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the walking dead episodes

the walking dead episodes

♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ - (teen) previously on the walking dead... - now we're in the city.- (kenny jr.) look! - damn, it's wrecked. - (lilly) dad! - good, have a heart attack. - this was his family's pharmacy. okay. - (carley) i know who you are.- (gasps)

- (glenn) then i'll head out and get gas. there's a motel not too far from here. - no, you're gonna die and i like you. - this is gonna be so bad. - (teen) this time on the walking dead... - glenn shouldn't have wentby himself. never go by yourself. - (lee) [bleep]. get down!- it's night! of course, it's night! everything comes out at night! - oh [bleep].

- heh, good thing he'smissing an eye. didn't see us. - at least she has a gun. (quiet snarling)- there's not too many of them. - (carley) did you see that? (door squeaks)- (lee) sure did. - oh no. - he's in there. it's him. (door squeaks) - (glenn) guys!- (giggles)

- (glenn) oh man, i'm glad you're here. - (carley) jesus, glenn! - hurry up, bro. - (lee) all right, that wasn't so hard. - why would you jinx it like that? - (carley) ...before anyof these things notice us? - (glenn) not yet. there'sa survivor trapped up there. - who cares?- (carley) no way! we gotta go, now! - aw, we have to go save somebody now?- (glenn) it's a girl.

we talked and she got frightened. i was trying to get in and help her, and she started yellingand saying i was bitten. - why are you trying to save her? did she sound pretty or something? - (glenn) that's when all these guyscame out of the forest. a couple almost got me.- (gasps) - (glenn) and i ended uphiding in the ice machine. - (carley) lucky you. now let's go!

- she's smart. she doesn't want to go. - (glenn) we can't just leave her. - (lee) damn right we can't. - (carley) you guysare suicidal... over a girl! - she's jealous.- (glenn) ...with or without you. - (lee) think about if it was you. - this guy's a white knight, man.he has to save everybody. - (carley) let's go saveglenn's damsel in distress. - good job, glenn.

(zombies snarling)- oh my gosh, i'm gonna die. that is what i know. - okay, what do i-- what am i doing? i'm, like, floating. what's going on? - that one i'm worried about. that one. that one... and a half. - (lee) okay, this is the plan. we don't know how hard it's gonna be to get her out of that room.- this is tough. okay.

- (glenn) it's boarded up.- wow. - (lee) so we have to killevery one of them in here. - yeah.- (lee) quietly. noise attracts these things. now let's have a look.- let's go. - "peek over the wall: w." "peek for too long andyou will have been seen." how do i get out? oh my god. okay.

- (carley) i'll cover youif you sneak over to the rv. - oh man. i'ma go over there. let's go. go, go. 'ey! - (lee) i'm not sure i cantake them both out myself, even if i had a weapon. - okay, let me talk to glenn. - (glenn) we're going to need weapons.

i think you're gonna needmore than your fists, man. - okay. whatever. we're going back to the wall. - (carley, hushed)want to head over to the right? - to the right. okay. - (lee) we can hide by that pickup.- let's go. let's go. go, go, go, go. (zombies snarling) - (lee) i think i founda pretty damn good way

to stop these guys quietly.- ugh. - (glenn) now we justhave to get it quietly. - get it quietly? i haveto punch the window. oh man. (bangs window)- (lee) ow! - (glenn) hey man. that drewsome attention. be careful. - is there any other way? there's not, so you'regonna have to deal with it. - (lee) i'm done tryingto punch out windows.

- what does carley say?- (carley) how are you going to kill that one by the carwithout attracting the others? (snarling continues) - a pillow? - (lee) they really wantto get into that room. - um... - (lee) get out your gun.- (carley) but the noise. - (lee) just follow my lead.stay right behind me. - i'm still not sure what--

- (glenn) that was sick! - not sure if that made sense. what's in the car? spark plug. what else? is the car actually working?- (lee) it's, uh, a sparky thing. - ha, a sparky thing?- (glenn) spark plug. you should hold on to that.could come in handy. - uh...

oh. (thump)there's an ax. - (glenn) that was awesome! - do i put the spark plug in? spark plug? - (glenn) wait. let me see the spark plug. the porcelain inside these things turns car windows into tissue paper.

