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walking dead watch

walking dead watch

♪♪ >>you are watching the walking dead. >>everybody, listen up! now we've dealt with these walkers for a long time. we've lost a lot of good people, but i miss someone who i feel is the ultimate zombie survivor.

he's going to teach us a few things. terry, come on up. >>hey guys, i'm terry. i'm here to teach you everything i know about surviving walkers. it's pretty simple. move out of the way. >>what do you mean?

>>um, exactly what i said. just, i hear one coming and i move out of the way. >>but, with how many guns? >>uh, no guns actually. i just use my healthy legs to move faster than a half-rotted stumbling corpse. >>boo!

that ain't no solution! >>quiet maggie! now, i know it's complicated, but hear him out. >>it's not- okay, look, these guys are slow, dumb, loud, and move about as gracefully as a baby doe on a trampoline.

>>my wife was killed by a baby doe on a trampoline! >>that's a good point. >>okay- when- when a walker appears, just go ahead and walk briskly in the other direction or just walk at a normal

pace in the other direction. seriously, it's that easy. >>at what point do i fall on the ground and cower like a child? >>that's a good question. >>i would not do that. >>so- >>if you accidentally fall

down you could crawl away. you can literally crawl faster than these guys can move. >>what about when they sneak up on you? >>how are they sneaking up on you? i'm- wha- >>you just see them coming?

>>guys, honestly, a screaming cow walking over a floor made of fritos would be quieter than a walker. >>my brother was killed by a screaming cow in a frito factory! >>what is wrong with your family?

>>what do you do when you're in a house searching for supplies and a bunch of them corner you? >>that is exactly a good question. before entering a house use your ears. if you hear loud gurgling moaning,

shut the door and move on. seriously, these terrifying monsters don't even know how to open doors. >>what about when you think you hear something in front of you and so you keep looking ahead while slowly moving backwards into a dark part of a room

without looking behind you? >>been there 50 times. >>guys, looks, it's not very hard. step one, listen for walkers. step two, if you hear one coming, walk away. good?

>>not good! >>what's step three? >>you with your fancy talk and lack of pit stains makes me think that- >>prime example. does anybody hear that? >>don't interrupt me when i'm angrily not being aware

of my surroundings! >>[metal clanking] >>this nonsense about moving out of the way is a waste of time! >>seriously, nobody hears anything? >>these walkers are stealthy as silent as the grave from whence they came!

>>[zombie garbles] >>he is practically bleeding on you. >>even i, with my finely tuned senses can't always discern when a walk- sweet blue jeans! >>walker! form up!

tight circle! engage on my count! >>got to be kidding me. okay. you're done. all right, all right. now follow me. there you go. good boy.

come on. there you go! this is- right, everybody still watching? all right! and now- >>[grunting] >>it's that easy! >>black magic!

>>no, it's the will to survive! >>they're just dumb and frail! at the rate that they have decayed, they could impale themselves on a dandelion covered in fabric softener. >>my son was murdered by a dandelion covered in-

>>sir! how have you survived the apocalypse? i can't even- >>what a strange dude. >>come on everyone, best go ruin another settlement. >>i'm just going to grab a quick snack.

[screaming] no! >>thanks for watching guys! >>step one, subscribe below. >>watch out! >>step two, share this with your walking dead friends! >>i've got a knife. whoa, walker!

>>i'm going to let him go. can you handle it? >>oh, he disarmed me! he just- grab a rock! whoa! >>dude. watch out! >>okay.

all right. whoa, whoa, whoa! >>dude! >>whoa! oh no! >>give me your money!

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