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walking dead season 1 episode 1

walking dead season 1 episode 1

♪ (rock music) ♪ ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ - (teen) previously on the walking dead... - oh my god! there's a person!(anxious squeal) oh! we just hit a zombie!what is happening? - bam! hammer! - (clementine) what should we do now?- that's a good question. - (older man) i'm hershel greene.- hershel! it's hershel's land. (zombies snarl)

- wow, dude.- (shawn) kenny! - oh my god. dude, kenny is a dick. - (hershel) get the [bleep] out of here!- damn. - (teen) this time on the walking dead... - man. and shawn saved us too. he's the one who brought usto the farm, and i killed him. - (remorsefully) i feel bad. - now we're in the city.- (kenny jr.) look! - damn, it's wrecked.

- (kenny) hey there! you friendly?truck's run out of gas. - is that a person or a zombie?it's a zombie. it's a zombie. (zombies hissing and snarling) - oh my gosh. don't tell meyou die right now. - oh no. oh, he's gone. (gunshot)oh. oh, damn. - who is this chick? - ooh, yay, it's woman doingthe saving. that's always fun. - hey, that's like maggie and glenn.

- he's asian and he's cool.and he's, like, super badass. - we're safe now. - (woman in black)we can't take risks like this. - oh. - (woman) and we can't justlet people die either. - (woman in black) when i say that door stays shut no matter what... - dude, that definitely looks like glenn. - (woman in black)we don't know who these people are!

they could be dangerous.- (timidly) we're not dangerous. - (woman in black)they could be dangerous. - no, we're nice. - (elderly man) worse, theycould have led them right to us. - "we have kids." -"we have kids." - (lee) we have kids with us. - (elderly man) i see one little girl. - (woman) they would have died out there!

- (elderly man) then we let them! - (lee) we're not dangerous,just regular folks. - (woman in black) what's dangerousis a bunch of people running outside and drawingtheir attention to us. - (kenny) lee's right.we're just regular folks, but we actually like helping people. - shut up, kenny. you killed someone. - (clementine) i have to pee.- (chuckles) - (kenny) i'd go out again in a second.

- uh, "in a minute."- (lee) in a minute, clem. - (clementine) i have to pee.- great timing. dude, honestly. just go. just go. - (lee) then just go! - (glenn) they've got kids, lilly. - (lilly) those things outside don't care. - (kenny) maybe youshould go join them then. you'll have something in common.- (titters) - (elderly man) god damn it, lilly!

you have to control these people!- "she's the leader." don't go to the bathroom,little girl. you're gonna die. - (lee) but it looks like she'slosing control of her people. - "she's an [bleep]."- (lee) she's an [bleep], that's for sure. - (lilly) that's what it takes.- (lee) well, you don't have to be a bitch about it.- oh damn, okay. you have to control these people! - "she's not wrong."- (lee) she's not wrong. - uh, "she's not wrong."- (lilly) carley and glenn

just ran out there.- (lee) she's not wrong. they took a risk.- (lilly) yes, we did. - (lee) and we appreciate let's settle down. - (elderly man) holy [bleep]. son of a bitch, one of them is bitten!- he is?! - oh wait, no, he wasn't bitten.- (lee) he wasn't bitten. - "he wasn't bitten."- (lee) he wasn't bitten. - (elderly man) hell he wasn't!we have to end this now. - oh [bleep], they're about to shoot him.

- (kenny) over my dead body.- (elderly man) well, dig one hole. - i'm-- i'm staying out of this one. - (katjaa) i'm cleaning him up! there's no bite!- we've already had a lot of drama. - (elderly man) don't you[bleep] people get it?! we let someone with a bite stay in... - did he actually getbitten? i don't know. - (elderly man) we gotta throw him out or smash his head in.- i'ma smash your head in, homey.

- (kenny) lee, whatdo we do about this guy? - um, you listen to him? - (lilly) dad, it's just a boy. i-it's-- - (elderly man) lilly, i'll handle it.- (lilly) but you're-- - kick his [bleep], homey. - kinda want to see them fight.- (lilly) you need to calm down. we'll get this--- uh, "kick his [bleep]." - (lee) we kick his [bleep].- (kenny) that's what i'm thinking! - (carley) everyone chill the [bleep] out!