- really? how do you know that? (snarling gets louder)(woman sobbing) i learned something new. cool, cool. thanks, glenn. - (glenn) that could scramblea brain pretty good. - back over here. - go, go, go, go. kill him!

oh man.(aggravated snarling) (lee whistles) go, go, go.- (lee) i'll wait for him to get closer. - not yet, not yet. there we go. the head. let me get the ax. i want the ax. - we have to do this stealthily. - (glenn) oh man.- down, down.

how do we get down? how do we get down? ♪ (music intensifies) ♪- (lee) [bleep]. i think it saw me. (ravenous snarling)- crap. all right. all right, let's try that over again. this time maybe i won't die. w, down. okay, okay, now i got it. - (lee) we can probablymake it over to the rv, or down to the truck if we'requick and quiet about it. - pillow?

all right, take the pillow. - (lee) we can hide by that pickup. (quiet snarling) yeah! progress! zombie? pillow?- (lee) get out your gun. - (carley) but the noise.- (lee) just follow my lead. stay right behind me.- he's gonna shoot through the pillow. - heck yeah. okay. what's this?

why would we push the car? what's this? spark plug. i don't know what that is,but it couldn't hurt to get it. unlock? wouldn't that make-- maybe it could hit the zombies. we're gonna push this caronto that zombie. (thump)yep, there we go. dead again. - (lee) i wonder if there'sanything in the pickup. - maybe.

a screwdriver! oh boy! spark plug? how do we spark-plug this? - (glenn, hushed) wait! - oh. good thing that came in handy. are they looking at us? nope. grab you. now we have a screwdriver.- (glenn) that could scramble a brain

pretty good.- (lee) that's exactly what i was thinking.- oh. i was just thinking maybewe could unlock something. they apparently thinkdifferently than i do. i think we have to goback to the brick wall. this way we can kill the zombiethat's eating the person. i hope we actually get to kill this guy. oh, shoot, shoot. there we go.(aggravated snarl) yeah! murder!

time to stab some people. - (lee) i'll wait for him to get closer.- oh okay, yeah. that makes sense. now.(squelching) yikes. - sick. - oh, he's still alive.okay. he's just stuck. - stab this guy too so we can get the ax. - (chuckles nervously)i'm so gonna regret this.

take the ax!(zombie moaning) - (whimpers) (zombie moaning) - i guess i have to kill him first. - kill him. (loud squelch)- thank you. okay, so you just lose the weapon? come on, that is still a good weapon. - oh, well, that screwdriver's gone!

that's, like, embedded in there.- (glenn) dude, where'd your weapon go?- (lee) into that ice-pick-sized hole. - (glenn) it's cool. now we've got this. - that's true.- (carley) are you two done? - (boastfully) we got a muchcooler weapon, and it's an ax. - oh [bleep], an ax.- (lee) two more. - we're gonna killso many people with this. - oh, now we can get in too. - up the stairs.

- (takes big sigh of relief)narrowing it down. - why don't you guys lag behindjust in case this goes to hell? - that sounds smart.- (carley) okay. we'll be right behind you.- that's what they all say. - let's go, lee.let's "ax" them a question. - time to climb some stairs with an ax,murder some zombies. - (nervously) oh, the lightsare flickering. that's never good. - i'm gonna chop them up right now.let's make some zombie salad. - they don't even see you. don't trip.

- ax the face! ax the face! yeah, ax them! - closer. (zombies gurgles)boom, off with the head. - easy peasy lemon squeezy. (lee cries out and strikes) - you're dead too. whoa! - (glenn) rad.- heh, "rad." - yay, i beheaded them! - i liked the screwdriver more,

'cause you were just like, "what's up?" like little ninja. - okay, we got this.okay, let's break this door open. - come. dude, knock the door-- wait, wait. (lee grunts) no, you hit it with your ax. - let's go. - (lee) hello in there?we're here to help. - (woman) please just go away!

