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walking dead season

walking dead season

hey how is it going bros my name's pewdiepie welcome back to the walking dead we've just met clemen- cleme- cle- cleme- cle *wut?* my girl my boo.. shit ok, here we go she's so.. pretty so she's the one that did it [laughs]

she's a badass! oh my god, you got a- awwn clemy.. she's so cute! does clemy even know how to drive? how old is clemy? [14 years old] i hope- i hope that wasn't a weird joke i just realized it clearly was.. listen i just wanna ship them, ok? that's all awwn

i prefer her voice now actually it's smoother before it was that eh, clementine- now it's just clementine it's cool, she's cool i'm so excited oh, wow, what the fuck is this arm doing? more bald people..

clemy wouldn't waste ammo, that's right she know how to del with this guys right through the fucking mouth! i've been around.. why is clementine alone? well, he is still tied up.. muertos.. that's one thing that is really weird to me about the walking dead is that they never refer to them as "zombie"

it's something like walkers or crawlers or muertos or puertos.. there you go the ones that run? does that mean there are different types of walkers? ookay.. oh great.. lee.. my man she clearly knows her way around

she's stil wearing the cap -omon! ok, we're heading to the van, the giant van is it you.. ok, let's keep playing it's about to get intense! oh we've got some people.. it's spaz time! come. wooh!

oooh! okay what? oh thanks! appreciate it! nice man bun. loser! fine! alright. uh... boom! bim! bazinga. bazinga headshot all around. now what? don't worry clemy, i gotchu uhh let's save clemy

you're fine! fuck yeah clem! oh my god! that is ugly! it's like a- a fucking horse! what is happening like (his face lol) (laughter) oh my god, this is me as a badass so the walkers, i mean the zombies prescott...

the walk in- they move in herds and there's little cities around now even. or outposts. that's pretty cool. woah looks like uh very fallout-y it's called a silo, thank you very much (sassy pewds) double gated... well clearly, he's worried about his family. (clementines face has a seizure) what is that? ooookay!

oh, cause she brought the bullets of the gun and.. clearly they didn't work, huh this is very cool! i'm much more intrigued by this universe. she's so cute! i'm the new lee, huh? this is great i really enjoy this let's look at this guys why not? they look so nice, what is he- what is sh-

clementine mean with the people here? what does that mean? we- we used.. we used to be famous.. for gambling? well i'm the expert, right? call his bluff.. hey hum hum

hey no problem clemen, she's so cool! he looks like such a.. trust for the person wow shit! ohh shhh..(dat faece man) ohohohoohoho doesn't seem that bad! you know atleast they're safe

see? what is service? **poods in heart melting emotion** we've always been huaha ohooooo!! salute kinda just sleepin' on the fuckin' floor i would- i would trust-- i trust clemetine more than i trust anyone

okay? i've been with her, why should i trust eleanor? i'll g-i'll go with clementine's advice i know i-- eventhough i really like to go thought we already had a sleep? aow aow shit got dark for a sec there what the fuck, she was happened

what the shitty da shoodie da booty what is this? owh backstory? ehhhhts.. me? oh it's a baby of course! oh my god she was straining the baby like- just tomato sauce

just tomato sauce kenny's hat! whoa this is wellington holy sht aaaaaaaaaaaoooooohhhhh siet o my god oh

what happened to aj then? we don't know yet *creepy voice* we don't know yet .. ohh clementine.. is this da-day 2? **that poods face tho** got him i mean, at this point i don't even care if this guys are still there like i'm not invested enough in them

i don't really givashit i don't know what we'd expect then that was one of them clementine that was one of them wasn't that hers? gooot him!! mah chocolate the cassette player! haaauhhh

yes! awwwnn but you didn't listen nooww.. bam i'm mr. viking don't mind me ah shit that was our deal sorry clemmy oops could that be her?

ah it's them! how 'bout that.. a grenade will do the trick.. rehp ohh.. oh it's fighting time baby! it's ass kicking time! pluhp ouu jeez ohh doug.. you got snooked on

axe mudafaka! oh that one look like a kid jeesus.. oh shit.. ernn got him! hey how 'bout that? they are all dead you're welcome! yes, but i have another girlfriend now! don't worry about it

mehh.. ohh ouu.. ok.. alright.. alright well.. i got kidnapped! are you the new [innaudible] humm

or is it? let's go on a trip, tripp! she's not a kid! so emotional clementi- hey, i guess.. whatever.. the ambulance? you really need to just throw those away, ok? and i have the batterie, i mean i have this thing [screams]

what?? ohhh! ohh! ohh! what the shhit you jinxed it! you jinxed it, alright ohhh.. oh my god no! fuck!

noo you guys are dumb! i gotta come with them right leon- no, not leon! lonny- lonny, whatever not lonny! anyone but lonny.. fuck yeah! clementine!

that was episode oneee! ties that bind.. ohh.. wo ohh wha ah ah ah that was awesome! that was so short.. that was just 1 hour- less th- that was almost just an hour- that's.. that's probably why they.. let we have.. we have another episode thank fucking god!

i understand now why! people would be like:what the fuck! i waited for this? that's cool though! "did you stay the night at the junkyard?" "you and 56.." okay, well.. alright "did you shoot the driver?" oh a lot of people..

a lot of people decided to shoot, huh? i wouldn't have imagined that let him go but he was such an asshole. i don't like him! and i've got to prove myself to clemmy ernn 88% of players got locked up, huh? okay, well fair enough "who brought you to the junkyard?" everyone decided with their dick and balls, huh?

alright, fair enough.. "did you escape with your family or stay with clementine?" that's an obvious one! c'mon! easy.. 'course i'll stay with clementine! alright! -ery cool! i'm so glad that we have 2 more episodes that we can play i mean, it's 1 more episode but i'll split it into 2

i love playing this game! i- i'm so glad is back! you know? it's fucking back, i'm so excited! it's so cool to see how clementine's character has developed it's so cool in the universe that is more interesting it's le- it seems li- i don't know episode 2 was a little whiny & mony, ok? i- am i the only one that got that?

"oh everything is so bad!" here things is moving foward you can tell the universe has expanded in- into- in- in different ways i think is really awesome but yeah.. leave a like if you enjoyed watching i'll see you tomorrow with episode 2! we're lucky, huh? thank you telltale!

you fucking rock man! [blows a kiss] that one's just for you man i- i think i'm i- i- i've been shitting a lot of the other telltale ones but i'm just honest, ok? i think.. i think- this one is really good and they deserve for 'em so..

as always stay awesome bros!

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