- "reason with him." - (lilly) you need to calm down.- "reason with him." - (lee) we reason with him. - (kenny) with the bloody endof an ax handle, maybe. nobody threatens my boy. - yeah!- (lilly) nobody's doing anything. - (larry) shut up, lilly!- damn, it's heated. it's heated right now. - (larry) they will find us,and they will get in here.

and none of this will [bleep] matter. we're about to be trapped in herewith one of those things! - (kenny) what the hellare you talking about? - (larry) he's bitten!that's how you turn! - (katjaa) he's not bitten. - he didn't even get bit.- (katjaa) it's upsetting him. - (larry, sarcastically)ooh, i'm upsetting him? - (katjaa) please stop's upsetting him. upsetting is getting eaten alive.- "if it was your girl."

- (larry) upsettingis getting eaten alive. - "if it was your girl."- (lilly) dad, we get it. it's a big deal.- (lee) what if this was your daughter? - (larry) never woulda happened! she's not some snot-nose toddler, okay? she's united states airforce.- (kenny) [bleep] you and her. - (larry) ooh, i'm upsetting him? upsetting is getting eaten alive. - "sit down or else."- (lee) sit down! or that's it.

we can figure this outwithout killing anybody! there's another way. - (larry) yeah, with a shovel.- ohh. - (kenny) i'm gonna kill him, kat!- i don't like this guy. i mean, he's trying to be safe, but still. i don't like this dude. - (clementine) there's someone in there. - (lee) it's just locked.key's behind the counter. - how would he know that?he just got there.

- i bet there's a zombie in the bathroom. - (larry) i'm just looking outfor my daughter. - (kenny) no, you're just the guyarguing for killing a kid. - this is getting bad.this is gonna be bad. - (larry) she'll find the bite. watch.- (kenny) she won't. - (larry) the first thinghe'll do is sink his teeth into his mom's face. then, when she's dead,he'll probably pounce on... - "we do what you say.""deal with it." "he's just a boy."

silence in the best answer.- (larry) then there'll be three. and that boy is the ballgame. which pretty much seals the deal for me.we're throwing him out! then when she's dead... - "deal with it," homey.- (larry) ...he'll probably pounce on your little girl. - (lee) then we deal with it then. but right now, we're justfreaking everybody out. - "he's just a boy."- (larry) then there'll be three.

- (lee) he's a little boy.i think we can handle him. - (larry) a little boy?- that's true. - (larry) he'll be anuncontrollable man eater! - (kenny) it's not gonna happen!- (larry) it is! and we're tossing him out now! - (sighs)- (larry) ...he'll probably pounce on your little girl.- "we do what you say." - (lee) then we do what you say. we toss him out and save the group.

- (kenny) lee? what the [bleep], man? - (lee) what other choice is there? - (larry) finally, someone getssome sense. but we can't wait. we are tossing him out now. - "hit him." "stop him." no. - (lee) i'm sorry, kenny.he's right. this is about survival. - that's true.- (kenny) lee? this is my boy, lee. my boy! we can't! - "no."- (lee) no! you don't touch that boy!

-"no."-(lee) no! you don't touch that boy! you don't touch anybody! - "kenny will remember your loyalty." - (lee) you want to getviolent, you old [bleep]? well, come on!you better have a plan... - okay, i see you out there, lee. - (lee) ...before anyone else in here! - uh, "hit him."- (lee) knock this guy out. - (kenny) happily.

- hit him, hit him.- (lilly) jesus! - (henry) oh man.- oh. (clementine screams) - i told you there was someonein the dang bathroom! (zombie growling)- aah! who's this fool? - (kenny) jesus!- (lee) clementine! (zombie muttering) - he falls over every single... - (chuckles) dude, he fallsevery time he walks.

