Kamis, 22 Juni 2017

walking dead tv

walking dead tv

>> steven, my man, how are you doing? >> how are you? >> steven r. from "the walking dead'." one of the bad guys on the show. >> 14 million people watched the finale. >> and we talk about that

because people are outraged about the way the series ended the season. >> who got killed off? >> who do i think got killed off? i absolutely have zero idea. >> they build up to a character's death, been building

for it all season. they finally get to revealing who's going to get killed. and it literally goes to black. >> literally, i don't know. we're wrapped. harvey: smart programming. a character died. now you want to know who?

come back at the beginning of next season. >> or go read the comic book. >> who died in the comic book. >> glenn, it was glenn. >> is there an asian guy? harvey: is there a black guy left? >> yes!

harvey: did the black guy die? that's victory, right? >> or do it this way. [laughter] >> you look like you're hailing a taxi and changed your mind. >> thank you.

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