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the walking dead series

the walking dead series

alexandria, hilltop, the kingdom. our communities have something in common. we all serve the saviors we already started this, and we're gonna win whatever it takes together, we can beat them we set thing right, the time is now. join us, in fighting them. the walking dead returns this february, only on amc well, we find the right stuff, maybe we don't need the numbers

blow 'em up, burn 'em to the ground you said there weren't just soldiers with the saviors. there were workers there too. people didn't have a choice yeah, we gotta win we need more hands, another group. negan has outposts. the geography, the distance works against us we gotta get back, they come lookin' for daryl. we need to be there. you don't have to get back not yet

it's one of theirs, long range we can listen in, keep track of them. so if we're not going back, what are we doing? i think it's time i introduce you to ezekiel king ezekiel king?! hey youtubers, it's charlie so new walking dead footage let'sbreak it down. march the war all out war also address what'sgoing on with chandler riggs and carl grimes

with the time jump in season eight and allthat craziness. so there is a new round of the walking deadgiveaway that's going on now. all you have to do to enter is be a subscriberand leave a comment on this video be sure to click that bell to enable alerts so youdon't miss anything during the off-season, so start with the footage first then i'lladdress what's going on with chandler riggs relationship with the walking dead peopleit's not as dire as it sounds, but schedule didn't say explicitly in any the promos thewalking dead is coming back february 12. so you can see from these two clips were liketwo promos jammed together is that everybody's coming together but we have to convince ezekielto get on board.

so jesus is going to introduce them. rick and the survivors are to have some funkissing the ring in meeting shiva. so most of the footage is just dedicated tosurvivors going to the kingdom which is probably were going to loop carol back and eventuallyshe had this big kick in episode eight about everyone leaving her alone. i don't have anything to do with this thelady doth protest too much she just bring the kingdom in not understanding i didn'twant you i think one ezekiel or more in common here and i don't want anything to do withyour lives to be left alone. people will die.

a lot of meaning that shall come back eventuallyto even if she does stay in the kingdom she will end up helping them somehow the otherwildcard in the situation is that you know you have all these people coming togetherso you would think oh okay wow, this is gonna be pretty easy to do though just get a bunchof help though technique and down no if we learn anything from people coming togetheron the walking dead 10 standoffs between villains and heroes, like in the season for mid seasonfinale with the governor in his tank some wildcard always breaks rank goes off planit everything blows up in everyone's faces, so they kind of teased the survivors seeinga version of what we've seen the kingdom do when they treat with the saviors the lasttime we saw the scene.

richard almost got in a fight with one ofthe saviors. so even though he was able to keep his coolremember all those scenes in episode eight where he started to lose his mind trying toget morgan and carol to convince ezekiel to commit to a first strike against negan andthen he went off and cried in his little trailer in the woods a lot of your probably like whythey dedicating so much time to him crying in the woods by himself in this weird traileris a big character but why we spending so much time with them. so it seems like what they're doing is they'resetting him up is the wildcard on the survivors the kingdom side.

so if there's any big 10 standoffs if somebody'sgoing to go rogue. it's going to be richard who wants to do thefirst strike the other big wildcard is gregory at hilltop who is the biggest bag of dick'sthat they have inside one of these places now that spencer is dead spencer was a giantback addicts gregory is a giant back addicts. so there under threat of anybody turning againstthem with hopes of bigamy beginning favorable treatment or securing his leadership, it'sgregory running to bake neegan or grand theft auto. trevor however you want to think about himtrying to tell them what the survivors are trying to do other meeting with the kingdomthey're trying to rally force against you.

