those things the humanconnection that seem to see them clear at another house again i know everything that can happen whenyou a rather but bob there were three of those inthis episode and a i think excessive to me very we'retelling a very human story through all this and i think that's why i like itpersonally maybe on the only one left to like the show here about both i guess next week we're gonnasee darrell and beth discovering they're not alone and maybewe'll

see find something but like her at come back and join us next week forseason 4 episode 10 up the walking dead

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