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the walking dead watch

the walking dead watch

the walking dead is the story of a guy who doesn't have much luck in life. basically. not at all actually . first, he gets shot when he awakens from his coma, almost all of the population turned into zombies from there, we say that level luck in life one has done better, much better. it's useless that guy plays the lottery or he buys a ''morpion'' keep your money. and as a bonus the guy is sheriff in georgia it means that he is has to wear this hat all year! ridiculous!

all year ! that thing on the head! more , this guy doesn't stop i'd rather be eaten by a zombie. "your hat and you are officially sheriff" it! on my head ? "that's it" oh no no no! not at all ! impossible ! even for a costume party.

i find it corny. i don't care, call a zombie. turn me into chipolata, i don't give a sh*t. me alive, never! undead, maybe. that, i don't know. and when the species is being transformed into living dead and you're the most wanted food from the mainland. what are you doing ? vital reflex. it's normal.

you're going to take refuge in a place where there is absolutely no one. a totally deserted place. for example, on google+! but no ! the hero what he doing? he goes in a city! where the concentration of zombies is the most important! it's like a chicken would take refuge in a kfc. life expectancy: 14 seconds. 14 seconds: chicken hop! nuggets! it's over. and the worst to worst.

what is his means of transportation to go in this town? a horse. how stupid! how you doing to close the doors when a band of zombies attacking you? you can't ! why ? because a horse has no doors and this is normal! because it's a horse! anyway. the walking dead is a good zombies tv show. that's it.. it isn't half done.

(yaaaarrrrr) except for her. because she's a half... here. if you enjoyed this video, please share it. and leave a comment if you want me to talk of another tv show next time. it's good, you can leave.

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