just remember richard and benjamin are wildcardsgregory is a huge wildcard we also see grand theft auto trevor come back looking like he'sgoing to be in some sort of grand theft auto scene with rick here driving down the roadthat is gonna make so many people happy and then think about the benjamin character wehaven't seen him in a while but they spent a lot of time setting him up is like thisinnocent young character that ezekiel was trying to watch over because it sounds likehe felt guilty that he got his father killed, so we kind of took it on himself to take benjaminunder his wing. sort of like a really nice version of whatyou kinda saw happening with neegan and carl like neegan was fascinated by carl it wasthis really twisted psychotic thing so get

benjamin very innocent character. not a great soldier probably close to thetop of my list for characters that are gonna die in the back half of the season just becausethere teasing this crazy intensity. this build up to all out war and he is justnot a warrior at all, and what happens on the walking dead when the shit hits the fan,usually the people that get killed are the innocent bystanders like olivia and episodeeight and then we gotta talk about just like this crazy walker that rick turns around tosee here. it looks like some guillermo del toro nightmarejust spiked sticking out all over it. so let me note.

do you think that somebody dressed a walkerup like this after the fact or it was a human with some armor on it then died and fell ona bunch of spikes you can wonder how this could occur naturally, but i do like the waythey try to create new walkers each new season like anytime there's a premier or a finale,they usually try to have a couple really cool walker traps in just a couple really bad asslooking walkers let me know what you guys think about this promo what you most excitedabout when the show comes back know everybody's thinking about march the war was can end uphappening at the end of the season are they going to do all out war there still so muchknee can story to be done even if you don't read the comics.

they are kind of telegraphing things herelike they're coming together but in no way is this going to go smoothly like is thatthere's always a wildcard somebody always goes rogue and it all goes to shed and blowsup in everyone's faces. that is why the season for mid season finaleseason for episode eight is still one of my favorite midseason finale's on the walkingdead ever, just because the governor rolls up with the tank. rick tries to get him to chill, but the governoris in having it the heads herschel and it all starts to blow up in their faces and goodbyeprison. it was one of the best ways that they gotrid of their old said give them a reason to

go somewhere else. so they haven't really said how much longerthe gonna stay at the safe, so they could stay there for a lot longer, but supposedlythere's gonna be a time jump when we get the season eight. so hopefully the blow up a couple more bigplaces by the end of the season so moving onto chandler riggs carl grimes, what thehell is going on there. but all these rumors about him leaving theshow to go to college. so what's happening in real life is that theactor chandler riggs is ended his seven year contract that he signed when he first cameon the walking dead, so his father posted

the celebratory notice like yeah you knowseven year contract up her so happy about this accomplishment were so proud of yourbigger and better things on the horizon is making it sound like he was moving on fromthe show and was just gonna go do other things that people like carl grimes is like a reallyfreaking huge character how they can address this is this a spoiler. so the internet went crazy. he deleted that post and then chandler riggsis well as his mother came out and just said this was just meant to celebrate the sevenyear contract being completed riggs said that he was excited to go to college and was hopingthat he would continue his relationship with

the walking dead people, so it sounds likethe continue to do carl stuff it in a diminished capacity which i think everybody is fine,with like if they're not gonna do a lot of carl story. it's okay if he's not standing in every singleframe in the background just to be there, so chandler riggs the actors just really excitedto do real kid stuff go to college hang out with his friends play video games, but hedoesn't want to stop doing the walking dead, just because of time constraints just expectthem to use less carl in season eight much less carl in the time jump. they did say there be a time jump from theend of season seven to the beginning of season

eight. they didn't say how much time would pass,they just kind of fueled a lot of the coral craziness because it like does that mean theyneed to recast a version of carl there definitely can have to recast judith, but i think itjust the making a beeline for whisperers, in the wake of all out war but i do thinkthat all out war. just because it's such a big comic book arcis gonna encompass the last little bit of season seven in the early part of season eightlike it is gonna be this long drawn out craziness then they can make room for the whispers tocome on so is gonna be happening tonight is i'll post a new flash and then i'll be postinga star wars obi-wan kenobi video before we

get started with rogue one craziness and iwill be doing a bunch of rogue one videos later this week. so make sure you go see the movie when youhave the chance while you guys wait for that to post you can click here for all my walkingdead videos and you can click here to rewatch the spider-man trailer. thank you so much watching everybody thoughtfive i'll see you guys tonight!

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