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the walking dead tv

the walking dead tv

the crews behind the tv-show the walking deadare some of the biggest fans of horror and sci-fi films out there. not to mention, most of them have worked oniconic horror films that have been released over the last 30 years. lead by makeup special effects guru, gregnicotero, they have created props and makeups for over 100 hollywood films. throughout the show nicotero has hidden numerouseaster eggs referencing his favorite horror films and more. remember to like our video to let us know,if we reveal any easter eggs from films that

you love. here is screen rant’s list of ten awesomeeaster eggs hidden in the walking dead. swamp thing wes craven’s 1982 film swamp thing is basedoff a comic book created by len wein and bernie wrightson. executive producer, greg nicotero is a fanof wrightson’s and wanted to pay tribute to him ever since season one but never foundthe opportunity. in season six he got his chance when darylis attacked by a zombie. nicotero did the makeup himself on this oneso he could base the design off dc’s swamp

thing. he’s not the prettiest zombie but he iscool! death star library academy award winning special effects geniusjoe viskocil has worked on such films as independence day, terminator 2: judgement day and evenalongside nicotero in leatherface: texas chainsaw massacre iii. he is also responsible for the explosion ofthe death star in star wars – a new hope. after his death nicotero wanted to pay tributeto his friend and made a library called viskocil public library.

it’s a sweet sentiment from a show witha lot of death, we just wished it exploded like the death star for fun. the show’s titles as each season passes the walkers become moreand more decayed, showing the audience that time has passed. another way the show does this is with theopening title card for the show. each season the title becomes a little moredecayed, with added blood and grunge. it’s a nice reminder of how the world hasgone to hell and there seems to be no turning back.

if the show runs for another twenty years,there may be no letters left. x- files cigarettes in season five as daryl and carol go searchingfor beth in atlanta, they stumble upon an abandoned building. while they go through the building lookingfor supplies they find a carton of cigarettes with a familiar brand name. the carton is named after the fictional brandof cigarettes "morley," that the smoking man from the sci-fi series the x-files smoked. are the worlds of x-files and the waking deadone or is this just homage to the 1990’s

show? save the turtles laugh out loud moments are not what the walkingdead is known for. we may get a chuckle here and there but thatis about it, when it comes to comedy. so when eastman is training morgan with astaff, it is surprising to see that eastman wore a t-shirt that said, “save terrapins.” then right above those words is a pictureof the turtle animal. this is only funny because two episodes earlierenid had eaten a turtle as a snack. dare we say, this joke could leave a bad tastein audience’s mouths?

general custer’s last flight general custer is famous for his last standat the battle of little bighorn, where he lost his life fighting against native americans. in the first episode of the walking dead,rick woke up in a hospital to a zombie-apocalyptic world. when he walked out of the hospital he founda military helicopter with the insignia of the 7th cavalry on it. this is referencing custer’s 7th cavalrythat was slaughtered with him on that memorable day.

an easter egg reminder that history repeatsitself. “creepshow” crate with the premiere of season five, the survivorshave to escape from terminus to survive. as they fight their way out they pass by acrate that has the writing, "ship to horlicks university via julia carpenter" on it. this is a reference to steven king’s shortnovel that was made into a segment for creepshow. since executive producer greg nicotero ownsone of the three original crate props made for creepshow, he added this reference. luckily his cast never opened the crate!

biblical verses when we first see father gabriel being savedon a rock we are surprised to find out he’s a man of the cloth. not to mention, how clean his collar looks. when rick makes his way into father gabriel’schurch we see a list of scriptures on the wall. romans 6:4, ezekiel 37:7 and more; what theseall have in common is they all reference life after death or eluding death. very appropriate for a world that has thedead coming back to life.

ben gardner from jaws the governor was one of those characters thatyou love to hate, but there is no denying that there was something wrong with him. not only did he keep his zombie daughter around,he also kept the fish tanks filled with zombie heads. so how did ben gardner from jaws arrive there? last time we saw his head it was on the bottomof the ocean after failing to kill the infamous shark. the crew states it was just another prop ofone of their favorite films.

aged johnny depp here’s another head for you. the hilltop group and rick’s team neededto find a head that looked like gregory to trick the saviours and infiltrate their base. they lined up a group of heads on the floorand as they look them over we see one that is made up to look like an older johnny depp. greg nicotero had a cast of depp from a previousfilm and decided to use it again. ironically the head that was used is froma cast of nicotero’s head; maybe he’s hoping he looks like depp.

what do you think of our video? did we skip over any of your favorite eastereggs from the walking dead? sound off in the comments below and be sureto subscribe to our channel for more fun videos! thanks for watching!

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