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walking dead premiere

walking dead premiere

hey guys, what's going on? for complex news, i'm tamara dhia. if you are like me then you are counting downthe days to the 'walking dead" season 7 premiere on october 23rd after cable's highest-ratedshow left us with that excruciating cliffhanger back in april. most fans have spent the past few months speculatingabout which beloved character was at the receiving end of negan's bat lucille, but actor jeffreydean morgan just dropped a bombshell of a spoiler in a recent interview with den ofgeek, revealing that it wasn't just one life

that was taken. "negan's not just going to kill one personin [the premiere]. he's not afraid of bashing in skulls." what. this is huge. he doesn't specify if it's another centralcharacter and personally i'm hoping it's not because it already sounds like it's gonnabe pretty vicious. "it's a lot. i'll be interested to see how the fans handleit.

it's going to be a lot more than the peopleare expecting. you're about to see someone that you lovejust f*cking take it. it's violent. it's more than violent. it's gut-wrenching." morgan goes on to explain that the 'walkingdead' world as we know it will change drastically because there is a new boss in town. "it sets our story into motion - that deathis the start of a new reality for rick and our characters.

the old world, where rick was in charge ofhis own life, is over. alexandria lives for negan and the saviorsnow, and it's not an easy transition for everyone to make." we're less than two weeks away from the premierebut who do you think is going to be killed? sound off in the comments below and get readyfor complexcon, which hits long beach on november 5 and 6. see the lineup and get tickets at complexcon.com.

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