Senin, 20 Maret 2017

the walking dead online

the walking dead online

you may not know the walking dead norman reeds who plays the part of daryl dixon in the walking dead actually auditioned for the part of merle dixon neither character is in the walking dead comic man, we ain't even supposed to be here! now they tell me!! norman reedus was in the lady gaga judas music video in the second episode where merle dixon is shooting from the roof a swat team arrived on set due to people thinking he was a sniper.

the bag of drugs that daryl dixon finds has breaking bads blue meth in it the car that glenn rhee uses to distract the walkers in season one is the same type that walt buys walk jn in breaking bad the manager of the dealership he got it from is glenn, possibly glenn rhee... wanna buy a car ? listen to the list of names.... heisenberg say my name you are heisenberg

your god damn right! amc had the fx team from the walking dead work on gus' death scene in season 2 the role of michonne had not been cast meaning that this is a stand in there has been at least three stunt doubles for chandler riggs who plays carl grimes, all were female this one is names ashley this one is names emily and this one is names savana she was also a stun double for madison lintz

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