- (lee) if you open up, we can... - i did all this work and nowshe wants me to leave. okay. - (woman) no, no, no!- (glenn) she's in trouble. - i wonder if she's turnedor something like that. is that why she's saying,"please go away"? - don't go in. if she says,"don't go in," don't go in. (sulkily) oh, i have to go in? (grumbles) it's locked? oh my goodness. kick it.- (woman) stop! just stop!

i'm coming out. - (gasps)- (lee) you're hurt. - (carley) oh god.- (woman) i-- i said stay away. - oh, she was bitten. - (woman) it's too late for that.- was she bitten? - (carley) guys, she's been bitten.- (glenn) what?! - (woman) i told you!i said, "go away!" i'm bit! - all right. chill, bro. we're out.- (woman) just leave. - uh... "okay, we'll leave."

- "okay, we'll leave." - (lee) okay. we'll leave. just try to take care of yourself for whatever time you have left. - (woman) you have a gun. - uh... "what if you"-- yeah.- (lee) what if you turn and follow us back to our group? what if you turn and follow usback to our group? - (woman) i know!that was why i was locked away!

i can't let this happen to me. you have a gun. - (carley) so?- (woman) can i... borrow it? - ah... okay. - (woman) i can just, you know, end this. and then-- and then there's no problem. - (lee) whoa, whoa, whoa. - (woman) please! i don'twant to be one of them! - i get it. i wouldn't wantto turn into a zombie.

- no, i won't. "you can't have the gun."- (lee) we can't let you do that to yourself. - you can't have the gun.i'm not giving my gun to you. - (lee) we can't let youdo that to yourself. - (woman) then do it for me! - "you made a difficult choice."- (carley) we need to get going. - shoot her.- (woman) it's just two seconds, just one bullet,and i can be with my family,

and it'll all be fine.- just shoot her. just shoot her. - (woman) please! - oh. oh, chill. - aah, they're gonna fall.(thumping and clattering) - what the hell?(lee grunts) - (lee) whoa, take it easy. - okay, as long as youdon't shoot us, i don't care. - (lee) no! no! (gunshot)- oh [bleep].

- she dead. - damn. - ooh. (glenn retching)- ew. (feet dragging across pavement)- (lee) [bleep]! - (glenn) here they come! - oh, there's more people coming? - the noise attracted morezombies. of course it did. - (glenn) get in.

(car starts off) - (woman) they're satanic. - uh. (sighs) "give it to her."- (lee) give it to her. - "give it to her."- (lee) give it to her. -"give it to her."-(lee) give it to her. - (carley) what? you can't be serious. - (lee) do it.- (carley) no! - i want her to die, but thenshe might shoot me. "then shoot her."- (lee) then shoot her.

- "then shoot her."- (lee) then shoot her. then shoot her.- well, shoot her yourself. - (carley) huh? - (woman) i've seen what hell is like, and it's coming backas one of those things! - (lee) shoot her! help her out here. - (carley) you're insane!just take this thing. - wait, we just gave her the gun now? - (woman) thank you so much.i know how terrible this must be.

- (lee) somebody needsto pick up the gun. can't leave it. you two go on. - yeah?- (glenn) okay. - (sighs sadly) - (southern accent) "god bless you."- (lee) god bless you. god bless you. - "god bless you."- (lee) god bless you. - seemed like a very religious woman. - (woman) god bless you too.

(gunshot) ♪ (mournful music) ♪ - at least i didn't have to see that. - okay. let's just go. - (kenny) everyone all right?- (lee) yeah. we had some close calls, but glenn is fine and--well, yeah. we're okay. - (glenn) i've got a few cans of gas for your pickup in the trunk of my car.

- nice.- (kenny) good to hear it. - (lee) the next orderof business is getting those pills out of the pharmacy.- yep. - or he can die,'cause i don't like larry. - where those keys at? - the keys might not be in here, so. - i haven't talked to doug.let's go have a chat with doug. - hey, doug. how's it going? - (lee) heard or seen anything?- (doug) nothing, luckily.

want to step outsideand have a look around? - no. are you crazy, dude?- (lee) heh, i'm not suicidal yet. - exactly, look.- (doug) no, the gate out there is closed. we can hang out in frontof the store and be fine. - (lee) let's have a look around. - i feel like this is a bad idea. - let's see.- (lee) let's have a look around. - "let's have a look around."- (lee) let's have a look around. - (doug) okay.- uh.

