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the walking dead finale

the walking dead finale

>> everybody in the world is on this right now. >> we have josh mcdermitt at l.a.x. eugene from "the walking dead." there's a big "walking dead" story out right now. one of the cliffhangers is one of the characters got beaten

with a baseball bat and we don't know who died yet. the story out now is they filmed a murder scene for all 11 characters on the show so you don't know. we say, should every show do this now? >> i get it.

i was a fan of the show before i started working on it, so i would want to know everything about it, too. but at the end of the day, it makes our job harder. >> and then he kind of not-so-humble brags, he goes -- >> every show need to do that?

no, not every show is "the walking dead'." harvey: you know what, it's all true. >> by the way, i have to partially say for the "game of thrones," where there's an app you sign up for 99 cents and it automatically sends your enemies

spoilers. like during the show it says when you're watching this, ring, this guy dies. harvey: no, no, what you do is, bad news about your grandma. and then you have to click to open it. >> just took an evil idea and

made it even eviller. [laughter] harvey: i know! >> take care!

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