- you're so useful. - save her. - okay. okay, what do i do? what do i do? you, you, you. clementine,mysterious figure. we have to do something.we have to do something. - (clementine) no! lee, help!- stop falling over everything. - no! (gunshot)oh god. - thank you.

- (softly) thank god. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ - rescue clementine.come on. let's get it, buddy. - go! grab her. - (lee) get away from her,you son of a bitch! (zombie gurgling) - kakakakakakaka. (loud gunshot) - good, nice headshot. boom, got him.

- oh, thanks. - (carley) you okay?- yeah, i'm good. - (lee) just great, thanks. (zombies moaning)- (glenn) uh... guys? - (snickers) "clementine will rememberthat you didn't save her." - i tried to save her! - this is gonna end badly. - (larry) they're gonna get in.- (kenny) shut up. - oh, this is gonna end so badly.

(rapid gunfire)- (lee) is that the military? - oh [bleep], i hear guns out there. - (larry) we almost diedbecause of this bitch and her itchy trigger finger! that was-- (groaning) [bleep].- (lilly) dad! - good, have a heart attack. - is he bit? oh, a heart attack. oh. - is he bitten?

you're gonna have to kill him now. - "what's wrong with him?" - (lee) what's wrong with him? - (lilly) it's his heart.- (larry) my pills. - "my pills."- (katjaa) nitroglycerin pills? - (lilly) yes, we're out. we've been trying to get intothe pharmacy since we got here. please try to get in there. - no.- (lilly) behind the counter,

where the pills are.- why do we have to go? - "we'll do it."- (lee) we'll get in there somehow. - "through the office."- (lee) there's probably another entrance,maybe through the office. - (carley) how do youknow that's an office? - (lee) uh, educated guess. - educated guess, okay. it looks like there's beenpast history with this place. - (carley) i'll keep an eye on my dad.

- (glenn) i'm startingto think this drugstore isn't a permanent solution. - (lee) agreed.- (glenn) then i'll head out and get gas. there's a motel not too far from here. - no, you're gonna die and i like you. - (glenn) i'll work my waytowards it and then loop back, siphoning what i can.- you're gonna die. (inhales sharply) "you're insane."- (lee) you're insane. - (glenn) well, it's gotta get done.

- that's true.- (glenn) plus i'm quick and i know macon. - "that'd be great."- (lee) damn, that'd be great. plus i'm quick and i know macon. - (lee) local?- (glenn) born and raised. - me too! ha.- (lee) if you're gonna do that, here's a walkie-talkieif you get in a tight spot. - pretty sure this guy's gonna die first. - (lee) clementine's got the other one. check in with her and get backhere as soon as you can.

- (kenny) and you, you keepan eye on that front door. you're out lookout.- (doug) it's doug. you got it. - it's doug, okay.- (carley) and i'm carley. - carley.- (kenny) okay, carley. you'll shift in with dougwhen he needs it. for now, get some rest. you're a good shot,and i'd like to keep it that way. - she look one shot at point blank,but she's a good shot. - (kenny) now get him those pills.

- hmm... food box.let's get some food. i'm hungry. - (lee) looks like nobodygot a chance to donate anything before this all went down.- okay, it's empty. cool. - how do we apologize toclementine for not saving her? i want to apologize to you. i love you. you're my favorite of them.- (lee) hey there. - (clementine) hi. - "can i get you anything?"- (lee) can i, uh, get you anything? - (clementine) maybe i'm a little hungry.

- (lee) i'll see about that. - greeting cards?- (lee) no "i'm sorry to hear your loved one was eatenby the living dead" cards. - oh, that's sad. - energy bar. found some food. - oh, take energy bar. i'll give that to clementine.she's hungry. - (lee) hey there.- (clementine) hi. - (lee) it's not much, but here you go.- (clementine) thank you.