(door creaks)in real life, i wouldn't do that. - (lee) jesus. - uh-oh. - oh, wow. we're [bleep]. oh [bleep], bro, i don't want to see that. - there's people being eaten. - (doug) i think it mightbe more than a couple days before all this gets sorted out. - yup.- (lee) yeah.

i think so too. (whispering) we betterkeep it down out here. - okay, so what can i do? okay, um... oh, take a brick?- (lee) i can't reach that brick. - (lee) that place is fullof tvs and electronics. - remote? how would use-- oh, i get it. - oh, the remote. - click it. click.

- (lee) think you cando anything with this? - what's he gonna do? oh, universal, okay. - (doug) ...to work withthose tvs across the street. i just hope the power's still on. - oh, that'd be cool so they canall go over there on that side. - (lee) you can just do that? - (doug) i memorized all the codeswhen i was in av. let's try. - that's... weirdly useful. (static hissing)- (lee) well [bleep] done, doug.

all that dork nonsense might save a life. - go towards the light. - everyone loves tv; look at that. - (doug) that got a fewof them to take notice. - (lee) but not enough.- (scoffs) - (lee) those tv are on, and i'm sure they're makinga lot of noise behind that glass. - (gasps) we have to break the glass. - chop it.- (doug) hey man, what are you doing?

we can't even think about going out there, unless the keys are out there for sure. - well, how can we findthe keys out there for sure? - what's that? what is that? "trapped walker."- (lee) look at the one trapped over there. (faint moaning) - (doug) better him than us, huh? - it's my brother.

- it's his brother. (dramatic gasps) - what? photograph? - (lee) that guy over there has the keys. - (doug) how can you be sure?- the picture, the picture. the picture.- (lee) i found this in the office. that boy in the photo worked here. the keys being on himis as good a bet as we can make. - (doug) yeah, i agree.maybe there's a way to distract them... - i know how.

we take this brick, andwe throw it at the glass. and then we hack him and take his keys. - (lee) we break that lock off, and i can get out onto the street. - okay, let's go out now. chop it down. - do it. (gasps)- (doug) awesome. now to distract those things.

- but now our lock is gone,and we're not locked in anymore. gonna regret this. (gate squeaks) - i got this. can we reach the brick now? oh boy. okay. - throw the brick. but where? - i'm gonna throw it out the window. - grab it and then maybethrow it at the tvs.

- make the noise, distraction,go grab the keys. here we go. - ready, aim, fire! (glass shattering, tvs buzzing) yeah, zombies, look.it's your favorite show, dead air. - making all that noise?- (lee) now's the time. - go. - i'm gonna have to kill him. i'm gonna kill my own brother right now. - (doug) be careful.

(electrical crackling) - it's his brother. - oh [bleep]. that'sthe brother right there. - (lee) hey, bud.- what's up, brother? - (lee) i don't know whathappened to mom and dad. but i know if you were there,you would have died for them. so... yeah. i'm gonna assume that's what happened. - it's okay, lee.just get the keys and go.

- (doug) did you find them yet? - (lee, angrily) give me a second. - yeah, i'm talking to my brother. - uh... "i have to finishyou off now." boom. - (lee) i got to do this now, man. - "i have to finish you off.- (lee) i got to do this now, man. i got to do this. - just do it, man. - i'm sorry i wasn't there.

