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walking dead series

walking dead series

hey youtubers, it's charlie. this is going to be my walking dead episodefour video. if you haven't seen it. just careful for spoilers, so here we go littlepig little pig let me know who judith's real father is. i cannot believe that they did that that blewmy mind that's usually something that creators keep really close to the vest and reveal atconventions long after the shows gone off the air like 10 years later someone's like,so tell us finally who is judith's father but they kind of turned it into this metaphorfor them accepting the negan situation is

a top 10 wtf and easter eggs. it was a 90 minute episode so i think thebiggest surprise number 10 is that they did not slaughter someone during the episode likeyou kinda thought for little while the negan was can open up on olivia and when spencergot back they kind of teased you that rick might kill him just to show you that he'snot a total coward. now, even though he is definitely a littlegun shy like he gives omissions got so number nine. giving them a shows gun at the end you couldsee like her heartbreaks just a little bit having to see rick like this.

and she is pissed as hell. but they kind of tried to get that acrossthrough the episode so you know number eight, most of the survivors or pissed and stillready to double down just letting you know that things are shit right now but it is notthe end number seven was negan's entrance little pig little pig let me and that wasa moment it was taken right out of the comics as was the moment you know number six withcarl kind of setting up where his arc is there speeding through a really facile i don't knowhow much of carl story from the comics there in a do. but they kind of already given a lot of thatto daryl's character so it makes me think

that they're not going to do a whole lot ofcarl negan step from the comics he basically stands at them you get out of here beforeyou find out how dangerous we are you can see just how young carl is in the comics. when this is all happening compared to howold he is on the tv show he's way older on the tv show just because the actors agingso much faster but number five meet laura she's another character from the comics andshe's on the kind of shouts out he has a couple lines later in the episode when they're grabbingall the guns she's actually from much later in the comics compared to where they are rightnow but she is important for dwight's character so i'm guessing that they're just speedingup a lot of the white comic book story stuff

but number forward to me in the dig brigadethat was such a great moment when they grab the rpg the one that daryl used to kill them. those guys are bunch ass holes in nature. so heartbroken when number three dwight takeshis bike you can get this all back all you gotta do is say, the thing that was also partof negan's deal when he was like maybe daryl can come back if he says the right thing. he was talking about getting daryl to saythe i'm negan thing which you know daryl flat out refuses to say so is not getting the bikeback not coming back to the save zone anytime soon that the look on his face is just pricelessthe just so heartbreaking because in one moment

you see like the sadness in their eyes butlike also rick to like it would zoom in on rick's face while he was holding lucille there. you also kind of think that he might makea move in they found the bike that the place they found it is actually where denise waskilled. that's why rosita shouts her out when shewas looking for the gun in were eugene bit dwight in the nuts. they're basically rifling through like alltheir keepsakes so a lot of them like enid's balloons had special significance he thatmuch sadder in the balloons were actually from a glenn episode that was how they signaledthe save zone and distract the walkers get

away. so the reason she fought so hard to keep theballoons was just to remember glenn, but the whole point of the episode was just to showyou how negan walked in and use the save zone like a target and regular number two has thatbig speech where he says negan's in charge. so there's a whole lot of stuff happeninghere like rick is rolling over a really heartbreaking way they use those moments of tension betweenthe characters. this doesn't have to be our life like rositaat the end of the episode when she asked eugene to make her a bullet to show you that is notthe end of a number one craziest moment was actually a tie between negan's taught at theend of the episode which is also right out

of the comics totally not safe for work ijust live my business down your throat and you think me for it. that like literally right out of the comicbook and then the other shane speech where rick remember shane and acknowledges judithas his daughter was just completely blew my mind. it'd been a joke in the fandom for a longtime to say hi yeah baby judith. probably shane's daughter, but since theysaid it in an episode it's almost cannon like the way rick says that he just believes thatthat doesn't necessarily mean that it's totally true be can choose to take it how you willsee you can let me know.

do you believe rick when he says that judithis shane's daughter. and even is crazy as that was in the wholeepisode it was still fun to remember shane every once in a while whenever they get theopportunity but just to reference the smoking tiger in the room. rick says they don't have enough manpowerthey reference hilltop. you know, even with them. we don't have enough they don't know aboutthe kingdom in ezekiel yet select next week will go to hilltop jesus actually knows alot more about what's going on with all the different factions so hopefully he'll havesome of the rallying cry for the survivors

that want to stand up to negan i think that'sprobably what they'll build up to for the midseason finale is that they'll be like anotherbig conflict with the saviors. so if you haven't read the comics there islike a big conflict called all out war but it's like leave further ahead in the comicslike it's not anywhere near what's happening right now. do you think that that's what they're goingto be doing this season like will just blow through a whole bunch of comic book plot andget there faster because there's a whole bunch more comic book stuff that they can do onthe tv show but it just depends on how fast they moved so if they actually do end up doingstuff like that you know when it happens in

episodes i'll try to pointed out like whenit happened in the comics you don't actually have to read the comics understand what'sgoing on. they did a pretty good job of leading youthrough the episode, especially with the way they tried to tip you off with rosita withthe bullets so it's like okay yeah there very clearly can stand up to negan eventually butnot right away and speaking of hilltop for those you wondering about the maggie theyknow she's not dead that they were originally taking her to the doctor at hilltop becauseof the baby when they ran into negan before episode one happened. so when they left her she just continued ontheir so will probably pick back up with her

when we see hilltop and next week's episode,but the reason why they told negan she was dead is just to throw him off her sent memberhe was like a lighthouse to get about making a play for even though i just killed her husbandbut he was definitely rubbing rick's nose in it all episode so it is gonna make thepayoff the ultimate payoff. however long it takes to get there that muchmore satisfying. so next week jesus is back be sure to subscribeto get that video i will do a trailer video tomorrow and there is a new walking dead giveawaythat's going on right now all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave acomment on this video and just a heads up. it doesn't look like they're going to be anybreaks in the episodes before the midseason

finale that's episode eight which is currentlyscheduled for december 11. so if there is a change the schedule and theygo on break or something like that all totally do a video about it but that does sound aboutright that they would have their midseason finale sometime earlier in december but itis gonna be any issues with that. so walking dead trailer posting tomorrow whatyou guys wait for that to post you can click here for that dave chapelle walking dead skitand you can click here for my ghost in the shell trailer video thank you so much watchingeverybody high five and i'll see you guys tonight!

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