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tv show walking dead

tv show walking dead

there are certain television shows that attractsuch a rabid engaged audience that it is impossible for viewers not develop theories and speculationconcerning the characters and plotlines. sometimes a show only becomes more interestingwhen reading between the lines and not simply observing a show at face value. here are 10 tv fan theories that make waytoo much sense, if you enjoy our list, don’t forget to like it and subscribe to the screenrant channel. buffy the vampire slayerbuffy the vampire slayer has ignited many theories from loyal and dedicated fans ofthe joss whedon series. one of the more depressing theories is thewhy buffy’s mom, joyce developed a brain

tumor that ultimately killed her. in season five, buffy gets a younger sister,dawn. this wasn’t a case of the series jumpingthe shark with a random new sibling. dawn was created by monks. she was not human but the key to other dimensions. the monks had to alter the memory of buffy’sfriends and family to believe dawn had been there the entire time. what if this brain manipulation was too muchfor joyce and caused a tumor? buffy is a slayer and can take it, her friendshave less memories to stuff in their mind

but joyce would have memories since dawn’sbirth and being pregnant with her. was it just too much for joyce? how i met your motherfor nine seasons, how i met your mother sparked many conversations among fans trying to figureout who exactly the mother could be. an exhaustively long tale told to his twochildren included so many misleads that the identity of the mother became a true mystery. it is another fan theory that makes this list,one in which barney’s playbook is ted’s playbook. the playbook which showed a variety of over-the-topways to court a woman may seem like something

barney would write. however, the version of barney we see is toldby the unreliable narrator ted and could just be a way to avoid telling his kids that hewas the real womanizer. the playbook being adorned with calligraphy,a skill ted is proud to practice, makes it even more likely that the playbook is thework of ted, and not barney. rugratsrugrats holds a special place in the hearts of many millennials as it was one of the firstnickelodeon original animated series debuting in 1991. the show which features the daily adventuresof a group of infant and toddlers may seem

harmless but the fan theory is downright morbid. the theory claims that angelica is the onlyreal character and that everyone else is a figment of her imagination. chuckie died along with his mother. the twins were aborted. tommy was a stillborn. this explains why tommy’s father is alwaysmaking toys frantically and chuckie’s father is always so anxious. the fathers can’t seem to accept what hashappened.

it’s a dark take on a kid’s show thatisn’t completely impossible. the simpsonsthe simpsons has been a mainstay on fox since 1989 with no sign of slowing down or diminishingin quality. there are plenty of fan theories derived fromnearly three decades of material. one of theories is that the simpson familyare geniuses, but one of the most fascinating theories revolves around homer being in acoma since 1993. in the episode “so it’s come to this:a simpsons clip show”, homer falls into a coma after being crushed by a vending machine. fans speculate that homer never woke up fromhis coma and that the episodes that followed

were all in his mind. before homer became comatose, the episodeswere based in reality, whereas after the coma, the episodes became outlandish and silly. this also explains why none of the charactershave aged in the last twenty-plus years. friendsfor ten seasons fans watched six new yorker pals fall in love, break-up, have children,divorce, all in an unrealistic world of affordable manhattan apartment. while friends only occasionally delved intothe difficult times of adulthood, one fan theory claims there was something serioushappening without much discussion, ross losing

custody of his son, ben. the theory stems from ben practically disappearingfrom ross’s life after season 8. ben does not appear for the remaining twoand a half seasons of the series. he is mentioned casually only a few times,and ben never meets his half-sister, emma. when considering how insane ross became inthe later seasons, it makes perfect sense that carol would seek out sole custody oftheir son. ross dated his student, hit on his cousin,became weirdly possessive of rachel, and judgmental over most his friend's life decisions, andlost his temper at work over a leftover sandwich. breaking badfor five seasons, audiences watched science

high school teacher walter white go from familyman to the biggest and most dangerous drug dealer around. breaking bad itself is filled to the brimwith interlaced stories, character development and recurring themes, but fans have speculatedthat breaking bad is also a sequel to malcolm in the middle and a prequel to the walkingdead. while the malcolm in the middle connectionis more humorous than anything, the walking dead connection holds a lot more weight. fans have claimed that heisenberg’s drugscaused the zombie outbreak. in season 2 of the walking dead, daryl talksabout his brother scoring drugs that are suspiciously

similar to heisenberg’s signature “bluesky”. that along with the description of the dealersounding an awful lot like jesse pinkman makes this fan theory likely. fireflyfirefly is one of the most beloved brilliant but cancelled television shows ever. the show which follows a gang of space cowboys,only aired 11 episodes before being axed. the fan theory behind firefly concerns thereal reason firefly was cancelled. while the fox network claimed poor ratings,fans believe it was the government who wanted the show removed.

the series aired in 2002 when the bush administrationwas attempting to get everyone behind the iraq war, which made a show about intelligentand resourceful outlaws who fought for civil rights and peace to be a conflict of interest. the theory makes some sense considering howenthusiastic the firefly fan base is today, but this could be a case of viewers not realizinga show’s brilliance until it was too late. saved by the bellthe gang from saved by the bell seemed like the coolest high school students ever. with their covetable 90s wardrobe, close friendships,and a principal who seemed obsessed with them. it all seemed a bit too good to be true, whichis exactly why many fans speculated that it

was all in the mind of zack morris. for those who watched the show when it wascalled good morning, miss bliss, you may remember that zack wasn’t cool, he was just an averageawkward kid going to junior high in indiana. when the show was renamed, it was set in malibu,and zack was suddenly a facsimile of ferris bueller. lisa, screech and mr. belding also returnedbut the gang was rounded out with jessie, kelly, and slater, all of who were much coolerthan the friends he had in indiana. the fan explanation makes a lot of sense especiallyif you consider the wacky events that occurred on the show to be in the mind of an indianateen who wishes he had a much more interesting

life. the officein season six of the office, toby flenderson, the sad sap of human resources is thrilledto be on the jury of the scranton strangler. however, fans suspect that it was toby whowas the real scranton strangler all along. the reason being that toby’s life was goingnowhere and everyone treated him so poorly that he finally snapped. it wasn’t until he returned to pennsylvaniaafter having a go living in costa rica, when the strangler appeared. in the ninth season toby admits that he sentthe wrong man to prison and the man accused

of being the strangler attempts to strangletoby when he goes to visit. was toby’s guilt for imprisoning an innocentman because he was the real scranton strangler? the walking deadever since the walking dead exploded on amc in 2010, there has been a fervent followingeliciting countless fan theories and speculations. one theory that never seems to die is thatrick is immune to the zombie-causing disease that has affected those around him. the origins for this theory comes from thefirst episode in which rick wakes up in a hospital after being in a coma. when he was in a coma, his brain had limitedactivity resulting in the disease not affecting

him. why this makes him completely immune throughoutthe show remains unclear. there is an additional theory that rick hasbeen a zombie the entire time and his waking from a coma was him waking from the dead. he is fortunate enough not to experience anyof the terrible symptoms associated with zombies such as the need to eat human brains. while unlikely, the theory may be on to something. what do you think of our list? what are your favorite fan theories?

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