- i'm sorry i wasn't here. - (lee) i'm sorry, man.i'm sorry i wasn't here. but knowing you were... to take care of them,through all of it-- that helped. (brother moaning) - now i have to kill you. - (sucks air through teeth)ew. ooh, [bleep]. damn. that's [bleep] up. (blood splatters, moaning stops)

(lee breathing uneasily) (brother growls)- oh. - (lee) [bleep]. (brother growls)- (startled laughs) - it's a [bleep] up game. why am i playing this, man?(brother growls) oh [bleep]. oh my-- oh [bleep]. (receding growling)

can we just--(ax strikes loudly) are we still going? - just go for the head, man. - oh my god. (lee gasping heavily) - oh my-- (zombies snarling, eas tones from tvs) - they made him chop hisbrother, like, five times, man. whoever made this is messed up.couldn't it just be one and over?

- i guess we have to get the keys.- (lee) god. - i got the keys, so mission accomplished. - (doug) holy crap! run!- run! - (nervously) run, ugh. - taking your sweet time. - run, run, run, run. close it. - we don't have the lock anymore though. - (doug) man, that was close. - (lee) but we did it.

that's all that matters.- let's get these pills. come on. - are we just tryingto get into the pharmacy just so we can get that guy's pills? - (lee) i've got the keys. - (carley) great. god, you're amazing. let's get in there.- yeah. okay. - (lee) that's the door to the pharmacy. we should be able to findpills for larry in there. - okay. go there. keys.

- okay, you're getting the drugs. - "authorized employees only,"so i'm allowed to go in, 'cause i used to own this place. - go inside.(alarm bell ringing loudly) - (carley) oh no. - (lee) ah [bleep].- [bleep] alarm. - (carley) we got to hurry. (transitional hissing)- uh-oh. (ringing continues)- oh no.

- oh, it's gonna wake people up.okay. oh [bleep]. - what the hell? - now the zombies are gonna come. - oh damn, they're screwed. - they gotta find a new place.- (carley) time to go. - (kenny) i'm gonna getthe truck pulled up around back! - (lilly) do it fast. i gotto get my dad out of here! - let's go.- (kenny) i don't plan on dilly-dallying. doug, carley, and lee...

- oh [bleep], we got to book it.- (kenny) ...you guys make sure our defenses stay up till then. and lee, i better take that axin case i run into any of them on the way to my truck.- (lee) here you go. - now i don't have a weapon. - (kenny) [bleep]. you three, get on it! i'll get back as fast as i can. - (katjaa) glenn, we needyour help! please hurry! - (whimpering)

- okay. i got to help. - (doug) hey, lee. if we don't make it through this, you should know thati think you're a great guy. - (carley) doug, if wedon't make it through this, you should know--(doors bang) - "i've always loved you." (zombies banging doors) - no.

- aah! - (carley) on it.- (lee) are you sure? - (carley) oh [bleep]!- shoot. start shooting. boom. okay, nice aim.- (lee) okay then. clementine, can you look for something to stick in between the handles?something real strong, okay? - (clementine) okay.- the cane! it's the cane! - the cane. she's gonnause the cane. oh dang. - oh my god, i'm the only one now?

oh, q, q, q! - (anxious grunts) ha ha. - (doug) that window is screwed!- (lee) go! (banging continues) - (clementine) i found something! - the cane! - cane! (gasps) oh. symbolic. - the cane that protectedthe store the entire time;

that's why he's using it. - (doug screaming) get off!- oh. oh. (ravenous snarling)- shoot him. you have a gun. (slow-mo audio)oh, she needs ammo. - i like carley.i hope she doesn't get bit. - ow wow, so dramatic. - am i gonna have to makeanother choice who to help? ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ - "save doug or carley?"

carley 'cause she can shoot stuff. - she has the gun. i'm gonna save her. - well, i'm gonna save carley for sure. she's got the gun. whatchu mean, man? - man, i don't care about doug. - got to go for the sharp--doug doesn't know what he's doing. - sorry, doug. - oh, for sure. this isa business deal. i apologize, doug. - she knows what to do.

- (doug) no! get 'em off of me! (screaming)- can i save him too? (doug screaming, glass shards clinking) - oh, it's all right, doug.it'll be all right. (doug screaming loudly)- (carley) oh my god. - (kenny) let's go! - still glad with my choice. - no! no, i will notnot save you this time. (zombie groaning with impact)

- boom, don't even touchclementine. come on. (zombie rasping) - (slowly) don't you dare. (zombie gasping)- stay down! you see that, clementine?look who saved you this time around. - run. - run. oh, oh. i didn't see that. - (larry) you're not comingwith us, you son of a bitch! - what?- (clementine) no!

