Senin, 30 Januari 2017

amc walking

amc walking

this is amc's the walking dead prison tower building set. and i saw this i'm a big fan of the show and i just had to have it and i don't even know what it's really all about looks like it's all lego set ofsorts so i'm gonna open it up and find out there's a shot of the back before i open it up. i've never purchased one of these before i don't know what to expect butwe're going to go through this and we're going to survive this together let's seewhat's inside. it's pretty much a lego set. got an instruction book here and lots of legos.

and i guess that is.. is that rick? coral! put me together coral! i'm gonna do a little time lapse build here and put everything together. okay that's it. it is finished and it's basically how it looked just a giant lego set but a completely awesome walking dead lego set. it probably took me a good hour and a half or so to put together but i like to take my time andof course i was filming too. there's rick and the walker.

the machine-gun and the sniper rifle are interchangeable, he does have his 44 magnum but it's on his hip you can pull it off there and they wereslightly difficult to put together even though it seems like it should be prettyobvious i pulled a spaceball's on him and had his butt turned around backwards for a hot minute there. so again this was really fun to build and i'm looking forward to the next one. so thanks for watching my video, keep on surviving, and i'll see you nexttime.

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