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the walking dead hardcover

the walking dead hardcover

hey, guys. it's bree. last week i did my novelscategory for my hugos shortlist and this is my graphic novels and comics shortlist forthe hugos this upcoming year. as i said last time, i'm only human. i can't read everything,so please leave your suggestions for anything that you think is fantastic that i haven'tread yet or that is not on my shortlist. i want to make sure i'm as thorough as possiblewhen doing my nominations so i'm really excited for your suggestions. the first thing i haveon my list is ody-c by matt fraction and christian ward. it's a retelling of the odyssey fromhomer but with all women and in space. i'm trying to see if there's a picture i can showyou to show you a little bit about the palette, but this is a very adult content kind of retelling.there's a lot of nudity and violence, but

it's really interesting and very trippy. ireally enjoyed reading it, at least. volume 1 is off to far ithaca. then i have saga volume5. volume 4 is not eligible. it just made the cut off. so, 5 is the one that is eligiblefor the year. this is a continuation, of course, of the saga series by brian k vaughn and fionastaples. it's fantastic. the art in it is pretty stellar. it's another one that hassome pretty adult content, like this is not for your average 13-14 year old. but it isa pretty fantastic read. that's a little bit of the art style in it. fiona staples i thinkhas done a fantastic job. both of those by the way are from image comics. i have ms.marvel, volume 3, crushed. this is by g. willow wilson. it is a fantastic redoing of ms. marvel.the previous ms. marvel is carol danvers who

is the new captain marvel. so, kamala kahnis the young woman who takes over the role of ms. marvel. she's a young pakistani americangirl. her family is first-generation american and she's just kind of going through thoseawkward teenage years, of course, now with superhero powers. this volume is one of theones i've liked most so far. let's see if i can show you a little bit of the art style.it's fun. it goes back and forth between very bold kind of traditional comics style andsome stuff that feels a little bit more webcomicy meets anime. it's a really interesting artstyle. i like that they've been doing it this way. there are plenty of people who are probablygoing to disagree with me about that description. but it's a fun read regardless. i would suggestpicking it up. there are two volumes before.

they are very good as well. i have, from image,revival, volume 6: thy loyal sons and daughters. revival is a comics series that i have beenreading a lot of lately. it is all about this small town called wausau, wisconsin, whichis a real town. in that town, all of a sudden, the dead are coming back to life. it's notentirely clear why. it's not-quite-a-zombie story. but, it's kind of, i always think ofit as the walking dead meets fargo. which is perhaps not the best description. thisis a very gory book as well. i must have like a thing for gore in my comics or something.here's a little bit of the art style. this is my tim seeley and mike norton. it's describedas a rural noir. the main character is a detective in the small town trying to figure out, ofcourse, why these people are coming back to

life and what that means. also from image--i think image has had a great couple of years-- i have black science volume 3. this is vanishingpattern. this is about a scientist who kind of makes a way to travel between the worldsof the multiverse. so, he's going back and forth but he doesn't have a lot of controlover what universes or when he goes to them. he has his lab team and his children withhim. in a very dangerous situation, trying to figure out how to go back home. see ifi can show you some of the art in this. i have the death defying dr. mirage by valiant.this is by jen van meter, and roberto de la torre, and david baren. valiant is a smallercomics company. they've had some really promising stuff lately. jeff lemire who i'll be talkingabout in a minute has picked them basically

from the ground up and they are revampingtheir whole line. this particular story is about a woman who can go between our worldand the world of the dead. she's trying to keep balance between the two while dealingwith her own personal emotional story. you can kind of see this is one of the more mutedpalettes. i really enjoyed that one. the death defying dr. mirage is part of why i startedfollowing valiant and part of why i found jeff lemire, who is fantastic. jeff lemire'sother most recent projects called descender is absolutely my favorite comic of the year.the only one i can say for sure is going on my nomination list. there is a bind up volume.there's a trade paperback that's eligible for nomination. this is the first single issue.it's done in these just gorgeous watercolors.

his artist is dustin nguyen, who has a fantasticinstagram as well. this is about a little robot boy ai boy who exists when he shouldn't.for some reason ais have attacked earth and so this little ai boy shouldn't really existanymore. they got rid of all of the ais that had his model. but, they find him hidden onthis mining colony that was abandoned. hopefully, he will help them to figure out how to stopthe aliens that attack earth. i just can't get over the watercolor in this. i think it'sone of the best pairings for art and story matching in tone. the art just is perfectfor the kind of story lemire is telling. you should read this. i've been pushing this oneveryone. if there's nothing else on this list that you read, you should read this.then i have nimona by noelle stevenson. this

is webcomic style. nimona was actually originallya webcomic. this is about a young girl who decides that she wants to be the assistantto a supervillain. she's a shapeshifter and is helping this super villain to defeat thegood guy or the seemingly good guy. nimona has a lot of really fun quirky jokes and itsstorytelling is funny. it also has a really pleasant level of moral ambiguity while stillbeing family friendly. people have just loved this. i think it's really understandable why.i'll show you a little bit of the art. as you can see, very webcomicy very fun. thelast thing i have, i haven't actually read yet. it's my last one that i know everybodyelse is talking about and i've heard great things. so, i'll be reading it to consider.that is the sculptor by scott mccloud. instead

of trying to tell you about a book i haven'tread, i'm going to direct you to amanda egle's review of this book. if none of these catchesyour fancy she's definitely the first person you should go and check out for recommendations.she's amazing, just super cool and enthusiastic. she runs the gambit on taste for comics. she'sgreat. check her out. this is the last one that's on my list. i should be reading thistonight or tomorrow night. but, there you have it. that's my graphic novels and comicsshortlist for the hugos for 2016. let me know what's on your shortlist, if there's anythingi should be reading, you know the drill. i hope you're having a fantastic reading week.i'lltalk to you later. bye.

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