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walking dead tv series

walking dead tv series

what is a plot hole? it's a gap or an inconsistency in a storylinethat goes against the flow of logic established by the story's plot. these can include illogical or impossibleevents, and statements or events that contradict earlier events in the storyline. frankly, television is teaming with them - eventhe most popular shows on the small screen - and, in this video, we're going to run youthrough just a few of them. if you want to see more interesting videoslike this, subscribe to our channel and keep coming back!

here are ten plot holes in the biggest tvshows that went unnoticed. sheldon's financial situation - the big bangtheory in the big bang theory's season one episodethe dumpling paradox, sheldon cooper makes a reference to his financial status by sayingto leonard "frankly, if i could afford the rent, i'd ask you to leave," which explicitlymeans he can't pay the rent on his apartment by himself. however, in season three's the execlsior acquisition,it's shown that he's so well-off that he doesn't even cash his pay cheques, he just leavesthem in a drawer in his desk. moreover, in season two's the financial permeability,he lends penny a large amount of money from

a huge stash he just happens to have lyingaround, so he's obviously independently wealthy. which one is it, big bang writers? is sheldon hard-up or rich?! olaf's hammer - buffy the vampire slayerthe character of olaf the troll was introduced in the buffy the vampire slayer fifth seasonepisode triangle. in that episode, it was established that hewas a former lover of anya's, whom she had punished for his unfaithfulness by turninghim into a troll. later that season, when buffy went to fightglory, she used olaf's hammer to do so - with the reason being that, to fight a god, youshould use a god's weapon.

at no point previously had olaf been referredto as a god - and, given that his troll form was actually a curse, it makes no sense whatsoeverto have described him as one. the friends' ages - friendsthere were so many inconsistencies with the main characters' ages in classic sitcom friends- and it's an issue that has now come to irk fans of the show. for example, when ross first told joey whenhis birthday was, he said it’s in december, but a few seasons later he claims it’s october18th. he was also 29-years-old for three seasonsof the show, despite going through several christmas and other holiday episodes.

he wasn't the only one with age problems,however. in the episode the one where they all turn30, the cast celebrate rachel’s birthday, and she's the last one to hit the milestone- yet joey is actually established as the youngest. for instance, in the early episode the onewith the birth, he said he was 25, while rachel and monica were both already 26. quagmire's age - family guyby its very nature, seth macfarlane's brilliant family guy is inconsistent and silly, so alot of it doesn't make sense - but there's one particular issue that can only be describedas a plot hole; glenn quagmire's age.

according to his driver's license in the epsiodefox-y lady, quagmire is 61-years-old and puts his youthful appearance down to eating carrots. however, he recounts a "youthful" sexual encounterwith tracey bellings in 1986 in a fistful of meg, and he was at a school dance in 1984in meet the quagmires. quagmire being so young in those years wouldmean he couldn't possibly be 61 - especially given that he was at the school dance withpeter and lois, who are both in their 40s. the house homer grew up in - the simpsonslike family guy, you'd be foolish to go overboard with your criticism of plot holes in the simpsons,as it's just a fun animation for all the family. however, there are some that can't be ignored.

in the episode e-i-e-i-(annoyed grunt), homerand his family flee to the farmhouse where he grew up. however, homer and grandpa had accidentallyburned the house down in the earlier episode grandpa vs. sexual inadequacy. inexplicably, the house is still standingwhen the family arrive. moreover, when homer can't grow any food there,a neighbouring farmer tells him that's why grandpa simpson abandoned the place, but ingrandpa vs. sexual inadequacy, abe said he left because the cows started giving sourmilk. david's fireworks party - coronation streetwe now come to great britain's most popular

soap opera - coronation street - which hasbeen running on itv for no less than 56 years. even with that amount of production experience,the writers still get things wrong. take david platt's 2016 character arc, forexample. when david tried to commit suicide, he accidentallyset his neighbour anna windass on fire - and she ended up in hospital with serious burns. david was distraught and disappeared for afew weeks but, when he returned to the screen, guess what he did first? he planned a huge fireworks party for hiskids! that's such an out-of-character act that ithas to be described as a plot hole - and poor

writing and forgetfulness on the part of thewriters. the doctor's regenerations - doctor whoit is a long-established fact in the doctor who canon - or the whoniverse, as it's known- that the titular doctor can only use his regeneration ability thirteen times. this has now proven to be problematic, however. although there have only been twelve officialdoctors - meaning he's only used eleven of his regenerations on himself - the doctorhas also used his regenerations to heal his friends over the years. frankly, therefore, he should have run outof them long ago.

yet he's still going - and there's no signof the show slowing down, so we'll undoubtedly get a thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenthdoctor, and so on. why did nobody notice they were missing? - mighty morphin power rangersin 1993, the world was introduced to the mighty morphin power rangers - a group of teenagersrecruited by the wizard zordon and his robot assistant alpha 5 to protect the earth - andthere was a recurring plot hole that basically happened in every single episode. more often than not, the power rangers werecontacted at school to report for duty, and they would teleport to zordon at his commandcenter.

at no point, however, did their school's facultynotice that their star pupils were missing classes. it was never questioned or even addressed,even though it happened all the time. warp 10 irregularities - star trekstar trek has been around in various forms since 1966, but there's one thing that thewriters of the tv shows can't seem to agree on, which has resulted in a plot hole - andthat's the idea of travelling at the speed of warp 10. in the original 1966 series and star trekthe next generation, the enterprise reached warp 10 on several occasions - and all thatresulted in was the ship travelling faster

than normal. however, in the voyager episode threshold,tom paris achieves warp 10 and is described as being the first human ever to have doneso. moreover, the ship doesn't just go faster- paris is also described as existing at every point in the universe at that speed (somethingthat wasn't declared previously). michonne's walkers - the walking deadwhen viewers were first introduced to the now established character of michonne - playedby danai gurira - in amc's brilliant the walking dead, the character was accompanied by twoshackled walkers, who have been revealed to be her reanimated boyfriend and his best friend.

she used them for camouflage and was ableto walk amongst other walkers because of their presence next to her. but why? it is established that walkers can smell livinghumans and there's no viable explanation as to why michonne would be able to avoid detectionjust because she had two of them next to her. thanks for watching our video about ten plotholes in the biggest tv shows that went unnoticed. did you enjoy this video? can you think of any other gaping holes inthe plots of major tv shows? have your say in the comments section belowand be sure to subscribe to our channel for

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