- i saved you. i got you your medicine. - (larry) ...you son of a bitch!- (clementine) no! (body thumps)- wow. are you serious? (zombies groaning) what an [bleep], dude. - (larry) ...you son of a bitch! - hey!- (clementine) no! - yo, what are you doing? - (larry) ...son of a bitch!

- (clementine) no!- what? are you kidding me right now? - (larry) ...you son of a bitch!- what the-- [bleep] that guy, yo! i did all that work for you,and you're telling me to get-- oh, are you serious? (scattered moaning)wow, what an [bleep]. what?! oh, i thought he was gonna hit me.- (kenny) ...else get eaten.

- see, i knew i didn't like larry. wait! oh, it's-- (sighs in relief)- (kenny) i'm not letting somebody else get eaten today. - i thought he was about to kill me. oh. - (kenny) i'm not lettingsomebody else get eaten today. - thank you. gosh darn. - (kenny) even if he is an [bleep]. - how am-- what did i do? - (kenny) especially a good friend.

- oh, awesome. that's thehomey squad right there. we were homeys, okay. - (kenny) especially a good friend.- screw that guy! i got him pills. - (shudders)(neon light buzzing) - oh [bleep]. okay. - well, now everyone'ssort of recuperating. - i went out, killed my own brother to get keys so he can get his dang pills,

and he just punched me in the face. (gunshots heard on radio)- uh-oh. gunfire. (screaming heard on radio) - (lee) hey, glenn. - (man on radio) ...withuncountable severe emergencies in all counties. atlanta: stage 9 catastrophe.- stage 9? - (man on radio)atlanta: stage 9 catastrophe. - we're in a stage 9 catastrophe.- (glenn) i think i need to go.

- (lee) to atlanta?- (glenn) yeah. i got friends there. - don't go.- (glenn) i just can't stay here knowing that they couldbe trapped in that city. - why do you need to go, glenn? - (lee) when we left a few days ago,it could've gone either way. - (glenn) i got to take my chances. - (sadly) don't go, glenn. - uh... "you got to dowhat you got to do." - (lee) you got to do what you got to do.

- (glenn) and i got to do this.- (lee) i respect that. - (glenn) you guys be safe. - (sighs) "find your friends." - (lee) find your friends. be safe. - (glenn) thanks, lee. that means a lot. i don't mean to abandon you all, but this seems like an okay setup,and i'm sure things will be back to normalaround here in no time. - (lee) i think you'remaking the wrong call.

- "i think that's the wrong call." - (glenn) maybe. but i'd rather makethe wrong call and know than make the right call and not.- i liked you, glenn. - you go deliver pizza to atlantaand find your friends. - (glenn) and lee, you know,if this doesn't get better, people are going to give up,like the girl from upstairs. - only if you get bitten, yeah. - (glenn) are you just gonna let them?

you told carley to give her the gun. - (lee) yeah, i did. - (glenn) maybe you were right. i don't know how to handlesomething like that. - i get you.- (glenn) anyway, see you around. - (man on radio) ...disaster.sandy springs: stage 7 outbreak. - he's too much of a simp. honestly, like, firsthe tries to save the girl, and now he's trying to go backto his friends. like, this is bad.

(indistinct conversations) - i want to go with glenn. (car engine starts)- i do think it's the wrong call. - thanks, glenn. peace out. - (lee) hey, ken.- my boy kenny. - (kenny) close call back there. - (lee) thanks for picking me up.- (kenny) no problem. we have to take care of each other. - exactly, teamwork.- (lee) yeah, we do.

thanks for picking me up.- (kenny) no problem. we have to take care of each other.- yeah. - (lee) yeah, we do. - kenny, my man. kenny. - (kenny) you got it.- we're homeys. - (lee) how are you doing, carley? - hey.- (carley) i'm okay. you know, considering. i can't stop thinking about doug.

we couldn't have saved him, could we? - (lee) i don't think so.it happened pretty fast. - dang. - (carley) i know it's stupid.we just met, and he was such a-- it's just that-- i think that i liked him. - she liked him? - (lee) well, i'm sure he liked you too. - "sure he liked you too."- (lee) well, i'm sure he liked you too.

