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tv show the walking dead

tv show the walking dead

hey youtubers, it's charlie new walking deadlet's break it down, teasing a new group. so i'm going to explain the whisperers alongwith this new group because i don't think it's the whisperers, but i do think that we'llsee them eventually we are the saviors we bring civilization to the people i love thenegan brainwashing scene here this is just him holding court with the saviors daryl standingthere in the crowd we're just getting to see a little bit more of their culture. we also see spencer here at the safe zonetreating with them he's still kind of a douche bag but he had that brief end tag with rositaabout fighting back so i don't necessarily think that he's going to cross the aisle andjoin the saviors or anything like that that.

it would be a wtf twist so maybe if we seesomething from him like that that he'll be something of a double agent. but they wouldn't put this scene in the trailerrandomly. so this is going to be some important momentfor next week's episode, we finally catch up with tara who runs into another group withheath, which i'll talk about in just a second, i know it seems like the whisperers, but eventhough we are going to get to them eventually. i don't think that's who that is there's abunch of other small groups that the comic books can introduce when morgan and carolare here at the kingdom talking about not being able to trust them.

i think they want you to think they're talkingabout the saviors, but i think that they been teasing another group showing up so they mightbe talking about another group i like the only other group besides the survivors thatwe've interacted with at the kingdom is the saviors. so you to the just like broadening the dynamichere and just hammers home the idea of them fracturing the group the survivors into abunch of different places this season, but that gives you the opportunity like with tarastoryline next week to meet another new group. so then you have rick and aaron who also looklike they're going to run into another new group, but i would be surprised if there'ssome convergence here like you see tara running

into the same people that rick and aaron do. but i think the next new community were goingto meet from the comics is going to be oceanside which is not the whisperers, but they don'tdebut in the comics till much later. so whoever they're introducing from the comics. they would still have to move up that revealedbecause there some storylines that there speeding through. but then there's the carl stuff that we learnedabout this past week. so some storylines moving slowly like carlsummer moving a little bit faster like meeting other new people see you guys can let me knowin the comics like which new group do you

think it is that they're going to be runninginto, but the thing about the whispers is they actually debuted before oceanside, butthe whispers are like their such a big group that i think the gonna try and hold off aslong as possible but for all the comic book readers out there who are trying to plot theseason out in their head just based on how fast are movie they did him to expect thembefore. most people were expecting them to show upso the big thing about the whispers of their hard-core in the camo that they wear has likea really special twist that i'll say for their actual debut. but if you read the comics then obviouslyyou know exactly what's going on it just the

way that they operate the techniques thatthey use that you know just like the characters themselves are just so much more hard-corethan what we seen before. not hardcore like negan is a psychopath hardcorebut just the links that they're willing to go to to survive. so when you hear people talk about alpha andbeta like can't wait for alf to show up there talking about the whispers she is like theleader of that group when they first meet them. so remains to be seen when that's can happen,but because were only an episode six i still think it's gonna be a while before we seethem so that would mean that this new group

we meet in episode six is somebody else. so get hype if you felt like this past episodewas a little slow. i feel like this is the answer to that theykinda been doing that the season with it like really big sprawling episode with a bunchof crazy action than they have an episode to just relatively self-contained with fewercharacters little bit quieter and they go back to super crazy. so if you guys want i'll still do that carlgrimes rumor video but it is a rumor and it could be potentially spoiler he dependingon whether or not it's true. so i am hesitant to do it but if you guyswant me to just let me know in the comments

i'll say congratulations to this week's giveawaywinner elliott mcdonald you and a $20 amazon gift card be sure to private message me onthe back end of my channel so i can get your contact details the next round of the giveawaywill start when i post my next walking dead video there is some cool, comic book cyborgsuperman stuff happening later tonight so there might be a 3rd video for cyborg superman. while you guys wait for that to post you canclick here for this week's walking dead episode and you can click here for this week's westworld. thank you so much watching everybody highfive i'll see you guys tonight!

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