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tv series walking dead

tv series walking dead

at some point, every great series must cometo an end. sometimes you get a satisfying coda to a wonderfulexperience, and sometimes that eagerly-anticipated series finale turns out to be the loogie thatruins the punchbowl. as much as we all love the walking dead, itcan't go on forever. when the walkers finally stop walking, howdo we think it'll all go down? the walkers evolve we don't really know much about zombie biology,but we do know about viruses. viruses evolve, sometimes because of environmentalfactors, and sometimes against human intervention. right now, the zombies are shambling, hungrymonsters who hunt based on smell and sound,

but what if they're capable of... becomingmore? zombies are strong, but they're slow, andcan only really use two senses. the virus and the human body seem to havea symbiotic relationship after death. so there's nothing really stopping the virusfrom mutating these guys into a whole new kind of zombie. virus mutation is not altogether unlikely,and when that happens, mankind is totally toast. the walkers win there are simply far more walkers on earththan there are living people.

and even though humans possess superior intelligence,they just can't seem to keep it together as well as the brainless dead can. humans lack unity, and zombies have an amazingpersistence. as we watch the last struggling group of survivorsdwindle, in a world gone wild from neglect, they’ll eventually run out of resources. the food options suck… “peanut butter and jelly, diet soda andpigs feet. that’s a white trash brunch right there.” ...and no one seems to really pursue farmingtoo seriously.

it's a pathetic, whimpering death…but it'sdepressingly closer to reality than any apocalypse we've ever seen before on tv. if the walking dead is one thing, it's depressing. the humans win we know almost nothing about walker physiology,other than the fact that their guts make a great disguise. “oh this is bad, it’s really bad.” they die when their brains are injured, andthey spread a zombie-making disease, but that's really about it.

at this point, we haven't met a single zombiethat's died of natural causes, so we can only assume that they're basically immortal ifunharmed. but walkers are also easily killed with justabout anything pointy and well-aimed. it's been suggested that the walkers are theearth's answer to environmental changes. so if humans stop acting stupid and focuson cleansing the world of the undead, the planet's ecology will be better off than ever. zombies make amazing mulch. it might not be great for the surviving humanswho have a hankering for pizzas rolls, but you can't please everyone.

cremation becomes mandatory, and mankind crawlsback to the top of the food chain. utopia is discovered between the walking dead and fear the walkingdead, we’ve only really seen what’s happening on the coasts. we have no idea what's happening in the middlestates, aside from some hints from a network of park rangers. we also don’t have any idea about what'shappening in the rest of the world. we've seen maybe 2% of what's really goingon out there, which leaves a lot to the imagination. once we know that rick’s party is trulysafe, we'll be able to sleep at night, and

the series can end. on marc maron's wtf podcast, creator robertkirkman said he'd like to see the tv series end on a positive note, so real, actual, measurablesuccess isn't out of the question. a cure is found disease experts are in pretty short supply,but we've seen labs and hospitals as sanctuaries. while it seems unlikely that someone willwhip up a zombie cure and crop-dust the entire planet with it, the discovery of somethingto counteract the zombie virus would pretty much save the world. no, it won't restore grandpa to normal, butat least it'll stop him from hungering for

living flesh, which is a pretty fair compromise. it ends with rick when a show loses its star, it rarely lastsmore than a couple of seasons before totally collapsing. rick is really the compass of the group, evenwhen he's spinning wildly off course. while characters like daryl and carol areinteresting to watch evolve, the walking dead is rick's story from beginning to end, andwithout him, we just don't have a focal point. whether rick just can't survive the thousandthonslaught, he manages to pass from old age, or andrew lincoln just decides that it's timeto go, rick's story is the only story.

like a canary in a coalmine, once rick isgone, start preparing for the bitter end. then again, carl's story is also a part ofrick's story. we'd only like to see rick dying in a finalepisode sort of deal, where he passes the torch of leadership to the guy who was byhis side throughout the entire zombie apocalypse, his son. thanks for watching! subscribe to our youtube channel to watchmore videos like the one you just saw. and leave us a comment to let us know howyou think the walking dead will end...

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