- (carley) heh. he better have. anyway, i'd rather be alone, i think. - (lee) i understand. - (carley) wait. lee? - (laughs) "i'm sure he liked you too." okay, no. i'm sorry, carley.- (lee) i'm sorry, car. - (carley) it's okay. thanks though. there's beena lot of death in the past few days. how did you choose?we both needed you. you picked me.

(indistinct conversations in background) - silence. - (carley) i guess it doesn't matter. - she has survivor's guilt. - (lee) me too, carley. - (carley) how did you choose?we both needed you. you picked me. "i didn't."- i didn't. - (carley) ah. - (lee) sometimes we don't make choices.we just do what we do.

- (carley) i just wish we bothcould've made it, you know? - "i was going to help you both." - (lee) i was gonna help you both. - "i was gonna help you both." - (carley) but you helped me first. - (kenny jr.) check this out. the doometron hasthis mini-gun on his shoulder. - screw that guy. - you punk! you tried to murder me.you're such a meanie!

- (kenny jr.) he wasn't. oh, and then-- - (lee) hey, duck, uh, you wantto cool it for a minute? - yeah, shut up, duck. so annoying. - (lee) i'm sorry there's,uh, not a lot of kids here. - (clementine) no, it's not that.it's-- i got grabbed again. - (lee) i was there though. - yeah, we saved you this time. - (clementine) and my walkie-talkie broke. glenn had the other one.

- (lee) aw, i'm sorry. - uh... "i'm sorry."- (lee) aw, i'm sorry. - "it's just a walkie-talkie."- (lee) it's just a walkie-talkie. - dude, it's just a walkie-talkie. - (lee) it probably wasn'tmuch use to begin with. - (clementine) it wasn'tjust a walkie-talkie. i know it doesn't make any sense, but it's how i used to talkto my mom and dad. and now they're gone. it's gone.

- (lee) maybe we can find you another one. - it's not the same. - (clementine) i'll justkeep this one, i guess. - (larry) lee, come here for a second. - i don't want to go there.- (lee) let me go deal with this. - i'm gonna go knock him out. if there's an option,i'm gonna click that. - (lee) what do you want? - (larry) you like my daughter?

- "her dad tried to kill me, so." -"her dad tried to kill me so." - (lee) her dad tried to kill me, so.- (larry) well, he did that because he knows thatlee everett is a convicted murderer. - oh, they know.- (larry) and so will everyone else if you go near her.- (whispers) they know. - (larry) you hear me? you like my daughter?- no. "she's fine."- (lee) she's fine.

- "she's fine."- (lee) she's fine. - (larry) fine, huh?well, just [bleep] you, lee everett. - [bleep] you too.- (larry) that's right. i know who you are.and i know you're a killer. if you go near my daughteror step out of line once, then so will everyone else. you watch your [bleep].- i will. okay, bye. nice talk. - (lilly) hey, lee. do you have a second?

my dad would be deadif it weren't for you. - it's true and yet he tried to kill me. - (kenny) this motor inn'spretty damn defendable. - okay, cool. this is chill.- (kenny) ...with some cars, keep someone on watch, we could stay here untilthe military rolls through. - true. true.- (lilly) i actually agree with that plan. - awesome.- (lee) me too. - (kenny) we got beds. we got water.

and most importantly, we got light. - is there food though? - (lilly) yeah, you're right. you know, guys, i thinkit's going to be okay. - we're gonna win this thing. let's go. - okay, as if-- oh, well,no more light, so. - is it really going to be okay? (power clicking off) exactly.

- (whispering) "to be continued." - what? "to be continued"? - "to be continued"?it just ends like that? - thanks for watchinggaming on the react channel. - have a game you want us to play?let us know in the comments. - want more gaming episodes?then hit that subscribe button. - see you next time!

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