- (finebros) look, it saysyou took care of her. - yeah, i did. i mean, that doesn'tmake up for saving your life. but i got you an energy bar. well, there's another energy bar.that might be good for later when she's also slightly hungry again. i heard some people gethungry more than once. - (lee) how's he doing? - (lilly) i'm not sure i got your name. - (lee) it's lee.- (lilly) lilly. my dad's larry.

i was just doing what i had to earlier.- (lee) everyone was. - (lilly) now his heart's acting up again, and i'm powerless to do anything. - (sighs) uh, "what do you think of all this?" - (lilly) what is there to think? the dead are up walkingaround, eating people, and turning them intomore... more of them. - they're called zombies.

have you never seen any movie ever?- (lee) we need to stick together and get through this. - "what's wrong with him?"- (lee) what's wrong with him? - (lilly) he's got a heart condition. he takes nitroglycerintablets pretty regularly. i've seen a few bad attacksthat he couldn't get over and needed to go to the hospital. - (lee) yeah, that's, uh,not really an option right now. - (lilly) i'm just tryingto keep him relaxed.

- uh... "he got a temper."- (lee) he's got a temper. he's got a temper. - yes, he does.- (larry) ah, [bleep] you. - (chuckles) - (lee) was anyone herewhen you guys got here? - (lilly) no, this placewas pretty wrecked. we pulled a couple of bodiesout of the office. - shoot.- (lilly) did you know anybody here? - did we?- (lee) yeah, the owners.

they were, uh-- we were close. - we were?- (lilly) i'm sorry. we found an older couple in the office. dad hauled them out in casethey weren't really dead. - gosh. - uh, look at that.- (lee) the pills are in there. - okay, how do i get in the pharmacy? - okay, i'm trying to go--okay, "employees only." - "alive inside." open it. open it.

let's go, lee. (door clicks and squeaks open) - oh, something was dead in here. - clementine, stay back, okay?i'ma save you this time. - (lee) i can't. i can't thinkabout them in here. - he think he has somehistory with this place, 'cause he knows about it already,which is kind of strange. - this was his family's pharmacy. - (lee) there's a photo over there.- okay.

we can, like-- kinda like--look at-- pick it up. - ohhh. - is that lee in the left? - (gasps) is that him?that's him, on the left. - (realizing) ohhh, it's his family. - this homey really just ripped it out? what the [bleep]?- (carley) find anything? (lee gasps)- no. i didn't find anything. uh... - uh... j-j-just a photo.

- "just a picture." - (lee) just a pictureof whoever was here. - (carley) i know who you are. - "a photo of the familythat owned the place." - (lee) it's a photo of the familywho owned this place. might help us track downthe keys to the office. - (carley) i know who you are.- (gasps) - (carley) you're lee're a professor at athens who killed a state senatorwho was sleeping with your wife.

- oh gosh.- (carley) you're a professor at athens this is your parents' store. you're a professor at athens who killed... - damn.- (carley) ...a state senator who was sleeping with your wife. - oh [bleep].- (carley) this is your parents' store. - oh my god.- (carley) folks around town know the owner's songot himself a life sentence. but i'm a reporter for wabe at atlanta.

i paid attention to that trial. maybe you're a murderer,but i don't really care. frankly, that's a skillthat might come in handy. - sick.- (lee) hmmph. - (carley) did you tell anyoneout there who you were or that you were tied to this place? - oh my god, get on my business. - (lee) no.- no. - (lee) no. i've been stickingto first names for a reason.

- (carley) well, seem like an okay guy. and the last thing we needis drama out there. - "what's it to you?"- (lee) what's it to you? - (carley) to me? i'm notthe one with the felony record. you seem like an okay guy.- true that. - (carley) and the last thingwe need is drama out there. - (lee) i hear you. - (carley) i'll just keep it to myself.- (softly) oh. "thanks." "how can i trust you?""i don't trust you."

"thanks."- (lee) thanks. - "thanks."- (lee) thanks. - (carley) don't worry about it. - "how can i trust you?"- (lee) how can i trust you? - (carley) you can't, i suppose. but you don't have many other options. - oh, she gave him the look,dude. she wants him. - okay. now i got to findthose dang things. - let me get these pills.

