Rabu, 22 Maret 2017

the walking dead road to survival

the walking dead road to survival

walking dead 'round you and mecan you imagine a world like this i will fight for youwhen the darkness comes i won't give up they want you they're hungry smash their head if they bite youthey'll make youjust like them zombie you're a zombiethe man you were is gone zombie you're a zombieyou slowly turn your head dead man walking 'round you and me

when you die, you'll turn into this they want to bite your handthey want to feed on us but we can run they want youthey're hungry smash their headif they bite you they'll make you just like them zombie you're a zombiethere's nothing we can do walking dead 'round you and me i am the last one on planet earth

they want to eat my heartthey want to pin me down but i will fightthey're walkers they're bitersbut i'll survive i know iti'll find you it will be a new start

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