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walking dead show

walking dead show

the walking dead tv show has stayed prettytrue to the comics...except for all the times it hasn't. true to form, the season six finalemirrored the unforgettable issue 100 of the comic book, featuring the long-awaited appearanceof the villainous negan. after his introduction in the comics, negan chooses glenn as hisvictim from rick's group...and beats him to death with his bat, lucille. but on the show,the victim's identity is a secret that won't be revealed until the season seven premierein october 2016. so just who, exactly, was "at bat"? would they kill off maggie? while readers have known about glenn's deathfor a while, the show often swerves to keep

fans guessing. so while it's almost unthinkable,we're thinking it: what if negan chooses glenn's wife, maggie, instead? in the comics, neganskips maggie and sophia. meanwhile, negan said that he wants rick's strong crew to workfor him. he may have chosen maggie to die just because of how visibly sick she lookedcompared to the rest of the group. what about abraham? maybe abraham ford will be the one to meetlucille. abraham has been through a lot since he first appeared. in the comics, dwight killsabraham with a crossbow. on the show, however, denise earned that fate, so abraham may beliving on borrowed time. if daryl dies, we riot

actor norman reedus has another amc show onthe docket, ride with norman reedus, that may serve as a transitional series for hardcorefans of both reedus and his character, daryl dixon, if and when he's killed off. neganhas plenty of motivation to kill daryl, considering he scorched a group of saviors with a bazooka.and nothing establishes the threat a new bad guy like killing off a popular character.but would they dare axe the guy so popular that there are actually shirts for sale saying,"if daryl dies, we riot"? but, really, it's probably glenn if the walking dead comic did it, there'sa good chance it'll happen on the show. the glenn-dying theory gets some support for afew reasons. it'd be heartbreaking: glenn

just killed his first living humans this season,which had a profound effect on him. he also has a baby on the way. based on how many timeschildren end up with single parents on this show, we wouldn't be surprised if glenn'sgone. steven yeun might be leaving the show steven yeun has some projects lined up whenthe walking dead would otherwise be filming, and the hollywood reporter says his currentcontract with the series ends with season six. yeun's new projects seem to corroboratehis character's eventual death. previous times at the bat think back to terminus:

he just happened to be the first memberof rick's group in line to be killed with a louisville slugger. it was an intentionalnod to this storyline. the show certainly spelled it out for us over the past few seasons,but we've still got our fingers crossed for someone else. a dark foreshadowing the show hinted at glenn's fate when he lookedup while raiding the saviors' satellite base and saw some of lucille and negan's priorvictims in a collection of polaroid photos on the wall. considering how much negan adoreshis weapon of choice, we wouldn't be surprised if he took these photos himself or if oneof his lackeys did in adoration of the saviors'

leader. sorry glenn, we'll miss you since his first appearance in the series premiere,glenn has been the heart of the walking dead. we cringed at every moment he looked deathin the eye, especially during that alleyway scene where we thought he died alongside nicholas.but things certainly aren't looking so good for him, and there's enough evidence in frontof us that he just isn't going to make it into season seven of the walking dead. solong, buddy. thanks for watching! subscribe to our youtubechannel to see more videos like the one you just saw. and leave us a comment to tell uswho you think is taking a walking dead dirt


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