- what's-- what are you?- (lee) a first-aid kit. - yeah. that could come in handy. - (softly) okay. ooh, pharmacy.- (lee) we ought to clear this door for when we find the keys. - (southern accent)clementine, i need your help. - what's here? move it. can i move it? (object clatters)oh [bleep], what's that? - they said they weretrying to get in for hours,

but they couldn't movethis stuff themselves? like, i'm by myself moving this. - what is that?- (lee) this was my dad's cane. he'd zip around hereon it from time to time. - it's his dad's. ooh.- (clementine) was he sick? - (lee) nah, he was okay. - she's so innocent.- (lee) i actually saw him whoop shoplifters with it.this cane's protected this place better than any guard dog ever could.

plus he knew how to make it look cool,like you with your hat. - (clementine) my dad gave it to me. - (lee) see? dads are smart like that. - it's getting all sentimentaland stuff right now, dude. okay, um... - (lee) we ought to clear this doorfor when we find the keys. - okay, let's get this out of the way. - move it. - (lee) better get this door clear, huh?

- (clementine) can i help?- yes, you can. - um...- (lee) sure. - okay. sure.- (lee) here we go. - something's gonna be in there.i got to prepare myself. - okay.(clementine grunts) "how are you doing?"- (lee) how are you doing? - (clementine) yeah, it's not that heavy. - (lee) how about with everything outside? - (clementine) it's not good.- (lee) no, it's not.

- (clementine) but i think it'll be okay. - she's an optimist. okay, cool. (clementine grunts)- "things have been scary, huh?" - (lee) things have been scary, huh?- (clementine) yeah. it's not good. i don't knowwhy everyone is crazy. - (lee) neither do i, clementine.nobody does, i don't think. - but why are there those zombies? - (clementine) i bet my dad does.- i'm so confused. (clementine grunts)

- okay. - (clementine) do you have kids?- nope. - (lee) no. - (clementine) why don't youwant to talk about your family? do they, like, hate you? - nope, they're dead. there we go. - oh, they're dead? uh, i'm gonna say go with,"because they're dead." - "because they're dead."

- (lee) because they're dead.- shocker. - (clementine) oh. i'm sorry.- (lee) you didn't know. - i feel like we're dark and broody."i wouldn't blame them." - (lee) i wouldn't blame them. - "i wouldn't blame them."- (lee) i wouldn't blame them. - (clementine) why? did you fight?i fight with my mom sometimes. - (lee) we didn't fight.we just didn't talk for a while. - (clementine) oh. ow! ow!- (gasps)

- (lee) are you okay?- (clementine) i hurt my finger. - it's okay. you'll survive.- (clementine) a little. - band-aid it're literally in a pharmacy. you can fix that. - uh, maybe thatfirst-aid kit right there. - good thing there'sa first-aid kit in here. - we're gonna save clementine.we didn't do it last time. but we're gonna do itthis time with her finger. - hopefully it's not, like, in the air.

like, she could get infected or something. - then put it on her finger, lee.- (lee) let's have a look at that finger. ow.- (clementine) it hurt. - (lee) let's see if we cando something about it. - yeah, like a band-aid maybe. - oh. a bandage.- (lee) let's get this cut covered up. - (clementine) yes, please.- you should wash it first so it doesn't, you know,get infected and amputated.

- there we go. we saved you this time. - never seen someone put ona band-aid so dramatically. - we gotta open this door though. - go in.- (lee) it's locked. we need to track down the keysif we're gonna help larry. - ooh, we got to find keys now.there's so much to do. - maybe it's in one of the drawers. that seems like a reasonableplace for keys to be. - maybe something in the desk.

- (lee) it's the remote to my dad's tv.- oh. - the remote. okay. let's watch some nba. - so now we can turn on this. - turn the tv on. - hey.- (lee) that's what i figured. - it actually-- it turns on at least. - no service. well, that's ofabsolutely no use whatsover. - in the other room, by any chance? - okay, i think i'm finished in here.

- i'll be right back. - let's go, clem. - i'm gonna go outsideand see if i can find anything. - (lee) want to head backinto the drugstore with me? - (clementine) that ladysaid you killed someone. was that because he was oneof the things trying to eat you? - no, he was trying to eat someone else. - "no, he wasn't."- (lee) no. no, he wasn't.

