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the walking dead graphic novel

the walking dead graphic novel

this is a review of the walking dead volume 1 there is many different trade paperbacks of the material look at this one in over 1,000 pages thisone collects issues one 1 to 48 the comic book series which is ablack-and-white comic book series cover price $59.99 sixty dollars but i bought it for under forty dollarsi paid thirty-something as i said onlinediscounts or conventions you will find it

much cheaper so for about thirty dollar range book 48 issues of comic book series it's in black andwhite but the comic book series is in black and white so that's justbeing true to the original source material this is a great volume fans of the tvshow for fans love the comic book series as i said there's various versions you'll find like hardcover

books and things like that but they onlycollect a fraction of the amount issues you're going to getin this one volume going through it quickly so not to spoil it really but it's justgreat great book for the value wise you get discounts and you pay thirty dollar range you not gonna gowrong enjoyable read good art it's worth

picking up the only thing that might not be as cool is that since the tv show does follow thematerial in this book is going to be spoilers interms of the tv show cause it's not an exact copy of thestory line but it is close enough in many respects thatyou will know what's gonna happen in the tvshow to some degree if you read this book but just great

were on season two of the walking deadtv show house i'll bloody early stopping this books alreadymentioned and i'm going to have an analysis of the first issue seek a cappella happened tv show whathappened comic book in which i think is better i should say the only negative aboutthis volume is dat the covers are not included 248 issuesthey don't include covers if you want the covers they have aseparate book devoted just to the covers on the issuesit's just cover is not story

and how to covers were created i thinkthat book up but just thought i'd mention it thisis the cover over the issue 48 issues in this one book at over 1000pages i that's that great value and a great buyso thanks watching and talk to later

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