- (clementine) oh. was he bad? - very.- (lee) he was. - (clementine) was that because he was one of the thingstrying to eat you? - yeah, yeah, yeah.sure, whatever you say. um... "it's complicated."- (lee) it's complicated. - it was complicated.- (lee) it's complicated. - "it's complicated.- (lee) it's complicated. sometimes things happen or...

you do things and you can't explain them. let's, uh, head back to the others. has anyone died yet? - okay. who else do i need to talk to? uh... - how are you doing, doc?actually, i don't want to talk to them. - oh, i haven't talkedto you yet. i'll just do that. - (kenny) don't even come over here. - (katjaa) kenny.- why?

- (kenny) no, kat. this son of a bitchwould have let that man feed our son to the wolves.- yeah, if he would have been bitten. - (katjaa) we were all frightened.even i thought that maybe... maybe we were going to lose our boy. - (larry) i need to knowthat you're on my side. - (stammers) sure. i mean, there's no usein making enemies. - (lee) yeah, i am. of course. - that didn't sound convincing.- (kenny) good. thank you.

- okay, ducky, what's up? - (kenny) hey, lee.really gave that old man hell. - (lee) yeah. we got pushed, you know? - (kenny) you don't have to tell me. i was ready to tear the man's head off. anyway, we, kat and i,appreciate your support. - (katjaa) thank you, lee.- (kenny) lee, you got a second? - maybe.- (lee) sure. - (kenny) back on hershel's farm...- (lee) yeah?

- (kenny) i panicked, you know?i'm not proud of it. - you shouldn't be. you let someone die. "it happens."- (lee) it happens. - "it happens.- (lee) it happens. - (kenny) i guess. but i can'tstop seeing him in my head. we didn't even try to save him. - no, you didn't.- (kenny) that blood is on our hands, you know? - yo. i tried.- (lee) it happened pretty fast.

- (lee) we can't kill ourselves--- (kenny) we killed that boy. we could've saved him together. - don't blame it on me.- (lee) even if we could, bad things happen. we didn'tmake a choice that killed shawn. - technically we did. - (kenny) i killed that boywe could've saved him together. - (lee) you didn't have a choice. - yeah, i know. jeez.- (lee) you think you do

when you look back on it. but in a moment, when things are really out of control, you don't have any choice.- but i tried. - (kenny) i guess.- that's the important thing. - (glenn, on walkie-talkie)hey there. uh, this is glenn. and, uh, i'm kinda in a jam here.- i got to go save glenn. - (glenn) little girl, if you're there, can you put your daddy on the phone? so i'm done at that motor inn and...- try not to die.

- (glenn) ...i'm stuck.- (lee) stuck? - (glenn) yeah, i, uh, saw a chance... - someone should've went with him. - (glenn) and a bunch of theroaming ones got the jump on me. i'm hiding over here but they won't leave.- (kenny) what's up? - it's a choice betweenthe pills or glenn? i'm for sure going to glenn. - (lee) we're gonna talk it over and send a groupto come get you, all right?

(glenn sighs in relief)- what about the pharmacy? - (lee) sounds good. - that's why you don't go alone. ugh. - (lee) i'm gonna hold onto thisuntil we get glenn back, okay? i'll take good care of it.- (kenny) what do you think? - (lee) i think doug'snot great around zombies. you got your family here. i'll take carley and her dead-eyedown to the motor-inn, get glenn, and get backhere as fast as i can.

- (kenny) if that's what you want to do... - someone should come with me. - (carley) yeah. i'm in.- thank you. - (carley) i'm in.- okay, she's cool. - (lee) doesn't soundtoo bad there right now. - (carley) let's go.- onwards! - screw the pills, man. who needs those? - this is gonna be so bad. - stick around as we playmore of the walking dead

on the react channel. - have a game you want us to play?let us know in the comments. - in this choose your own adventure, the next step is to subscribe. - see you next time. - (snarling softly)

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